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I want to preface this by saying that Bungou Stray Dogs is my favorite animanga. This one, my biggest problem with the series, will be above the cut, but the rest will be under it for length. The reason I view Dazai as a problem with Bungou Stray Dogs is because of his mental prowess which borders on omnipotence. Having an overpowered character like him makes the narrative seem boring. At the time of this being written, the manga is in the middle of its arc with the Hunting Dogs and the Decay of Angels. Dazai being the super genius he is also weakens other characters around him.

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Bungou stray dogs tumblr

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Bungou Stray Dogs Imagines

The anime adaptation of Bungou Stray Dogs has some striking visual imagery as well as use of colors to try to convey the same visual story telling as the manga for a different medium. This is especially apparent in the first two endings which work as deep dives into the characters featured in them using only images. I am not going to rely on lyrics too heavily because the ending can be interpreted on images alone, but the first few lines are pretty suggestive for the theme of the whole ending.

Akutagawa and Atsushi both because of their encounter with Dazai, and Dazai because of his words with Oda. The common theme with all of them is all three are seeking for a way to live on. They want to believe it is alright for someone like them to live. The first few shots are the shadows disappearing in the city on a new morning, showing the progression of time.

After that the first shot is Akutagawa standing on the surface of a pool of water. In the pool, the entire city is reflected in reverse. Akutagawa is entirely naked, and a red light appears over his heart, and then spreads through the rest of the veins in his body.

There are lots of images at once conveyed in this short time so let us break them down one by one. Even his eyes which are grey are glowing red at the moment.

Water is a jungian symbol of both illusion and deep self reflection, the hidden depths most people ignore. Considering that the city reflects in the same pool of water Akutagawa is laying in, it represents Akutagawa who is plunging to the depths of the dark side of the city and drowning currently in the mafia.

Akutagawa represents the violent side of the city that most normal citizens ignore, considering he grew up an orphan in the slums, and only survived by joining the mafia. The violence that most characters repress, Akutgawa fully embraces. Koyo Ozaki described the Mafia as a shadow, in comparison to the armed detective agency the light. As for Akutagawa, nudity is is a symbol of a lot of things, rebirth, vulnerability.

If Akutagawa is bathing in the water to try to clean himself, the fact that his presence in the water makes it dirty by polluting it with blood is interesting. Spreading throughout his body it nourishes him like blood and keeps him alive. However, as the camera pulls back we see that blood is also appearing in the water he bathes in as ripples travel through the water.

Akutagawa is struggling to live deep down by keeping the words that Dazai gave him in his heart, but his way of living is so violent that he creates bloodshed just by living.

Yet as much of a killer that Akutagawa may seem, it is undeniable that Akutagawa is just struggling to live the same way the rest of the other three are. The next four images to flash by are Dazai, Atsushi, Akutagawa, and Kyouka all with their associated colors. Dazai is grey because he sees no particular meaning in living and is defined by his empty, colorless existence.

Akutagawa is red, the most aggressive color, the color of blood. On a final note all four of the main characters faces are covered in blood, the reason being that all of them in their struggle to live have shed blood in one way or another. Akutagawa, Kyoko, and Dazai are killers with high body counts and Atsushi rampaged as the tiger before he became aware of his ability. Struggling to live like this however, does not make any of them irredeemable because they all got covered in blood one way or another.

The next scene is Akutagawa and Atsushi attempting to touch each other on a bridge. The two of them are a bridge that tries to reach over the gap between the Armed Detective Agency and the Port Mafia, trying to reach across Day and Night for cooperation. However, both Atsushi and Akutagawa are too volatile to one another and the moment they ignite. In the events of season two itself, Akutagawa almost throws the entire alliance in danger because he wanted to track down Atsushi and kill him.

However, at the same time while the two of them explode every time they touch, they are completely focused on one another which will be a recurring theme throughout the ED. Which is also seen in their fight above the Moby Dick, both of them keep looking at each other and cannot look away. So much so, that Fitzgerald notices they are choosing to fight each other over him. Each of them also deliberately looks into the other and drags to the surface something which the other was ignoring to force them to confront it.

Akutagwa will always see himself as someone who is weak and struggling to survive, and having to always live with weakness he can only be strong if another person recognizes him. Atsushi sees himself still as that struggling orphan desperate to live, begging someone to give him a chance. Akutagawa does not see his current strength, Atsushi does not see his current fortune and home, but they both can see it in the other.

This is because Dazai set this connection up on purpose knowing the two of them would bring this fire out of one another. Akutagawa and Atsushi who only see what is right in front of them are both focused on each other, Dazai is able not only to observe their conflict, but also turn his head away from it and look forward.

Dazai is the only one looking towards the future. Those sheets of paper in the background are the pages of various stories being blown about by the wind.

Stories have meaning, which is what Dazai, Akutagawa an Atsushi are all searching for in their lives. However, stories are also fictional, imaginary, fake so none of those pages provide them with satisfactory answers.

The reason why he is covered in bandages is reported in story to be due to his multiple suicide attempts and the wounds covering his body. However, Dazai also wore bandages in the dark era even over wounds that were not there. When Oda removes the bandages from his eyes his eye underneath was perfectly unharmed. The bandages are blown about by the wind and caught by Akutagawa. We see Akutagawa act uncharacteristically gentle as he tries to caress the bandage.

He was envious of Odasaku because Dazai never treated Akutagawa as an equal, or valued him as clearly as he did Odasaku. Dazai still has not properly communicated to Akutagawa why he left the mafia and why he left him behind. As long as he does not do that, Akutagawa will never be able to come to understand Dazai on his own, therefore the bandages slip away from his fingers. He is unable to get close to Dazai in any significant way, therefore he can never get what he wants from Dazai.

As the camera zooms into his eye we cut to the back of Atsushi. Once again, Akutagawa and Atsushi are only looking at each other the entire ending. He sees himself as behind Atsushi and struggling to catch up. The first thing Atsushi does however, is look at Akutagawa once again. The red, the outline of a coat shaped like Rashomon all signifies Atsushi seeing Akutagawa in his shadow. Akutagawa is someone that Atushi never wants to acknowledge, because Atsushi projects his flaws and his repressed violent side onto Akutagawa.

Remember, Atsushi lived his life before the detective agency completely unaware of his rampages as the tiger. He has such negative connotations with violence due to his abuse, that he never wants to see himself as a violent person. Therefore if he clearly defines Akutagawa as a violent person, a bad person, then he can be everything Akutagawa is not. Atsushi even says as much, he sees himself as way better than Akutagawa because Akutagawa is just a murderous psycho in his eyes.

Akutagawa is the shadow always at his feet that Atsushi does not want to confront. Even though, Kyouka and Dazai are both people with high body counts and Atsushi is perfectly fine getting along with them.

The pages are falling from the sky again. Atsushi reaches up and tries to grasp one in his hand, but the moment he touches it, it burns away. The meaning is pretty abstract but, the storybook pages are representative for the meaning all three characters are searching for. There is no meaning to be found there. The moment he reaches the page it burns away before he can even read it. Dazai is much more honest with Atsushi rather than keeping him at a distance. If the bandage is the symbol of his connection to Dazai then it also means that while Atsushi has failed to grasp any meaning in life from trying to reach for the story book page, his pursuit has not come up empty either because he was able to make connections and hold onto them due to Dazai finding him and introducing him t the detective agency.

As for the final shot Akutagawa lies still as death on the ground. Dazai reaches for him, and touches his head. As long as Dazai himself does not take responsibility for the past with Akutagawa, Akutagawa cannot heal, or come to view Dazai in a healthy way.

His fixation with Dazai something that motivates him to live, is also something that ultimately hurts him in the end. This is also a callback to the first ending. However, when is that salvation? Akutagawa sinks and his bloody tear floats out from water and flies off as a firework.

It represents his sadness and rage and Umetsu himself loves that cut. If Atsushi represses his violence, than Akutagawa represses his sadness, and grief. The last shot is Dazai holding his hand in front of his face to block the glare from the light. Therefore we end with a shot of him looking towards the light on a journey to become a better person, which is the reason Odasaku gave him to live, but also averting his eyes because he is not quite there yet. The lyrics end similiarly with the singer looking off towards the future, which is the only way these three will ever be able to live.

They, Dazai, Akutagawa and Atsushi all have to learn to live for the future and one day they will reach a time when they are not struggling day to day just to survive. And it will have been the memories and connections shared with each other that led them to that day and continues to propel them forward.

How far have we managed To proceed since then It suddenly all comes back to me. Kaze ga Fuku Machi - Bungo Stray Dogs ED 2 Analysis The anime adaptation of Bungou Stray Dogs has some striking visual imagery as well as use of colors to try to convey the same visual story telling as the manga for a different medium. This is from an official interview. He also said this of the bloody tear in the first ending that this is a callback to.

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I'd say probably so, since you're here looking at my quiz Which Bungo Stray Dogs Character are you most like? I got Rampo Iwamoto has been in love with his.

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Originally posted by sophisticated-spring. I write for the k-pop fandom now. To summarize why I stopped writing here though is, back in early right around the time that the world went to hell , I was still writing for BSD, and then around Christmastime the like count and reblog count went down drastically. One is strictly BTS related, and my other blog is for multiple groups. Thank you for checking in on me, it means a lot and I hope that you and everyone that still happens to stumble across this blog are safe, healthy, and doing alright. Answering a request! What is up!? Originally posted by todorokih. Keep reading. Howdy folks!

Fandom Fanfic Fanatic! — Bungou Stray Dogs Masterlist

bungou stray dogs tumblr

Bungou Stray Dogs Masterlist. Just 10 times worse. I feel like you two would be friends when it happens. I think when he released that he wanted you to himself and himself only is when he releases that he loves you, like really really loves you. It definitely would take a while for Kaeya to fall in love with you but when he does…ooh you better run as far away as possible.

Submitted by silmarusco. Nature makes me happy.

Fan Of Hell — All of the Bungou Stray Dogs requests. SFW & NSFW....

As Dvalin was defeated and the people of Monstadt celebrated their new hero, you and Paimon learned about a certain Bard and his life. Venti explained the Seven to you, what Archons were and how he was one. Asking many questions, you tried your luck in asking about your brother. Unfortunately, Venti had no idea how to find him. So, you settled on searching this whole world for him.

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I post about movies and anarchist politics mostly. They're the people who made Lil Naz X's Satan shoes, which is probably what they're best known for. This is essentially an interactive art installation. They have an ice cream truck and they sold these ice creams, but it's not like a thing that will be a mass produced item It doesn't say "popsicle" lol.

Jun 16, - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, bungou stray dogs | Tumblr Bungou Stray Dogs Chuya, Stray Dogs Anime.

Japanese Literature and Bungou Stray Dogs

This is the masterlist for all my Bungou Stray Dogs work! Make sure to check back frequently for updates and feel free to send in your requests! Reward System.

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The title is derived from a series of novels, apparently about exploring places uninhabited by humans. The book basically has almost zero information in English but the title can be roughly translated as several things. She has often being claimed as the first Japanese female mystery novelist. Teruko was born in Tokyo on April 12, as the middle child to a family of literary scholars. Her brother and her father were both scholars of Japanese literature while her sister would later be known as a novelist and a feminist. Because of this, she has been surrounded by the literary greats of the Meiji era from a young age.

The anime adaptation of Bungou Stray Dogs has some striking visual imagery as well as use of colors to try to convey the same visual story telling as the manga for a different medium.

Bungou Stray Dogs

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Naomi: I was tied up and threatened to be blown up once and I loved it! About to enter private property. Dazai: Wow.

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