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‘Close Enough’ Canceled By HBO Max After 3 Seasons

Musicals are a hot topic of conversation once again, with the recent release of the musical biopic Elvis and news of the musical version of Matilda coming to screens this year. The stage version of the updated Roald Dahl classic is being bought to cinema screens so musical lovers can see the return of Miss. Honey, Miss Trunchbull, and of course the titular character herself. But while the revival of Matilda is awaited by fans, there are plenty of other movie musicals which have found a firm place in many fans' hearts.

From animation to live-action, fans have taken to Ranker to vote for the movie musical they find to be the most rewatchable. Note: Ranker lists are live and continue to accrue votes, so some rankings may have changed after this publishing. The Greatest Showman reinvented musicals, modernizing the way songs are written and sounded, and fitting what would be heard in the charts. Each tune had a purpose and was a tool in moving the story forward, with lyrics that were as essential as the script.

The cast was led by Hugh Jackman as P. T Barnum, but each character had their place in the movie in conveying the message of acceptance and love.

The theme of circus extravagance and brilliance never gets boring, making any viewer feel like an overawed child, wanting to watch the array of seemingly magical characters time and again.

An energetic and fast-paced movie based on the stage production of the same name, Chicago is one of the best Broadway movie adaptations yet. In fact, it won Best Picture at the Academy Awards in Although the musical is a visual spectacle akin to vaudeville and s glamor, the plot of Chicago has a dark side, but that's what keeps viewers coming back.

The more sinister side of the tale, accompanied by songs that have gone on to be well known in theater culture, is evidently a perfect recipe for a rewatchable movie musical. Although there are things that would be different if Grease was released today , the movie still receives attention for its catchy tunes and the boy-meets-girl storyline that many can't help but feel nostalgic for.

Nearing its year anniversary, Grease provides viewers with an insight into '50s fashion and dance, as seen in scenes such as the Rydell High dance. Most fans will at some point have imagined themselves as part of the T-Birds or Pink Ladies, getting caught up in the glamorized look of high school life, which makes this movie musical easily watchable over and over again.

The more recent live-action remake proved to be popular at the box office, largely keeping to the original story. But the beautifully animated Beauty And The Beast will always remain the best version of the fairy tale, which remains a timeless movie to this day. The magic Disney brings always has audiences marveling at its movies, but with the beloved characters singing memorable songs combined with spectacular animation, the aforementioned movie brings an infectious joy.

Transporting viewers to another world, the characters are intriguing and a delight to watch, each with unique personalities which all fit well together. Moana is a relatively new animated movie to come from Disney.

Even though it's set several thousands of years ago, the movie gave a modern take on inspirational messages and empowering people which struck the hearts of viewers everywhere. It's the epitome of feel-good, enhanced by beautifully unique songs, sung by lovable characters such as the hilarious demigod Maui and the flamboyant giant crab Tamatoa.

With a message of bravery and loyalty, there's no element that's missing from the movie, making it a modern musical classic.

To this day, The Lion King has arguably remained Disney's greatest animated movie. Well-received by critics and fans alike, one of the reasons why this movie was such a hit was down to the marvelous songs from Elton John and Tim Rice. Even with one of the saddest Disney movie deaths , The Lion King evokes joyful feelings of friendship and loyalty, with great life lessons to learn along the way.

The main demographic of the movie may have been young children, but adults still find it entertaining to watch, especially those that have grown up with it. With emotional scenes, comedy, and timeless songs, it's definitely one of the most rewatchable musical movies.

My Fair Lady is one of the most beloved musicals out there, and this is partially thanks to the movie adaptation starring Audrey Hepburn in one of her most legendary roles.

The story of Eliza Doolittle's transformation, based on the myth of Pygmalion, is as enthralling as it is delightful. With classic songs that allowed Doolittle's cockney accent to shine through, viewers are drawn to her charisma, supported by a great cast. Hepburn's Eliza is a delight to watch, and her chemistry with her co-stars, be they singing or not, remains rewatchable for many viewers.

The story of Dorothy and her journey down the yellow brick road has been watched through the generations time and time again. While the movie begins and ends in black and white, the main part of the movie is in technicolor, enhancing the already captivating storyline and marking it as one of the best technicolor movies out there.

With characters of every kind and magical songs full of heart and hope, it's no wonder the movie was ranked so highly for being rewatchable. Even those that haven't seen the movie are likely to find the tune of "Singin' In The Rain" popping into their heads upon hearing the title.

Just like the renowned song, one viewing of Singin' In The Rain hooks audiences in and they can't get enough of this famous musical. Gene Kelly's dancing infused with singing and romantic scenes is a beautiful nod to the times, prevailing as a classic movie that withstands the change in times.

The fun that viewers find in the movie means it's often repeatedly watched and passed down through generations. Julie Andrews garnered a fan base from years of exquisite work, but one of her most renowned roles as the magical nanny has continued to be a part of many childhoods.

Mary Poppins remains one of Disney's most timeless movies to this day, and one of the most beloved musicals ever. The heartwarming classic musical sports an unforgettable cast of characters such as Bert the chimney sweep and the uptight Mr. With the inclusion of an unforgettable animated sequence, the movie has an element for every viewer and catchy songs that only add to the rewatchable vibe of the whole movie.

Ruby is a list writer for Screen Rant, working from her home county of Essex in England. After gaining a degree in Drama and focusing on acting, she also turned her attention to scriptwriting, later developing a love for creating content around film and TV. The skills she learned at University have been transferrable to her current position at Screen Rant, with an understanding of performance and backstage work which has helped when writing articles.

She loves discovering new movies and shows to watch, whilst often indulging in her all time favorites, such as Mrs. Doubtfire and The Office. Working as a list writer and updating articles which have more recent information which needs to be included has allowed Ruby to write about entertainment she loves the most, enabling her to put her passion for the arts into writing for a wide audience, by contributing to the output of content creation. By Ruby Brown Published Jul 10, Share Share Tweet Email 0.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I'm trying to find an '80s or early '90s cartoon that features a group of kids helping a professor or scientist with an electric experiment in his house. I think the experiment is possibly to time travel, but I don't remember any actual time traveling happen. It might have Christian undertones but I'm not certain. The room the experiment is in is huge, lots of chrome and maybe light blue tiled floors. Any and all suggestions welcomed! It's been driving me crazy for years and every time I try deep-dive googling I haven't found anything like it. Sign up to join this community.

Lee Kohse Has Neal Adams' Booth At San Diego Comic-Con SDCC 2022

hot topic cartoon

Of the two people, my reluctant choice is Hamza Shehbaz". All over the world, politics is local but in our part of the world, politics is local as well as national. We take interest in elections for press club slots, local government offices, national and provincial assemblies, prime minister and chief ministers, Senate members and so on. I am often amazed to see the election results of the US, England and India on the front page of newspapers in Pakistan.

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, a. The girls protected Townsville from the evil likes of Mojo Jojo and other villains.

Hot Topic’s Cast of Cartoon Characters

CartoonStock uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. Love is in the air! This love and romance collection features funny cartoons about love, dating and relationships, and funny Valentine's Day cartoons. From talking snowmen to digging out after a blizzard, there's not shortage of laughs in this collection of winter cartoons.

Iran election, a hot topic for western media outlets (Cartoon)

It was produced by Cartoon Network Studios as the network's first show animated primarily with Adobe Flash , which was done in Ireland by Boulder Media. Set in a world in which imaginary friends coexist with humans, it centers on a boy named Mac who is pressured by his mother to abandon his imaginary friend Bloo. After the duo discover an orphanage dedicated to housing abandoned imaginary friends, Bloo moves into the home and is kept from adoption as long as Mac visits him daily at exactly PM. The episodes revolve around Mac and Bloo as they interact with other imaginary friends and house staff and live out their day-to-day adventures, often getting caught up in various predicaments. McCracken conceived the series after adopting two dogs from an animal shelter and applying the concept to imaginary friends. On August 20, it began its normal run of minute episodes on Fridays. The series finished its run on May 3, , with a total of 6 seasons and 79 episodes. McCracken left Cartoon Network shortly after the series ended.

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Hot Topic's Cartoon Network Line Looks AMAZING.

Conceptually, the chance to see sliding door moments in the MCU is an exciting one. Part of the whole MCU process has been to tweak pivotal times from the comics and reimagine them for the films. Add animation into the mix, a medium flush with creative possibilities, and What If…? And yet, what we ended up with was a series of animated Marvel wiki entries.

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Constance Wu says she attempted suicide after coming under xenophobic attacks

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This was one of the questions I had repeatedly asked of me earlier this year. Given Neal Adams' enormous presence at San Diego Comic-Con over the years, with a booth that often swamped those enjoyed by major comic book publishers, selling his work, his prints, original art and given the chance for the man to address his fans as one might a gaggle of admirers around an armchair, after his passing, what would happen to his iconic space? San Diego Comic-Con slots are held on to tightly, passed down from year to year like legacies, and Neam Adams's extensive walk-in gallery and creative space was no different. Who would be taking over booth when San Diego Comic-Con returned in ? The answer is Lee Kohse. He has also provided covers for multiple comic publishers and served as creative director of Speed Racer.

Hot Topic will also offer an assortment of licensed merchandise including accessories, collectibles, gifts and more. The full Cartoon Network collection is now available exclusively at select Hot Topic locations and online.

Frustration, anger and disappointment were just some of the sentiments felt around the SUNY Plattsburgh campus Monday afternoon. The front page article talks about minority admission rates being examined at schools across the nation, and quotes SUNY Plattsburgh officials saying that expanding the school's diversity is important to its culture. But it's not the article that's created controversy around campus. It's the picture accompanying the article that some are calling racist. The cartoon depicts an African-American student wearing a cap and gown walking down what appears to be a run-down street with a broken stop sign, a broken down car and buildings vandalized with graffiti and broken windows. There's no community that looks like that [with a] broken stop sign, burnt down buildings or cars that look that way. Members of the Cardinal Points newspaper were certainly feeling the backlash since the paper came out last week.

Musicals are a hot topic of conversation once again, with the recent release of the musical biopic Elvis and news of the musical version of Matilda coming to screens this year. The stage version of the updated Roald Dahl classic is being bought to cinema screens so musical lovers can see the return of Miss. Honey, Miss Trunchbull, and of course the titular character herself.

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