Calling your name sakurasou

Refusing to part with a stray cat he found, Sorata Kanda, a second-year high school boy from Suimei University of the Arts High School "Suiko", according to local parlance , opted to be kicked out of the regular school dorms, and lands at Sakura Hall, a wooden two-level house and bedlam of Suiko's talented yet troublesome teens: Misaki Kamiigusa, a hyperactive otaku and anime prodigy , Jin Mitaka, her childhood friend and consummate womanizer , and Ryuunosuke Akasaka, a reclusive technology guru. And all of them are under the watch of Chihiro Sengoku, a notoriously lazy art teacher. One day, Sorata receives a request from Chihiro: pick up her cousin, Mashiro Shiina, a fellow second-year. But just when he thought he found an innocent sweetie he wants to protect from the craziness that is his dorm which he doesn't plan on staying for too long , Sorata discovers her two secrets: on one hand, she's a world-renowned artist and genius ; on the other hand, she has very poor social and life skills and can't take care of herself. With Chihiro too lazy to attend to her cousin, she tasks Sorata with having to take care of Mashiro's daily needs, down to picking up her underwear.

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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Soon Available On Netflix

Tokyo MX At the conclusion of her speech, Misaki makes a plea to the students to save Sakura Dormitory from demolition, and the students overwhelmingly show their support to block the demolition.

The Sakura Dormitory group prepares to launch Nyaboron deciding to enjoy themselves and make it a special memory. Nanami cosplays as the heroine as she narrates the story and asks the audience for their support. Eventually at the last part of the game when they are asked to shout their feelings, the audience is reluctant making Sorata to start blaming himself in frustration. At that moment Mashiro shouts "Thank you" to Sorata, which is followed by Misaki and a now encouraged audience which is finished by Sorata who replies "Thank you" to Mashiro.

The event is a success but Mashiro and Rita are nowhere to be found, while looking for them a classmate confesses to Nanami but she rejects him. At the airport Sorata hugs Mashiro asking to not leave, only to find out that she was only escorting Rita to the airport, as Rita had tricked him.

As the plane departs, Mashiro begins to express her unrest at Sorata's hug, much to his embarrassment, and questions him if what she feels is love.

Sorata and Nanami enjoy the Christmas Eve together until they learn that Mashiro left the party and is nowhere to be found. After reuniting with her, Sorata finally opens the letter with the results and learns that he passed the primary selection once again. When the three return home, they find a desolate Misaki who reveals to them that for some reason, Jin refuses to become her boyfriend even after confessing that she is the one he truly likes.

Mashiro leaves the Sakura home and is leaving everything behind. While on search, Nanami has her chance to tell Sorata her promised message "I love you" , but instead goes a different route.

As Sorata finds Mashiro at the station, he pours his heart out telling her it's not the same if she leaves. Nanami decides to not give up on her dream to become a voice actress and departs to Osaka to ask her parents for permission to continue studying at Suiko.

Following her example, Jin also kisses Misaki and hands her a signed marriage registration, for them to submit together when he returns, before departing to Osaka too.

Only by themselves at the dorms, Mashiro asks Sorata for a kiss too, but one of his cats attack him in jealousy and he is kissed on the cheek instead. Some time later, Nanami returns to Sakura Dormitory after convincing her parents and two new residents arrive: Iori Himemiya, who was kicked out from the regular dorms for peeping and Kanna Hase, a reserved girl who refused to stay there as she wants a room just to herself. As a new term begins for the residents of Sakura Dormitory, their cheerful days and their efforts to realize their dreams continue.

Sorata turns Mashiro down when she asks him to do something with her on Sunday, so she ends up asking Jin. Misaki tells Sorata that they were planning on going to a love hotel, which prompts them to follow them around on what appears to be a date.

While at the mall, Sorata and Misaki run into Nanami working another part time job. Later, they see Mashiro and Jin arrive at the love hotel, but Sorata intervenes and as he tries to punch Jin gets punched himself, which knocks him out. Sorata awakens in the love hotel with Mashiro, and upon calling Jin learns that he knew they were following him and Mashiro around.

Sorata sleeps on the floor and the following morning apologizes for not understanding what was going on, but Mashiro interrupts him, asking if he is leaving Sakura Dormitory.

It is Valentines Day, and the girls of Sakura Dormitory prepare for their own plans. After school, Sorata learns from Nanami that the trains are not running and she will miss her audition, so Sorata heads off to help her.

Sorata manages to reach Nanami and get her to the audition on time, and along the way she indirectly confesses to him by rehearsing her lines. Sorata rushes back to meet Mashrio, and after apologizing, she gives him chocolate, explaining she wanted to do so as a way of closing the distance between them.

While on the way to class, Sorata receives a call from Fujisawa and learns that his game proposal was turned down, resulting in Sorata falling into despair, despite Fujisawa's encouragement.

While searching for Nanami who wasn't at the nurse's, Sorata finds her under the rain where they confront each other over their failures, burst out everything in front of each other, later to hug and comfort each other, to be seen by Mashiro. At the end of the day, Sorata learns that Mashiro received an invitation to work at the game company, much to his chagrin, resulting in Mashiro questioning him that if she's the cause of all their failures and her decision to leave the dormitory to protect it by herself.

Sorata tells Mashiro that he is planning to leave, which upsets her. That night, the residents of Sakura Dormitory celebrate Tanabata with some children. After it is interrupted by rain, Mashiro gets news that she has lost the competition, and when Sorata tries to comfort her, he says something unintentional and runs out into the rain where he is consoled by Jin, who admits that he sometimes wants Misaki to fail so that she will not seem so far above him.

Sorata admits he felt the same about the manga competition. The next day, when Sorata and Nanami are searching for cat owners, a woman shows up in a car and tells Sorata to get in. The woman tells him that Mashiro lost the competition because she ended the manga poorly by having one of the main characters leave.

Sorata goes back to the dormitory and confesses his dream to create video games through the door to Mashrio, but finds her asleep. He notices that she had changed the ending to one where the character stays, then he gets a call informing him that Mashiro's manga would be published if she changed the ending.

When Mashiro wakes up, he tells her the news and she tells him to start calling her Mashiro rather than Shiina. After Jin and Misaki reveal that they heard the whole thing go down, an embarrassed Sorata declares that he wants to stay at Sakura Dormitory. Sorata receives a letter from a computer game company stating that his proposal passed the initial screening and that he will be presenting it to the company. He spends time drafting and practicing his presentation with Sakura's residents.

When the appointed day comes, though, Sorata is overwhelmed by the pressure and botches his presentation. Back at Sakura Dormitory, a depressed Sorata sulks and turns away comfort from Mashiro. To cheer him up, Misaki plans a late welcoming pool party for Nanami.

Running from the school security that crashes the party, Sorata overcomes his dejection and becomes determined to succeed. The three of them go on a 'date' with Sorata while they all vie for his attention. Meanwhile, Misaki attends driving school. The residents are having trouble finishing their project for the cultural festival, but don't know anyone that is good enough to help Mashiro. After discussing how to meet the deadline, Mashiro says that Rita can help, but when they ask her to help, she refuses.

Rita confesses how she had quit painting because she was jealous of Mashiro and taught her how to draw manga in the hopes that she would fail at it. When they find her, Mashiro and Rita make up in the rain. Back at the dorms, Rita helps with the project and it appears that they will be able to finish in time. Sorata tries to get help with Mashiro from the other members, but they merely elect him to do it himself.

Sorata helps Mashiro get dressed and leaves the dorm without even eating breakfast, prompting them to stop by a convenience store, where Mashiro ends up eating a roll before paying for it. Sorata is surprised to find his classmate Nanami Aoyama working at the convenience store, who is just getting off work to go to school. Mashiro comes to him at school and says that he does not have to walk her home; he later sees her walking home with an older woman, Ayano.

Sorata returns to the dorm to find the place lined with cabbage prepared by Misaki Kamiigusa for Jin Mitaka's birthday. Sorata and Jin follow the cabbage to the latter's room, where they find Misaki jump out of a box only wearing a ribbon wrapped around her body.

Mashiro comes to Sorata in his room and tells him to come to her room where she tells him to take off his clothes for the manga she is drawing. Sorata eventually agrees to do it, and after Mashiro is satisfied, she nonchalantly gets to work on her manga. In the morning, Sorata finds out that Mashiro is actually a famous painter. The growing distance in the relationship between Jin and Misaki has become a concern to the residents. Sorata meets with Jin on the rooftop and the two engage in a fight over Jin's recent treatment of Misaki.

Nanami brings Misaki from the dormitory to reconcile with Jin and the two make up, with Jin pledging that he would become an employee at her new animation studio when he graduates from college. The residents return to Sakura Dormitory to find out that the dormitory is set to be demolished at the end of the school year.

Mashiro is doing very poorly in classes and Sorata tries to help her study for makeup exams, but she turns out to have an excellent memory and very quickly memorizes the practice tests. The following morning, after Mashiro aces her tests, she and Sorata run into an overworked Nanami and learn that she works so many jobs because her parents will not pay for her voice acting dreams. Sorata suggests that she move into the cheaper Sakura Dormitory and Nanami agrees. After arriving at Sakura, Nanami insists that she be the one to take care of Mashiro and encounters a lot of troubles when she tries to do so.

That night, Sorata leaves his room to find Nanami asleep at a table and gets into an argument about how she works too much. At the end of the day Nanami finds out that she failed again to pass her adition, but tries to hide her dissapointment by helping everyone on getting signatures. Sorata's presentation day is today, and Nanami asks Misaki if she can use the new script Jin sent for her audition. At the presentation, Sorata confidently explains his game, but he is informed that it is too difficult for the game company to fund his design.

However, he is given the opportunity to work with one of the production team members and judges, Fujisawa Kazuki, to improve the game design for the next round. Later, Mashiro expresses her jealousy and loneliness in the dinner, as Sorata responds nonchalantly, but he shows his gratitude for the picture she had drawn before.

At night, Nanami asks Sorata to help her practice the script, but Sorata becomes nervous at some of the romantic lines. Nanami reminds herself of her feelings for Sorata; Mashiro watches them practice, and talks about her anxiety at seeing the two together with Ayano, who gives her several romance manga to read. Each of them has their own share of problems whilst arriving at Sorata's place, but with each other's help and encouragement, they manage to solve their problems one by one.

Sorata, who also has his presentation day coming up, gets full support both from his family and his friends to make it a success. Misaki, who has been depressed since Christmas Eve, finally finds meaning in all events that have happened and decides to step forward.

Mashiro, who keeps trying to learn new things around her, reconciles with Sorata, and voluntarily helps him along with Nanami. In the end, the whole Kanda family, and members of Sakura Dormitory can greet the new year with new passion for their lives. The cultural festival begins and the residents of Sakura Dormitory balance themselves between enjoying the attractions, helping their classmates and working with their own project.

Based on the first episode, it feels a bit like Hachimistu to Clover, which is one of my all time fave shows. Surprisingly good, given the bad and mostly unjustified first impressions I got from the sleazy title. Very energetic, and characters have more depth than I expected.

I might stick around! A good anime with a great ending. Misaki's Character was the best in the entire anime. The title was a bit misleading but the anime is great to watch. Not a single episode will bore you. The image of a girl with cat ears and tail is misleading and runtime is not 42 minutes but 23 minutes.

Like I mentioned before, during these times, you have to be able to relax and is there a better way than sitting back and binging on a really good series? Featured: Love, Victor.

I love being aware of everything that is or has been going on and Netflix is really great at helping us with that.

Sakurasou no pet na kanojo

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in both: lossy (kbps MP3) and lossless (FLAC) quality ▷ Full album: 2 tracks: I call your name again, I call your name again instrumental ver.

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Sorata is a bit put-off when he realizes that even Mashiro the eccentric girl he has been taking care of is already an established artist with clear goals, and ambitions. We have some ecchi antics ensuing at the Sakurasou hall to be sure, but not only is this dorm full of eccentric nut jobs who are more than they seem; Sakurasou is a serious drama about goals, and ambitions. Also, people really need to stop calling Sakurasou a harem.. Harem implies things that are not going on here; Sakurasou is a basic love triangle nothing more. Also, this happens… For ART! Stop thinking dirty things. I am curious to see how their relationship develop even if it is as straightforward as what I expect. Mashiro is another driving force at work here, she is clearly willing to do just about anything to prefect her art even to the point of giving her body to someone in order to capture the feelings involved, leaving Sorata in a nonplussed state while he works out where he belongs.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – 09

calling your name sakurasou

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This is review number one hundred and sixty six.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo [OST] MUSIC COLLECTION [FLAC + MP3]

Close menu. JP EN. Completed Airing. Subbed Dubbed. Chinese Japanese. Top Anime.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Despite all of its flaws I ended up really liking it. Sakurasou is a romantic comedy, which already puts it a leg ahead in winning over my opinion because I eat those up like a sexually frustrated Pac-Man, but it also gets a leg ahead because its not completely generic. He then meets the stoic and weird Mashiro, who is a beautiful blond but is as incompetent as a pile of bricks. People discover themselves, love blossoms, etcetera etcetera. The interactions between characters are what make or break any show in this genre, and in this case it is very fun and emotionally gripping to watch. The comedy is also above average in this show. There are scenes where women are completely naked, with conveniently placed beams of light, or almost completely naked with conveniently placed swaths of cloth or globs of frosting. Or ribbons.

The opening theme of episode 14 is "I Call Your Name Again" by Mariko Nakatsu under her character name Nanami Aoyama. Episode list.

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou is a episode anime television series adaptation, produced by J. The series makes use of five pieces of theme music: three opening themes and two ending themes. The first ending theme "Days of Dash" is by Konomi Suzuki.

Welcome Fellow Otaku's! Heyzz : Nice to meet ya : Welcome to the group!! Role Play requests 23 new. Sorry sorry XD Where should the location be? There's a lotta towns in there XD. Ah i see, it sounds cool, i like it :.

Bryan, Daniel, Duc, and Will get together to take a look back at the chaos that hit the world at the beginning of summer. Nothing political or truly important in nature.

Fly to the stars Fly to the stars Instrumental. Wake up, Shiina Change Clothes? Put on Clothes, Shiina Whaat, Sorata?

The struggle against walls built by nature is nothing new. Last week it was a computerized society which deems your limitations; in Sakurasou, it is a more real-life approach. When you are born, you are immediately born with certain traits, certain skills, which set you apart from your fellow human being.

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