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Kate Erbland. Still, fans of the Disney feature have long clamored for a sequel to the musical charmer, if only to spend more time with a cadre of cute characters including, of all things, a hammy reindeer and Josh Gad as a sentient snowman who has zero right to be as cute as he is inside an inventive new world. Sure, Elsa eventually ascended to the throne, leaving her self-created ice castle behind and slipping into a role that had long been carved out for her, but does that choice truly reflect who she is? The franchise — and the fandom — are better for it. As is so often the case, it starts with an unexpected journey.

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Frozen cartoon

Elizabeth Blair. Walt Disney Animation Studios hide caption. Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck are commenting on the wind sounds. Wind — like water, air, earth and fire — is important to the story in Frozen II. Playful "Gale," as she's called, swooshes around an enchanted forest carrying with her a flurry of leaves that fly around to flute-like sounds. Angry Gale is loud and gusty and, at times, sounds almost like a "backwards inhale," Lee says approvingly.

As Benitez plays different sounds, Buck and Lee talk about the importance of this anthropomorphic wind. When she's angry, Buck says "she blasts that tree limb away from Anna. Getting the sound effects for this short scene just right is a team effort, as is every other aspect of an animated Disney movie. Lots of make-believe Elsas and Annas are about to finally get their wishes when Frozen II hits theaters this weekend.

The first Frozen melted young hearts around the world when it was released in — up until this year, it was the highest-grossing animated film worldwide. The remake of The Lion King now holds the top spot. She has since been named the chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios — the first woman to hold such a position. Jennifer Lee was named chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios following the departure of John Lasseter from the company.

She is also the screenwriter and co-director of Frozen II. They wondered: How would the natural world respond in Frozen 's magical kingdom? It's a thousand years old. It's of nature completely. And something [Elsa] would probably be so connected to.

And we realized sort of the mythic realm of her power. And that opened up the story to be something even bigger for us. This being a musical fairy tale, that "something" begins as a "secret siren" that calls to Elsa in " Into the Unknown ," a song that requires the full gusto of Idina Menzel's voice.

The sisters Elsa and Anna are older now. Elsa is no longer ashamed of her unusual ability to crystallize the world around her. But she does wonder "why her? Her quest to find out is what thrusts all of the characters, including scene-stealer Olaf the snowman, into a high adventure. Elsa decides to go in search of the secret siren on her own.

She tells her sister Anna she can't come along because she doesn't have "powers" to protect her. Anna reminds her of what happened in the last movie: "I climbed the North Mountain, survived a frozen heart and saved you from my ex-boyfriend, and did it all without powers.

So, you know, I'm coming. Storytelling is serious business at Disney. Teams of writers and directors not only work on their own movies, but also lend a fresh set of eyes and ears to the movies being made by other teams. This kind of peer-review process is not for everyone, says Clark Spencer, president of Disney Animation.

But Spencer says that was not the case with Lee, who first came to Disney in as a freelance writer. Spencer says she dove right in. Lee was on the team that made Wreck-It Ralph as well as Zootopia , a socially conscious children's movie about unconscious bias.

Jennifer Lee walked the red carpet with her sister. Frozen spawned a cottage industry of other products: A best-selling soundtrack, a Broadway show , a ridiculous amount of merchandise, fan videos, and children performing the songs in talent shows around the world.

During production, Jennifer Lee says she tried not to think too much about Frozen 's intense global fandom. Lee has had a lot "to process" these past few years.

She watched someone she respected, John Lasseter, get forced out of Disney over allegations of sexual misconduct. Lee says Lasseter was instrumental in putting her on Frozen after he saw how well she connected to the team developing the movie. Lasseter's legacy at Disney is complicated. There had been rumors of his alleged misconduct, but he was also considered a visionary.

But we have all these films that needed to move forward. And what we all did — which became a model for me — is: we got together Lee grew up in Rhode Island. She thinks some of her mental toughness comes from being raised by a single mom, a nurse who worked three jobs. Lee remembers being bullied and taking comfort in stories. One of her favorites was Cinderella. In her new role overseeing teams of Disney Animation writers and directors, Lee says she wants to push both storytelling and the art form of animation forward.

What will not change, she says, is the role of fairy tales in children's lives. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. NPR Shop. Now, Jennifer Lee is the first female chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios — oh, and she co-directed the Frozen sequel.

Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. November 21, AM ET. Heard on Morning Edition. Enlarge this image. Walt Disney Animation Studios.

5 new Disney movies that could be a bigger hit than Frozen

Follow Us! Header Ads. Frozen 2 But in the years since Frozen's initial release in the fall of , the climate around the film's popularity has shifted.

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Frozen 2 (2019)

Read the Playbill. The soundtrack to "Frozen" also made a return to No. It ruled the list on the charts dated Jan. In wide release since Nov. Here's how the film, produced by Peter Del Vecho, is described: "Fearless optimist Anna voice of Bell sets off on an epic journey—teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff voice of Groff and his loyal reindeer Sven—to find her sister Elsa voice of Menzel , whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf voice of Gad , Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom. Additionally, Disney has released a multi-language version of the film's hit song "Let It Go," which can be seen below.

How “Frozen” Took Over the World

frozen cartoon new

Our editors handpick the products that we feature. We may earn commission from the links on this page. Can November just get here already? We are so ready to build another snowman. And on Monday, we were treated to a few more details with a second trailer.

Frozen is a Disney media franchise , beginning with the American animated feature film of the same name , which was directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee , screenplay by Lee and produced by Peter Del Vecho , music score by Christophe Beck , and songs written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. John Lasseter , then- chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios , served as the film's executive producer.

‘Frozen 2’ Review: The Cold Still Never Bothers Them

It marks a new high in the US and Canada for an animated movie released outside of the summer season. Disney opted for the week ahead of Thanksgiving to open Frozen 2 , meaning it will get a significant second week bump from kids out of school. Propelled in part by the hit song 'Let it Go,' Frozen begat a flurry of merchandising, untold numbers of Elsa dresses and a Broadway musical. It won two Academy Awards, for best animated feature and original song. Reviews and audience reaction have been good for Frozen 2 , but not as strong as they were for the original. And audiences came out in larger numbers than analysts forecast, especially overseas.

Frozen 2 gets highest-grossing debut ever for an animated film

The first full trailer for Disney's highly anticipated Frozen 2 pulled the curtain back on the secretive film, if only a little bit. It revealed part of the reason why Anna and Elsa will venture out of Arendelle and beyond the Enchanted Lands, and teased the magical powers the two sisters and their friends will face. But it also brought forth some new questions. Chief among them is the mysterious water horse that manifests itself to Elsa, after she falls deep into the water while trying to escape what appears to be an island she is stuck on. The water horse briefly appears in an eerie manner, before showing itself fully, with glowing blue eyes. Along with the arrival of the new trailer, Disney released an answer -- a partial one, at least -- regarding the mystery of the water horse, along with three photos from the film. We don't yet know the full story behind this Nokk, but it appears the spirit will play an important role in the film.

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Frozen 2 sets new record as the highest-grossing animated film ever at £1billion

Frozen II , also written as Frozen 2 , is a American computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios as their 58th film and the sequel to Frozen Set three years after the first film, Frozen II follows sisters Anna and Elsa , Kristoff , his reindeer Sven , and the snowman Olaf as they travel to an enchanted forest to unravel the origin of Elsa's magical power. The film was green-lit in March after a company debate about whether it would be perceived as inferior to the original. It used more-complex, enhanced animation technology than Frozen , and was an interdepartmental collaboration.

Chilling new 'Frozen II' trailer sees Elsa and Anna facing unknown dangers

So why is everyone else lagging behind? H ere we let it go again. Frozen II has broken box-office records with presales before it has even been released, and will doubtless cap off a triumphant year for Disney Animation and its subsidiary Pixar. The revamped Lion King is the biggest animation of all time; Toy Story 4 has also taken more than a billion dollars. Cue more fist-shaking at the unassailable hugeness of Disney.

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Remember back when Frozen became a cultural phenomenon. In 24 hours, Frozen 2 became the most viewed animation trailer of all time, and the studio is celebrating. Check it out:. It has crushed The Incredibles 2 , which previously held the highest number of After fans have been getting the cold shoulder concerning anything Frozen 2 related as the studio gears up for its many other exciting releases , the first look is here! The two-minute trailer teased an intense follow-up to the musical, as Elsa attempts to cross intense ocean waves by using her powers, Kristoff leads a pack of reindeer and Anna grabs a dagger and slices the screen at an unseen threat.

A brand new trailer for Frozen II has dropped, giving us a little more information on the storyline of the hotly anticipated sequel. In the trailer, we see Elsa and Anna as young children being told about an enchanted forest by their father. The bedtime story seems to suggest there is more behind the reason Elsa has magical powers. After we see a strange voice calling out to her, Elsa appears to accidently cause a magical storm in Arendelle.

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