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Big Hero 6: The Series is an American superhero animated television series that aired between November 20, , and February 15, The show is based on Disney 's film Big Hero 6 , which itself is loosely based on the comic book series of the same name published by Marvel Comics. The series is a sequel as it takes place after the events of the film and uses traditional hand-drawn animation. The series formally premiered with two new episodes on Disney Channel on June 9, The second season premiered on May 6, , with a third season confirmed prior.

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Big Hero 6 is the 54th Disney Animated Canon film, inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name created by Man of Action , making it the first Disney animated film featuring Marvel characters following the company buying the comics publisher in Marvel's higher-ups served as creative consultants for the film's production, but had no involvement in any subsequent BH6 projects.

Yes, after years of dabbling in fantasy, mythology, and even video games , a superhero film has finally entered the animated canon. Tadashi attends the prestigious university San Fransokyo Tech, and wants his brother, who spends his time hustling illegal bot-fighting, to do the same.

Tadashi invents a huggable learning robot named Baymax for assisting in healthcare, and hopes it can be used in hospitals in the future, but a sad fate stops him from realizing that dream. When a threat to the city arises caused by the mysterious criminal Yokai, Hiro upgrades Baymax into a flying fighting machine, and recruits Tadashi's four best friends to form the ultimate superhero team to stop him. Big Hero 6 was released in theaters on November 7th, , preceded by the animated short Feast.

A television series taking place immediately after the film premiered in November A three-issue comic book series from IDW Publishing based on the animated series was released in after several delays. Example of: Anger Born of Worry.

Community Showcase More. Aunt Cass lets her nephews have it for getting arrested. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. We can be immortals immortals Just not for long, for long, And live with me forever now, You pull the blackout curtains down, Just not for long, for long Tropes to C. Accidental Murder : Professor Callaghan stays in a burning building to fake his death ; Tadashi Hamada runs in and tries to save him, so his death in the fire becomes Callaghan's indirect responsibility.

At first, he callously dismisses this as Tadashi's own mistake , but in the end, Callaghan comes to regret it. Acid-Trip Dimension : The world between the portals is a nebulous space filled with beautiful, technicolor cloud-like structures based on fractal geometry. Actor Allusion : T. Miller , playing the monster-suit-wearing kaiju fanboy Fred, has been "inside" of a monster before. The school mascot suit he wears in his introduction also resembles the head of a Hideous Zippleback.

The Disney adaptation changes the setting to the more multiethnic San Francisco, California or "San Fransokyo" as it's called due to the series' Alternate History. Only Hiro retains his Japanese ancestry, and even then he's half-white. The body types are also diversified more. Adaptational Nationality : The characters go from Japanese to American, albeit living in an alternate universe version of America with heavy Japanese influence. Adapted Out : Silver Samurai and Sunfire do not appear in this movie, as they are both X-Men allies and the film rights to the X-Men franchise were owned by 20th Century Fox , and Disney had not yet bought the former company at the time.

Not that they would fit in anyway, since the film's world is now a more tech-based sci-fi world, and mutants with superpowers would seem very out of place. Aerith and Bob : Subverted. Wasabi makes it clear he doesn't particularly like his. An Aesop : When you're suffering, don't try to bottle it up.

Your friends are there to support you and you should let them. Even Baymax says as much. You should not let revenge turn you into a monster. Don't judge people by their appearances — everybody has Hidden Depths. You can use your intelligence and imagination to find a new angle and think your way out of trouble. Affectionate Gesture to the Head : In a couple of moments, Wasabi tousles Hiro's hair in a brotherly fashion. Age-Inappropriate Dress : An offscreen example. According to Aunt Cass in an attempt to get Hiro out of his depression funk alone in his room, downstairs in the cafe the year-old Mrs.

Matsuda is wearing something super inappropriate for her age. Is a Crapshoot : Played with, but ultimately inverted, with Baymax disobeying an order from Hiro to prevent harm to others. All There in the Manual : A good chunk of the characters' backstories, as well as the Alternate History of San Francisco, are only mentioned in pre-release materials. Also, the antagonist Yokai is never named in the film. They mention his real name, but not the "Yokai" codename.

It only shows up in the subtitles the first time he talks. Alternate History : While not stated in the film, Word of God is that the movie is set in an alternate timeline where, after the San Francisco earthquake which, according to The Series , happened two weeks earlier than in our timeline, and was the result of a botched experiment, not a natural event , the city was rebuilt by Japanese immigrants using techniques that allow movement and flexibility in a seismic event.

Afterwards, it was renamed San Fransokyo due to the mix of Japanese and American architecture. Strangely enough, even though the artist originally sang it in Japanese , the movie instead uses the English version of the song. Aluminum Christmas Trees : Projection keyboards, such as the one Hiro is seen typing on during the Baymax power-up montage, are very real.

Always with You : Baymax tells this to Hiro just before he sacrifices himself to allow Hiro and the transport pod to return to normal space. It turns out to be literally true, as it's revealed that Baymax hid his primary healthcare chip in the rocket fist he uses to push Hiro to safety, allowing him to rebuild and restore Baymax later on.

American Kirby Is Hardcore : A rare inversion. The American trailer focuses more on action and comedy, while the Japanese trailer delves more into the drama of the story. This has the resulting effect of Japanese filmgoers being unprepared for the amount of action found within the movie. Americasia : San Fransokyo. The creators have confirmed it is San Francisco during an alternate future where the city was rebuilt after the earthquake by Japanese immigrants.

Anger Born of Worry : Tadashi, when he rescues Hiro from some thugs at the bot fight. Shortly after, Aunt Cass when she has to bail Hiro and Tadashi out of jail. They even use similar phrasing. As a result, the visuals take a giant leap in quality compared to Frozen , released just the year before. Animesque : Downplayed in the film itself, which keeps the traditional Disney style for the most part, though there are still hints that it's influenced by anime Hiro's hair comes to mind.

The Creative Closing Credits definitely apply here, as the characters are drawn in typical anime and manga format with Marvel comics pastels and printing. Apocalyptic Log : Not exactly recounting the apocalypse, but the tie-in book Hiro's Journal shows us the events of the movie from the perspective of diary entries.

Hiro's entry after passing his microbots presentation: I'm going to celebrate with Tadashi and his friends. I can't wait to start classes! Hiro: Hammer fist. Side kick. Knife hand! Back kick! Gummy bears! Baymax: Will terminating Callaghan improve your emotional state?

Baymax: Is this what Tadashi would have wanted? Tadashi: What would Mom and Dad say? Hiro: I don't know. They died when I was three, remember? Wasabi: If I wasn't just attacked by a guy in a kabuki mask, I think this would be the weirdest thing I've seen today. Tropes D to F. Dare to Be Badass : Tadashi invokes this in a subtle manner when, instead of taking Hiro to another bot-fight, he takes him to his lab at San Fransokyo Tech and introduces him to Professor Callaghan and the other students in his "nerd lab", and then shows him Baymax.

He hopes to inspire Hiro to do more with his life than compete in illegal bot-fights, and by the time they leave the lab, Hiro has made it his goal to attend San Fransokyo Tech. During the visit, Callaghan does the same thing, noting that winning bot-fights with Hiro's bot is easy, while his course is hard, but his students will go on to change the world.

Dead Hat Shot : A closeup of Tadashi's baseball cap on the ground after the burning building he has run into explodes. Death by Irony : Yokai, who is seeking vengeance on Krei for being involved with the accidental death of his daughter , narrowly avoids this happening to him when he provokes Hiro into seeking vengeance on him, Callaghan having been involved in the accidental death of Tadashi. Death by Origin Story : At its core, the film is a Disney Deconstruction of both the hero and villain variants of this trope.

Hiro is deeply affected by Tadashi's death, not even eating or going to the prestigious university he just got accepted to, despite that being what both he and Tadashi wanted for his future. When he finds out that the person Callaghan Tadashi died trying to save not only survived but coldly dismisses Tadashi's heroic effort, Hiro loses it and tries to kill Callaghan immediately afterwards. For Callaghan, even though Abigail turns out to still be alive , her perceived death is enough to turn him into a revenge-driven supervillain who has no regard for the people he hurts on his path of revenge.

The only difference is that Hiro has the support of his friends and family to keep him from going through with revenge, while Callaghan has no-one and thus is not as easily convinced to give it up. Death Glare : Tadashi gives Hiro one at the beginning of the movie when they're both arrested. Hiro does one too when Callaghan says that Tadashi's death was his own fault.

Death Is Such an Odd Thing : Baymax is momentarily perplexed by how a young man in good physical health like Tadashi could suddenly die. Depth Deception : The film opens with what looks like two giant robots fighting.

After a bit of combat, the camera angle changes to show that they're actually foot-high bots being controlled by humans. Detachment Combat : Hiro's battle robot in the beginning appears to be easily bisected in the first round. In the second, it pulls itself together, then pulls itself apart to wrap around the opposing robot and unscrew its arms. Diabolus ex Machina : When Hiro and Baymax are helping Abigail out of the portal dimension, one last chunk of debris that they didn't see coming crashes into them, disabling Baymax's rocket boosters and forcing him to perform a Heroic Sacrifice.

Didn't Think This Through : Hiro, being an impetuous youth, seems to run on this trope; in his Establishing Character Moment , he enters a dangerous bot-fighting tournament and nearly gets the tar beaten out of him for hustling and winning against the bot-fighting champion, who is at least three times his size.

Callaghan , given that he gets himself into an Indy Ploy the moment Hiro reveals his microbots. He doesn't consider that Hiro might be able to track him down, or that the teenager would try to kill him once learning the truth about the fire that his brother died in.

‘Big Hero 6′: Can the Disney Legacy Make This Marvel Superhero Story Stand Out?

Here is their story and photos of the Big Hero 6 booth and when they met Baymax! Right now at Comic-Con, Baymax himself is waiting at the Big Hero 6 booth to meet fans and pose for photos. Take a look:. Working in a technical support position for 18 years, it was time for a change. As the Webmaster and Project Planner, I spend most of my time researching everything from the latest Disney News, technology advances and of course keeping up on all the Marvel news that comes out. I feel blessed everyday that I get to spend my days working with my best friend and love of my life while we continue to grow and expand what started as a hobby all those years ago. Scott has posts and counting.

Big Hero 6 The Series and transparent png images free download. Superhero Cartoon - others. * KB Picture Frame Frame - Big Hero Six.

Big Hero png images

These Big Hero 6 movie posters photos photos showcase how far Disney Animation has come to ruling the animation landscape. Are you satisfied with your care? The heartwarming No thanks. I hate movies. Toggle navigation. The hero of Big Hero 6, Baymax. The animated gem hits home video this Tuesday. The Disney film is based on the comic book from Marvel.

'Big Hero 6' Concept Art Reveals Alternate Visions of the Disney Animated Hit

big hero 6 cartoon pictures

Disney puts years and years of development into creating just one of its animated films, and the movie you see on the big screen represents the final vision in a process that sees many versions considered — and even partially produced. With Big Hero 6 , the studio was entering new territory altogether, marking both its first anime-inspired film and the first movie based on Marvel Comics in its nearly year history. Boy-genius Hiro Hamada spends a lot of time building silly inventions before called to duty. And in an early version of the film, his portfolio of sweet-but-semi-useless innovations included rocket boots for his cat, Mochi of hairy baby fame.

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Watch: Brand New Scene from Disney’s Upcoming Animated Feature ‘Big Hero 6’

With a word-salad title and a shiny, plasticky look indistinguishable from so may recent animated releases, Big Hero 6 looks like it may as well be called Generic Supehero Movie for Kids. The first animated film from the now Disney-owned Marvel Studios, it is a kind of gateway drug for kids who may not care about comics but who are dying to be old enough to watch The Avengers. Plus, it includes a character cuter than anything that has ever existed on this earth, and that counts for a whole lot. The shelves of your local Target are stocked with him already, and after seeing Big Hero 6 , I challenge you not to want one for yourself. What else is in the movie besides a super-cute robot? But Big Hero 6 has enough unusual touches to keep up the energy, from the Japanese-American fusion culture of its futuristic world it takes place in the renamed San Fransokyo to the occasional perfect joke, many of them courtesy of Baymax or the amiable, possibly stoned scientist voiced by T.

Big Hero 6 PNG Images

Marvel has proven their willingness over the years to explore the weird and wonderful side of the Marvel universe in their films. And the Guardians even getting a movie in and of itself proved the studio's desire to experiment with the lesser-known elements of their world. Despite being based on an obscure Marvel comic, the film was released by Walt Disney Pictures Animation and later spun off into a TV series. It was reported yesterday that several characters from the Big Hero 6 animated movie were set to make their way to live-action in the MCU. However, a recent release indicates that this rumor was premature in nature. Variety has confirmed through a source at Disney that Marvel Studios is not planning for Hiro, Baymax, and other Big Hero 6 characters to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at this time.

Gary is a Disney nerd whose favorite animated movies are Beauty and the Beast, The Incredibles and Frozen. When he's not out catching Pokemon or.

First Official ‘Big Hero 6’ Images Revealed! Check Out Hiro and Baymax!

Big Hero 6 is the 54th Disney Animated Canon film, inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name created by Man of Action , making it the first Disney animated film featuring Marvel characters following the company buying the comics publisher in Marvel's higher-ups served as creative consultants for the film's production, but had no involvement in any subsequent BH6 projects. Yes, after years of dabbling in fantasy, mythology, and even video games , a superhero film has finally entered the animated canon.

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Danny Flynn is a fashion stylist who has worked extensively in music videos, commercials, and editorials. His stock is a go-to for costume designers and stylists looking for unique or unusual pieces. So, when Disney Animation began work on Big Hero 6 , which takes place in San Fransokyo a futuristic highbred of San Francisco and Tokyo , Danny seemed like the most logical fit for costume designer. As computer animation technology has grown in the last five years, the industry has seen the need for more detailed and realistically portrayed clothing and costume design for lead characters.

But sometimes life doesn't go the way you planned. The good thing is, my brother wanted to help a lot of people and that's what we're gonna do.

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Big Hero 6

This site uses cookies. By using this site you are agreeing to our privacy and cookie policy. Corporate relatives Disney and Marvel try for some creative synergy in Big Hero 6 , an animated comedy-adventure that cannily combines the emotion, humour and — courtesy of a cuddly inflatable robot — cuteness expected from Disney with a heavy dose of Marvel-style superhero action.

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