Kuroko no basket captain

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Kuroko no basket captain

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Junpei Hyūga

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Kuroko No Basket

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Kuroko No Basket, The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Self-Insert: Reincarnated into KnB as a Mob character, our random OC decides to settle into the peaceful, mundane life of joining the going-home club, gathering the latest GoM! Or I just wanted an excuse to post my internal shipping ideas P. Most of these ships will be yaoi. However, with miracles, nothing can ever be normal. Midorima and Murasakibara are dumb messes, but surprisingly Midorima is the worse. Kuroko and Akashi give up on them working it out for themselves.

'Kuroko no Basket' Season 3 Release Date January 2015: Rakuzan 'Uncrowned Kings' Revealed!

kuroko no basket captain

Some of you definitely have heard about Kuroko No Basket , right? So, the first time I accidentaly bump up with one of the episode while browsing leisurely through YouTube , I was hook up immediately. I have heard about this manga before hand, but I was wrongly introduced. I saw some pictures of the characters but, it rather convey BL air, so I thought it was yaoi and made me look for the manga.

This is a list of characters from the manga series Kuroko's Basketball by Tadatoshi Fujimaki.

Kuroko No Basket Season 4: Release date, news and rumors

The show is iconic, serving as a beacon for sports-based anime due to its thrilling plot and characters with terrifying skills. As the show's storyline unfurls, Kuroko's Basketball reveals amazing characters, ranging from exceptional three-point shooters to players with incredible attack power and unbelievable skills. Some of these characters can be classified as the best players due to the notable skills they showed on the court. Leading Kirisaki Daiichi High as its coach and captain, his team mainly relies on underhanded tricks and strategies to conquer their opposition. His understanding of basketball is exceptional, and this almost led to the defeat of Seirin High. Kiyoshi Teppei embodies the word "resilience.

Top 10 Best Kuroko’s Basketball Characters of All Time

Home anime explanation. Kuroko no basuke characters rakuzan in detail. Special skill: riding horse Good subject: All Committee: Student Council student council president of Rakuzan high school Good play: All dislike animals: Dogs that do not what he want it to do Family composition: Father only Featured players: Tetsuya Kuroko. He is a baby face. He is short as a basketball player whose height is low. But his jumping power is wonderful. He is usually very nice and polite personality.

Related png images. Seijūrō Akashi Tetsuya Kuroko Kuroko's Basketball, Anime, png thumbnail Seijūrō Akashi Tetsuya Kuroko Kuroko's Basketball, Anime.

Howard WANG

Kuroko no basket is a sports anime about basketball. Several teams are featured throughout the series, but some of the best players all belong to separate teams. Although the concept of an all-star team was introduced in the film , Last match , a few characters were not included.

Captain Seijuro Akashi Kuroko No Basket

Akashi is known as the person who found out Kuroko Tetsuya 's ability and the strongest of Kiseki no Sedai members. To think an antagonist character who had his first full anime debut in one episode only to suddenly be the most popular character and getting first in Shounen Manga Ikemen somehow makes him has an absolute image on him. One word; Amazing. So what do you think, Arama? Is there another antagonist character that you think fit Akashi 's position more?

According to the latest reports, however, "Kuroko's Basketball" is arriving much sooner!

Kuroko-no-basuke Stories

Anime Manga. He is a clutch-player and mainly excels at shooting. He has short black hair, narrow eyes and he is always seen wearing glasses. He is a third year basketball player, and is of average height and average physique. When he joined Seirin High , in his first year of high school, he looked entirely different.

Kuroko no Basket, Too Academy Captain Shoichi Imayoshi Rubber Charm with Lariat

An extraordinary basketball player, he lived in the United States until partway through middle school. Upon returning, he finds himself disappointed at the level of basketball in Japan. After learning about the Generation of Miracles, he makes it his goal to take them down with the help of Kuroko. A first year student and Seirin's secondary point guard.

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