Steven universe steven sad moments

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Steven's been so busy trying to solve other people's problems that he's ignored his own- until what's broken can't be ignored any longer. Steven is out of town, Lars is dangerously close and Connie is freaking out.

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Steven universe steven sad moments

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Steven Universe Future: Is Greg a Bad Father?

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The Cartoon Network show ended for realsies in March , with a episode epilogue series. In its run, Steven Universe was praised for its unapologetic sincerity, gorgeous visuals, and epic science-fiction story. The show follows a young boy named Steven, who lives with a group of aliens known as the Crystal Gems. Steven himself is half-gem, and he assists the Crystal Gems on various intergalactic missions, while learning more about his mysterious mother and the world she came from.

Eventually, he must save the world from impending alien invasions. At its heart, Steven Universe is about love, family, and friendship. Stevonnie is one of the first non-binary characters in all-ages animation and much of the episode revolves around them learning more about their existence and introducing themselves to their friends and family.

Additionally, this episode explores the issue of consent, as a cocky teenager insists on dancing with Stevonnie, despite their protests. But ultimately, it is a triumphant episode, as Steven and Connie fall apart from Stevonnie and get back to dancing. It is the perfect season finale, bringing just enough closure while still leaving a lot unanswered for future episodes.

I am putting this here because of the very sexy duet between Rose Quartz and Greg Universe — and the resulting fusion between Rose and Pearl.

Greg feels insecure that he cannot fuse with Rose the way that the other gems can, and wonders if she will eventually grow tired of him. Certainly an important conversation in any relationship, but especially one between an immortal being and a human! Steven and the Crystal Gems are definitely vibrant characters, but the colorful cast of Beach City is not to be forgotten.

It feels like a fairy tale, as the privileged and sheltered Sapphire is saved by a lowly Ruby guard. They accidentally fuse and while the rest of Gem society is disgusted by their appearance as Garnet, they eventually fall in love. Sapphire defies Blue Diamond in order to be with Ruby. Hey, shake a leg! It starts off as a fun time, as Greg Universe suddenly gets a lot of cash and brings Steven on a vacation to Empire City — and Steven decides to bring Pearl along, because he senses a lot of tension between Greg and Pearl.

Amid the catchy songs comes the poignant relationship between Greg and Pearl, neither of whom want to speak to the other about losing the person they both loved. Steven Universe has been praised for actually examining the emotional ramifications of being a kid hero. In this episode, Pearl experiences gay panic and Steven and Amethyst try to unhelpfully wingman her.

It is fantastic. Along the way, they run into a girl with flowing pink hair who looks a lot like Rose Quartz Pearl clearly has a type. Steven Universe was intricately plotted from the very beginning, and all those loose pieces across four and a half seasons culminated in this satisfying reveal.

It is the sort of thing that many people saw coming — but in the best way possible, with all the clues there, looking back. It is also the groundbreaking revelation that eventually ushers in the end of the show, bringing the adventures of Steven and the Crystal Gems to a natural ending point with a movie and sequel series to interrogate the larger emotional ramifications.

A wonderful revelation and an even more compelling setup, as the characters scramble to pick up the shattered ha pieces. But before the epic adventure to Homeworld and the final confrontation with the Diamonds comes this brief moment of respite and celebration. Also, we have to give it props for showing one of the first queer weddings in all-ages animation television. Please check your email to find a confirmation email, and follow the steps to confirm your humanity.

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Why 'Steven Universe' Was a Groundbreaking Cartoon, All the Way to Its End

All this week, Cartoon Network has been premiering new episodes of the all-ages cartoon Steven Universe. One who identifies as queer, to boot. But the show is also boundary-breaking for the way it portrays queerness; in fact, it may stand as the most progressive cartoon on TV in terms of queer representation. Steven, for example, is surrounded entirely by female superheroes, and often mirrors their feminine behavior. The show has featured women in tuxedos, boys in dresses, and a non-binary person in whatever clothing they want, and all of it is celebrated. Early on in the series, we also learned that a character named Garnet is actually a fusion of two Gems known as Ruby and Sapphire.

There are episodes of Steven Universe, but which are the best? We've picked our 10 favorites over the five seasons of the show.

Steven Universe Amethyst Sad

Back in March, the beloved animated series Steven Universe ended. After five seasons and episodes, creator Rebecca Sugar decided to wrap up the story with a minute, four-part episode titled "Change Your Mind. It was almost like And fans wonder to this day why Steven Universe had to end. Although it's not concretely explained, from what it sounds like, Rebecca just felt like it was time to move on. And that she had a certain amount of episodes to work with from Cartoon Network. I was asked if the remaining episodes from our current pickup would be enough to finish the story we'd planned," she told Polygon. But ultimately, the series ended the way it was supposed to — as far as we know. Rebecca told this special story a lot of it mirroring her own life and teen years , and it had run its course.

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steven universe steven sad moments

When it comes to TV designed for children, Cartoon Network's Steven Universe is one of the most progressive, thoughtful, and generally important shows being made today. Following the story of a young boy with the power to protect and heal, the show frequently introduces children to complex emotional topics in easy-to-understand ways. One of the most impressive topics that Steven Universe as a show regularly tackles is the concept of consent and the role it plays in interpersonal relationships, from the good to the bad. A little background on the show: in Steven Universe , there are a species of sentient alien rock women called gems, who are all named after various precious stones or minerals and have varying strengths and weaknesses. When two gems are in perfect sync, and properly aligned with each other, they are able to fuse and become a totally new being together, which is frequently used in the show as a stand-in for telling stories about various kinds of intimate relationships.

Steven Quartz Cutie Pie DeMayo Universe has spent the last five seasons of Steven Universe teaching the world just what powerful, transformative forces love and hope can be.

The Boys season 3 ending explained: answering your biggest questions

The Recap: After accidentally meeting Stevonnie for the first time, Greg tells the kids about the first time he learned about Gem fusion — and his own attempts to fuse with Rose. It was only a matter of time before our collective visions of Rose Quartz were dashed. They had to be, for the sake of Rose existing as a three dimensional character and not just an untouchable goddess on a pedestal. That her flaws wound up tied to what others remember most about her her love of humans is just a painful little stroke of brilliance. Rose is a puzzle of a Gem. By the end, as the camera comes closer into his increasingly troubled eyes, he seems to be honestly pleading her to tell him what if anything makes him special to her over other humans.

Here's Why 'Steven Universe' Ended — Although You Might Not Be Too Satisfied With the Explanation

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It's a sad moment, but now Butcher has nothing to lose in his quest him writing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, Netflix.

Gizmodo Came To The Present To Discuss Steven Universe Future’s Ending

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Meet the cast, crew and characters themselves as McKenzie goes one-on-one in exclusive interviews with the creative team who inhabit Steven Universe. They tackle everything from design to wormholes to escapism to advice to your younger self and dreaming big. Then former writers Matt Burnett and Ben Levin sit down with Rebecca to discuss lessons learned, achieving goals, and what they hope people take away from the show. See omnystudio. It's a celebration of the fandom! Zach Callison voice of Steven , Deedee Magno Hall voice of Pearl , Michaela Dietz voice of Amethyst , Matthew Moy voice of Lars , and Storyboard Artists Miki Brewster and Lamar Abrams tackle everything from gem weapon of choice to creating their own storylines to favorite scenes and hardest ones to voice and create to memorable studio moments and best-loved characters!

Of all the reaction videos on YouTube, there's a reason Steven Universe reactions are some of the most popular. In addition to its triumphs that make us cheer and its shenanigans that make us laugh, Steven Universe also makes us cry.

It originally aired on Cartoon Network on March 27, as the fourth and final part of the series finale. This final episode takes place in the aftermath of the events of the series, which focuses on protagonist Steven Universe 's unresolved trauma and need to feel needed by his friends and family. In the penultimate episode, Steven's stress builds up to the point that he becomes a monster and endangers his hometown of Beach City until the unconditional emotional support of his loved ones brings him back to normal. In the finale, Steven finally decides to leave Beach City, but he worries that Garnet , Amethyst , and Pearl won't miss him after his departure. It has been several months since Steven's Zach Callison meltdown, wherein he became a monster as a result of repressed trauma. Now back to normal, Steven and his best friend Connie Grace Rolek discuss his plans to leave Beach City and travel the country; he has told everyone about his decision except the Gems.

This article contains spoilers for recent episodes of Steven Universe Future. I mean look at it, he tried to force his way of figuring his life out onto him! Steven got so mad he told Greg off and drove the van off the road!

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