Whisper of the heart the cat returns

He is frenemies with the stone statue Toto. Peter Boyle This integrity informs the excellent coaching of the voice-talent for the English-dubbed international release: Anne Hathaway is at her most quietly emphatic as the resourceful young Haru, while veteran Peter Boyle gives drolly funny voice to Fat White Cat Muta, and Cary Elwes superbly epitomises the exquisite manners …. Warning her that the cats will pick her up at night to take her to the kingdom. Muta also returned. The cat she saved turns out to be Lune, Prince of the Cat Kingdom.

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Whisper of the heart the cat returns

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Whisper of the Heart

On the romantic side of it, she falls for a fellow bookworm named Seiji Amasawa, who has read a lot of similar books to her ah, the days of library cards. When the two are separated because Seiji decides he wants to train to see if he has what it takes to become a violin maker, it inspires Shizuku to figure out if she also has what it takes to complete her own passions.

We get scenes of Shizuku researching in the library; we see the long nights spent writing and developing her craft taking a toll on her sleeping, her studies, and even her self confidence. Still, this is her path to see if she has what it takes to be a writer. Watching it, I felt motivated creatively, not just because it was a story about a writer, but because it truly understood the uncertainty of the process.

Shizuku feels anxious about whether she has the talent it takes to actually be a writer and gives herself a deadline of two months to complete her first big idea. Her father sees that this is something she must do and trusts that supporting her, rather than stopping her, is the right chose. Shizuku is inspired that Seiji wants to figure out what his passion is, and rather than ask him to stay, she uses this as an opportunity to challenge herself. Want more stories like this? Become a subscriber and support the site!

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13 Hollywood Stars Who Voiced Favourite Studio Ghibli Characters

Baron Humbert von Gikkingen , also known simply as The Baron , is a character in the film Whisper of the Heart and the title deuteragonist of the film The Cat Returns. He is a living statue of an anthropomorphic cat who is fully dressed including a top hat and shoes. At night, he comes to life. He had a lost female counterpart and Shiro was desperate to find her. Due to his popularity, Baron was given a bigger role in The Cat Returns , where he, along with Muta , aids Haru Yoshioka as she is unwittingly brought into the Cat Kingdom.

In , Studio Ghibli released a film in Japan known as Whisper of the Heart (JP: Mimi o Sumaseba or If You Listen Closely), based on a.

Review for The Cat Returns - Double Play: The Studio Ghibli Collection

Robin Hood and his merry men prepare to steal from the rich cats of the forest. The Cat Returns. The non-Miyazaki flick gets a good treatment. By Sergio Non Updated: 19 May pm. The Cat Returns is a new movie from Studio Ghibli not only in terms of chronology, but also direction. Hayao Miyazaki or Isao Takahata directed every Ghibli theatrical feature but one prior to , and studio officials wanted to broaden the company's talent base. In This Article. A young girl is transported to a magical world of cats.

Finding Acceptance Through Cat Companionship In The Cat Returns

whisper of the heart the cat returns

While the manga has been translated to English and is apparently still available for purchase online, I did not know about or read the manga before watching The Cat Returns , nor have I seen Whisper of the Heart. Haru Yoshioka Anne Hathaway is a very clumsy schoolgirl with little self-esteem. One day, while walking after school with her friend, Haru uses a lacrosse stick to save a seemingly unusual cat from being hit by a bus, barely making it out alive with a broken stick. To her surprise, the cat Andrew Bevis stands upright and thanks Haru for saving him, though leaves before anyone else can see.

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The Cat Returns Review

This is Hiroyuki Morita's first and only film as director for Studio Ghibli. Haru Yoshioka is a shy but noble high school student who has a suppressed ability to talk with cats. One day, she saves a cat from being hit by a truck on a busy road. The cat she saved turns out to be Lune, Prince of the Cat Kingdom. As a thanks, the cats give Haru gifts of catnip and mice, and she is offered the Prince's hand in marriage.

You can watch almost every Studio Ghibli movie on HBO Max. But where to start?

Haru goes on a fantastical adventure after saving a cat on the street. The Cat Returns came out in and is a continuation of sorts of Whisper of the Heart , but only sort of. Is the Baron from the cat returns in Whisper of the Heart? Character information Baron Humbert von Gikkingen , also known simply as "The Baron", is a major character in the film Whisper of the Heart and the title deuteragonist of the film The Cat Returns. Whisper of the Heart introduces a character whose backstory will be elaborated on in The Cat Returns. The Cat Returns began as the "Cat Project" in Responsibility was given to Hiroyuki Morita, who had started as an animator in for the film My Neighbors the Yamadas. Over a nine-month period he translated Hiiragi's Baron story into pages of storyboards for what was to be The Cat Returns.

The Cat Returns is a follow-up of sorts to Whisper of the Heart, as it also prominently features the character of The Baron. Directed by.

Knowing a bit of the movie he is pointing at, Sergie gleefully agrees. The film in question is The Cat Returns. Knowing a few of the characters make their return in this feature, I was looking forward to enjoying a nice, wholesome movie about a girl and a bunch of cats. Things are difficult for Haru: our high school-aged protagonist.

For the first time ever, nearly every single Studio Ghibli title is available to stream through a single subscription service: HBO Max. Until recently, U. This order is not meant to bea ranking. Is it kid-friendly?

Haru is walking home after a dreary day of school when she spies a cat crossing a busy street while carrying a small gift box. She jumps in front of traffic to save the cat from an oncoming truck.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. May is Studio Ghibli Week at Polygon. Follow along via our Ghibli Week page. Junior-high student Shizuku, an aspiring writer, is asked by her choir friends to translate the song because they want to sing it at an upcoming graduation performance. The lyrics are tailored to West Virginia, but the nostalgic longing for home that Denver imbues into the song is universal.

Synopsis: Shy and awkward Haru Yoshioka feels like she never does anything right. She can never wake up in time for school and is always tripping over things. When Haru performs a good deed by saving a cat from getting hit by a truck, the animal responds by thanking her and promising to repay her kindness!

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