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Sticks and stones may break his bones, but poor Mitch McConnell thinks words hurt him, too. The Senate majority leader is distressed that people are calling him names. McConnell, who styles himself a champion of free speech, has lately not been such a fan of free speech directed against him. The psychological boo-boos done to his thin skin have stirred him to hypocrisy. McCarthyism, by definition, is a type of defamation using indiscriminate allegations based on unsubstantiated charges.

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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: Mitch McConnell Cartoon Test Run

New animated political ad from Amy McGrath refers to Sen. Mitch McConnell as 'Swamp Turtle'

Samantha Bee discovers that congressional debates over Medicare benefits target only certain forms of sexual health care. The Senate finally gets around to investigating the CIA's use of torture, only to have damnable data disappear from the intelligence committee's computers. Chelsea Handler shares why she believes Piers Morgan's show is coming to an end. Jason Bateman recalls really wanting to be the shank bone at his first Passover dinner and discusses making his directorial debut with "Bad Words.

Senior Intelligence Correspondent Jordan Klepper attempts to cast the CIA in a positive light, though his motives for doing so are dubious. In this extended interview, Professor Anita Hill explains why her landmark sexual harassment testimony should matter to a new generation of men and women in the workplace.

Fox News holds impoverished Americans to higher standards than corporations, and JPMorgan Chase makes a quick buck in the food stamp business. Anita Hill recalls finding the courage to testify against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas regarding workplace sexual harassment. Professor Anita Hill discusses her desire to share the story of her landmark testimony against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas with a younger generation.

With new background music, Mitch McConnell's campaign ad becomes much more interesting. Surgeon General nominee Dr. Vivek Murthy's comments about the NRA draw conservative opposition, and an Ohio school suspends a fifth grader for wielding a finger gun.

As theories about the fate of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight snowball, Fox News suspects terrorism. Huffington Post co-founder and "Thrive" author Arianna Huffington discusses redefining success, unplugging from technology and the importance of pets. A paucity of information surrounding the details of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight leaves CNN searching for creative ways to fill the void.

The sensational game mcconnelling inspires a number of infectious spin-offs, including meconnelling, mitchtake and mcconnellhey. The G8 disinvites Russia from their parties, and President Obama offers a less-than-reassuring take on American security concerns. Moment of Zen - Mitchtake Strikes Back. Mitchtake strikes again, embellishing the classic Star Wars Dagobah swamp scene. You may also like 3 Videos.

Hot Mess Holiday. Every moment, every character and every yada, yada, yada of Seinfeld is now on Comedy Central.

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McConnell is not all that popular back home. To militants on the right, he is the quintessential Washington insider, dealmaker and compromiser. McConnell is in the kind of political pickle that his Democratic counterpart, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, found himself in back in The Nevada senator lucked out by having a crazy-talking tea party goofball as his opponent and he eked out a victory. Judd would have been a more credible foe, but the McConnell team, backed by mountains of PAC money, could have made the election all about her, and thereby deflected the attention from him. Judd was an unknown commodity as a candidate. Being a celebrity won her immediate attention when it was learned she was contemplating a run, but she lacks the star power of outspoken Hollywood liberals like George Clooney or Alec Baldwin.

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Red State Update

A long-shot primary challenger to Texas Sen. Bridge construction contractor Dwayne Stovall opens the ad, which appears to be web-only, with harsh criticism of Cornyn before moving on to the minority leader. Conservative activists have lambasted both Cornyn and McConnell for being insufficiently supportive of an effort led by Sen. Ted Cruz R-Texas to defund the law after its passage, however. The effort failed and led to a two-week government shutdown. Stovall is one of seven challengers to Cornyn in the Republican primary, with Rep. Steve Stockman being another notable entrant. He faces a steep climb in his effort to win, as the only poll conducted thus far has shown Cornyn with a commanding lead on his opponents. The Hill has removed its comment section, as there are many other forums for readers to participate in the conversation.


mitch mcconnell cartoon turtle

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. On the steps on the backside of the Capitol, protesters overcome the police, who run back into the building.

Saul Alinsky wrote the classic on grassroots organizing titled Rules for Radicals.

Mitch McConnell is destroying the Senate – and American government

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Jon Stewart apologizes for election day voting comment

On Saturday, McConnell was filmed walking through a restaurant parking lot in Kentucky, trailed by protesters who yelled "Vote you out! McConnell did not respond to the protesters, but his spokesman David Popp told CNN , " If the Leader comments on being called a fascist and a supporter of ICE by a small handful of extremist protesters then I will let you know. Protesters played recordings of crying children separated from their parents at the border and demanded of McConnell, "How does he sleep at night? McConnell is only the latest in a series of encounters between Republican politicians and public officials who work for the Trump administration, and disgruntled members of the public. Protesters have also camped out by the apartment of Trump advisor Stephen Miller, who was also called a "fascist" while dining. Miller was allegedly afraid that the food may have been tampered with. And former Trump strategist Steve Bannon was called "a piece of trash" by a customer as he visited a bookstore in Richmond, Virginia. Holding her young son in her arms, Mink told Pruitt to resign and castigated him for his harmful environmental policies.

Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell should be sealed in a mostly-full septic in the Kentucky GOP, specifically between Rand Paul and turtle.

‘Our Cartoon President’: Meet the Voices Behind Trump and Co.

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. On Thursday, March 12th, Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, could have insisted that he and his colleagues work through the weekend to hammer out an emergency aid package addressing the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, he recessed the Senate for a long weekend, and returned home to Louisville, Kentucky.

Senator mitch mcconnell as a turtle in a red tie vector image

Jon Stewart apologized for his comments on CNN about voting. He did vote, he said on his show. Comedy Central. Tuesday was election day, of course, and early in the day Stewart appeared on journalist Christiane Amanpour's show on CNN.

This is a list of fictional turtles , tortoises , and terrapins from literature , movies and other elements of popular culture.

Mitch "the turtle" McConnel vs a Bill on Capitol Hill

Call him a Tortoise, a Terrapin or a Sh — but his kin calls him worse! More and more people are reading the Humor Times , but advertising revenues for internet sites everywhere keep falling. And unlike so many other websites, we have not put up a paywall -- we want to keep this much-loved and much-needed! So you can see why we need to ask for your help. The Humor Times' unique content takes a lot of time and effort to produce If everyone who reads and likes our website helps fund it, we can continue to help people laugh at the news, rather than cry about it! Thank you!

This ad was made for his campaign for the United States Senate elections of in Texas. It was uploaded on his official channel on February 13 th The video is about half a minute.

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