Top 10 worst cartoons of the 2000s

The '00s was a time of great change for animated TV shows. The Saturday morning cartoon had been an American institution since the s, but when Congress passed the Children's Television Act in the '90s — forcing the networks to dedicate more time to educational shows and limiting the amount of advertising aimed at kids — the landscape began to shift. By the mid-point of the decade, most Americans had cable TV in their homes, giving them access to channels dedicated entirely to cartoons. High-speed broadband came next, which fed the flame of both YouTube and Netflix. Increased demand for content led to more shows getting greenlit during the s, but it also encouraged a culture of impatience. Networks were tripping over each other to land the next big hit, and when the results weren't instantaneous, they often pulled the plug and moved on, fans' feelings be damned.

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Top 10 worst cartoons of the 2000s

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Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 2000s

Star Wars has become richer thanks to its animated fare. The film may not have won over a ton of fans, but the subsequent animated shows have brought Star Wars to a whole new generation. We now have an expansive and gorgeous new world and worlds through the animated series. This is a cartoon, and it is made for children. They wind up battling gangsters, bounty hunters, and intergalactic criminals of all sorts—at one point, they even go up against the Galactic Empire.

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Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 2000s/Transcript

There was something special about s cartoons. Thanks to the doors that s cartoons had opened, the stories told in a lot of early s cartoons got to be more experimental, and the burgeoning influence of Japanese anime meant Western cartoons were becoming more visually interesting, too. Of course, many of these shows, from Cartoon Network fan favorites to the golden era of Nickelodeon and Disney cartoons, lived on well past their original heyday. A handful are even slated for upcoming live-action reprisals. Others, sadly, have slipped into the camp of forgotten s cartoons — but that can make them all the more fun to reminisce on. While some may have technically first hit Saturday morning screens in the 90s, we think these all fall pretty solidly within the s cartoon canon! Plain and simple. Also, Dr.

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top 10 worst cartoons of the 2000s

When I was pregnant with my first son, way back in , I had no intention of ever letting him watch television. Not I! The olive tree that was nourished by my buried placenta, of course. In fact, it disappeared the second I realized that the idiot box was an unpaid babysitter who let me spend a few minutes alone to finish a thought and put my shirt on the right way. Well, some of it, anyway.

The new millennium brought a ton of new X-Men members to the fold, and CBR is looking at the 15 absolute worst of the bunch! Because of these superb storytelling partnerships, fans have fond memories reading any X-Men stories they could get their hands on.

29 Forgotten Cartoons From The Early ‘00s We Don’t Talk About Enough

With Disney , Pixar and DreamWorks regularly creating instant classics, many people recognise we are witnessing a golden age of animated movies. However, for every Toy Story there is an Emoji Movie and dozens of duds according to critics have been released over the years. Newsweek rounds up the very worst animations ever released, according to movie review aggregator MetaCritic. An emoji face is being deleted after he accidentally confuses a message his user texts a love interest. The Emoji Movie was universally panned by both critics and audiences, and The New York Times ' Glen Kenny dubbed the film "nakedly idiotic", adding the animation plays off an industry idea the "panderingly, trendily idiotic can be made to seem less so.

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Kids from the '90s might try to claim they had the best cartoons growing up, but let's be honest, every era of animation has had some great standouts. In fact, the following generation of cartoons had a lot of amazing hits, some that still hold up to this day. The Early s was a great time for animation as networks were trying new things, experimenting with art and storytelling styles. Then again, not every cartoon from the'00s was a hit, some bombed pretty badly, and looking back at them now, it's not hard to see why, be it thanks to dated humor or unappealing visuals. The '00s produced some of modern animation's greatest feats, Samurai Jack being perhaps the greatest of them all.

They seemed like living cartoons, and never more so than when most of these tracks to that storyline — which is a good thing because two.

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The 25 Worst Animated Movies, According to Critics

Posts: The 80's list is pretty boring. The 90's list is alright. The 's list gets too angry at times. The 10's list is bad in parts.

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Big Abomination!. Just about everything in this atrocious trilogy of seasons pisses me off. As my hatred for Teen Titans Go!

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