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Exosquad - Season 1 (2-DVD)

Even those who were born in the late s or the early s probably grew up watching shows like Rugrats, X-Men, Darkwing Duck, and other cartoons. Exo Squad, a cartoon from , is one example. The conflict between Humanity and Neosapiens, a fictitious race created as slaves for Humans, is the main subject of the early 22nd century television series.

The programme features numerous Neosapien points of view in addition to following the exploits of the Able Squad, a group of skilled human mecha pilots.

We therefore examine what distinguishes this animated programme from the competition and why it is a 90s classic that everyone remembers today. Early in the 22nd century, when humanity began to develop resources outside of Earth, the show is set. Venus and Mars could be effectively terraformed by humans with the use of exoskeletons known as E-Frames.

The Neosapiens, their creation, however, attacked humanity, and everything was lost. Phaeton was the leader of the Neosapiens, who had taken over Venus, Earth, and Mars. A tiny group of E-frame pilots under the command of Lt.

Marsh is fighting to liberate mankind from the control of the Neosapiens. Exosquad made its debut in September and differed significantly from the animation created at the time.

In contrast to other American shows of the day, it had a lengthy story arc. Additionally, compared to other animated shows for children, it was more aggressive and action-packed. Additionally, it emphasised serious topics like slavery, concentration camps, and war.

If you are a child, these are some really serious subjects. Playmates manufactured a wide variety of action figures, combatants, and e-frame toys for the event. The main story arc primarily focuses on the Able Squad, an Exo squad stationed on Resolute as part of Flight one. The first leader of the Able Squad was Lt. After being promoted to lieutenant commander, he now has two quads under his command- Able Squad and Baker Squad.

He was voiced by Robby Benson. But soon, her brother died during the liberation of the planet, and Nara only had the Able Squad to call family. She was voiced by Lisa Ann Beley. Maggie Weston is the tech and repair specialist for the Able Squad. She is highly skilled in machinery and can repair any E-frame in any condition to fly again. Teryl Rothery voiced her. Rita Torres is the second in the Able Squad chain of command. Not much is known about her past, except that her ex-boyfriend broke up with her for unknown reasons and that she hates the Pirate Clans.

She is intelligent and skilled and a strictly by-the-book person. During the war, she piloted a LD She was voiced by Janyse Jaud. Kaz Takagi is the second youngest member of the Able Squad; He is regarded as a rookie ad troublemaker. But even though he makes much trouble, he has never let his team down. Kaz piloted a CR Exofighter, which was incapable of ground combat; hence he usually provided air support and posed as a scout.

He was a skilled pilot. He regarded teammate Wold Bronski as a mentor and his closest friend. After the end of the war, Marsh had him sent to the Exofleet Academy.

Michael Benyaer voiced him. Alec DeLeon is the intelligence and communication specialist of the team. Before his military career, he used to be a thief in France and joined the Exofleet. DeLeon is cheerful and upbeat and has a sense of humor that surfaces even in the worst situations. He is highly skilled in combat and can get out of the fiercest fights without a scratch. He had been J. He sacrificed himself to let the Exofleet gain control of the moon.

His new body was a Neo Maga and had been modified to appear like a Terran. Wolf Bronski was the most experienced member of the Able Squad. He was an excellent marksman with exceptional tactical skills, although he frequently adopted unorthodox methods.

He also served as a source of humor throughout the series and would disgust characters with his belching, providing comic relief even in the most challenging situations. As the most experienced member, he piloted the most dangerous and unstable E-frame — a BD He was voiced by Michael Donovan. Marsala is the only Neosapien on the team and the oldest amongst the others. But Phaeton betrayed him to save his own skin, ending their friendship.

This drove Marsala to join the Exofleet and serve them after the first rebellion. He was marked as a traitor by the Neosapiens to be killed on site. He had the best interests of the Neosapiens in his heart and believed Neosapiens should not enslave the Terrans, even though they themselves had been enslaved.

He was voiced by Garry Chalk. The Terrans created the Neosapiens to work for them on Mars and Venus. They resemble feet tall humans and have pale blue skin. They have brightly colored tattoos representing which brood they were created in. They are incapable of reproduction as they are bred to be infertile by the Terrans in an attempt to control them. Physically they are much more superior than the Terrans and can easily breathe in thinner atmospheres.

Hence, they should be the ones ruling the solar system. Phaeton is the leader of the Neosapien regime. He was also one of the leaders of the First Neosapien Revolt, which happened 50 years before the second one.

He is a brilliant tactician. While most of the Exofleet was chasing the Pirates around outer planets, Phaeton orchestrated a massive uprising against humanity. In a matter of hours, the Neosapiens had control over Mars, Venus and Earth. He was voiced by Richard Newman. She was deeply devoted to the Neosapien Destiny and greatly admired Phaeton.

He was feared and hated by all. He was removed from his position due to false allegations of treason. He was widely known as one of the best Neosapien Generals. He also planned to overthrow Phaeton and become the ruler himself.

He was voiced by David Kaye. He was voiced by Rob Morton. General Drusus was the Commanding General of Ceres during the war. It is unclear why a General was put in charge of an asteroid, but it is believed that the first Neo Mega breeding facility may have been located there. Apparently, he was executed by Phaeton for failing in his duties. Still, they were soon defeated thanks to the advanced weapons and exoskeletons called E-Frames that the humans used. In the present, we see the captain of the Danube informing his superiors that they are about to arrive on Mars in three days.

Soon after, alarms sound on the ship, and two rogue vessels intercept the Danube. One of the vessels attacks the ship and destroys the engines. The captain can barely send an SOS before their ship is destroyed. Captain Marcus berates Marsh and Burns for joyriding on Mars, but Admiral Winfield rectifies that he is the one who authorized them.

The Able Squad is assigned a search and rescue on the Danube, and Winfield tells Marsh and his team to be prepared for anything. Marsh is warned about the presence of dangerous pirate Jonas Simbacca in the area. T then returns to his squad, informs them of their mission, and hands out various assignments for the task.

The team then leaves the Resolute on a shuttle and flies to the freighter. A quick survey of the ship reveals that the engines are destroyed, and the entire crew is already dead. Marsh informs the Resolute of the situation, and another shuttle is launched to tow the Danube. To save the officer, they dive head first into a trap. Takagi lifting the bulkhead, sets off the trap that deactivates the containment on the fusion reactor and starts a second countdown to detonation.

The crew rush back to their shuttle, separate from the Danube, and speed away. The work crew shuttle changes its course to follow the Able Squad, away from the Danube when it explodes. The Danube is ripped apart by a huge blast, and waves catch up and vaporize the work crew shuttle but collapse before reaching the other shuttle.

The loss of life is tremendous, and the Able Squad mourns as they return to the Resolute. This incident causes the Homeworlds Congress to take action.

After much debate, the secretary-general allows Phaeton, now the Governor-General of the Martian Community, to put forth his idea, and he proposes that the pirates be hunted and destroyed to prevent further incidents. The majority of the Exofleet is drafted for the mission.

Episode List

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(Epic) Episode 4: 80’s and 90’s TV, Part 1 of 2.

We see that javascript is disabled or not supported by your browser - javascript is needed for important actions on the site. Read more. Home - Login. Your source for swapping dvds online NR 4hr 47min. Children born during Exosquad's broadcast on USA network are now old enough to drive, quit school, and get married parent signature required in most states. But I digress, to those of us who have waited patiently for all these long years; Universal Studios Home Entertainment's announcement that Exosquad is coming to DVD is prime proof of the phrase "better late than never".

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exosquad complete series

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Exo Squad Explored – This Dark, Rough & Adult Animation Wrapped Inside A Cartoon Is A Forgotten Gem

Discussion in ' The Toyark ' started by Tyjos , Apr 9, Log in or Sign up. TFW - The Boards. Who Remembers? Grimlocka go-go , Apr 13, I still have the Police one, was in my collection display till i had to pack everything up for a while.

Exosquad: Season 1

Exosquad is an American animated television series created by Universal Cartoon Studios as a response to Japanese anime. The narrative generally follows Able Squad, an elite Terran unit of mecha pilots, on their missions all over the Solar System, although other storylines are also abundant. The series ran for two complete seasons on USA Network and Fox, from to , and was cancelled after one third-season episode had been produced. Plot: Exosquad is an American animated television series created by Universal Cartoon Studios as a response to Japanese anime. Please note that a product being listed on our website does not necessarily mean it is in stock and readily available for order.

Exosquad (alternate spellings include EXO Squad, ExoSquad, and Exo-Squad) was an American soft science fiction animated television series that ran on the.

Exosquad! Who Remembers?

Exosquad is an American animated television series created by Universal Cartoon Studios as a response to Japanese anime. The narrative generally follows Able Squad, an elite Terran unit of mecha pilots, on their missions all over the Solar System, although other storylines are also abundant. The series ran for two complete seasons on USA Network and Fox, from to , and was cancelled after one third-season episode had been produced.

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Your input will affect cover photo selection, along with input from other users. The series ran for two complete seasons in syndication from to , and was cancelled after one third-season episode had been produced. Reruns later aired on USA Network. Listen to this article Thanks for reporting this video!

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