Ikebukuro west gate park inn

We all get mixed up here. Outside as the sun rises or as it sets I can watch everyone going around and doing what they do and making their paper. All the big trees on the main street outside my place here across from the elementary school on the 4th block of Ikebukuro are green and full. The fat, platinum blond, former sumo wrestler that runs the Ramen shop a block away, next to the florist, opens his store, sits in front of it all day shirtless, covered in sweat, and then gets hammered on beers and shochu in the evenings with his friends. More young women that look used but want more money and more tanned, thin, slick 20 something year old guys with cold stares in their eyes go from this place to that; Diamond studs in their ears and matching watches that the street lights glint off of as they wander alleys and corners getting people what they want.

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Ikebukuro West Entrance Park

Dear visitor, if you know the answer to this question, please post it. Thank you! Note that this thread has not been updated in a long time, and its content might not be up-to-date anymore. Is Ikebukuro safe for gaijin? I'm wondering if the Ikebukuro area is safe for stranger. Even at night time? Is it safe to walk around to drink a beer in the area surrounding the hotel?

Please tell me what you think. I've read plenty of different things over the Internet about Ikebukuro : "Living in an area known for its juvenile crime, 21 year-old Makoto has become a member of a youth gang called the G-Boys. Thanks in advance, etudiantul hotmail. My parents have stayed at that hotel a number of times and had no problems at all roaming around on their own until late in the evening with minimal Japanese ability.

It's a nice hotel, close to the station, and I would recommend it. I never felt endangered in any way, its probably as safe as any other place in Tokyo. I did notice some "seedy" establishments, but it was not dangerous for one to walk around. I had two female friends recently stay at the crowne plaza as well and they never had a problem.

Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world, but still everyone needs to use their common sense. Ikebukuro is fine, especially if you have ever been or live in any major Western city. I thought it was nice. There's plenty to do there, too. There's a nice movie theater close to it, if you wanted to check out a Japanese movie and a Mos Burger not like they are in short supply in Tokyo.

I didn't notice anything shady. It's in a residential area and very quiet at night but I felt safe walking with my friend another gal at night. We passed by some night clubs and there were some guys standing outside asking if we wanted to sing Karaoke. We simply walked away quickly and they left us alone. So don't worry, Ikebukuro is safe.. I have also taken both my daughters there and they too felt good. Just take the usual amount of caution and you'll be fine.

It's a fun place to stay. This is our 1st trip to Japan. I would like to know if there are anything good bars or clubs or other hangouts around that area becase Sometimes we may feel restless and would like to stroll around the surrounding area at night or in the daytime.

We are both 20 years old Canadians. Also, I know that most of the nightlife in the tokyo are at the Roppongi and Shibuya area, any good recommendations? Thanks for your help by sandie rate this post as useful. The guys trying to get women into host bars, and the women trying to get men into hostess bars completely ignore gaijin.

The only people we were accosted by were friendly spruikers for some restaurants one of which was incredibly good. We were based fairly close to a massive pachinko parlour and walking by it very late at night posed no danger. We even walked around the tiny residential areas further out that were poorly lit and still felt safe. The media newspapers, tv tend to beat up crime and make it to be more prevalent than it really is. We stayed in the area because friends stayed there some months before us, with their two small children and said it was safe, cheap and clean.

I think you will have no problems. I don't know, maybe the exact translation of Ikebukuro, pond bag, in english sounds a little intimidating? As far as night life goes, though, Ikebukuro is somewhat lacking. You'll have a better time in Shibuya or Roppongi by Gaijinjland rate this post as useful.

I occasionally stroll around the are with a friend, nothing ever happened. Once I went alone and accidentally walked into the more sleazy area in the northwest, some girls were asking me if I wanted a massage or more , but still there was no sign of danger anywhere.

I never felt anywhere as safe as in Japan. Of course, women still have to be on alert in Japan in general, as sexual assaults do happen. A friend of mine has been groped by some guy, since then she carries pepper spray with her. I'm a 19 year old male and I was alone. I never once felt unsafe, I wandered around the whole area, many times, at night too since my hotel is in the area. My hotel was along the same street as Sunshine City.

Right across from HMV. I feel more unsafe at home in Canada. As a young woman, I felt completely at ease even late at night. Common sense always applies Night life I agree with another message posted: Rippongi or Shibuya. No matter what your budget is, I would recommend staying at the Kimi for at least one night. Home Back. Question Forum. I am an American and while I am accustomed to more dangerous cities, my wife and felt totally safe at all hours in Ikebukro, we stayed in Sunshine City.

Hi, I agree, I've stayed at that exact hotel in Ikebukuro. I often stay in Ikebukuro sunshine city prince when i'm in Tokyo and have found the only problem is overcrowded streets, i feel just as safe their as i do anywhere else in Japan. Thanks for your help. I stayed in Ikebukuro last year and felt totally safe. I live in Ikebukuro, its perfectly safe! You'll have a better time in Shibuya or Roppongi. To my knowledge, he translation would be 'a bag of ponds' as in "a lot of ponds'. I was just there in April.

I stayed at the Kimi Ryokan several times in my early twenties. I'm planning in staying at the Crown Plaza Metropolitan Tokyo with my family next year. Completely Safe. Ikebukuro West Gate Park. Seth is correct, the quote you posted is from a television drama show.

Nightlife Ikebukuro-Sunshine City Prince. Safe as anywhere. Safest place in the world.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park – 11 – Nightmare on Sunshine Street

Based on this policy, we will do everything in our power and implement strict measures to prevent the spread of infections in order to reassure our guests of their safety when staying at our Hotel. This super high-rise hotel is directly connected to Sunshine City and its host of shopping, dining, and entertainment offerings, and being located in the Ikebukuro area, it has good access to Haneda Airport and Narita Airport. In April , we completed a major renovation of the hotel that focused on our 1, guest rooms. Included in the renovations was a floor unique to the hotel: Concept Floor IKEPRI 25, where guests interested in anime, manga and other forms of Japanese pop culture can immerse themselves in this unique subculture. This hotel is a place where guests visiting Japan for a wide range of purposes can create memories and enjoy a pleasant hotel stay. With 1, guest rooms, we cater to the needs of our guests and help them to enjoy a stay in Japan to remember.

Featuring an outdoor pool in summer, a café-restaurant and a round-the-clock concierge, Hotel Kitano Arms is just steps from Nagatacho Subway Station's exit.

Festival/Tokyo 2016

Get the advice you need. Learn more. See the latest prices and deals by choosing your dates. Choose dates. Awesome for subway and JR Station. The "New South Exit" is very close to the hotel. And there are escalators that get you down the 2 levels to the road where the hotel is.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park (TV series)

ikebukuro west gate park inn

The kid gangs will soften each other out, and Kyougokukai, will stomp them all out and take over. Makoto still has allies in the G-Boys, including Masaru, who owes him a debt for helping him save Mizuki, only for Mizuki to end up in trouble and missing now. We later learn he and his men, like the little girl, have a crucial role to play in the endgame. Isogai gives him a new phone, which Makoto quickly checks for the spying app that confirms Isogai is indeed the mastermind. Isogai goes on to explain his motivations.

Sakaido is a genius detective who can track down any criminal.


Pop local government area : Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? The police on Thursday arraigned a housewife, Cecilia and her daughter, Vivian, in an Ikeja Magistrates' Court for allegedly beating up electricity officials and damaging their ladder. Mother, daughter in court for allegedly beating up Electricity officials and damaging their ladder. The actress revealed her first job was at a pharmacy in Ikeja Lagos.

Tokyo hotel directory

Ikebukuro is the general location setting of Durarara!! It is also home to many myths, including the headless Black Rider who rides a noiseless pitch-black motorcycle; strange characters, including an underground doctor in love with a supernatural being, a sushi-selling Afro-Russian , an emotionally detached serial slasher and movie star , and a serial killer who wears bizarre movie costumes; and the infamous "color gangs" that fight for territory in the city. A new gang has appeared recently: a colorless gang called the Dollars growing in size and influence whose leader is a mystery. Motorcycle gangs, yakuza, and the Russian mob all play a role in the city where the police are just as threatening as the criminals. The kidnapping of teens and undocumented immigrants for human experimentation occurs regularly, and street fights often break out between gangs or an information broker and an insanely strong debt collector in a bartender's uniform. High school students make friends and fall in love. Violence erupts and escalates in the city as the various sides pursue their ambitions, unaware of being pieces on a chessboard being moved toward a larger goal. Appearing in the first episode of the anime as well as the Durarara!!

Find Hotels Near Toyoko Inn Tokyo Ikebukuro Kita-guchi 2- Tokyo, Japan Hotels- Downtown Hotels in Tokyo- Hotel Search by Hotel & Travel.

Ikebukuro West Side

Removed from saved list. Location rating score. Get your trip off to a great start with a stay at this property, which offers free Wi-Fi in all rooms.

Is Ikebukuro safe for gaijin ?

If you thought kids in kimonos were already pretty cute, one Japanese photo studio is taking the cuteness level up a notch by adding rentable…. Ocean Tea Bag has quite the reputation for high-quality blends of both herbal and non-herbal teas with elaborately detailed tea bags shaped like unusual deep…. The image is…. Tetris is probably one of the most universally recognised video games ever, and as simple as the graphics are, these colourful block shapes can instantly…. Donguri Kyowakoku is the place to be when it comes to original and charming goods inspired by the beloved animations of Studio Ghibli.

That said, if the show wishes to close things out by refocusing on the Red-vs.

Sunshine City Prince Hotel

Make the most of your stay in Ikebukuro, which is jam-packed with attractions, including experiences, food, shopping, and performing arts, as well as sightseeing. These cute, bright red buses, are recognizable for the owl sitting on the roof. They look very cute and are popular with children. They were designed by multi award-winning industrial designer, Eiji Mitooka. The buses run at minute intervals along two routes, A Route and B Route, stopping at major locations in both East and West Ikebukuro. Value-for-money one-day passes are available, making it a convenient option for moving around Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro has the most hotly contested ramen marketplace in Tokyo, to the extent that the district is almost synonymous with this famous noodle dish.

Ikebukuro is home to many different businesses and gangs. This includes Makoto Majima: the infamous "troubleshooter" who mediates between warring factions. Makoto knows all of the

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