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In Hunter x Hunter , being a Hunter means being allowed and even paid to go search for the strange things lying around every corner. And doing so has the tendency of breeding some colorful characters, such as a buff fisherman with a large, smoking pipe, a hacker with a baghead, and, the special target of today's list, a The Ring -esque, crazed woman. Palm Siberia is one of Knov's disciples and one of the key Hunters responsible for handling the rising Chimera Ant situation. Her responsibilities included training Gon and Killua as well as infiltrating Meruem's inner sanctum. She's clearly a character held in high regard but that doesn't excuse a few loose screws. This list will be breaking down some of Palm's biggest quirks, as it looks through a few things about her that just don't make sense.

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It first aired on August 18 th , Gon and Palm go on a date while Killua watches over Gon from the shadows. Killua soon realizes a Chimera Ant is nearby and lures it away. It turns out to be Rammot. They are all quickly disposed of by him. Inside the palace, Ming Jol-ik enjoys a private dance from attractive women in cat costumes.

The guards now dead, the King, accompanied by Shaiapouf , Menthuthuyoupi , and Neferpitou , enters the palace. Ming gets a call about the intruders, but ignores the threat. The Chimera Ants are met with even more guards, including a Nen-using soldier. Pitou informs the King of this, to which he replies that he already knows. With a single swipe of his tail, the King kills all of the soldiers, and he begins to feed off the Nen soldier.

He is delighted, as it was the taste that he had been looking for all along. Pitou realizes that the King grows stronger with every Nen user that he eats. The group finally makes its way to the theatre, where Ming yells for incompetent guards to appear.

Pouf explains that the word "King" is just a title and that anyone can be a King. This angers and confuses him, wondering how someone with no power can rule a country. In an instant, Meruem kills Ming and Pitou believes they can use him for their benefit, so he allows them to do whatever they wish with the corpse. The King likes the palace and wants to use the courtyard as a "Meat Plantation.

Elsewhere, Gon and Killua return home with more demonic aura coming from the building than ever. Palm is all ready aware of their lose so the boys tread lightly. They open a door and Killua sees her stabbing a Gon dummy, with multiple other dummies around, stabbed and shredded as well.

She turns her head, looking at them with blood red eyes, like peering into the pits of hell, the boys are frozen with fear. Gon has broken his promise of taking her to NGL , so in return, she makes him go on a date with her. Both boys are shocked, but Gon quickly agrees, shocking Killua even further. Killua questions her motives, but Palm begins giggling uncontrollably until she sees Killua trying to get Gon to reconsider.

Palm wants to go right now, but Gon says not today since he has to train more. Palm doesn't understand and becomes furious, screaming he's trying to back out of their first date. Gon merely meant he wants to prepare for a proper date tomorrow and Palm agrees.

Killua is very impressed and asks him if he's ever been on a date before. Gon has, with Mito and many women on fishing boats who would land on Whale Island. They taught Gon "lots of things This makes him remember Biscuit 's order, to leave Gon since it'll just hold him back.

Knuckle calls Gon and tells him they've found Kite. Gon asks how he is, with no answer. Finally, Knuckle says Kite is being controlled by the enemy, but Gon is confident he'll be okay. Knuckle also warns him about other Chimera Ants moving into other areas. Gon is thrilled to hear Kite is alive, but unaware of his current condition.

Meanwhile, Cheetu strolls through Pata City , unabashed to his appearance. To him, it's just more food around. Gon gathers things for his date in the woods and Killua continues to fear enemy attack since Gon has no Nen powers at the moment. During the day, Cheetu has killed and eaten multiple people and now the cops have found him. They open fire, but Cheetu, faster than a speeding bullet, dodges the shots and removes the police officer's fingers.

Later, Killua watches on the news about this incident and still remains cautious. The news anchor reports that the government wants the Hunter Association to get involved.

The next day, Gon waits for Palm with Killua shadowing him from afar. Suddenly a beautiful woman walks up to Gon, whom he doesn't recognize at first, but realizes it's actually Palm, looking completely different. The two go to a whale show, an aquarium and for dessert, all while Killua "stalks" them, to protect Gon of course. Gon and Palm go to the woods, looking at different creatures and flowers, when finally they get to a tree. Killua begins to feel an Ant's presence in the air, unsure if he should tell them, he decides to handle it alone.

Running through the woods, Killua sees a shadow following him. He finally stops and out comes Rammot , looking for revenge. Killua must fight him alone, knowing Gon has no powers. Hunterpedia Explore. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Episode 93 View source. History Talk 0.

Do you like this video? Play Sound. Universal Conquest Wiki. Chimera Ant Arc. Anime :. List of Episodes series. Manga :. List of Volumes and Chapters.

HxH 30 Day Challenge: Day 10

On the surface, Hunter x Hunter looks like a happy-go-lucky shonen that's filled with light and joyful moments. When they're doing things like fighting Bubble Horse on Greed Island, it is exactly that. But there's a lot more to this incredible anime than just the fun parts. There are actually some intensely sad parts, too.

At the same time, a convoy of trucks is nearing the palace. Knov watches this from afar, knowing that Palm is inside one of them. Inside, Bizeff.

Hunter X Hunter 2011 – 86

The reboot of Hunter x Hunter is shounen anime at its best: bright, optimistic, and running on the power of friendship and determination. However, don't be fooled by its sunny veneer: it will come for the audience's heart right when they least expect it. All four main protagonists and a fair few of the supporting cast are driven by trauma and pain, and their journeys only grow more harrowing as the show goes on. In episodes such as "Salvation and Future," the series' central tragedies and themes of power, corruption, and betrayal are brought to the forefront, making them some of the saddest episodes in Hunter x Hunter. Despite the character Gyro never actually being seen, this episode sets him up for a future appearance by stopping to deliver his backstory. As a child, he was severely abused by his father, but he still idolized the man, believing that he only acted harshly to make Gyro a better person. He hung on a memory of his father caring for him while he was sick to convince him of this. When he attacked another boy for insulting his father, the boy beat him badly and revealed that that memory was false: a neighbor had tended him through his sickness, while Gyro's father said outright that he didn't care if his son died. This broke Gyro, leading him to murder his father and devote his life to making the whole world as miserable as he is. The Zoldyck family is a clan of vicious assassins who raise their children to kill for a living whether they want to or not.

palm hxh episode

Or, to be more precise, how does she know how he will die? How in the world could she possibly know what will happen to Meruem? When the Chimera Ant King comes face-to-face with Palm in search of Komugi, he is able to get that he will die soon, that his death is imminent and inevitable. And this is actually the truth.

It first aired on August 18 th , Gon and Palm go on a date while Killua watches over Gon from the shadows.

Palm's Feet

As much as I hate it, I know how much you mean to us As a species!! Initially, Palm has long, unruly black hair and pale, sickly-looking skin. She is extremely thin and is often accompanied by a frightening aura caused by stress. She usually wears a light pink blouse and carries a knife.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Filler List and Order to Watch

And the reason why is because there is a lot going on in this single episode. What makes this the stand out episode for me is the brilliant subtlety going on just below the surface. There is so much going on here. For this breakdown, I will borrow heavily from the Dissertation to explain:. Killua follows them. Later in the date, Killua detects an Ant, Rammot nearby and seeks him out. The thing can use Nen now.

In episode , Palm is caught by Pitou's En while on a mission to infiltrate the castle and catch a glimpse of the king and his guards.

The delightful details of a Hindu wedding (2022)

Welfin squares off against Youpi after some choice words from Ikalgo, while Palm claims that they have won the fight against the chimera ants. I think if you were with me when I watched this episode, you may have overheard the dull whirring of the cogs in my head as everything started to make sense. This could be radiation poisoning, or perhaps even some kind of specific virus to kill chimera ants exclusively, but it seems like whatever it is, Pouf, Youpi and the King are soon to succumb to it. Well, two of them at least, as it looks like Welfin took care of a weakened Youpi already.

Tuesday, May 31, Hunter x Hunter , also abbreviated as "hxh" is the second adaptation of his homonymous manga created by Yoshihiro Togashi the first adaptation was that of Hunter x Hunter , this covered chapters 1 to The anime was in charge of the Madhouse studio from October 2, , with episodes divided into 6 arcs , of which only 2 are filler episodes. Watching this anime without filler is really easy, since you only have to skip 2 episodes and as for the 2 movies that Hunter x Hunter tells, both are environments in alternate universes where there were changes in the events, but it can still be carried locate and consider something extra from the plot. At the end of this list I will mention in what chapter of the manga does anime end or where to start reading the manga after the anime, this in case you want to continue the story.

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Episode Knov, finally arriving at his destination, notices strange trees in front of the palace and realizes that they are cocoons holding the humans that were selected. Knowing that they'd stand against these humans as King's weapons, Knov creates the first exit using his ability, vowing to put a stop to this plan. He continues approaching the palace's entrance, making one more exit right in front of it. He figures out that reaching the second floor of the inner palace is a must in order to stop the arrival of reinforcements, so he aims for that.

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