Sasuke tells sakura naruto saved her

At this point, neither one of them is particularly desirable choice for a pairing. Sasuke is cold and arrogant, characteristics which may be fangirl bait in fictional men, but become tiresome very quickly during an actual relationship. As time passes though, we learn more about these initially-unattractive characters. We watch them grow up. Sakura matures from a squealing young girl into a proper kunoichi.

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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: Sakura Feels Worried And Sad After Seeing Naruto Upset

For this list, I selected mostly one-shots or short stories focused on confessions. So, here you go:. A Lot Like Love By: 3shells. Because the greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved. Loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. Characteristic Silences By: Innocent Thief. Everything Changes By: Zephyr Hearts. Four Stages of Love By: 3shells. It started off with an infatuation. Because love happened accidentally, in a heartbeat, even for the stoic Uchiha.

Hot Nights By: LoveYumi. I think By: Lady Starburst. A few years later, Sasuke and Sakura pick up where they left off. Sort of. He asks her out, she turns him down. He apologizes to her, she ignores him. He kisses her, she slaps him. Jealousy is a Terrible Thing to Waste By: pluhsauce. Love Story By: AppleR3. Sakura is reminded every day how fiercely Uchiha Sasuke loves, how fiercely Uchiha Sasuke protects, and how fiercely Uchiha Sasuke gives.

Other Times By: hotoffthefryer. Most times, Sasuke would take her gently. Other times, he would bite her like the treat she was. Ritual By: cszimm. As the ritual progressed, they would lose more clothing, lose more inhibitions, and lose themselves in each other.

Best Behaviour By: letmeannoyyoutoday. As he lay there, helpless and dying, Sasuke figures that Sakura deserves to hear his confession. Inspired by Carrying On By: Kiwako.

As lovers go, Sakura is about as low-maintenance as they come, and since even that seems to be too much for him, she is doing her damnedest to become no-maintenance. In which Sasuke takes his wife out for dinner, and for some unfathomable reason, she enjoys it. Post-canon, Gravitation-verse, and spoiler alert! It dawns on him like someone pulling a string- abruptly.

The realization was almost enough to stop him in his tracks. The facts have always been there, as easy to see as the sun itself. It was an unusual arrangement to be honest. Nothing like she had ever seen before. Four of them and each different from the other. I cannot remember its title. She is not happy in her marriage; her husband is having an affair with a woman named Reika. They divorce as the story goes further. I hope you have a great re-read, and please let me know if I got it wrong.

Have a nice week! Where did the name theredconversegirl came from were you into the red converse shoes???!!! I had black converses during my teens, never a colored one though, and I like red.

By the time I created this blog - tumblr first and then the other accounts followed with the same name - my poor red converse shoes were part of my every day like my signature. I wore jeans or leggings, dark colored t-shirts or graphic t-shirts, and my red converse. I have replaced my red converse a couple times in the past 8 years. I prefer them worn out, kind of dirty and tattered, and I only get a new pair when I really need to.

I also have a dark grey and a white pair. My hubby smiled and agreed that it was suitable, so I went ahead with the name after that final push. Thanks again for asking, I had fun reminiscing and answering your question. Originally posted by ormandangelenislik. The feelings must be return in the form of romantic love only for it to be cured or the victim dies. Tender Loving Care By: Fiercest. Hanahaki Disease is an illness wherein the sufferer is in unrequited love. The flower of that love lives in their lungs and grows by the year.

The flower is a parasite. Eventually, it will take too much, grow too big and kill the host. The only cure is for the object of their love to return their affection. Sasuke is very, very sick. Sickness of love By: GrimmjowKurosaki I hope you enjoy these stories! Oh this is a popular request! Birth is messy, disgusting, and ultimately amazing. Fluffy yet accurate. Silent By: lackingwxt.

While travelling with her husband, Sakura gives birth in the middle of nowhere. Heatwave By: dionysiac elelora. What a strange life. Laying on a floor much too far from home, her body splayed like a starfish while sweating her tits off, watching her former international criminal of a husband feed their infant daughter with a tenderness only she knew he possessed.

Sakura always filled his lonely existence, but lately it feels like something is missing. Early By: vvavavoom. To see that smile once more By: anekimetes.

As he held his new born daughter close to his chest protectively and smiled at his wife, Karin saw her deepest desire being fulfilled. All Shapes and Sizes By: lavendersakurasasuke. The story of how Karin and Sakura met, as well as how they became friends while traveling and looking for Sasuke.

This is SasuSaku all the way. But their little baby has other plans for them. Is there anymore of these you've got to share? Thanks in advance! I just posted a list continuing the recs in Taka! Sasuke and Sakura. I am forever grateful for your enormous recs; those awfully long lists definitely satisfy my sasusaku needs. Thank you so much for that. I'd like to read more of these. Thank you again Belly of the Snake By: MintiNeko.

In Hebi, the dynamics are simple. With the addition of Sakura to the team, however, it gets a little more complicated. He knew she might get sick from the coldness of the night—just like when he knocked her unconscious and left on the bench near the village gates—but he wanted her to rouse from her peaceful slumber.

Ultimately, he wanted her to see him. But he stood hidden, alone in the dark, like a predator waiting for its prey to take the wrong turn. And he watched her. Fate, however, thinks differently. She is good! Chapter 11 of beneath the shade of the sakura trees By: Aurora Ciel. SasuSaku collection. Ratings vary.

Chapter 680 -Sasuke's state of mind

Her character went all over the place, and many fans branded her as selfish and useless. The writer even seemed to be leaning that way at times. What is essential is that Sakura is at least 12 to 13 during part 1 and 15 to 17 during Shippuden. The point being, she's messed up, but she's a child. Kids are supposed to screw up. So, context will be provided for all of these. These are the five times Sakura Haruno was selfish in Naruto and five times she acted selflessly.

It is no secret that Sakura often feels inadequate. But when she decides to make the mature choice of resigning from her team, will the bud ever have the.

Hardcore Michael Jackson fan! (1958~2009) — SasuSaku analysis: Part 1

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. So we know that throughout the whole Naruto series Hinata is in love with Naruto, and Naruto is oblivious to it. We also know that Naruto like Sakura, somehow. Later on two years after the war, Hinata is still in love with him. At one moment they had to go through something to get to this one place sorry I can't recall what it was. When they went through there they fell in a Genjutsu without knowing. In that Genjutsu Naruto is seeing a flashback of Hinata and him, but mostly Hinata. Naruto starts seeing some moments where Hinata as a kid wrote his name on a piece of paper and started to get happy, then after he fought Kiba she gave Naruto that healing cream, when he was on the ground when he was fighting Pain she protected him and confessed her love for him, Hinata talking to Sakura about Naruto, etc. After seeing all that, Sakura is able to break the Genjutsu on him and he is able to wake up.

Sasuke loves Naruto — Heyy, So y'know that scene before Sasuke left the...

sasuke tells sakura naruto saved her

Sign In. Animation Action Adventure. Naruto arrives in the nick of time to save Sakura, but not before Kabuto tells her that Sasuke is dead. Naruto attacks but ends up tangled in a deadly trap of Kabuto's.

So you know that time when Sasuke was telling Sakura that he didn't save her, but Naruto did? This girl really had the nerves to call Sasuke modest because she didn't believe Naruto actually saved her, which makes me hate her even more And he had like a frustrated expression.

The Nature of Sasuke’s feelings for Sakura using manga panels and databooks 1 and 2

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". In the shinobi world, protecting one's nation's borders is especially important. In the Land of Fire, the dedicated shinobi who stand guard are part of an elite squad hand picked out of boredom by the Sixth Hokage himself.

Why do you like NaruSaku?

Since then, fans have been comparing the spin-off series to its original animated series, Naruto. In this article, we will take them on i n a Naruto vs Boruto series battle. Fans around the world have enjoyed Naruto and Naruto shippuden as constant entertainment. This anime, which ran from to , is a favorite among its many fans. According to Crunchyroll reports, Boruto was ranked as the most streamed anime across multiple countries in While Naruto is a classic anime that you must watch, Boruto was voted as one of the top-streamed anime. This includes better story arcs and action sequences.

Still too much flashback, but it at least gets from the point where Sasuke tells Sakura to kill Karin to the point where Naruto saves Sakura from getting.

I know your heart, and you know mine.

Sakura remains one of the most recognizable characters in Naruto thanks to her iconic pink hair, immense physical strength, and proficiency in the healing arts. Nowadays, Sakura focuses on maintaining the Uchiha household as her daughter Sarada became part of the new generation's Team 7. What had transpired prior to Sarada's birth? As it turns out, Sakura's had a few adventures of her own.

5 times Sakura was selfish in 'Naruto' (& 5 times she acted selflessly)

Why do you like NaruSaku? Feb 23, 24 min read. Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. By amandas-sketches. Published: Feb 23,

Jiraiya no Jonan, Naruto no Sainan is episode 83 of the original Naruto anime.

Lidya's Tale — avocadosareevil: I love this!!! ❤️❤️❤️🍥🍥🍥

In addition, I will do both an analysis based on my re reading of the manga, while also interacting with a pro-ship post here and here for the sole purpose of having a shipping glance of their interactions as to understand the appeal of the couple. Not only are we able to understand the future dynamic of the main trio alongside the one-on-one type of relationships that will be expanded later on , but we are also introduced with a notion: Sasuke ignores everyone around him. This is the first time we get an exact confirmation of what was hinted in the previous interaction between them: Sakura likes Sasuke -furthermore, she wants to make Sasuke hers and have her and I believe, his first kiss with him. Team seven is formed, and at no point does Sasuke acknowledges Sakura or Naruto -his expression is basically the same in both panels. Her character also introduces in the manga a very explicit sexual -self-perception. I made a detailed post about Sakura and the concept of female empowerment in the fandom that explores this idea a little bit more. Meaning, the most important aspects of her crush?

The Red Converse Girl — can you recommend any fics where sasuke tells...

Previous Entry Next Entry. After reading SasuSaku fanfics, you read a lot of sexual activity which can sometimes be a little detailed. However even if it is detailed, authors show how much they love each other. And that brings out my inner SasuSaku fangirliness.

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