Rwby yang x jaune

Jaune : Oh! Hey babe. Yang: Again! What Weiss wanted to have a nice meal with her boo or something? Weiss: 'Gulp! Jaune: Nora every girls beautiful if you look hard enough.

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Moving Past the Sunrise (Jaune x Yang Fanfic)

RWBY tends to place the bulk of its focus on adventure, not romance. There are a few former couples, and at least one of them is responsible for all of the chaos in the RWBY world. Ren and Nora make such a compelling couple because they are best friends first. They went through the bulk of the traumatic events in their lives together, and have only grown stronger as a result.

It takes six more volumes for that to happen. Ozma is a warrior who rescues a princess from a tower. The two fall in love, share magic, and it seems like everything is going great.

Then, Ozma dies, and Salem selfishly wants to use magic to bring him back - and prevent him from ever leaving her. She changes drastically as soon as she realizes she can no longer depend on him. Ozma ends up cursed, his soul traveling to a new body every time he dies.

Jaune and Pyrrha are great together. They train together, making one another better fighters and teammates. If Pyrrha had admitted her feelings to him sooner, things could have been very different. Weiss is the reason Pyrrha takes so long to tell Jaune how she feels.

From the moment he meets Weiss, Jaune spends the first three volumes obsessed with her. Jaune continues to pursue Weiss, even though she makes it pretty clear that she has no romantic interest in him. Saphron makes her debut along with her wife Terra Cotta-Arc when Jaune and his friends need a place to lay low. They appear to be one of the most supportive and thriving couples in the show in what little we do get to see.

Willow finds herself, unfortunately, trapped in her relationship with Jacques. When Blake returns home after the fall of Beacon Academy, fans get to see how they interact with one another. Much of the time spent with them involves having to go up against the White Fang, but there are smaller moments in which the two get to know their daughter - and her new friend - after her time away from home. They want her to be happy, and are fiercely protective of their family.

Weiss is interested in Neptune from the moment she first meets him, much like Jaune is interested in her. The difference is that, while Neptune might initially seem interested in Weiss as well, he tends to blow her off in favor of hanging out with his friends. They are actually a lot like Ren and Nora with the opposite personalities. The two are also friends and then, teammates first, providing them with a good foundation for a relationship. Yang and Blake also share a significant trauma in fighting and defeating Adam Taurus, giving them yet another strong bond, allowing them to conquer their fears and grow together.

If Yang and Blake are one of the best pairings in the series, it stands to reason that Adam and Blake would be the worst. Adam saw a vulnerable and impressionable teenage girl and manipulated her into not only a relationship with him, but also into doing some of his dirty work for the White Fang. Read Next in anime.


Jaune and Yang first met at Beacon when him and Ruby had become friends and Ruby then proceeded to tell Yang about it. Yang and Jaune then became friends by default since he was friends with Yang's sister. In Volume 1, chapter 3 Yang mentions liking seeing all the cute boys at the school, the scene then pans to Jaune walking over in his onesie and looks in Yang's direction, Yang then makes a grossed out face and goes "eww! In volume 1 chapter 4 after Jaune failed to hit on Weiss, Yang jokingly said "Having some trouble there ladykiller? Jaune then lamented on the fact that he thought all women looked for in a man was confidence, to which Yang responded "Snow Angel probably wasn't the best start". As Yang and Jaune settled into their new school life they often sat together with the rest of the members of their respective teams at lunchtime. Jaune then participated in the food fight Yang and Nora started.

Collection of All The RWBY Ships (Looking for OT3s and beyond?) Ruby x Yang (Sisterly) = Strawberry Sunrise (Lannister). Ruby x Jaune = Lancaster (Jauby.

The Misadventures of J. Arc — Professional Marketing

Half of it was stored in my docks for some time now, i only finished the other half today, its not mutch but i hope you like it. Yang: first of all, i am really offended by those statements. Yang: but continuing with the question: what do you find most attractive about us? Yang: you heard me, what do you think is the most attractive features we have? Jaune: i think that for weiss, it would be her determination. Jaune: i think for blake…it would be her courage. Jaune: of course it does. Jaune: so, is that a good enough answer for you sunshine? Jaune: so i said all those things because i misunderstood your question?

•✨trauma induced rage✨• — Weiss x Jaune x Sun x Yang, and it's just Weiss...

rwby yang x jaune

Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Jaune arc. A kid that have different story that he create. Sometimes he is a hero, a villain, a normal boy, a hunter, a police, a wizard, or a knight.

Ruby was happy Yang, two weeks ago Jaune braved being burned to give her sister hugs. Last week Yang's semblance 'allowed him in' and was no longer getting burned.

iDrownFishes' Corner

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Ruby is gone and the final battle is drawing near. Never have our heroes been so united in their goals and yet so very, very apart.

Jaune X Yang Fanfiction

One late night Jaune visits the home of his favorite whore to use her and bust a nut in her. So feeling quite upset with the Terrible Service, Jaune demands his money back. But Raven really needs that money! So instead she offers up her own daughter, loli Yang , as a substitute for Jaune to fuck. Raven grunted loudly as she slammed her ass on the big fat bitchbreaker behind her. She found the poor innocent boy walking around as if looking for something. And well she could tell exactly what he was looking for.

AND THEY'RE WEARING EACH OTHERS JACKETS!!!! Art by the wonderful Cyan Orange Studio. image. jaune x yang rwby dragonslayer jaune arc rwby jaune.

RWBY tends to place the bulk of its focus on adventure, not romance. There are a few former couples, and at least one of them is responsible for all of the chaos in the RWBY world. Ren and Nora make such a compelling couple because they are best friends first.

Glynda X Yang X Jaune

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But woe him who possess such a stone at the end of the millennial period which the fetus must pass among mankind, for then the stone splits, and a small snake creeps out of it, which in a few moments becomes larger and larger, and with a terrible noise forces its way to the sky, smashing the roof amid thunder and lightning, and ascending in a dark cloud. The little reptile has become an enormous four-legged dragon, which leaves the narrow abodes of men and frees himself in this terrific way. Arkos is paralleling Ozpin and Salem but better and not screwing up the way they did, with Pyrrha as Ozpin and Jaune as Salem. I mean seriously Ozma is destroyed by the God of Light and darkness in the same manner that Cinder destroyed Pyrrhas body.

A slow day on Arc-Xiao-long household just outside the kingdom of Vale, Yang is folding laundry while whistling her favorite tune.

D. Dragua — Some Dragonslayer goodness for the soul. AND...

Student 3: Despite her age, she thinks she already mature enough to go out drinking and partying. Student 4: That, and her semblance is so cliche. Anger making you powerful? Never heard that before. Jaune raising an eyebrow : …I was expecting you to that with a little more enthusiasm.

Hi, I write smutty stories for RWBY. — Late at Night in an alleyway, Jaune and Elm...

Jau ne: Haa… Okay, lets see what this… A teeshirt…? High pitched squeal! Jau ne: This is the best day, your best pun, and best teeshirt ever!

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