Goofy cartoon hockey homicide

When the two begin brawling even prior to the opening faceoff, it sets off a cycle of fighting and penalty suffering that extends almost the length of the cartoon. The frenzy of the game builds and builds until it spills into the st ands and ignites the spectators. Especially notable in Hockey Homicide are the references by name to Disney employees. Goofy in name, but certainly more sophisticated in content and humor, the short takes a not-so-subtle shot-on-goal at a professional sport and the antics of its passionate fans.

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Goofy cartoon hockey homicide

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The World Owes Me A Livin ! - Best Of Goofy

Hockey Homicide is a Goofy cartoon directed by Jack Kinney. Narrator Doodles Weaver explains the rules of ice hockey in satirical format. The narration's emphasis on good sportsmanship is countered by the violence of the players all of them "played" by Goofy.

A running gag throughout involves Ice Box Bertino and Fearless Ferguson getting repeatedly sent into the penalty box for roughhousing. Eventually, confusion over many extra hockey pucks leads the players and spectators to get into a massive brawl and a severe riot, during which snippets from other Disney cartoons including Pinocchio , How to Play Football , How to Play Baseball , and Victory Through Air Power are included to emphasize the mass confusion.

The names of all the players are named after various members of the Disney staff. The list below is from the scorecard early in the short. Disney Wiki Explore. Toy Story Monsters, Inc. Video Games. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Hockey Homicide. History Talk 0. Universal Conquest Wiki. Tiger Adelquist. Hurricane Smith.

Hockey in cartoons

Post a Comment. Saturday, August 17, Hockey Homicide. Hockey Homicide is probably one of the best Goofy cartoons ever made, as wild and rollicking as any at Warner Bros. It is one of my most favorite Goofy shorts. The sports commentary comes as fast and hard — and as contradictory — as the action onscreen, courtesy of funnyman Doodles Weaver uncle of actress Sigourney Weaver, by the way , and satirical to boot.

Known as a must-see Classic around the Hockey World. The Sweater (). Classic Disney Hockey Cartoons. Goofy - Hockey Homicide ().


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Goofy Cartoon - Hockey Homicide

goofy cartoon hockey homicide

There is a lot of work that goes into scouting out sports talent. They are often in the background of major sports acquisitions, ones that likely brought your favorite team a championship or helped your team draft an up-and-coming star. For full disclosure: I am not a sports scout, let alone a hockey scout. While I can string together words about hockey quite well, I do not have the qualifications nor the talent to be scouting out prospective hockey players. And yet, here I am, about to make sweeping generalizations about three potential newcomers to the hockey scene.

All of us at MickeyBlog want to wish a very happy birthday to our favorite goofball, Goofy!

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Hockey Homicide

Didn't you animate some of the recent short "How to Hook up your Home Theater"? Did you enjoy working with Goofy? I loved working on Goofy in "Home Theater". I'll do a post on the short some time. They re-used a Monstro shot in it? I wonder why Goofy, or rather - the Goofs, in this one don't have floppy ears. Was it to save on having to animate all the overlap during wild action scenes or a stylistic choice?

It's taken 60 years for Disney's Mickey and Goofy to evolve from amoral barnyard anarchist and loveable Everygoof to Nineties moralists.

Goofy films

Shorts featuring Goofy:. Barnyard Olympics laugh only 1. The Whoopee Party 3.

Goofy in Hockey Homicide

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Mickey's a mouse, says one of the kids in Stand By Me. Donald's a duck. Pluto's a dog. So what's Goofy?

My laryngitis on Wednesday developed into a full fledged cold on Thursday and Friday, forcing me to to miss many screenings and events at Ottawa this year. However, I did manage to sneak out each day to attend at least one screening or panel and the picnic and still had a great time.

Goofy isn't the smartest member of Mickey's entourage, not by a long shot. But to say that the character doesn't have a keen sense of comedic timing and understanding would be an outright lie. To take a quote from Roger Rabbit , "Nobody takes a wallop like Goofy. The dippy dog's dopey antics are a pillar of Disney animated comedy , but there have been moments in Goofy's career where his personal brand of slapstick has proven quite brilliant, even intelligently-humored. Although he shares the spotlight with Mickey and Donald in this spooktacular cartoon, Goofy has some of the best moments in the short, as well as most of the abuse. Next to Mickey, Goofy surprisingly has a better grasp of the situation, if a bit easily duped. The best moments of the short are when Goofy is wrestling with himself in the chest of drawers.

He even survived the move to mundane 50s suburbia with most of his good humor and personality in tact. And like his costars before him, we honor him and his nine decades of goofing it up here today. But before we begin, here are some well-deserved Honorable Mentions:. And what was left for him once the childlike curiosity, playfulness, brash temper, big heart and fierce determination were gone?

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