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Attendees offer flowers for victims of the arson attack on a Kyoto Animation Co. Provided by Kyoto Animation Co. KYOTO--A memorial service was held here on July 18 for bereaved families and others to pay their respects to the 36 victims who perished in the arson attack on a Kyoto Animation Co. Among the approximately people who attended the service were family members of those who died and Hideaki Hatta, president of Kyoto Animation. You were mentally strong and just looking at how you approached your job inspired me to work harder. You were usually quiet.

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Things you buy through our links may earn New York a commission. As the coronavirus pandemic raged on last year, animation proved to be as close to the ideal medium for remote production as the moving-pictures industry is likely to get.

Five of our favorites are from Japan and three others from Europe. Our hope for is that major American entertainment companies come to appreciate animation as an art form of astonishing breadth and depth and not simply a cash cow for lazy sitcoms and the milking of preexisting IPs.

In the meantime, we have these astounding works, as good an argument for the power of animation as any other. This is no surprise. A visually stunning retelling of Beauty and the Beast for a digital age, Belle is gorgeous to look at and packed with things to say about our increasingly digital lives and how we socialize within social media. It manages this through both the artistry of its virtual world — known in the film as U, a shimmering, hypersaturated, brand-sponsored infinite reality where identities are created, consumed, and closely guarded — and its characters.

Despite the homages to the Disney film the camera movements in the dancing scene! And it hits all the harder for it. Elizabeth Ito, the creator of City of Ghosts , seems hyperaware of the power art can hold in a society divided by hate. Heroine Mirabel Stephanie Beatriz has no special powers, and she feels trapped and unworthy in a movie that has no single villain aside from the extreme pressure her family puts on her.

Every minute of Thrice Upon a Time refers backward, by design, to what came before but never feels beholden or shackled to that past. The payoff is worth it. How does one come to terms with a childhood filled with unspeakable suffering and tragedy?

The film masterfully juggles two visual styles — one more realistic and rich with color, the other awash in dark grays and beiges and sketchy as only our most difficult and distant memories are — interspersed with real-life footage of refugees and cable-news stories from the time of the Soviet-Afghan War.

For three decades, legendary visual-effects supervisor and director Phil Tippett Star Wars , Jurassic Park , RoboCop was hard at work on a pet project titled Mad God , and for three decades, no one was sure it would ever be completed.

This is something Tippett worked on in bursts of productivity on evenings, weekends, and days off; on his off time, he chose to make an elaborate, somewhat cryptic infernal fable that raises more questions than it answers. Mad God is a lot, but it was worth the wait. A pitch-perfect noir filled with mystery and intrigue. A sublime skewering of contemporary society in Japan and beyond. A laugh-out-loud drama and a dread-filled comedy. Odd Taxi is all of these things.

As with any good noir, whom you can trust is always in question, and the dialogue is about as on point as banter can get. Better yet, it sticks the landing, wrapping up its swirling set of central mysteries in a finale filled with guts and heart, and with just a touch of the sinister. Sonny Boy , the first show created by veteran anime director Shingo Natsume, is such a series. Over the course of 12 hallucinatory episodes animated by Madhouse, the students of a middle school stuck between a seemingly infinite array of strange new worlds are forced to ask themselves massive existential questions: What is reality?

Do our choices matter? How can we hold on to what is gone from our lives — if it is ever truly gone — and should we? Like the high-climbing feats it gorgeously portrays in muted colors and simple line work, The Summit of the Gods feels inexorably executed — a film striving across its run time to go further and prove its mettle.

We learn more about both of the indefatigable, not always very likable men as they tackle their respective missions, but the film shines on the mountainsides they scale and in the energy that the animators, led by director Patrick Imbert, imbue the climbing sequences with. Imbert gives all of it the space to breathe, ratcheting up the tension on difficult climbs with deadly precision.

Sparse on dialogue but brimming with monologue, nearly the entire series is narrated in voice-over by its anxious, bitter, and struggling cartoonist protagonist, Zero, an epithetic appellation if ever there was one. But the series takes a turn toward the end of its second act, revealing a carefully unspooled central story line that finds Zero and his friends coming to grips with unspeakable loss in a manner sure to leave viewers watching its final moments through tears.

Many of those selections appear in the above top-ten picks; these are the other animated titles that stood out to us this year, presented in alphabetical order. A gorgeous, unsettling film. The world of this series is one in which carnivores have, by and large, given up eating meat to live alongside herbivores, but the urge to slake their thirst for blood is a hard one to overcome. Probably not. All-ages, post-apocalyptic found-family fantasies mixing the earnest with the silly and the surprisingly dark have been all the rage in American animation since Adventure Time burst onto the scene in Centaurworld follows Netflix siblings Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power in that tradition and, at first glance, it threatens to be more of the same.

It is decidedly not. The show employs two very different animation styles — one somewhere halfway between She-Ra and The Legend of Korra , the other around the middle mark between Adventure Time and Cow and Chicken — while taking the musical theater leanings of Steven Universe and galloping off with them. The series somehow both serves as the natural endpoint of the past ten years of American animation trends and deliberately sends them up one by one, and it manages more than two tear-jerking showstoppers over its ten-episode first-season run.

In the first 15 minutes of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train , you will lay eyes on a stunningly beautiful verdant forest and Japanese-style cemetery, charming and colorfully designed lead characters, and a fiery demon carved to pieces by a hyper-detailed magic sword before it explodes in a flash of guts and lava. Yes, you might be best off watching the show before starting the film, but our advice is to approach that as an opportunity rather than as a chore.

Disney has a winner in The Ghost and Molly McGee , a buddy comedy starring the relentlessly optimistic titular tween and a crotchety ghost with a heart of gold who haunts the attic of her new home. Showrunners Bill Motz and Bob Roth have been in the Disney stable for years — their first script for the company, in fact, was for Darkwing Duck , way back in Comparisons aside, the show has yet to feel derivative, bringing a light touch to a unique concept, and the chemistry between voiceover veterans Ashly Burch as Molly and Dana Snyder as the ghost, Scratch, is to die for.

This donghua, about the adventures of a crown prince turned banished god from ancient China and a powerful ghost feared by nearly all other occupants of the heavenly realm, is remarkable for many reasons. The greatest of those is that it is a queer romance from China, a country where LGBTQ rights are consistently under threat and censorship of the arts is fairly common.

It balances action and intrigue with humor effortlessly. It has a robust mythological backstory rooted in Chinese mythology and philosophy that the first season only begins to tease out, which is a rarity in animation that makes it to American audiences. And the animation itself is gorgeous, incorporating the aesthetics of traditional Chinese landscape paintings into an art style that will otherwise be quite familiar to anime viewers Stateside.

With each of its seasons, the animated sci-fi thriller anthology series by Owen Dennis tested the limits of its concept, only to find that the concept was nearly as infinite as its metaphorical engine. And its fourth season — a commentary on co-dependent relationships that saw the fates of its two protagonists tied together inextricably — is, despite the absence of a heel turn leading to a horrifying death scene , just as dark as its third. Is that easy for kids to learn?

Is it a powerful and necessary lesson? And Infinity Train was powerful and necessary television. Special shout-outs in particular go to the voice casting, direction, and especially the acting. Steven Yeun leads the cast with an anchoring, relatable performance as Mark, while J.

Simmons flawlessly juggles a nuanced dual role of father figure and fascist liquidator. Kid Cosmic may return to the child superhero trope, but the show is anything but a Powerpuff -style episodic beat-em-up showcase.

Kinetic and deliriously colorful, Jorge R. Any boxing anime is inevitably going to be compared to the landmark series Ashita No Joe — which boasts one of the most influential sequences in animation history — and Megalobox , itself based on and created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that series , is no exception. Like that film, Hathaway is crisply animated and moves at a brisk, politically motivated pace.

Animation has no shortage of films and sequences of a life passing bittersweetly in the span of minutes: The opening sequence of Up devastated audiences, and The House of Small Cubes is arguably even more powerful. Along the way, she gets roped into the schemes of a materialistic magpie, who loves shiny objects and sings through the pipes of Richard E. Grant, and meets a hungry cat voiced by Gillian Anderson.

The charm of Robin Robin , directed by Dan Ojari and Mikey Please, is in the details — the warmth of how needle felt was used to create the characters — and the demands of stop-motion mean every movement you see onscreen in a half-hour special had to be meticulously positioned.

Like The Animatrix two decades before it, Star Wars: Visions never busies itself with selling you on the idea that an anime anthology is a good fit for its Hollywood intellectual property. It just lets the artists show their work, and their work is dazzling.

As rooted in Filipino folklore as The Witcher is in the folklore of Eastern European, Trese splices the monster-of-the-week adventure DNA it shares with The Witcher with the genetic makeup of police procedurals and adds a flashback element to boot.

The manner in which it blends these elements and the techniques of serial and episodic storytelling is almost reminiscent of the earliest, and best, seasons of Arrow , back when it was still breaking new ground for superhero TV adaptations. The show depicts a folklore and culture rarely depicted in global media , let alone with nuance.

Adult Swim saving this show from cancellation has already paid off in the episodes screened by critics. This slice-of-life series might pack the most laughs per minute of any series available on traditional television or streaming right now. The answer is simple: It would be kinda scary, kinda funny, and ultimately totally adorable.

And the voice acting is pitch perfect. CG characters rendered in a style that mimics stop-motion move haltingly over digitally painted backgrounds in a film that meditates on the particularities of love both modern — ghosting via text, matching on a dating app then never following up — and timeless.

A powerful outing. And yet it does. Oh, and the soundtrack bops. But this makes it one of the most excitingly watchable superhero shows in any format. If you subscribe to a service through our links, Vulture may earn an affiliate commission. This email will be used to sign into all New York sites. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and to receive email correspondence from us. Account Profile.

Sign Out. Available to stream on Netflix. Photo: Disney. Available in theaters. Photo: Amazon Prime Video. Available to stream on Prime Video. Prime Video. Photo: Final Cut for Real. Photo: Tippett Studio. Available for purchase. Photo: PICS. Available to stream on Crunchyroll.

The Best Animation of 2021

Things you buy through our links may earn New York a commission. As the coronavirus pandemic raged on last year, animation proved to be as close to the ideal medium for remote production as the moving-pictures industry is likely to get. Five of our favorites are from Japan and three others from Europe. Our hope for is that major American entertainment companies come to appreciate animation as an art form of astonishing breadth and depth and not simply a cash cow for lazy sitcoms and the milking of preexisting IPs. In the meantime, we have these astounding works, as good an argument for the power of animation as any other. This is no surprise. A visually stunning retelling of Beauty and the Beast for a digital age, Belle is gorgeous to look at and packed with things to say about our increasingly digital lives and how we socialize within social media.

was when we all hoped to smash the 'rona but it kept coming back with strong returns. SEE THE LATEST MARK KNIGHT CARTOONS.

‘New Year’s Resolution?’

Make an impression with our new koala-themed card! Learn more about the Kitchen expansion pack. More details on our Behind the Scenes page. Pride of place on my kitchen bookshelf is reserved for the works of Elizabeth David. She had an extraordinary life: rebelling against the expectations of an upper-class English family, she travelled with her lover by boat from England to Antibes and then Sicily, where she was briefly held as a suspected spy. She then went via Yugoslavia to Greece, but in was forced to flee the invading Germans and escaped to Cairo. Back in London after the war she started to write about cookery — and in the following decades she introduced thousands of English people who had never cooked with such exotic ingredients as aubergines, basil, garlic or olive oil, to the delights of Mediterranean cuisine. By clicking "Subscribe," you agree to receive emails from Jacquie Lawson and accept our terms of use and privacy and cookie policy. Log on Join us My reminders Reminders. Billboard Banner Carousel Make an impression with our new koala-themed card!

Happy New Year: Google welcomes 2022 with animated doodle

cartoon new year 2021

In January Trump won the US election despite those commie Democrats who tried to rig it by getting more votes! A fine portrait of high-chair hysterics by Jonathan Cusick. In June GB News launched, riddled with missus takes and on-air coke ups. A Nay cartoon broadcast by Private Eye.

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The Chinese New Year is the longest lasting of all major festivals celebrated in Chinese communities worldwide. The Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar. In this festival, Chinese people wear new clothes, in which wearing red color is considered very auspicious. But apart from this celebration, people also wishes their loved ones a Happy New Year. Si, without any delay, please scroll down the page and have a look at these amazing collections of animated gif images of CNY Chinese New Year.

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Outside of the beloved work by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, anime can get a bad rap among the hardcore cinema crowd. But with a few incredible films in —ranging from blissful mountaineering to a box office juggernaut to an oddball passion project to the end of an Evangelion era—the year of animation was also, when looked at for quality, a year of anime. While the fantastical idea of cryptids sharing the Earth with existing fauna tantalizes the imagination, the crux of Cryptozoo is bringing this charming premise into our existing hyper-capitalist society—showing just how easily our bloodthirsty system will snuff out the markedly different and extraordinary. Raya Kelly Marie Tran , after a youthful tragedy leaves her father Daniel Dae Kim turned to stone and her land fractured, must hop from community to community—gathering up the pieces of a magical gem and new quirky team members—so that Sisu Awkwafina , the last dragon, can depetrify everyone and put the world right. There are many reasons why SpongeBob SquarePants has endured more than two decades of steadfast love and pop culture relevance. Part of it is the enduring positivity and ridiculousness of SpongeBob Tom Kenny , Patrick Bill Fagerbakke and the entire populace of their world. The characters are self-referential, consistent to their defining traits and the writers have always created a duality of experience: Silliness for kids and a sly ascendance of wit that appeals directly to the older viewers. The mode in which the funny is served needs to have all of that present to work.

Download this Cute Ox Happy Chinese New Year Cartoon Style, Concepts, Chinese New Year, Happiness PNG transparent background or vector file for free.

Latest Cartoons

Photo courtesy of Jenn Lee. In her second year of the Master of Science in Biomedical Communications program, Jenn Lee sat in a coffee shop where she sketched ideas for her master's research project. She needed to create a visual representation for stigma.

StarBeam: Beaming in the New Year

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As people around the world welcome the new year, Google , too, joined in on the celebration with its latest doodle — a giant candy that pops to greet And as soon as one clicks on it, festivity begins, as it redirects user to a different page, where they are greeted celebratory confetti across the search page. From history to significance , the page has tons of information, provided the user wants to scroll through and explore more to gain knowledge why January 1 is celebrated as New Year. Home Trending Trending Globally Happy New Year: Google welcomes with animated doodle Happy New Year: Google welcomes with animated doodle In an extension of their New Year's Eve doodle, the giant purple party popper with inscribed on it, finally burst at the stroke of midnight, marking a new beginning.

Donald Trump eyes early launch to White House run, casting shadow over midterms.

Happy New Year 2023 GIF Images - Free Download

Cute cartoon little baby cow. Symbol of New Year Watercolor hand drawn art. You can use this royalty-free photo "Cute cartoon little baby cow. The Standard License covers most use cases, including advertising, UI designs, and product packaging, and allows up to , print copies. The Extended License permits all use cases under the Standard License with unlimited print rights and allows you to use the downloaded stock images for merchandise, product resale, or free distribution.


For the first time, Unity Insider and game dev tutorial creator Blackthornprod has made their character art available on the Asset Store, to help inspire your next build. Build high-quality applications and immersive experiences with a powerful, fast, and flexible platform. Staff picks. Find the latest and greatest releases and see what all the buzz is about.

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