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Katsuragi (07-Ghost) - Wallpaper and Scan Gallery

It is set in a fantasy world with different laws, kingdoms, gods and magic. It was serialized in Monthly Comic Zero Sum , a josei manga magazine published monthly by Ichijinsha.

Seventeen bound volumes have been released by the publisher. The manga was originally licensed by Go! Comi for release in North America, but they stopped publishing in October and Viz Media has since picked up the license for the series. The series has been adapted into a drama CD and an anime television series from Studio Deen , which debuted in April Teito Klein is a former slave who now attends the Barsburg Empire's military academy due to his ability to use a rare and highly prized type of supernatural force known as Zaiphon.

Teito is an amnesiac who frequently has frightening dreams. The night before the graduation exam, Teito and his only friend, Mikage, vow they will never abandon each other.

The next day, Teito overhears people talking about him. Stopping to listen, he suddenly realizes that the speaker, Chief of Staff Ayanami, is the person who killed the familiar man in his dreams: His father, the king of the destroyed Raggs Kingdom. Teito is caught eavesdropping and tries to attack Ayanami but is quickly brought down by one of his subordinates and sent to prison. Mikage comes to help him escape, only to find that Teito has managed to fight past the guards all by himself.

The two flee the building, but are cornered on a balcony. Teito pretends to hold Mikage hostage, then makes his escape, though he is wounded by a Zaiphon blast that Ayanami directs at him. Three bishops in the nearby 7th District discover the injured Teito and take him to a nearby church to recuperate, where he's protected because of the 7th District's law of sanctuary.

In due time, it is discovered that Teito carries the Eye of Mikhail , a powerful talisman for which his home country was destroyed. This fact, as well as a fateful reunion, catapults Teito into a quest for revenge against the Barsburg Empire and for knowledge about his past.

At the same time, his status as the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail throws him into the long-standing conflict with the evil Verloren and his enemies, the 07 Ghosts.

The book is set in the midst of the Barsburg Empire, which is divided into seven districts, each with its own cities, rulers, and culture. Zaiphon is the "magic" of Ghosts world, the ability to convert life energy into various forms of power and is the force which keeps the continent afloat in the sky.

Zaiphon is controlled by converting strong emotions into power, often taking the shape of words, though people may use weapons to channel said energy.

Those who have the ability to use Zaiphon are rare and thought of as having been blessed by God. Every user's capabilities are different, and in many cases, reflect their nature. Zaiphon is generally categorized into three types:. It is possible for a person to use more than one version of Zaiphon; however, people who can successfully do so are few and far between.

There are a variety of weapons used to manipulate Zaiphon, one of these being the bascule. With the bascule, people can channel their Zaiphon and use it for several purposes. Different types of Zaiphon have different effects when used through a bascule: those with healing Zaiphon cannot directly attack a Kor, but they can restrict and remove Kor from afflicted people, and those with offensive Zaiphon can directly attack a Kor.

According to a centuries-old myth, the God of Death, Verloren Dutch or German for Lost , 'killed' the daughter of the Chief of Heaven and was forced to escape to the earth. In retribution, Verloren invaded the hearts of the people, who slipped into despair. Lamenting over the people's suffering, the Chief of Heaven dispatched seven heavenly lights in order to punish Verloren. Called the "Seven Ghosts", they are said to have sealed Verloren on the earth and served forevermore as the guardians of the Empire.

Mothers often tell their children that if they are naughty, the Seven Ghosts will come to take them away. Though Verloren has been sealed away in Pandora's Box for over years, his messengers, the Kor, find and contact humans to bring them under his influence.

If a contract is made, a mark appears on the person's chest. This is known as "Verloren's curse", and it indicates one's heart has been consumed by darkness. One of the duties of the "Ghosts" is to fight against Verloren and his curse and stop contracts from being fulfilled.

Only the Bishops can remove Verloren's curse. The Ghosts are embodied in humans with such extraordinary Zaiphon abilities that they are considered to be blessed by God. They were originally fragments of Verloren, and they were sent down to the earth by the Chief of Heaven in order to stop Verloren. Each of the Ghosts has died in his previous life, and they all retain their memories of their past lives. Frau, Castor, Labrador, Fea Kreuz and Lance have been revealed to be Ghosts thus far; all of them have the mark of their Ghosts on their hands.

Each of the Ghosts has a specific power:. Some editions may translate the Ghosts name wrong. Since all their names come from German, the names have a meaning in this language, and are not just a name. For example, it is common to see the name "Randkalt" "Rand" meaning "Edge" whilst "Kalt" means "Cold" making the name meaningless.

On the other hand, the name "Landkarte" means "Map", which corresponds with Landkarte's ability. When a person is given a life from the Chief of the Heavens, they choose three dreams to complete over the course of their lifetime.

When all the dreams are granted, their souls will be called back to the Chief and be reincarnated. However, when people are born they do not remember the dreams they chose, and finding out the dreams is supposedly the joy of life.

There are evil beings who want to interfere with this process; among them are Verloren's messengers, the Kor , who steal dreams and drag humans into darkness. When a human's first dream is granted by a Kor, the person's heart becomes unstable and unable to be satisfied no matter what he or she does.

When the second dream is granted, the person falls into a state of starvation or addiction. When the third dream is granted, the soul has indulged in too much darkness and becomes forever unable to return to the Chief of Heaven.

The Kor then takes the body; a possessed body with all three dreams fulfilled by the Kor is called a Wars warusa means "evil" in Japanese , and they serve Verloren. A dark magician who can control the Wars is called a Warsfeil. It is the duty of the church to protect people from the Kor, because the feeling of addiction is very difficult to remove. There are cases when a Kor may grant a wish that is not one of the three dreams, but it upsets the equilibrium and the Kor may be punished for it.

The Eyes of Mikhail and Raphael are a set of holy stones that can be embedded into the body, allowing the Archangels Mikhail and Raphael to descend into a host's body for a limited time. They are undetectable until they possess their host's body, whereupon the stone appears in the host's hand, the host's eye color changes, and they become able to wield godlike powers with Zaiphon.

A pact was established between both countries never to seize the other Eye; however, the Barsburg Empire broke this pact ten years prior to the storyline. The Eyes' full usages are unknown; however, thus far, the Eye of Mikhail has been used to seal Verloren's original body in Pandora's Box, and the Eye of Raphael has been said to be able to reincarnate Verloren's soul in human bodies.

The overall style for Ghost fits into the fantasy manga genre. Although the plot is serious, there is a lot of comic relief, giving the story a more lighthearted tone. The characters are all complex, varied and entertaining, and the story is extremely emotional.

Even within our circle of bishops, [there's] the naughty rebel, the eyeglass character, and the lolishouta type. Despite the angst filled and mysterious storyline, the manga also includes quite a bit of humor from Teito's and Mikage's horseplay and our three bishops' quirks, and chibis and deformed expressions are used for these scenes.

It was licensed in North America by Go! Comi, [12] who published the first few volumes before they stopped publishing in October It features many of the same voice actors that will be reprising their roles for the anime.

Limited edition DVDs have been released since autumn The anime has been licensed by Discotek Media. The seventh volume of 'Ghost was ranked 23rd on the Tohan charts between 26 November and 2 December The 10th Volume debuted at number 10 on Oricon Manga Ranking charts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Japanese manga series. Action [1] [2] Gothic fantasy [1] [3]. Madman Entertainment.

Discotek Media. Main article: List of Ghost chapters. Main article: List of Ghost episodes. Viz Media via Anime News Network. Retrieved 23 June Archived from the original on 1 March Retrieved 20 May Anime News Network.

Archived from the original on 21 April Retrieved 19 July Tokyo, Japan: Ichijinsha, chapter 7, In the official Chinese translation of manga chapter 4, they say that "he Ayanami is merely a descendant of an exiled, noble family" ; whereas in an English translation, they say "he is merely a descendant of the lowest class of aristocrats who were discarded by the royal family". It is unknown which version correctly translates the original Japanese version.

Comi to Publish Ghost ". Archived from the original on 6 May Retrieved 5 May Retrieved 15 March ISBN Retrieved 29 February Archived from the original on 31 March

UnKamen RX 204 – Die Hard: With a Snake

He is one of Ayanami's subordinates, and a very powerful Warsfeil who fought during the Raggs War. He holds the rank of Major which is sometimes translated as Lieutenant Commander of the Black Hawks, and often acts as Ayanami's bodyguard. Hyuuga is recognised by his tall stature, distinctive black sunglasses, love for toffee apples and lolly pops , and the smile he almost always wears on his face. Though his personality is frivolous, he is an extremely capable swordsman and is the soldier responsible for the deaths of Mark and Karan- two of the finest bodyguards of the Raggs King. When Katsuragi's betrayal was revealed to the Black Hawks, Hyuuga intervened when Katsuragi attacked Hyuuga's begleiter Konatsu, and engaged him in a battle that almost killed both combatants.

I just wanted to doodle bite sized 07 Ghost antag-side characters Here is the Black Hawk family!! #Konatsu#Hyuuga#Ayanami#Haruse#Kuroyuri#Katsuragi#.

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Katsuragi is a character from the anime Ghost. We have all kinds of interesting and fascinating trivia from this year to share with you. Our series view count resets each month as to give you a rolling idea what is currently popular. A total of titles were released in Don't forget to have a look at what was most popular - you can even filter the list by genre helping you to more quickly spot titles that may be to your liking. By the way, it is possible we missed a title from this year, and we could use your help adding it! Let's continue with the trivia. The most violent of these is considered to be Whispered Words Avg.

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Post a Comment. Sunday, April 24, Ghost. Teased unmercifully for his past as an orphan and a slave, Teito only has his best friend Mikage to ease his days at the elite Barsburg Academy - and his mastery of the magical art of Zaiphon! But even that will not be enough to save him when he discovers a horrifying secret behind the ruling Empire. Trapped in an ancient battle between a wicked Death God and the Seven Ghosts and guided by three mysterious priests, Teito discovers a power that could save the world

Thirteen bound volumes have been released as of March

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Labirint Ozon. Source: Wikia. This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: He died in manga chapter 65 when the Eye of Raphael attacked Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs on the edge of a cliff. Aldo is a minor character who appears in the 07 Ghost anime and manga series.

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UnKamen RX – Six Degrees of Katsuragi Takumi Continued adoration of the Sento/Katsuragi divide Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7.


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Alright You Peeps from the G fandom! Kapitel Why oh Why you silly boy! Did you really have to get yourself knock out and get kidnap again? Fraaaaauuuu, oh noes!

He fears that something dreadful may happen in the future.

Sneak Peek: 07-Ghost Kapitel 70

It is set in a fantasy world with different laws, kingdoms, gods and magic. It was serialized in Monthly Comic Zero Sum , a josei manga magazine published monthly by Ichijinsha. Seventeen bound volumes have been released by the publisher. The manga was originally licensed by Go! Comi for release in North America, but they stopped publishing in October and Viz Media has since picked up the license for the series. The series has been adapted into a drama CD and an anime television series from Studio Deen , which debuted in April Teito Klein is a former slave who now attends the Barsburg Empire's military academy due to his ability to use a rare and highly prized type of supernatural force known as Zaiphon.

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Get it together translators! I remember him from the drama CDs. This is a pretty deep backstory to be rushed through in one chapter.

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