Hot male cartoons

You guys already saw what type of boyfriend various male cartoon characters would make -- and now it's time for the ladies. Whether you were secretly crushin' on Daria, Pocahantas or Trixie Tang, we got you. She's the kinda date who doesn't even offer to split the bill when it comes. Heading to a bar after dinner? You know she's only ordering from the top shelf. Ginger Foutley, the ex who writes a Thought Catalog post about you after the breakup.

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Hot male cartoons

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Lists like these are hardly new. Hot cartoons. Long before any of us knew what sex was, we felt stirrings in the loins for the drawn boys we saw on our TV and movie screens. Lord knows, if Jessica Rabbit can exist then dudes are fair game too.

Have you seen Kocoum? What the hell was Pocahontas complaining about? Boy is built. I will paint with all the colors of the wind — with my tongue on his ab muscles. I blame this on young Simba being voiced by 90s sexpot Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Daria, girl. No one blames you for figuring out you had human emotions by falling for one Mr.

Trent Lane. Oh, Trent. So inaccessible. So dark. Break my heart, Trent Lane. Break all our hearts. Prince Eric has all my weaknesses — dark eyebrows and a big, white smile. Look at him playing with that big shaggy dog and try not to fall in love. The hero of Futurama is a slacker hottie. Love it. Beatnik hippie artist voiced by Harry Connick Jr.? Hell yes. Dean wears flow-y yin-yang robes and sports a soul patch. He likes strong coffee and has an even stronger jawline. Dude is straight-up handsome.

Though for me, The Joker always stole the show in Batman: The Animated Series , which I rediscovered in high school while babysitting for two rambunctious little boys, Bruce Wayne has the chiseled jawline and dark features to win over many a villainous and non-villainous female. Granted all the Ninja Turtles pretty much look alike aside from their colorful bandanas, but Michelangelo always struck me as waaaay cooler than the other turtles.

Never has a Cajun accent been so sexy. On the real. Okay, so Dimitri kind of sucks. But, but, but…look at him! In the past, Goofy has skated the line between dog and human, but Max just always felt like a real teenage boy. He probably reminds you of your high school boyfriend, right? Tulio and Miguel have become somewhat unintentional gay icons due to the ambiguous and close relationship they share throughout their journey in The Road to El Dorado.

If you can get in between that little yin-yang aesthetic they have going on, more power to ya. They are drawn gorgeously. Am I officially a creep yet? Sometimes you just need a sweet, understanding surfer boy. Get out of my dreams and onto my waves? Did you mean to create the ultimate cartoon heartthrob? His tousled hair is charming. Those pantaloons are yummy. And his devotion to Jasmine and to seeing the world is admirable. Aladdin is the ultimate animated hottie. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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Look, We’ve All Been Attracted to Cartoon Characters Before. Let’s Talk About It.

Our beloved childhood was spent watching these characters and also, falling in love with them for a brief period of time. You might love the Disney princesses growing up. But as you start to get a little older though you start to appreciate the handsome men a whole lot more. Disney has become a huge brand releasing movies specifically targeting children. Also, their films are very popular. As most of their movies, shows, etc were a huge success.

While she may be an animated cartoon character, she was certainly a sex symbol for men all over the world, as well as from the movie. Memorable.

Classic girl-power cartoons deserve their shot at the big screen

It's Valentine's Day! What better way to celebrate love than by ogling some fine-looking fellas? We know what you're thinking. Comics provide such a rich vein of female objectification that female character's ranks on the Comic Buyer's Guide's Sexiest Women in Comics list is treated as important information on Wikipedia. So we're providing a little balance. We've consulted with friends and experts, with readers on Twitter and Tumblr, and we've put together our own list of the sexiest male characters in comics. If you want a list of sexy ladies, some other site will probably have one for you soon. We're not going to do that. We're here to check out some dudes.

Hero Complex

hot male cartoons

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Undoubtedly people have soft corners and crushes for the animated characters on the screen.

Cartoons Stories

Audrey Fox is an ex-film student, which means that she prefers to spend her days in the dark, watching movies and pondering the director's use of diegetic sound. She currently works as an entertainment writer, joyfully rambling about all things film and television related. Add her on Twitter at audonamission and check out her film blog at moviesandbeyond. Polite society has all sorts of rules, and one of them is that if you have a thing for cartoon characters, you're some kind of weirdo all of a sudden. After all, they're not real people, a lot of them are made for children, and it just makes you feel like a creep. But why should it?

Sexy Cartoon Cowboy Costume for Men

It's Halloween, and that means you're in for the rootinest, tootinest, wildest Western adventure you can conjure up! And don't worry, we've rigged it so you don't even have to learn how to ride a horse, rope a calf, or bale hay, because this Men's Sexy Cartoon Cowboy Costume will do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is nail that perfect cowboy attitude and prepare to be showered with attention and praise. Now look, this costume isn't for everyone. You have to have a certain

The below is my personal top 5 list of male cartoons hotties. Aladdin from Aladdin. Of all the Disney movie males, Aladdin seems to always be my.

10 Weirdly Hot Cartoon Characters You Secretly Had A Crush On

The second golden age of animation is well under way, with Aardman, Miyazaki, Disney Pixar and DreamWorks rolling out rather good stories on a fairly regular basis. But which characters of the stop-motion, CG or hand-drawn world really make the grade? Which existing characters made the leap from short form to full-length feature with their dignity intact? How do the newcomers really compare to old hands of earlier eras?

31 Animated Characters You Totally Have A Crush On

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It seems silly to say, but we will: A man watches cartoons. Not watched. He watches for nostalgia. Or to appease his kid. Or because they're made for him and not the kid which is why a good many nowadays air after bedtime. No matter the reason, cartoons have informed how nearly all of us live — with their bravery, good-heartedness, or even downright stupidity.

It is, after all, a fucking movie about beastiality where a lovely peasant girl falls in love with a giant wolf buffalo. It also makes you realise how weird the premise of Beauty and the Beast is.

Top 10 Hottest Male Characters in Korean Manhwa

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Yeah, I Went There: The Hottest Cartoon Characters

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