Best x men cartoon story

Come relive your TV past with us, or discover what should be your next binge watch below:. But as celebrated as those shows are, Marvel was also making big moves: Iron Man, Hulk, and Spider-Man all got their own series. One of the most popular and most fondly-remembered, though, was X-Men. As the show approaches its 30th anniversary, Marvel is plotting a true sequel series to the brash, colorful, gloriously campy show that introduced a new generation to these characters, and enthusiastically told interweaving, serialized narratives. The show went with the Jim Lee-era X-Men look, meaning bright primary- and neon-colored costumes and big hair. Wolverine wears bright yellow spandex, and Jubilee goes to the mall to hang out in her wrap-around pink shades and banana-yellow coat that is probably pleather before she ever even joins the X-Men.

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Best x men cartoon story

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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: The Best Moments From X-Men: The Animated Series

X-Men: The Animated Series Revisited – Part 9

Look, I get it. We could have— should have—been watching X-Men: Evolution. It allowed its heroes to, well It did so, ironically, by devolving several of them. Well, de-aging them. The vast majority of the cast in Evolution is presented as teens only relatively recently awakened to their mutant powers, rather than X-heroes in their prime.

While a few familiar mutant favorites, like Cyclops and Jean Grey, were slightly older than the main crew initially including Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Rogue, and newcomer Spyke , only Storm, Professor X, and Wolverine remained a similar age as to how they were presented in the comics. Although they were all X-Men, they were no longer just teammates and colleagues, but teacher and mentors to this next generation of mutants.

It was the best of both worlds—in the younger cast, Evolution balanced storylines about acceptance and teen angst with these kids just hanging out and being friends with each other, slowly but surely coming into their abilities as they became more assured in themselves and their relationships with the kids around them.

X-Men storytelling has always been about the future —fighting not just for acceptance in the now, but to secure the safety and prosperity of new mutants for generations beyond their own to avoid the struggles the X-Men and mutantkind at large have long endured. Evolution took that dynamic and made it less about generational storytelling on a societal level, and more on a personal one.

But this focus on examining new, younger iterations of the X-Men also worked in tandem with another thing that made Evolution so compelling: unlike TAS before it, which dove headfirst into the ephemera of X-Men comics sagas to tell its own definitive versions of beloved tales, Evolution was initially very hands-off with tackling the larger X-Mythos while it set up this new take on its familiar cast. Although the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was the primary antagonist of the first few seasons its members de-aged to match the X-Men, creating a fascinating recruitment arms-race between the heroes and villains , prominent villains like Mystique and Magneto were left to linger in the background.

Not all of these bold changes were for the better, admittedly. Spyke, in particular, was also often the weakest beneficiary of that.

But X-Men: Evolution , for all its bold changes to what we knew and loved about the animated interpretation that came before it, still understood what makes the X-Men as a concept so appealing—and that makes it worth revisiting now more than ever. The A. About Gizmodo Advisor Gizmodo Store.

By James Whitbrook. How do you do, fellow X-Kids. Image: Warner Bros. Ed Burns on 80s Nostalgia. Splitting the cast into distinct age groups was an inspired choice.

X-Men: The Animated Series

There were plenty of foes for the X-Men to face in X-Men: The Animated Series but which of these villains had the most impact on the team? Reva's tragic past is revealed in the fifth episode of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, but how is Darth Vader aware of the Third Sister's secret origin? The Real Housewives of Miami star and Larsa Marie designer spoke about new pictures with Scott Disick and hinted at a new partner in her love life. Star of Sister Wives, Garrison Brown, has revealed that he has adopted a cat. The move comes while he is still feuding with his father, Kody Brown. Sinestro was an incredibly accomplished Green Lantern, but even as a hero, his methods show why he was always destined to embrace evil. Scream star Jack Quaid reveals that the cast all received different scripts early in filming that changed who died and who was Ghostface.

When the series launched in , it had nearly 30 years of comics history and X-lore to pull into each episode.

11 Lessons The 'X-Men' Movies Can Learn From The 1990s Animated Series

It was an ambitious attempt to adapt the most famous comic storylines, one of the most popular series on the Fox Kids Saturday morning lineup, and is remembered fondly despite its limited animation quality and a few less-than stellar story arcs. Lasting 76 episodes across five seasons, it is still, even in this post- MCU era, among Marvel's longest-running television shows and considered the most faithful to the original comic book version in comparison to the modern adaptations particularly the live-action ones associated with the X-Men Film Series. Together, they fought evil mutants, giant robots , Government Conspiracies , cosmic forces , and occasionally each other , while protecting those who hated and feared them. Another animated series based on the X-Men comic, X-Men: Evolution , was made in the early '00s, followed by Wolverine and the X-Men in the late '00s. In , this universe was revisited under the title X-Men '92 as part of the Secret Wars event and returned as a full-fledged ongoing series as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel lineup. The series' original cast is set to return, with the exceptions of Norm Spencer Cyclops and David Hemblen Magneto , both of whom died in Alyson Court will also not return as Jubilee, who will instead by played by an Asian-American actor at Court's insistence while Court is set to play a different character. Has an under-construction characters page. The theme song for the Japanese dub was not only changed, but completely reanimated.

best x men cartoon story

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Not many animated superhero shows have influenced the direction of comic book pop culture like X-Men: The Animated Series.

Disney+ Has Somehow Ruined Everyone's Favorite X-Men Cartoon

However, if we're being honest, there is only one thing some of us were excited to see on the newest streaming service, and that was X-Men: The Animated Series. The 90s series is chock full of nostalgic memories that kick off every episode with the amazing intro songs we sometimes find ourselves humming, but also featured some great episodes that explored the characters while adapting fan-favorite comic series. Unfortunately, there were also some really bad episodes, so we'll be taking a look at a few of the best and worst from the series. Throughout the series, there were a number of solo episodes that took time to explore a few members of the X-Men away from the larger adventures of the team. Wolverine had quite a few solo adventures, with the third season episode "Weapon X, Lies, and Videotape" diving into Wolverine's clouded, mysterious past by bringing him back to the facility that transformed him.

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Marvel is just on the cusp of launching a new X-Men editorial era - and that means new opportunities to add to Newsarama's list of the best X-Men stories of all time. With nearly 60 years of stories under their big yellow belts and world renown as the stars of some of the most beloved superhero tales in all of fiction, reaching that position was no easy task. That's how groundbreaking and revolutionary the Jonathan Hickman-led revamp of Marvel's mutant-verse was and still is - in ways that might pay dividends not only in comic books, but in the MCU as well. As we say, there are a lot of brand new classic stories on this list, so check them and be sure to stay on top of all the new X-Men stories coming out every week on our guide of new X-Men comics and collections planned for release in While it often seems like the X-Men during legendary writer Chris Claremont's run are big enough to sustain a universe of their own, the writer's dalliances with other corners of the Marvel Universe always provide fun distractions from the sometimes suffocating soap operatics of his main story.

In fact, the President Luthor story took inspiration from Donald Trump. the X-Men, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, and others.

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Fans everywhere rejoiced and all was well in the world. During the announcement, character designs were shared, demonstrating how faithful the series would be to the original show. The new designs look so authentic that at first I thought nothing had changed at all, until my friend and former GWW contributor Jacob Tyler set me straight.

Commentary: Stan Lee’s ‘X-Men’ made it OK — heroic, even — to be different

They are the children of the atom protecting a world that fears them. The X-Men are a team of mutants born with unique abilities that make them some of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe. But, of course, their capabilities allow any form of adventure to happen, and many of them enter uncanny territory. From characters performing epic feats for childish reasons, relationships that require a severe double-take, to bizarre supervillains putting the team through the oddest possible scenarios. The X-Men have faced all-comers throughout their almost year history, but not all are the most dramatic: some are just strange.

If you're picking up what " X-Men: Apocalypse " director Bryan Singer has been putting down on social media, then your takeaway is the same as mine: Singer's next " X-Men " movie is going to be a crowd pleaser for fans of the s "X-Men" animated series.

10 Best X-Men: The Animated Series Episodes

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has come and gone, and with no certain spoilers at all, Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Professor Charles Xavier, the leader of the X-Men, received several rounds of applause across theaters nationwide. The iconic hover chair coupled with the addition of the subtle tones of the original theme officially billed in the credits as the "X-Men '97" theme sent fanboys and girls everywhere into a frenzy of nostalgia. The fact the character joins his place with The Illuminati is even more reason to get excited. Naturally, the fallout has audience members reliving their favorite moments of X-Men shows come and gone. Here is the list of every animated X-Men show ever made, ranked. In this case, it was too bad because the show actually showed promise, featuring cameos such as Emma Frost.

The X-Men have been around for more than 50 years. They multiply: rapidly, frequently, endlessly. They aren't really a superteam like the Justice League or the Avengers , those all-star crews built out of solo-series stars Superman, Captain America mixed together with B-list glue characters Martian Manhunter, Wonder Man. With one very obvious exception and a few other arguable exceptions, the X-Men aren't Solo-Star people.

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