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There are so many cartoon characters out there it's difficult to know where to start! If you're going to a cartoon themed fancy dress party, Halloween party, or even a child's birthday party, we have a huge range of great cartoon character costumes for you to choose from. No matter whether you're dressing yourself or your child, and no matter the size, age, gender, style, or colour you're after, we have something here to suit your needs and budget. You just never know what you're going to find in our cartoon character costume category here at Costumes. You won't have a problem finding your favourite character among our great collection of costumes. Don't forget you can also get your hands on plenty of fun accessories to match your cartoon character costume.

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9 Fun 70s and 80s Inspired Halloween Costumes ...

According to the calendar, September 22nd is the first day of fall. For me, Halloween and the days leading up to it are peak fall. Gift bags featuring cartoon bats, ghosts, and other various Halloween iconography make me wistful for elementary school, when wearing a costume in public was considered a privilege.

I stand by this. In third grade, our entire class got to go trick-or-treating in a haunted corn maze. Last Halloween, a mime threw up on my shoes. So, the sentimentality for Halloweens past remains fresh. Well, it just so happens that shows from the '90s and early s are a wealth of costume inspiration. So for any of you with a vague recollection of Kids' WB and One Saturday Morning, here are some costumes honoring strong female protagonists with strong style.

Then act out your plan like a woman of thought," via 20th Century Fox Film Corp. Villians' International League of Evil V. For many girls, Carmen Sandiego is the epitome of cool. Her overall look includes:. When she discovers Terry, the second coming of Batman, she becomes his trusted ally. That one needs a rewrite. Pair some sleek black pants with a yellow and black sleeveless turtleneck or your variation of such and a black armband.

A silver belt and matching sneakers are a nice contrast with Max's fuschia pixie cut and rust-colored lipstick. Finish the look with a swipe of black eyeliner and mascara. Fantastically cynical with the same biting wit as her bestie Daria, Jane Lane is a lover of the arts, a painter, a sculptor, and a condemner of the conventional. More bang for your buck.

If you want to live like a cartoon, the brand JumpFromPaper makes amazing bags that appear 2 dimensional at first glance. You will need:. Her dark humor and observations proved too funny for her not to have her own series. An intelligent high school student who hates the politics of high school, she keeps a low profile, which translates to her look. She can usually be found wearing an orange t-shirt with a forest green jacket, a black pleated tennis skirt, and combat boots. Her trademark round glasses, mop of brown hair, and disinterested smirk complete her look.

Backup vocalist, bass guitarist, former drummer and costume designer for her band Jem and the Holograms, the multi-talented Shana favors a purple color palette starting with her fashionably disheveled curls. She performs her many talents in a purple dress, white motorcycle jacket, and white, strappy heels. Orange eyeshadow, two pink streaks on her cheeks, and some heavy, gold statement earrings finish off this glam-rock ensemble.

Is she cool? Is she lame? Much too cool for seventh grade, she parades the halls of Hazelnut Middle School with her best friends Nicky and Milo. Pepper Ann has a vivid animation in which her normal, adolescent challenges are transformed into fantastical feats of triumph.

Pepper Ann favors the colorful, sporty athleisure of the late '90s. She holds her curly red mane back with a blue scrunchie that matches her leggings. Pair an oversize purple t-shirt with a groovy printed skirt.

Complete the look with some Converse and wire frames. A spy from the fictional country of Pottsylvania, Natasha takes glee in her criminal misdeeds. Along with her partner Boris Badenov, they report to Fearless Leader and get into shenanigans with Rocky and Bulwinkle.

A caricature of a "femme fatale," hence her last name, her look is severe. Turn up the volume with your hair and makeup, i. For a '40s-style 'do, sleep with foam rollers in over-night. Then, when you remove them the next day, tease the waves a bit, and then secure them with bobby pins. For clothing, a form-fitting dress and some stilettos are all you need. Decked out in a purple sweater dress with a matching beret atop her red undercut, this girl commits to what she wants and believes.

Oh, it's my shrink's bill She has style, she has flair in a world of vanity fair. Fran Fine, that flashy girl from Flushing, has a wardrobe that has since achieved icon status, thanks to costume designer, stylist, and color expert Brenda Cooper, who set the tone for the Nanny's first four seasons.

Always treading the line between cutting-edge chic and over-the-top, Fran wore some colorful looks by Moschino, Thierry Mugler, and Todd Oldham, eliciting waves of '90s nostalgia. The Instagram account whatfranwore is an incredible source of inspiration.

She wears those clothes, not vice versa. Yet some classic attributes of her overall look include:. Seriously, the bigger, the better. Fran usually styles it half-up, half-down, with an emphasis on height and volume. Bring out the curling irons and any heat protective products and tease away. Bonus points if you have a "bump-it.

The classic cut of her outfits was a chic way of contrasting the outrageous colors and patterns. Bonus points if you can find a matching set. Fran loved matching her blazers to her mini skirts.

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80s Costumes

Cosplay , a portmanteau of "costume play", is an activity and performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. Any entity that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject. Favorite sources include anime , cartoons , comic books , manga , television series , and video games. The term is composed of the two aforementioned counterparts — costume and role play. Cosplay grew out of the practice of fan costuming at science fiction conventions , beginning with Morojo 's "futuristicostumes" created for the 1st World Science Fiction Convention held in New York City in A rapid growth in the number of people cosplaying as a hobby since the s has made the phenomenon a significant aspect of popular culture in Japan, as well as in other parts of East Asia and in the Western world.

Don't sweat This Halloween! You'll have the perfect look with our 7 piece so plastic! Sexy doll character costume. The aerobics-inspired look features a.

Men's Fancy Dress

By Lane. If you're looking for fun and a splash of childhood, try one of the nine fun 70s and 80s inspired Halloween costumes. This collection of costumes offers a brilliant, free-spirited take on these two decades that brought us all some of the most amazing characters imaginable. While I know my childhood ended many, many years ago, these costumes remind me of those days gone, but not forgotten. Now, to allow you to infuse your life with an epic opportunitity, let's review the nine fun 70s and 80s inspired Halloween costumes. To start this collection of 70s and 80s inspired Halloween costumes, let's take a look at this remix of Strawberry Shortcake. While it's not as frumpy as the s version, it's definitely fun.

80s Jem Costume

80 cartoon character costumes

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Cosplay was the word of the day at the Toying Around Block Party in Johnstown on Saturday, July 16, , inviting fans and vendors to dress as their favorite comic or anime character Saturday. Vincent McCallum, owner of Toying Around, first organized the Toying Around Block Party in as a means of celebrating his store having stayed open, operating in the very niche collectible toy, game, comic book and pop culture merchandise space.

How to get new Fischl outfit in Genshin Impact

Ready for the A to E book character costume list? Alice in Wonderland. Cheshire Cat. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The Mad Hatter girl child style 1 or style 2, boy child size.


If you're going to an eighties-themed party then you've come to the right place. Whether you want to look like Teen Wolf , He-Man or Adam Ant , you're sure to find something of interest to stand out from the crowd at any party! In two sizes Choose Life Wham! Slogan T-shirt for Adults - Low Price! Giant Inflatable 80s Brick Phone. Wristbands and headband. In this costume you'll be instantly recognised as the legendary singer.

Characters from the classic, colorful '80s cartoon were the most popular costume choice of Next. 'Where's Waldo?'.

Womens Cheetara Costume ThunderCats Retro 80's Cartoon Halloween Costume

What wasn't totally awesome in the '80s? They were a magical time when being cool just required some teased hair, your favorite Bon Jovi album on cassette tape and your NES with a Super Mario Bros cartridge. It was a time when writing on your friend's wall meant them getting a bucket of paint to repaint their wall as well as having one angry friend! Sure, Madonna's made plenty of music since then and you can still find a Rubik's Cube in a novelty gift shop.

Adult - Cartoon Characters Costumes

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Though The Quarry takes place in the present day, the game is heavily influenced by the horror movies that preceded it. You can toggle the throwback outfits in the settings before starting your game. All of these outfits are fun and unique, but some are better than others. So, here are all the 80s throwback outfits ranked from worst to best. Layered on top is a plaid sleeveless button-down shirt and of course, his signature earbuds. The outfit definitely feels like something Ryan would wear, and the grungy aesthetic easily matches his brooding personality.

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15 easy book character costumes for teachers

According to the calendar, September 22nd is the first day of fall. For me, Halloween and the days leading up to it are peak fall. Gift bags featuring cartoon bats, ghosts, and other various Halloween iconography make me wistful for elementary school, when wearing a costume in public was considered a privilege. I stand by this. In third grade, our entire class got to go trick-or-treating in a haunted corn maze. Last Halloween, a mime threw up on my shoes.

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