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Sign In. Joe — Hide Spoilers. DarthBill 11 April The brother series to "Transformers", two of many fondly remembered 80s cartoons that were based on popular toy lines.

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Reflecting on G.I. Joe: The Movie 35 Years Later – The Hampered Hero

Fans of 80s cartoons looking for something to watch have reason to celebrate. Hasbro has released a selection of episodes from G. Joe on YouTube to stream for free.

This was the original animated series based on the iconic line of action figures and, likely for many people of a certain age, it was their first exposure to the pop culture icons. Now, some of those nostalgic memories can be revisited rather conveniently.

Many of us are currently cooped up at home, which means streaming services are getting a lot of extra traffic, since people don't have much better to do for the time being. Hasbro decided to come to the rescue and put 15 classic episodes of G. While 15 episodes is but a relatively small smattering of the show's run, it is more than enough to make for a trip down memory lane.

This was seemingly done in honor of National Joe Day, which takes place on March 27 and celebrates all things named Joe. Joe fits the bill quite perfectly. Joe as a toy line , dates back to the s, but it was when Hasbro re-launched the brand in as 3. The creation of G. Joe: A Real American Hero , which hit the airwaves in , truly helped cement the brand as a massive hit. The show ran for just two seasons, but aired 95 episodes through In the years since, there have been several other animated projects based on the toys.

Marvel Comics also produced a line of books based on the toys in the s that went on to be quite popular and ran for issues. Joe: A Real American Hero centers on an elite team of soldiers who are locked in an epic battle with the evil Cobra organization. These heroes are tasked with halting Cobra's plans for world domination. The animated series helped cement the brand as part of the public consciousness, ultimately making G.

Joe one of the most successful toys of all time. Hundreds of millions of figures have been sold over the years with the characters appearing in virtually every medium. Two live-action movies have been produced, including 's G.

Joe: Retaliation. Joe spin-off with Henry Golding playing the classic characters. The studio also has plans for further movies based on the toys as well. In the meantime, those who wish to check out some classic 80s animated action can stream G.

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Knowing full well that this is the time to catch up on many hours of quality television, Hasbro 's YouTube channel just dropped a treasure trove of classic episodes of G. Joe: A Real American Hero , the cartoon that every pre-adolescent boy in America set their afternoon snack by. Or at least every kid in my Cold War-era elementary school. And then after the show and the one after it, Transformers , we'd all go play with our G. Joe action figures you know, the ones with the Kung Fu Grip and their increasingly sophisticated weapons of war until dinner, and then read the G. Joe comic books 'til we fell asleep. If you're similarly lured to the glowing nostalgia of such simpler, jingoistic times — when right and wrong were as obvious as Joe vs.

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Joe: A Real American Hero. Until those shows came long, the idea of creating the perfect loop of a TV show that promotes toys that promote the TV show was simply unheard of—or at least avoided on moral and legal grounds. Whether you see that as a good thing or a bad thing probably depends on how much you liked The Transformers and G. Joe as a kid, but either way, Hasbro changed a very small corner of the world with those cartoons. To explore how exactly that happened, The Hollywood Reporter put together an oral history of G. Joe that features interviews with the creator of the show, a current Hasbro exec, and a whole bunch of the original voice actors. That also ties into one of the more surprising parts of the oral history, which is where the cast and crew touch on the politics of the G. Joe cartoon.

GI Joe: A Real American Hero

joe cartoon watch

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It's not only the movie theater that terrorist organization Cobra will be invading next year - It's your television, as well. And if you're thinking that the new cartoon will be a repeat of the old '80s show, think again - This time, they're aiming it at the adults that grew up watching that show.

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Since the first-ever G. Joe TV series debuted in based off the Hasbro action figure that made its way into kids' hands three years earlier, audiences have tuned in to every new action-packed episode of every new drama filled iteration that comes along. While the number of G. Joe TV shows and films may seem overwhelming and endless, the fact is that each new entry in the series is unique and has its share of hardcore fans that watch for all the twists and turns that make the G. Joe universe so compelling. Some may argue that there's nothing quite like the original G.

Retroist GI Joe Animated Series Podcast

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To many who were not kids during the era and for some who were , the s cartoon landscape is looked at as an era of cheap, action-driven drivel. People say that each episode was a half hour commercial for the toys. They say that the show was reflective of Reagan-era patriotic exceptionalism and military bloat.

Welcome to Episode 3 of the 14th season of the Retroist Podcast. In this episode, I discuss the well-remembered cartoon, G. Joe: A Real American Hero. This is part three of a four-part series on the early-eighties incarnation of the GI Joe franchise.

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If a kid these days were to see a cartoon from way back when, they might become supremely confused. What counted for children's entertainment then was wildly different from what counts for children's entertainment now. That does not mean that old TV shows were better than what we currently have; it simply means that what was old and what is new are not exactly the same. For me, a cartoon was a cartoon, and I watch cartoons avidly. Sometimes, I watch cartoons just to see how ridiculous they are and wonder how in the world I could have enjoyed them when I was a child. Joe: A Real American Hero takes the cake when it comes to ridiculous shows. That's not to say that its episodes weren't fun to watch.

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