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UK, remember your settings and improve government services. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Includes chapters on applications, modification, priority and convention claims, illustrations and disclaimers. Where an applicant has more than one design to protect, there is financial benefit in filing a multiple application. The same application form should be used when filing either a multiple or single application form DF2A although in the case of a multiple, it is imperative that the applicant lists the total number of designs at the relevant section box 3 on the Form DF2A.

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UK, remember your settings and improve government services. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Includes chapters on applications, modification, priority and convention claims, illustrations and disclaimers. Where an applicant has more than one design to protect, there is financial benefit in filing a multiple application. The same application form should be used when filing either a multiple or single application form DF2A although in the case of a multiple, it is imperative that the applicant lists the total number of designs at the relevant section box 3 on the Form DF2A.

For paper-filed applications, there are no restrictions on the number of designs filed as part of a multiple application. However, for applications filed online, the number of designs is capped at Each design contained within a multiple application will be examined on its own merits. This means that, in effect, each one will be treated as an independent design application. Once designs applied for as part of a multiple application reach registration, they will exist on the register in their own right, and will be treated separately for the purpose of all post-registration actions including renewal periods and the payment of renewal fees.

A design application must specify the product to which the design is intended to be applied to, or into which it is to be incorporated. This is acceptable. If this is the only objection raised in respect of the application, the examiner will allow a period of one month in order for the applicant to supply an acceptable product indication. Failure to do so will result in the application being refused. It should be emphasised that compliance with Rule 5 2 that is the provision of a statement specifying what the design is intended to be applied or incorporated into is solely for the purposes of the application process.

Under Article 36 6 , the information referred to, inter alia, in paragraph 2 of that same Article is not to affect the scope of protection of the design as such. Consequently, that information, consisting of an indication of the products in which the design is intended to be incorporated or to which it is intended to be applied, cannot limit the protection of that design, as is provided for, in particular, in Article 10 of Regulation No. In accordance with the secondary legislation, applicants are permitted to include a brief description of the design within the application form, although this is not a mandatory requirement.

This section may also be used to explain the inclusion of view designations etc. Although the RDA and the Rules allow for the filing of specimens as part of the application process, it should be noted that a two-dimensional representation of the design is still required in all cases. Specimens must be complemented by conventional two-dimensional representations. Examiners will neither request nor accept a specimen in place of clear representations.

It is up to the applicant to comply with Rule 9 and provide representations which are suitable for publication, thereby ensuring that third parties viewing the register are clear as to where the registered rights lie see Hadley Industries v Sloggett [] EWHC Sections 3B 1 and 3B 2 of the RDA set out the grounds under which the Registrar may permit the modification of a design following the filing of replacement representations Where representations submitted with the design application are deemed to be unclear, an objection will be raised under Rule 9.

The applicant will then be given an opportunity to modify the original representations in accordance with Section 3B. Where replacement representations are provided but are found to contain additional elements, or show a design which has a different overall appearance and identity from that disclosed in the application from, it will be necessary for the application to be re-dated.

In such scenarios, the filing date will be altered to reflect the date on which representations which are suitable for publication were received by the Registrar. Sections 3B 3 , 4 , 5 and 6 of the RDA set out the grounds under which an application that contains more than one design can be divided Where a single design application contains multiple images which clearly denote more than one design, the examiner will identify the different designs submitted as part of the initial application , and will request that the application either be limited to one design, or divided into further applications as provided for under Section 3B.

Section 5 of the RDA sets out provisions related to secrecy for certain designs deemed to be relevant for defence purposes. In particular, section 5 4 refers to applications for such designs being submitted outside of the United Kingdom, and establishes the need for an applicant to obtain a written permit prior to submitting any such overseas application.

Notwithstanding the content of Section 5, applicants should note that a UK resident no longer requires authorisation of the Registrar, nor need await security vetting of an application to register the same design in the UK before applying to register a design abroad see notice published on 26 October in the Official Journal refers. Sections 14 1 and 14 2 of the RDA set out the grounds under which an applicant may make a claim where an application for protection in a convention country has been made An applicant has three options when seeking to claim priority from an earlier application.

The first option is to confirm, at application stage, that the design contained in the priority claim is identical to the UK design application. This can be done by following the instructions supplied on the electronic application. The second option is to file a declaration on a DC1. To meet this requirement, and to simplify procedures for applicants, examiners will assume good faith and accept a completed DC1 as confirmation that the design filed as an earlier convention application is identical to the corresponding design in the UK application.

If subsequent legal proceedings identify that the designs are not identical, there is a risk that the priority claim may be forfeited. Where an application claiming priority has been submitted without a Form DC1 , the applicant will have three months from the date of filing of the UK application in which to provide the Registrar with either a completed form or a certified copy of the priority document.

Where a priority document is filed in a language other than English, the examiner may also request a certified translation. The third option is to the provide IPO with a certified copy of the convention document. This may be supplied in hard copy or via email to designsexamination ipo. On receipt, the examiner will check to ensure that the representation s for the earlier case and the application are identical, and that the filing date and applicant details also match.

If the two designs do not meet the aforementioned criteria, the examiner will raise an objection. Where the applicant is then unable to satisfy the examiner that the claim is valid, the priority claim will be refused. Under UK design law, there is no provision for recognising utility models. As a result, proof of filing a utility model cannot be used as a basis for claiming priority under Section 14 RDA in respect of a UK Registered Design application.

Although it is rare for extensions of time to be provided in respect of the submission of priority documents, the Registrar may, in exceptional circumstances, allow additional time. Each decision will be made on a case-by-case basis. Applicants should note that guidance provided in this paragraph relates solely to the submission of documents for substantiating a claim to priority. It does not apply to requests to extend the actual six month period for claiming priority as set out in section 14 RDA.

Rule 4 sets out the filing requirements for a design application, with Rule 4 1 b in particular highlighting the need for a representation of the design to be included in any such application. Although there are different means of representing a design in two-dimensional form line drawings, photographs, computer graphic rendering , any representation s used should always be clear and well-defined - so as to permit third parties and other Registering Authorities to identify with relative ease what has actually been registered.

It should be noted that for any one single design application, an applicant may submit up to twelve representations using the digital service, and unlimited representations using the paper form. Representations in the form of drawings should be of good quality, with clear and dark lines, and should always be capable of being reproduced so that the features of the design remain clearly visible to third parties.

Where photographs are used, it is recommended that they also be of good quality, enabling all features of the design to be clearly visible and suitable for reproduction. Regardless of the type of representation used, the following guidance should always be taken into account. Where the examiner finds that representations are not of a suitable quality, an objection will be raised under Rule 9 1 b.

A period of three months will then be granted for the applicant to submit replacement representations which should be suitable for publication. A design should be represented using only one visual format drawing, graphic rendering or photograph so as to avoid disclosing aspects that contribute to a different overall impression. Where multiple representation formats are used in a single application, each representation must clearly and obviously relate to the same design and be consistent in terms of the features disclosed.

Failure to meet such criteria is likely to result in division of the application into two or more designs pursuant to Section 3B 3 RDA.

Such features are not visible in the design shown on the left, which is presented as a simple line drawing. Each of these two designs is different, meaning that a single application consisting of such representations would be objected to, and the applicant invited to divide it into two separate designs or limit to one:.

In the judgment, emphasis was placed on the distinction between those designs which are intended to protect shape alone, and those which are intended to protect both shape and other features. In Trunki, the Court assessed the greyscale representation shown above and concluded that its minimal levels of tonal differentiation were enough to result in the design not being a claim to shape per se, but rather being a claim to shape incorporating certain elements the wheels and the strap, for instance which are coloured in a manner which contrasts with other features of the shape.

In short, the claim was for more than shape alone. The decision demonstrates why a CAD representation such as the one shown above would not be accepted alongside a simple line drawing of the same product when both representations are used as part of the same application.

Section 1 2 RDA confirms that colour s can be a feature of a registered design see paragraph 2. Reflecting that provision, representations filed as part of a design application can be submitted in pure black-and-white, in greyscale, or in colour.

In such cases, the applicant will be instructed to either withdraw some of the coloured views, or to divide the application. The background against which the design is shown will be considered neutral as long as the design is clearly distinguishable from its environment without any reference to other objects, accessories, decoration or written text.

Any representation which does not consist of a neutral background will be open to objection under Rule 9 1 b. In order to assess whether or not a background is neutral, applicants should take into account factors such as coloration, contrast and shadow, all of which may have an unintended effect on the appearance of the design. In respect of background coloration, a single or predominant colour will always be acceptable if it stands out against the colours of the design intended for protection that is if there is a clear contrast between the two.

The following are two examples where single-coloured backgrounds are suitable and acceptable on account of their strong contrast with the designs presented in the foreground:. In contrast, the following are two examples of unacceptable single-coloured backgrounds. In both cases, the colours used as background are near-identical to those used in the items presented in the foreground:. In these cases, although the displayed background materials no longer consist of a simple block colour, neither interferes with the representation of the product intended for protection.

As a result, both of the following are acceptable:. As a result, this representation would be deemed unacceptable:. All features of the design should be clearly visible. A dark-coloured or shaded background can assist where the design intended for protection is presented in light colour or shading, and vice versa for dark-coloured designs. The use of colour or tonal contrast is considered insufficient where the colour of the design and the colour of the background are so similar as to make it difficult to distinguish between the two that is it is not clear where the product finishes and the background starts.

The following acceptable example shows sufficient contrast between the product and the background:. In contrast, the following three examples all fail to show sufficient contrast, and so are deemed to be unacceptable:. The following are examples where the presence of shadow and reflection does not interfere with the clarity of the design, and so these representations would be deemed acceptable:.

In the following two examples, shadowing interferes to an extent that it is impossible to identify the exact nature of the designs:. The following is deemed to be acceptable. The following two designs - both of which also include light reflection - are deemed to be unacceptable. For example, an application containing numerous representations of a single bottle shown in different sizes will be open to objection if the shape and proportions differ and they are no longer identical.

However, in cases where multiple poor quality hand-drawn representations have been provided, and it appears that the proportions of the design are not accurately shown as being consistent across the different views, the applicant will be given the opportunity to provide clearer representations. This will also be the case where, in the context of a hand-drawn set of representations, it appears that features are missing from some views but not others. In all cases, it should be noted that the resubmission of replacement representations may result in the application being re-dated pursuant to Section 3B 2 RDA.

In the context of multiple aspect views, applicants should note that the maximum permitted number of views for a single design is set at twelve.

The following example presents a single product a food mixer via seven different views.

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The animation-direction CSS property sets whether an animation should play forward, backward, or alternate back and forth between playing.

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Mater and Lightning hook up in Pixar's animated feature Cars. View Slideshow It's hard to imagine a more likable film than Cars , the latest inspired animated feature from Pixar Animation Studios. Of course, kids will love it; the ones at the preview screening spent minutes making happy squealing noises. And so will the retailers of America: With a huge cast of cute little vehicles, Cars is, in Hollywood parlance, highly "toyetic.

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The animation-direction CSS property sets whether an animation should play forward, backward, or alternate back and forth between playing the sequence forward and backward. It is often convenient to use the shorthand property animation to set all animation properties at once. The animation plays forwards each cycle. In other words, each time the animation cycles, the animation will reset to the beginning state and start over again. This is the default value.

Aspect views show the design from certain angles and may include some or all of the following: 'front view'; 'top view'; 'bottom view';.

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E standards, emission regulations, laws of gravity, or any semblance of reality. They can sometimes fly, talk, or transform into other things. Other times, they simply belong to our favorite characters.

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Close this window. Back in the day, there was nothing quite like staying in on a Saturday to watch your favorite cartoons. TV shows like The Jetsons, Speed Racer , and Justice League filled lazy afternoons with fun stories, gadgets, and best of all, cool cars. Some fly, some talk, some fight aliens from outer space, some just get beloved characters from point A to point B. Get in, let's take a trip in some of the greatest animated vehicles ever!

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