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The 29th Disney animated feature film , it is the sequel to the film The Rescuers , which was based on the novels by Margery Sharp.

In The Rescuers Down Under , Bernard and Bianca travel to the Australian Outback to save a boy named Cody from a villainous poacher in pursuit of an endangered bird of prey. By the mids, The Rescuers had become one of Disney's most successful animated releases. Under the new management of Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg , a feature-length sequel was approved, making it the first animated film sequel theatrically released by the studio. The film would also mark the full use of the Computer Animation Production System CAPS , becoming the first feature film to be completely created digitally.

The Rescuers Down Under was released to theaters on November 16, , to positive reviews from film critics. However, it struggled at the box office, as it opened on the same day as Home Alone which also features John Candy. In the Australian Outback , a young boy named Cody rescues and befriends a rare golden eagle called Marahute, who shows him her nest and eggs and gives him one of her feathers.

Later on, he falls into an animal trap set by Percival C. McLeach, a local poacher wanted by the Australian Rangers. Seeing that Cody knows Marahute's whereabouts since the boy has the feather, McLeach, who earlier killed Marahute's mate, kidnaps Cody, throwing the boy's backpack to a float of crocodiles to convince the Rangers that Cody has been eaten. The mouse who was the bait in the trap hurries to an outpost, from which a telegram is sent to the Rescue Aid Society headquarters in the United Nations , New York City.

Bernard and Miss Bianca, the RAS' elite field agents, are assigned to the mission, interrupting Bernard's attempts to propose marriage to Bianca. They go to find Orville the albatross , who aided them before, and meet his brother Wilbur, who flies them to Australia.

There, they meet Jake, a hopping mouse who is the RAS' local regional operative. Jake becomes infatuated with Bianca and flirts with her, much to Bernard's dismay. He serves as their "tour guide" and protector in search of the boy. Wilbur accidentally bends his spinal column out of shape trying to help them, so Jake sends him to the hospital an old ambulance. Wilbur refuses to undergo surgery, but his back is straightened as he fights to escape the medical mice. He flies off in search of his friends.

At McLeach's hideout, Cody is imprisoned with a number of captured animals after refusing to divulge Marahute's whereabouts. Cody attempts to free himself and the animals, but is thwarted by Joanna, McLeach's pet goanna. Realizing that protecting Marahute's eggs is Cody's weak spot, McLeach tricks Cody into thinking someone else killed Marahute and releases him, knowing that Cody will go to her nest.

The three hitch a ride on the vehicle and attempt to warn Cody upon arriving at the nest, but Mcleach captures Cody, Marahute, Jake and Bianca. McLeach then sends Joanna to eat Marahute's eggs, but Bernard manages to trick her using egg-shaped stones.

Wilbur arrives at the nest, and Bernard leaves Wilbur to sit on the real eggs while he Bernard goes after McLeach. McLeach takes his captives to Crocodile Falls, a huge waterfall at the end of the river he threw Cody's backpack into. He ties Cody up and hangs him over the float of crocodiles, intent on feeding Cody to them to prevent him from warning the Rangers.

Bernard, riding a wild razorback pig he tamed using a horse whispering technique he learned from Jake, arrives and disables McLeach's vehicle before he can succeed. McLeach then attempts to shoot the rope holding Cody above the water, but Bernard tricks Joanna into crashing into McLeach, sending both of them into the water. The crocodiles turn their attention from Cody to McLeach and Joanna, while behind them, Cody falls into the water as the damaged rope breaks.

As Joanna flees to the bank, McLeach fends off and taunts the crocodiles, forgetting about the waterfall until it is too late. He tries to swim to shore, but the current is too strong, and he is washed over the edge to his death. Bernard dives into the water and holds Cody long enough for Jake and Bianca to free Marahute, allowing the eagle to save Cody and Bernard just as they go over the waterfall.

Bernard, desperate to prevent any further incidents, proposes to Bianca, who immediately accepts, while Jake salutes him with new-found respect. Safe at last, the group departs for Cody's home. Meanwhile, Wilbur is still sitting on Marahute's eggs; they hatch, and one of the eaglets bites him, to his dismay. The Rescuers Down Under features three characters from the first film; Bernard, Bianca and the Chairmouse, all of whom feature the same actors reprising their roles from the original film.

At the time, Gabriel declined the offer, stating, "Well, after watching George [Scribner] , it doesn't look like it would be much fun. As the film's producer, Schumacher selected storyboard artist Joe Ranft to serve as story supervisor, believing he had the "ability to change and transform through excellence of idea". Ranft also had creative disagreements with the studio's management and marketing executives, including one where he and the story team advocated for an Aboriginal Australian child actor to voice Cody.

According to storyboard artist Brenda Chapman , Katzenberg overrode this idea, casting "a little white blonde kid" and giving Cody a matching design. Because of the rising popularity of Australian-themed action films , and with Americans becoming more environmentally conscious, the filmmakers decided to abandon the musical format from the original film. They had decided that the placement of songs would slow down the pacing for the new film. Instead, they decided to market it as the studio's first action-adventure film, with Butoy and Gabriel taking inspiration from live-action films by Orson Welles , Alfred Hitchcock , and David Lean.

Disney suggested that the character of Wilbur be written as Orville's brother, to serve as his replacement. Intentionally, the names were in reference to the Wright brothers. Members of the production team, including art director Maurice Hunt and six of his animators, spent several days in Australia to study settings and animals found in the Australian Outback to observe, take photographs, and draw sketches to properly illustrate the Outback on film. They ventured through the Uluru , Katherine Gorge , and the Kakadu national parks , the inspiration for Hunt's initial designs emphasizing the spectrum of scale between the sweeping vistas and the film's protagonists.

Serving as the supervising animator on the eagle character Marahute, Glen Keane studied six eagles residing at the Peregrine Fund in Boise, Idaho , as well as a stuffed American eagle loaned from the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History and an eagle skeleton. To animate the eagle, Keane and his animation crew enlarged the bird, shrank its head, elongated its neck and wings, and puffed out its chest. Additionally, Keane had to slow the bird's wing movements to about 25—30 percent of an eagle's flight speed.

Because of the excessive details on Marahute, who carried feathers, the character appeared for only seven minutes altogether, during the opening and ending sequences.

Furthermore, in order to have the film finished on time, Schumacher enlisted the support of Disney-MGM Studios , which was originally envisioned to produce independent cartoon shorts and featurettes. On their first assignment on a Disney animated feature film, 70 artists contributed ten minutes of screen time, including supervising animator Mark Henn. For the mice characters, Henn studied the mannerisms of Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor during voice recording sessions, and looked to George C.

Scott 's performance in Dr. Strangelove for inspiration while animating McLeach. CAPS Computer Animation Production System was a computer-based production system used for digital ink and paint and compositing , allowing for more efficient and sophisticated post-production of the Disney animated films and making the traditional practice of hand-painting cels obsolete.

The animators' drawings and the background paintings were scanned into computer systems instead, where the animation drawings were inked and painted by digital artists. Those digital files would then be recorded onto film stock. The CAPS project was the first of Disney's collaborations with computer graphics company Pixar , [19] which would eventually become a feature animation production studio making computer-generated animated films for Disney before being acquired in As a result, The Rescuers Down Under was the first animated film for which the entire final film elements were assembled and completed within a digital environment, as well as the first fully digital feature film.

The score for the film was composed and conducted by Bruce Broughton. Unlike the vast majority of Disney animated features, the film had no songs written for it although "Message Montage" includes a quotation from "Rescue Aid Society" by Sammy Fain , Carol Connors , and Ayn Robbins , the only musical reference to the first film. This was the second Disney film not to include any songs, the first one being The Black Cauldron.

The score received positive critical reception, with critics singling out "Cody's Flight" for its sense of majesty, excitement, and freedom. In Intrada Records released the complete Broughton score, including material in italics not used in the movie. During the film's theatrical release, the film was released as a double feature with the new Mickey Mouse featurette The Prince and the Pauper.

Both home video releases went into moratorium on April 30, The website's critical consensus reads: "Though its story is second-rate, The Rescuers Down Under redeems itself with some remarkable production values — particularly its flight scenes. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times awarded the film 3 out of 4 stars and wrote, "Animation can give us the glory of sights and experiences that are impossible in the real world, and one of those sights, in 'The Rescuers Down Under,' is of a little boy clinging to the back of a soaring eagle.

The flight sequence and many of the other action scenes in this new Disney animated feature create an exhilaration and freedom that are liberating. And the rest of the story is fun, too. Halliwell's Film Guide gave it two stars out of four, saying, "[This] slick, lively and enjoyable animated feature [is] an improvement on the original.

By , the mania had long since subsided, and this film's Australian setting did nothing to enhance its box office appeal. Further, the film doesn't make particularly imaginative use of the location. Take away the accents and the obligatory kangaroos and koalas, and the story could have taken place anywhere. Another problem is that 'the rescuers' themselves don't even enter the action until a third of the film has passed. And when they do appear, they don't have much to do with the main plot until near the film's end.

The characters seem grafted on to a story that probably would have been more successful without them. Finally, the film suffers from some action and plotting that is questionable in a children's film.

The villain is far too malignant, the young vigilante hero seems to be a kiddie ' Rambo ,' and some of the action is quite violent, if not tasteless.

By itself, that's not the worst possible fate, but it proves that he had zero confidence in its ability to perform at a seemingly ideal time of year. Here's the thing: the more demoralizing fact isn't that Katzenberg yanked the marketing. It's that Disney set The Rescuers Down Under up to fail, opening it on the same weekend as a little film called Home Alone , otherwise known as the highest-grossing film of He may not have been able to predict its long-lasting impact on popular culture, but Katzenberg likely had enough tracking information to tip him off that Home Alone would be a monster laying waste to everything in its path.

The Rescuers Down Under was forced to take the hit, then and afterwards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hendel Butoy Mike Gabriel. Scott Tristan Rogers.

Release date. November 16, Running time. Bruce Broughton. The Numbers. Retrieved March 28, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved December 28,

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jump rope cartoon

The worst fall I ever had happened while I was in Aspen, Colorado , in I broke my neck, my pelvic bone and four ribs. I collapsed my right lung, too, and had kidney and liver damage. It all came away from the wall and I hit the ground 11 metres below. I just remember waking up pretty disorientated, with about eight heads looking down at me.

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And the composer was female and very eclectic. And during the production, she would kinda just roll around on the floor and do very strange things. And on occasion she would make strange noises. I thought it would be interesting if I could put her in as a character in my next series. Yep that tracks reply. Is that Yoko Kanno? CoastalCoder 2 days ago root parent next [—]. Yoko Kanno is an amazing person.

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Business tycoon Anand Mahindra has shared a picture of a 'latest technology to dry clothes on Twitter, and it has left Twitterati amused and in splits. On the microblogging site, Mahindra posted a cartoon of two women conversing by an ordinary rope with washed clothes drying over it suspended from both ends in a yard. The caricature immediately struck a chord with Twitter users.

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The 29th Disney animated feature film , it is the sequel to the film The Rescuers , which was based on the novels by Margery Sharp. In The Rescuers Down Under , Bernard and Bianca travel to the Australian Outback to save a boy named Cody from a villainous poacher in pursuit of an endangered bird of prey. By the mids, The Rescuers had become one of Disney's most successful animated releases. Under the new management of Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg , a feature-length sequel was approved, making it the first animated film sequel theatrically released by the studio. The film would also mark the full use of the Computer Animation Production System CAPS , becoming the first feature film to be completely created digitally. The Rescuers Down Under was released to theaters on November 16, , to positive reviews from film critics.

But I can hear you my love, you keep calling me.

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It's hot as hell outside right now in Texas, and a little kindness goes a long way for the men and women that work outdoors. A heartwarming video was shared to TikTok by user foxymamabailey of a father and son waiting outside in the heat to give some cold water to their garbage collector. Small gestures like this could really make a huge difference in someone's day, and it's always nice to know that you are appreciated for your work. Sanitation services are crucial to keeping the world moving along smoothly.

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