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Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. We often tend to focus on the more modern manga. Why go back in time when we have so much new manga to enjoy now? What started as a a temporary promotion manga episode for the new video game turned into a massively epic fantasy adventure story spanning dozens of volumes.

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Fist of the North Star: A Trip Through the Surreal ’80s Anime

A manga is one of the most popular Japanese cultures among people all over the world. More manga has been translated into various languages as it is getting more and more popular recently.

Manga, comic books or graphic novels are something familiar to read in every country for example, Marvel and DC comics in America , however, Japanese manga has developed its unique culture for a long time.

It is said that the first Japanese manga originated in the 12—13th centuries and evolved rapidly around s. Additionally, Japanese manga was more popularized by Weekly Shonen Jump in Weekly Shonen Jump is especially famous worldwide for many of the legendary manga.

These 10 are amazing works that are especially loved by both domestic and international people and the author I have read several hundreds of Japanese manga in my life carefully choose. The comedy superhero-themed manga features the main character Saitama who never looks cool. On the other hand, he is the strongest of all the characters in this manga and has almighty power which enables him to beat any enemies no matter how powerful they are with just a single punch.

The contrast between his appearance and power is much interesting. The symbol of this manga is a Death Note: when a name of a person is written on a Death Note, he or she dies. The main character Light Yagami with the Death Note and the Shinigami Ryuk is opposed to another main character L, however, that is no an ordinary battle but a mind game. You will have sweaty palms and a racing heart.

The eccentric theme of people versus the gigantic creatures Titans has surprised manga fans since it was released in The shadowy story is filled with mystery, and you will be craving to know why on earth the Titans attack people and what they are at all. A high-school guy Hanamichi Sakuragi, who has not experienced any sports, starts playing basketball and rapidly develops his skill having an amazing physical ability.

The basketball story has made basketball much more popular which had been less known sports in Japan. Lots of Japanese manga fans look on Naruto as the best manga in Japan. The Ninja-themed manga with one of the most explosive sales in s popularized the existence of Ninja worldwide. The story of the main character Naruto, who is hopeless as Ninja in the first place but develops his skill repeating setbacks, is impressive. Its story proceeds with alchemists who have the ability to create anything they desire in exchange for something of equal value.

The talented alchemist brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric tries to bring their died mother alive and that ends up in failure. It is prohibited to use alchemy to bring someone dead alive or create a human being. Their story starts at the point where Edward lost his arm and Alphonse sacrificed his entire body in compensation for the taboo. One Piece , the legendary ongoing Shonen Jump manga series, is the best selling and the most famous manga in Japan without doubt.

A pirate Monkey D. One of the points of this manga is a Devil Fruit, and almost main characters get special power by eating a Devil Fruit. In the case of Luffy, the Devil Fruit changed his body into the rubber one. The story of One Piece makes you get excited and moved to tears.

It has been translated into foreign languages in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Akira , written by the renowned author Katsuhiro Otomo, is one of the most famous and praised Japanese manga all round the world. The setting of Akira is the futuristic and catastrophic city Neo-Tokyo in which is this year in the real world when I write this article which is 37 years later before Tokyo is destroyed by an enormous explosion.

Surprisingly, Tokyo Olympic Games are scheduled in this manga though it was written from what a prediction! The two main characters Shotaro Kaneda and Tetsuo Shima are mixed up in the chaotic conspiracy of the government with Akira who looks like a small child and has the devastating psychic power. Akira describes the disaffected young people in the Showa period around —70 who were positioned to anti-establishment.

Akira was also released as an anime film in , which acquired a good reputation worldwide. The manga is famous for evolving the basic idea of Japanese manga and inspiring many authors such as Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball and Masashi Kishimoto of Naruto. It focuses on the main character Gon Freecss who is a young boy.

He starts his journey to find his father Ging Freecss who left him at a young age. While traveling, he meets lots of attractive characters including Killua Zoldyck, Kurapika, Leorio, etc. They develop their skills and fight a heated battle with their opponents using Nen, which is the ability to control their own life energy. In addition to that, well-designed mind games are one of the highlights of Hunter x Hunter.

It is little difficult for children to understand without careful reading. The whole story so far can be divided into several parts, and it is going on now. However, some fans think this story is completed with the battle with Meruem on the Chimera Ant Arc. Dragon Ball, serialized by the world-famous author Akira Toriyama between and , is the pioneer of adventure and martial arts themed manga. Originality of the ideas in this manga surprised many people when it started to be published.

For example, Kamehameha which is an energy attack the characters emit. The main character Son Goku starts his journey to look for Dragon Balls which grant a wish to a person who collects all of the seven Dragon Balls.

There are a large number of cool and exciting battles on the way and Goku grows up through those battles. The two generations of Goku, his sons Gohan and Goten are mainly featured in the whole story. It is also well-known by foreign people since Dragonball Evolution was released as a live-action film in Hollywood. Did you find something you wanted to read? All of those ten manga can be enjoyed in English and other languages.

And, I would be really glad if you could let me know your best manga by leaving a comment. For more info about Japanese culture, you might also like these articles below, too. Yusuke-s Update: Oct 05,

The Big 3 Manga

Discussion in ' Transformers General Discussion ' started by blaster , Apr 13, Log in or Sign up. TFW - The Boards. Any good Japanese TF 80s Manga sites? I was wondering if anyone knew of any good Japanese TF s Manga sites?

Free popular animes are streaming now. Watch Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Attack on Titan Series, JOJO's Bizarre Adventure Series.

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Seinen manga covers a wide variety of genres. But that has nothing to do with quality. And so, irrespective of genre or age, quality is still quality, and the best seinen manga can be found across all genres of manga. What this means, however, is that if you are of a fan of specific manga genre — romance, fantasy, horror, sci-fi , etc — then you may not like everything that this list offers up for you. This is a list of the best seinen manga; genre has nothing to do with it. What this means for seinen manga is that it is a type of manga targeted towards young men. Shounen manga, on the other hand , is suitable for young boys to read although an enormous number of shounen manga readers are teenagers and adults. The difference between seinen manga and shounen manga can be found in their themes and what they depict. Seinen manga may viscerally depict violence and death, or cover heavy themes like suicide and depression.

8 Best 80s Manga That Are Better Than Many Manga’s Of Today

best 80s manga

We all love anime, and there are so many to choose from, but 80s anime and 90s anime were truly a golden generation. Many of us older folk grew up on these 90s anime and many of them paved the way for the newer anime we enjoy today. So we thought we would compile a list of the 10 BEST 80s anime and 90s anime for your enjoyment. This list is in no particular order, but let us know what you think!

This is our list of the 13 Best 80s Anime. The 80s was an inaugural decade for anime.

The 14 Best-Selling Manga of All-Time

A lot of these movies and series would achieve critical acclaim with global audiences. Time to dust off the Day-Glo and take your Trapper Keeper out of the locker, as we journey back to the s. Leave a comment below. Joining the fledgling Nankatsu Elementary School soccer squad, the team learns to harness their group and individual talents to become the U World Champions for Japan. Written by Shigeji Ogino,?

8 Of The Very Best Manga Shops In London

In the 80s, the Japanese economy and export market grew, production methods improved rapidly, VHS tapes became popular, and new animation studios like Studio Ghibli, Gainax, and Kyoto Animation popped up. Looking back on the s anime legacy , we can see that it was a golden era in many ways. So, without further ado, here are some of the best anime from that glorious decade. It was released in by Video Art and Madhouse. Oh, and any hardcore trash enthusiasts here?

A high number of suicides occurred in Japan during the 80s and this sad fact was used as Hideo Yamamoto's cult classic manga is a fever dream of blood.

33 Terrifying Horror Manga That Anyone Should Read

Kay - Updated May 29, The beginning of marked the beginning of a new Era for anime medium. The number of anime released in a year went to definite 3 digits and over 20 for the most part. So today, we will be taking a look at the Top 50 Anime From The '80s out of all the anime that was released during that period.

Dragon Ball Z And 5 Other Classic Anime From The '80s And '90s And How To Watch Them

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The 80s was the time that gave us many amazing mangas that had a huge hand in creating the manga culture in japan and some even pushed that culture on to the whole world. Due to that this list only includes those 80s manga series that had ended their serialization before the 90s and can be considered as an 80s manga as a whole. So these are the 80s manga that had immortalized manga as a medium of storytelling, which now is a worldwide phenomenon. Created by Osamu Tezuka. Astro Boy is set in a future world where robots and humans coexist with each other and follow the story of a powerful android named Astro. Astro was created by the head of the ministry of science, Doctor Tenma , in the memory of his deceased son Tobio , who had died in a traffic accident.

It was also the year when big-name IPs and anime studios rose and made a name for themselves. Captain Tsubasa is a shonen sports anime about an year-old boy with dreams to become the best soccer player and who will do anything he can to make that dream come true.

In the past couple years anime has just been booming, with new hit shows coming in left and right. But what about the shows that came out of a stricter era? Especially the good old s, you know with traditional animation and all those weird dance moves? Prepare yourself for a lot of Ghibli. You get some vampires , you get some modern looking technology, you get some 19th century technology. Who cares?

10 Best Anime Films Of The '80s

The series languished on shared fansubs for nearly 30 years, likely in part to its giant episode count. The series is considered by some to be the crown jewel of 80s anime space operas, but that decade gave us plenty of other forays into the final frontier. The only thing the decade loved more than spaceships and robots was over-the-top violence, and the home video era let creators leap over boundaries that were restricted on television.

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