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Welcome to Ani-time Ani-where , a regular column dedicated to helping the uninitiated understand and appreciate the world of anime. It's impossible not to think of studio Gainax and Hideaki Anno when considering the most influential or popular mecha anime of the past two decades. But while many anime fans and even non-anime fans have heard of Neon Genesis Evangelion , the same cannot be said about the show that paved the way for Anno's entire career as a director, the phenomenal OVA show Gunbuster. Gunbuster , also known as Aim For the Top! This strange blend of influences is part of the charm of Gunbuster , which begins as a standard high-school coming-of-age story.

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List of mecha anime

Hardcore fan of Mobile Suit Gundam? Love Code Geass? Or adore anime like Macross? You have come to the right place, then! Here, you will find all the best balls to the wall, in your face action, or beautiful transformation Mecha anime, full of adrenaline to the max!

Maximum Overdrive! With Elon Musk wanting to make a mech and with Japan also making a real-life Gundam, we have a feeling that mech is here to stay! So, feel free to check out our edition of our best mech anime. Nine years ago, Date A Live was released and was met with tons of praise.

Not only did it contain funny harem elements but had a plethora of cute waifu an What would it be Mecha anime are mostly very cool. How would you really feel if you were given a giant mech that was the size of buildings and had so m Evangelion has been one of few anime franchises with not one, not two, but three different endings. Neon Genesis Evangelion—the TV series that ended in —end A fast-paced chase, the glint of a hidden gun in the waistband of one of the chasers.

A young girl seems to be running for her life and just as she gets some di Jul 5, 0. May 30, 3. Feb 12, 1. Jan 28, 0. Jan 6, 2. Dec 30, 1. Nov 22, 1. Out November 26! Nov 18, 1. Otaku Power: Max! Nov 12, 1. Christian Markle. Oct 30, 1. Oct 29, 1. Oct 23, 1. Oct 12, 0. Oct 6, 0. Oct 2, 1. Sep 21, 0. Sep 21, 2. Sep 9, 1. Aug 31, 3. Why Evangelion 3. Aug 29, 1. Muv-Luv Alternative. Aug 26, 1. Gundam Breaker: Battlogue. Aug 21, 1. Aug 19, 1. Aug 18, 1.

Aug 3, 1. First Prev.

An isolated human colony ship is on the run from aliens and the only effective defense they have left are giant robots. One of the most interesting points in Knights of Sidonia is the colony ship Sidonia itself and the society inside it. The Sidonia is basically built out of a fragment of the long since destroyed Earth. Thus, most things inside has a cobbled together look—especially the buildings themselves. It is clear the humans who inhabit Sidonia had to adapt to their extreme circumstances as best they could. Of course, this goes far beyond the setting itself. After years of war against the alien forces of the Gauna, the humans had suffered such losses that normal life looked to be impossible.

Some of the first mecha featured in manga and anime were "super robots" (スーパーロボット sūpā robotto). The super robot genre features superhero-like giant.

Mecha/Robot Anime

Despite mecha anime that is, shows involving giant robots being one of the medium's oldest and most established subgenres, many newer fans find it difficult to penetrate the genre. Mecha houses many of anime's greatest classics, but a not-insignificant portion of fans out there view the very concept of giant robots punching each other as somewhat dated, or perhaps silly in nature. It's certainly understandable that not everybody will be as thrilled as mecha fans are by animated robot battles, but luckily there's a wide range of material out there that involves giant robots, but does not feature those robots as the primary appeal of the show. Newcomers to anime shouldn't be turned off by the mere presence of mecha in a show, because there's a diverse range of material out there that subverts, sends up, or twists the typical robot tropes. The all-time classic Neon Genesis Evangelion is often described by fans as a "deconstruction" of the mecha genre, in that instead of telling a heroic robot story wherein the protagonist has to overcome their enemies on the path to self-actualization, Evangelion tells an experimental and introspective one that changes the characters irreversibly in the process. The audience does get a good amount of robots punching monsters , but although that's the setup to the show, not much is quite what it seems. As the episodes go on, the show becomes less and less about the action scenes and more and more about the internal psychological drama of the characters. The mechanically-equipped counterterror organization Mithril has identified Kaname Chidori as a critical strategic asset to future war efforts, the only problem being that she's still in high school and can't exactly ditch class to deal in matters of international terrorism. To account for this issue, Mithril deploys the no-nonsense pilot Sousuke Sagara to act as her undercover bodyguard. Predictably, tasking an experienced robot pilot with posing as a student results in some mishaps that the show mines for comedy.

Mecha Stories

mecha anime no mecha

Caution: this article may contain some spoilers to specific anime in the mecha genre. Mecha has long been considered one of the most famed subgenres of anime. Generally, the subgenre features giant robots that are used for battle. The mechas are categorized into four types sentient, remote-controlled, wearable, and piloted. Sentient mechas are self-aware, capable of thought and emotion, such as in Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Most anime fans overlook Mecha Anime as a less fascinating genre, yet despite its lack of popularity, the genre has created some of the most underappreciated masterpieces in the anime world. She is assigned as the Handler of the Spearhead Squadron of the Eastern Front: an elite unit composed entirely of 86 veterans who have earned names.

10 mecha anime to watch for Neon Genesis Evangelion fans

The next person who says "I can't wait until the Army develops real mecha" gets a boot to the head, because in real life, giant robots are actually really stupid. Here's why. Admit it, you love giant robots. Call them mecha , Gundam , super robots , battlemechs , or whatever—you love them. I love them.

Download Shred & Tear Early Prototype Demo

Sri - Updated May 14, When Anime has every genre that people would love, then why not mechas? Here's a small introduction to mechas and their history: Mecha is one other genre in Japanese comics or manga. It totally involves everything mechanical. The stories revolve around robots, androids, and whatnot? In fact, these anime can go to the extent where they turn living beings into mechas. But still, the main focus is limited to bots.

放送&配信情報▽ #アルスノ #すんすん #ニトロプラス 【ピカトリクス/CV.#幸村恵理】. View image on Twitter.


Mecha anime came back in the late s, one of the oldest anime genres. This genre has been used repeatedly to tell various stories to the kids related to wars and other things. Various mecha anime merchandise has also become popular over time. Many clothes, toys and games have been sold using them.

Super Mecha Champions-Mecha Anime Shooter Mobile Game

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One of the mainstays of Japanese animation, the mecha genre, has remained popular since the late 50s, hitting a comfortable stride in the 70s and 80s. Mecha is a genre perfect for merchandise tie-ins and the scale model obsessed, its popularity is guaranteed to stick with us for the long haul. Things changed, however, in the 90s. While the decade introduced many popular series, it was clear that a shift in substance had taken place: no longer were these series solely focused on war alone, but on the humans behind the robots. We start to see more personal stories, more emotion, and less formulaic construction.

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10 Anime Like Knight’s & Magic

If you're aiming to become the best mecha out there, then you're definitely going to want to get your hands on these Mecha Simulator codes for the Roblox game, as they give you boosts and skins that will really help with your progression. You'll be fighting monsters and other mechas in the Roblox game Mecha Simulator , so why not look cool with some free skins while doing so? Make sure to carry on reading down below though for all of the active and expired Mecha Simulator codes, and get your hands on some exciting free goodies. These Mecha Simulator codes will give you the chance to try out some new mechs and apply some cool skins to look even better. White Dragon Horse, who is the developer, usually adds in new codes to the game every time a like milestone is hit, so you'll definitely want to check back to this page for all of the latest gifts as they are released.

Makoto-chan Sumou Taikai no Mecha T-Shirts SAND KHAK S (Anime Toy) - HobbySearch Anime Goods Store

Always eclipsed by the towering EVA Unit and the granddaddy of mobile suits, RX Gundam, some lesser-known robot shows will be highlighted here by Sabukaru. Most often overshadowed, but never to be forgotten. The robots here come in just about every shape and size, and more importantly, in different characteristics.

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