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Hinako is a shy, socially awkward and extremely cute young girl who has just moved to Tokyo for one reason only — she wants to join the prestigious theatre club of a certain school. The dorm building in which she is staying, which also doubles as a used bookstore and coffee store, is also currently home to two other girls attending the same school. If absolutely nothing else, Hinako Note is one of the most adorable things that has entered my retina all year. Not only are all the character designs adorable and huggable without being overly gimmicky, it has a really soft and gentle colour palette as well as beautiful animation, and everything is just really nice to look at in general. And boy are they cute. So, so cute.

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Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Hinako Note. Edit What would you like to edit? Watch Episodes. Add to My List. Add to Favorites. English: Hinako Note. Type: TV. Premiered: Spring Licensors: None found, add some. Studios: Passione. Score: 6. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. Write a Review. More Reviews. Jun 25, Overall Rating : 9. Jun 23, Overall Rating : 5. Apr 28, Overall Rating : Apr 30, Overall Rating : 6.

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I'll be watching Hinako Note every week until it concludes, in other words, so I can do a series review in 6 weeks or so. But The Lily Garden.

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I think I may have found a partial replacement for the slice-of-life void that last season left in my heart. With a rather plain character taking the lead in the form of Sakuragi Hinako Ichimichi Mao , I thought I would be turned off by someone who gets so badly flustered when dealing with people that they literally turn into a scarecrow. Something that really filled me with hope for the show since uninspiring leads can really bring down a slice-of-life. In addition to Hinako we also were introduced to three other girls who covered just enough of the personality spectrum to keep the episode feeling fresh and alive. Overall, I really enjoyed Hinako Note. With the hopes that the story will really latch onto this theater thing and run with it, I think all the other pieces for a successful slice-of-life or school-life show are all here. This came just when Nyanko Days had left a hole in the heart of the anime community.

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hinako note chibi

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Rebecca Silverman. There is nothing actually wrong with Hinako Note — in fact, its heroine's desire to use theatre as a way to overcome her shyness even makes some sense; it's amazing what a costume and a script can do for your ability to speak in front of people. Nevertheless, if you're not a fan of cute girls being cute, this first episode doesn't have a whole lot going for it. The story follows Hinako's first day in Tokyo, which is still big and terrifying to the country girl despite the fact that she's in one of the parts of the city that more closely resembles a small town. Or at least for me. Hinako's scarecrow act gets her a lot more attention than she's likely to be comfortable with, although perhaps that wasn't the case back home; I'll be mildly interested to see if it remains a running gag or if she comes up with a different coping mechanism now that she's in a place where scarecrows stand out as odd.

Hinako Sakuragi

Hinako, a girl who lives in the village, has a trait that makes her difficult to talk to others. To overcome this probles, she moved to a school in Tokyo and would be joining the drama club. Living in a dorm that used to be a secondhand bookstore, Hinako smet with Kuina, a roommate who likes to eat the book. Adapted from a manga, Hinako Note offers moe content and light comedy. Hinako Note also switches between two styles, normal and chibi -fied characters that underscore the shows light comedy and moe contents, which hopefully would remain throughout the show. This anime is entertaining for fans of light comedy with cute girls in the leading roles. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

I'll be watching Hinako Note every week until it concludes, in other words, so I can do a series review in 6 weeks or so. But The Lily Garden.

Hinako Note is a episode anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name by Mitsuki. The series was directed by Toru Kitahata, with Takeo Takahashi credited as chief director. The studio responsible for producing it was Passione. It aired as part of the spring season of anime, and is available on Crunchyroll.

Hinako Sakuragi is a girl with pink hair split into two half loose, stuck in a light green chucha. She is usually seen with her hair stuck, but when she wakes up her hair is loose. And she is also usually seen in her school uniform with a white sailor's white blouse with a white blazer, a red skirt with a white blazer, and a yellow-orange bow and a pair of white socks. Yua Nakajima is a one of Hinako's classmates and part of the Hitotose theater troupe. She originally has a strong dislike towards her because she was jealous and 'didn't approve' of Hinako's close relationship with Chiaki-senpai. She originally tries to show Hinako that she will never be as good as her, however, Hinako is too naive to see Yua's bad intentions.

Conquering social anxiety can be tough. Even as a journalist that covers various conventions, I often find myself having a hard time getting someone's attention, let alone talk with a guest at their booth.

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She was chibi until this moment. No one saw the true titty monster underneath. That being said, the OP and ED were not expected of an anime of this type. Usually that sort of stuff is reserved for some more offbeat things, or some kind of 2deep4u anime of the month.

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