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As reported by Collider , Netflix has now announced that its live-action adaptation of "Death Note" has officially begun production. The streaming giant has also revealed its main cast, showcasing the changes the film will undertake now that the movie is being made for an international audience instead of the original's Japanese setting. Wolff is most notable for playing the lead male in "The Fault in Our Stars. Keith Stanfield from "Straight Outta Compton" has been cast to play the genius detective known only as L.

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Netflix Orders New Death Note Project From Stranger Things' Creators

Fresh off the success of Stranger Things 4 Vol. In a public statement about Upside Down Pictures, the Duffers shared that producer Hilary Leavitt Orphan Black, Ozark has been tapped to head the studio and expressed confidence in her ability to make it a success.

No wonder so many writers and directors are drawn to working with her. According to the Duffer Bros. Read original article here. Battlefield Update 1. Techno Blender. Home Entertainment Netflix is making yet another live-action Death Note adaptation. By Tess Douglas On Jul 7, Denial of responsibility! In each content, the hyperlink to the primary source is specified.

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‘Stranger Things’ creator to develop ‘Death Note’ live-action series at Netflix

Netflix is developing a new live-action Death Note , and the project has already fixed the version's first big mistake. Following the success of Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 on Netflix, the streaming platform announced that it would continue to work with producers Matt and Ross Duffer through their new production company Upside Down Pictures. This will be the second American live-action version of the popular anime and manga. The Death Note movie repeated classic Hollywood anime adaptations mistakes, including but not limited to non-Japanese actors for the lead roles and major changes in the story in order to fit in a traditional three-act action-packed film. However, the very first mistake of Netflix's live-action Death Note was to make it a movie. Death Note was conceived in a serialized format for the manga, something that was continues with the Death Note anime's 37 episodes. Death Note 's story involves dozens of characters, sees several twits, and spans more than five years.

Netflix's 'Death Note' Should Be Returned To Sender the strings remains Ryuk (now completely divorced from his origins as a Shinigami.

Netflix’s Death Note Live-Action Series Must Avoid the Movie’s Big Mistake

Just kidding. David: In my less-than-enthusiastic review of the film , I wrote the following:. Related Russo Bros. In this case, it pointed toward an inability or unwillingness to meaningfully engage with the source material. The only reason to take such a uniquely Japanese story and transplant it to Seattle is to explore how its thorny moral questions might inspire different answers in an American context, so for this retread to all but reduce America to its whiteness indicates an absence of context more than anything else. This story, like many taken from the most popular anime or manga, has cultural significance to Japan. Setting the story in Seattle and not having anyone Asian American play the role of Light Yagami, now Light Turner, removed that context. David: Agreed. In which case, genre stylings notwithstanding, whiteness — and a lack of Japaneseness — become some of the only notable ways that this film differentiates itself from the previous iterations of this property.

Netflix's 'Death Note' Should Be Returned To Sender

death note netflix now

Scrawl this one in your magic killer notebook if you've heard it before: A popular, beloved Japanese manga and anime catches the attention of an American studio desperate for that sweet trans-global box office. The American studio then opts to Anglicize the property, casting largely white actors and leaving intact only the exotic qualities of a vaguely Asian aesthetic. Friends, such a sentiment was not a studio note for this spring's Ghost in the Shell remake , but rather a line of dialogue in the new Netflix offering Death Note — as self-incriminating a thing for an investigator character to say as ever there was. Death Note was first a manga created by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata, then an anime series currently available on Netflix as well , and then a live-action film series in Japan.

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The following contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4, now streaming on Netflix. The iconic anime series Death Note has been adapted into live-action films multiple times in Japan before an American version was released on Netflix in Although the reception for the release was generally negative, a sequel is still in development with Greg Russo who is writing the script. The Duffers announced another Death Note live-action adaptation , but this time, they want to develop it into a series. This is a risky venture since the previous film wasn't received well by critics or audiences, and there are always challenges to adapting animation into live-action.

Nat Wolff Made a Real Death Note (and Then Burned It) for Netflix’s ‘Death Note’

Fresh off the success of Stranger Things 4 Vol. In a public statement about Upside Down Pictures, the Duffers shared that producer Hilary Leavitt Orphan Black, Ozark has been tapped to head the studio and expressed confidence in her ability to make it a success. No wonder so many writers and directors are drawn to working with her. According to the Duffer Bros. Read original article here.

Armed with a notebook that allows him to end lives, Light uses his newfound power to levy vigilante justice while evading world-renowned detective L. Watch.

Is Death Note on Netflix?

There are two types of people in this world: people who fuck with anime, and people who judge the fuck out of people who fuck with anime. The Netflix live action adaption of Death Note may have been produced as a way to remedy this disconnect — but unfortunately, it fails to captivate both fans of the original and critics alike. Decent film adaptations of well-known animes and mangas are hard to come by these days.

Published on: October 1, Death Note 2: The very famous and anticipated film Death Note, which is based on the popular manga anime series of the same name had made huge chaos over Netflix with its release a few years ago. So after its huge success, there is no surprise fans might be wondering about whether Death Note will ever get a sequel or not and if we are getting a new sequel then when will Death Note 2 would be released. So if you have been wondering the same thing, then no worries anymore.

Initially a Japanese manga and anime series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, the plot follows a teenager named Light who discovers a mysterious black notebook that he received thanks to Ryuk, a Shinigami and death god.

I knew it through my buddy, Justice, who was a huge fan of it, and my two little cousins were crazy about it. And then when I read the script and heard Adam was doing it, I was already really excited about the opportunity, but I thought I should really delve deep into it before I agreed to be part of it. So I watched the anime and read the mangas. I watched — they actually made Japanese film versions of the anime. Did you base your character much on those original versions of Light?

Death Note: A bullied teenager finds a notebook that allows him to kill people. A controversial horror movie about a high-school student who enters a bloody pact with a death god portrayed by Willem Dafoe is Ireland's "most popular Netflix show" of , according to a new report. Death Note is a feature-length Netflix adaptation of a story that first appeared in a Japanese manga magazine in and became a TV series in Japan in

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