Sakura taisen

Sakura Wars is a video game franchise created by Oji Hiroi of Red Entertainment and developed by Sega , which started in The games, now at their sixth release in the series, are a combination of Dating Sim and tactical combat , and have a near-fanatical following. Though most have seen no release outside Japan , the first two games were officially released in Russia in and respectively, and the fifth game was released in North America on March 30, The first four games were also released in Chinese. Set in an alternate world, it is the s.

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Sakura Taisen 1 & 2

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Sakura Taisen Series

Sakura travels to the capital with aspirations of defending the city from the demonic forces of the Black Sanctum Council like her father before her. However, things are not as she imagined as in addition to using her great spiritual energy to pilot a mech called a Kobu, she must also perform on stage as an actor as The Imperial Flower Division's cover is an art theater. Making a fool of herself and ruining a production gets her on everyone's bad side and somehow she must learn to work with them as well as prevent the enemy from destroying several shrines which protect the city. Source: ANN. The anime s Sep 13, AM by Vindstot Discuss 17 comments. Aug 5, PM by Sakana-san Discuss 4 comments. Join MyAnimeList to catalog your anime and manga, compare with your friends, create your own profile, and plenty more. It's free and easy to join.

sakura taisen

The story-driven series has been around for nearly 25 years, with its heyday in the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast era. Sakura Wars is an interesting blend of a visual novel, dating sim, and mech-centric combat. It takes place in Tokyo during a fictionalized version of the Taisho period, and has a bonkers premise that sees players helping to run a theater while also protecting citizens from monstrous threats. You play as Seijuro Kamiyama, a former navy officer hired to lead an all-girls group to success on and off the battlefield. The plot is outlandish, but Sakura Wars makes it work thanks to great character moments, an interesting world, and over-the-top spectacle.

Con l'ausilio di una formula magica contenuta in un libro, il giovane Alto evoca Vermeil, un demone che in passato era stato sigillato. Monkey D.

Sakura Taisen: Ecole de Paris

Updated Dec. Set in an alternate history Taisho-era , Tokyo is defended from demonic threats by a group of theater actresses piloting clunky steam-powered mechas. It combines old Tokyo with retro-futuristic steam punk elements, which is usually more Victorian than s but it fits here. According to series creator Hiroi Ohji they picked the era because to a modern Japanese person it would inspire feelings of nostalgia but from the perspective of the Meiji era it was a glittering future, like science fiction. The real Taisho era was the short year reign of Emperor Taisho that saw Japan becoming a functioning democracy and not only achieving technological parity with the West but to begin making its own marks on the industrial world.

Sakura Taisen Hanagumi Tsuushin

Nuns with giant cross machine guns, women wielding battle axes, a woman with cat like reflexes, and several others with extraordinary abilities. Their powers have been given to them by god and they intend to vanquish all evil that appears in the city of love, the city of Paris. Episode one, Flowers at Daybreak, sets the scene. We meet a few of our main characters: Erica, a nun, Glycine a member of a noble family and protector of the people, and more. An evil creature appears in the city and Erica and Glycine must join forces to defeat it. But is she really as bad as she seems, or is she the perfect addition for fighting evil and for the stage of the Paris Flower Division? We meet the rest of the crew, Coquelicot the youngest member who has a mysterious past, and Kitaohji who is a very reserved quiet woman.

Enjoy Sakura Wars to the fullest with a collection of DLC that includes tribute costumes and BGM, beachy swimsuit costumes, and an array of adorable accessories.

It is focused around a series of cross-genre video games. The first game in the series was released in , with five sequels and numerous spin-off titles being released since then. The original Sakura Wars was an ambitious title for the then-in-production Sega Saturn.

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Lauded for its technological ambition in storytelling, the original Sakura Wars release in on the Sega Saturn was a surprise hit that captured the hearts of Japanese players nationwide. It blossomed into a multimedia phenomenon for many years to come; you name it and Sakura Wars probably had it - game sequels, remasters, remakes, spin-offs, anime, manga, stage plays, a ton of merch, and so on. The Sakura Wars series fulfilled the dream of allowing players to, basically, be the star of an anime show. These games were a beautiful hybrid between an adventure game, a visual novel, and a RPG. They were often more than the sum of their parts and possessed a certain unique charm to them. There were hopes to eventually localize earlier entries officially, but those were crushed as the popularity of the series was already on the decline by the time Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love rolled around in for Japan. Even then, there was a messy situation with its distribution as the PS2 version had a separate second disc serving as a Japanese voice option, while the Wii version only offered English voices; names for a lot of characters were completely changed in the versions with English voices too, while the lone PS2 second disc with the Japanese voices kept the original names intact.

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