Metal build 7 sword

Post a Comment. As a Metal Build figure, the attention to detail and quality is impeccable. The paint and decal applications are incredible and the figure has a very satisfying matte coating applied to every inch of the armour components. The die-cast frame is still very visible, glistening in the light and providing a nice contrast to the 00 Gundam's primary colours. The GN Condensers are also very perceptible and seem to have a subtle glowing effect. Of course, the unit is back-heavy by default, but the sub-arms mounting the GN Drives on the backpack can be adjusted to improve the figure's balance.

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Man this figure looks so good even though its expensive. I bet the MG wouldnt looks as good compared to this. This figure is similiar to the 'GFF Metal Composite' for having die-cast parts for the joints, but different in that the armor is said to be made out of something called 'Hybrid Material'.

Instruction Manual. The accessories are pretty complete for the 00 Gundam Seven Sword:. Each armament is very well made and has little gimmicks here and there. Concept design booklet by anime mechanical designer, Kanetake Ebikawa. Upon opening the box and taking out the figure for the first time, it definitely looks and feels like it is worth the high price tag that this figure is selling for.

And the 'hybrid material' used to create the armors are really just plastic, but it also gives off a metal shine. Which makes the figure look, well Detachable GN Drive. The articulation of this figure is very good. The Metal Build is just as articulate as the HG model kit, and better. Decals for this figure is top notch. I really like the designer ver. The placement of rest of the decals are appropriate and doesn't seem out of place. Very nice. It looks great, but it does have a very slight weight issue for the torso joint when it is attached to the left GN Drive armor, which tend to slightly favor tilting toward the left.

But it is really not much of an issue overall. But thankfully, the figure comes with a clear display stand to hold the sword in place. Action Poses. The figure is solid with very well made metal joints, and the 'hybrid material' of the armor parts gives off a nice metal like shine.

The articulation for this figure offers a broad range of possible action poses. The weight issue of the GN Buster Sword II is very minimal and can cause a little bit of frustration when trying to get it to hold with the hands. The display stand is awesome, it allows much more flexibility when posing your figure for display.

Is been awhile since I had played with a well made chogokin like figure. This first offering in the Metal Build series has my approval and I definitely looks forward to their next offering. Posted by G. Anonymous April 18, at PM. Anonymous September 27, at PM. DarkWorkx April 18, at PM. Anonymous May 1, at AM. Anonymous August 30, at PM. Anonymous February 7, at PM. Anonymous March 15, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Gundam Guy Blog.

Japanese Swordsmiths are bringing Kakaru Kumo Naki to life

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Last Updated: /7/17 Hot Topic Let's put together an original build and introduce it! Table of Contens Recommended Skill for Great Sword.

METAL BUILD 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G Mobile Suit Gundam 00 V Senki Bandai

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Metal Build 00 Gundam Seven Sword and MB 0 Raiser Review

metal build 7 sword

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Order this amazing Gundam today! Please take note before making a purchase.

Bandai Metal Build 7 Seven Sword G 00 Gundam

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Metal Build 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G

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Cleaner building and settlement mechanics? Done. Final Fantasy 7's Midgar, dropped right in the middle of the map? Easy. But for our caps.

Metal Build Gn-0000gnhw/7sg 00 Gundam Seven Sword/g Action Figure Bandai F/s

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Metal Build 00 Raiser 7 Swords Gundam

Metal Build is a line of real robot action figures by Bandai which launched in The line consists of mecha figures with extreme detail and articulation, including a significant amount of diecast metal parts. Metal Build followed the release of a similar line of partly diecast action figures under Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite , which focuses on Universal Century mecha and is based on the designs and artwork of Hajime Katoki. In contrast, Metal Build has focused on other timelines than Universal Century. In similar action figures were also released under the Metal Robot Damashii brand. Comprehensive Episode Listing.

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A low ranking simply reflects that they lack damage, utility, or both compared to other Friends. Lower rated Friends are not irredeemable, they are simply worse than those rated above them. For the purposes of farming, this tier list simply only cares if they can farm Lunatic or not for the purposes of evaluating them. For the purposes of a baseline of comparison, all Friends are considered to be fully upgraded - this means skill level 10, max Rank, max Stats, max Limit Break, Level , with optimal Story Cards with a warning if a Friend suffers dramatically for not having their optimal Story Cards. Fantasy Rebirth and Awakening are no longer considered in a unit's farm rating, for the most part - as such, many of the farm ratings skew a little lower than they would for fully upgraded units, and if you're willing to burn the extra SP, many units will perform better than listed.

Forgot your password? By slaginpit , May 12, in Anime or Science Fiction. Does anyone know if the tampo on the actual unit still says "X Strike Gundam" on the front right skirt? I'll take some close ups once I get off work , just arrived yesterday still at my works mail room.

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