Steins gate opening reaction

A self-described mad scientist attends a lecture on time travel, stumbles upon the dead body of a familiarly unfamiliar woman, and discovers that his text messages are no longer bound by the rules of space and time. Within the bustling electronics district of Tokyo, a man with brushed-back hair and dressed in a lab coat takes a girl to a press conference. Suddenly, Rintaro's thoughts are disturbed by what he thought was an earthquake. Upon closer inspection, he finds a strange object on the roof.

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Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End

Part Something absolutely terrible happens Warning: This update is terrible. There are not many updates in this game that are terrible I count three , but this is one of them. You have been warned. There's something off about their reaction. I can't believe you'd call a girl a man right in front of her. Okarin, I don't like you saying that. And then Rukako starts to clearly turn pale, hanging his head with shaking shoulders. Is he Normally, he'd get depressed and say something like "that's true, I am a guy I understand your desire to turn a blind eye to the truth.

After all, Rukako is a guy, yet he's so lovely--" "Okabe! I didn't think you were the sort of jerk to hurt others, but I was mistaken, wasn't I?

Right now, you really are the worst. Why did disaster suddenly strike? Apologize to Urushibara right now. I don't have to apologize for anything. I just said the tru--" "It's okay. Still hanging his head. Or are you escaping from reality too?! Ruka-chan's a girl. Okarin, you're terrible. She's a girl! Just what are these guys? A prank? A trap? And then Rukako slips by me, trying to head outside the lab.

I grab his hand and detain him. For my sanity as well as yours. Suffice to say, nothing worth preserving is being missed, Rukako's gender is confirmed, and Okabe suffers much-deserved blunt force trauma.

It is exactly as bad as you're thinking, if not worse. Rukako is crying. Mayuri worriedly rubs her back. Kurisu glares down at me in a daunting stance. Daru, who arrived a moment ago, is in the corner, stifling a laugh. The top of my head is throbbing.

Most likely because Kurisu instantly wiped out a hundred million of my environmentally-endangered neurons in a single blow. I put a moist towel on my head. Then, without putting it back in your body, I'd submerge it in culture fluid so you couldn't do another shameful act like that again. Anyway, I won't hand you over to the police, so consider thanking me. I'm sorry No, I was too hasty Her appearance didn't change, and she's a flat-chested girl, but still a girl nonetheless.

Who would've thought we'd prove that idiotic old wives' tale in this fashion? More importantly, I did something horrible to Rukako Next time I come in contact with her, I need to be as gentle as humanly possible. No, maybe I shouldn't even speak to her for as long as life endures. I'm entirely at fault, so I have to accept any stigma placed upon me.

I said before, didn't I? The past changed via D-mail. Rukako was a guy, but we sent his wish to become a girl as a D-mail. And we succeeded. The instant the world line changed, I certainly recognized it did. By means of the demon eye, Reading Steiner, of course. I ought to look at that time in retrospect. I should've had more faith in my own special ability! Please believe me! I can theoretically explain this phenomenon.

When we sent the D-mail, the world's history changed to follow suit. Basically, the past changed. My brain perceived that change! I, alone throughout the world, can perceive causality changes! Correct, that means that I am this world's observer! I'm the observer - in other words, the person who opens the box in the so-called Schrodinger's Cat experiment in quantum mechanics, you know? The Japanese have a Schrodinger fetish. I do admit that pussies are cute, though.

Its name is Reading Steiner, as I have explained before. It feels like Engrish. Like a manga special technique.

It's a grammatical mess, too. If 'steiner' refers to 'stein', then it's half German, half English. A mess. By the way, is this Steins Gate or whatever? You've said that, too. Naming is all about feeling. My creativity, comparable to the genius Leonardo Da Vinci, can't be contained by the shackles of grammar! Fuhaha--" Stars fly though my vision.

Under Kurisu's constant surveillance, I couldn't sit at ease. I'd accept being told "Die, Pervert, Simpleton" and such if it were Rukako, But I have no idea why Kurisu's intruding when no realm harm was done to her. Is she pretending to be a class chairman? Anyway, I can't stand the lab mem girls' pressure any longer, so I escape from the lab.

I stretch out wide in the sweltering summer sun, but my feet have gone numb, so I can't stand up straight. Our eyes meet. She's less energetic than usual. I didn't know that. When she aimlessly looks up at the sky, I follow suit. Huge clouds encroach upon the sky. A helicopter flies overhead, its propellers' sky-slicing sound resounding all the way down here.

Drinking hot coffee in a well air-conditioned room while browsing the net. Now that's a luxurious way to spend a summer break. That's why it's really unfortunate that the lab doesn't have air conditioning. Eh, seriously? I'm a little interested. I tried to think of an excuse to refuse, but failed.

10 animes that fans of Code Geass will love

By Chippa It is a story board that provides online news and funny articles Reddit At the first corner of the event, you can ask questions directly to numerous celebrities " AMA Ask Me Anything "is the world's largest particle accelerator Large-scale hadron collision type accelerator And has conducted numerous global research projects CERN European Nuclear Research Organization staff participated. In response to the question "What about time machine research? Ask Us Almost Anything! That was revealed in the following series of questions about time machine. A CERN is a place to conduct academic research, and we spend our days spending publishing research results and technical design. I do not do military-related research at all.

Open the New Gate. Began Steins;Gate 0. %. Resonating Reaction Renvoir. Answered a message from someone. %. Metis, Studying That Which Lies Beneath.

CERN touches "Steins Gate" at "CERN and something question?"

Re:Zero is perhaps the most notable isekai arrangement around, yet certain anime titles were not as mainstream notwithstanding their similitudes. Since its presentation in , Re:Zero has gotten not just quite possibly the most mainstream and widely praised isekai out there, however perhaps the best new anime lately. It prevailed upon fans with its decided legend, loveable side characters, completely acknowledged dreamland, and amazing liveliness. While there are a lot of shows with comparative subjects to browse, some are more famous than others. This may have been an incredible open door for the showrunners to get on what watchers needed. All things considered, what watchers saw as a mix of conventional isekai sayings implied that it just glanced discolored in correlation. One arrangement that once in a while gets a notice, however, is Sagrada Reset, a psyche twisting secret show that follows a kid with a photographic memory who meets a young lady with the capacity to control time. For fans needing the one of a kind stakes of time travel at a marginally seriously loosening up pace, however, it very well may be only the thing. A time-traveling legend, a puzzling world, and a gathering of young ladies who could possibly have affections for him?

Mark Watches ‘Steins;Gate’: Episode 21 – Paradox Meltdown

steins gate opening reaction

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. In Steins;Gate 0, it explains how Okabe sent a video message to the past back to himself. What happens to the current Okabe's memories of Amadeus who is in the Steins;Gate world line?

The Metal Gear Solid series is one of the most iconic in video game history, with the stealth franchise becoming one of the most beloved properties from the nineties onwards.

'Demon Slayer' Season 2 Finale: Fans React To 'number 1 Character' Douma's Appearance

As the makers wrapped Tenzen Uzui's arc in the show, they also introduced a new demon that might be familiar to the manga readers but made his debut in the anime. Douma is an Upper Moon Rank demon and was introduced during the flashback scene of demons Gyutaro and Daki. Douma is one of the most popular antagonists from the manga series Demon Slayer and fans had been waiting for him to be introduced. As Douma made his debut in anime series, fans left their reactions. The biggest menace in Demon Slayer finally animated. An amazing final episode to finish of an astounding 2nd season of Demon Slayer.

The Let's Play Archive

NewsBreak Contributors Publishers Advertisers. Sign in. Community Policy. AP — A Black man face-down on the ground was fatally shot in the back of the head by a Michigan police officer, the violent climax of a traffic stop, brief foot chase and struggle over a stun gun, according to videos of the April 4 incident. Why Russia's looming offensive in eastern Ukraine might be different — and decisive In the areas around Kyiv and throughout northern Ukraine, residents are counting the dead as officials clear streets of mines and the twisted frames of tanks from the battles their country has survived. But experts say Russia's war looks set to enter a potentially more brutal and focused phase in

This may have been an incredible open door for the showrunners to get on famous anime that length various timetables, like Steins;Gate.

Reaction: Steins;Gate

Back in November, I asked Ivan and some of other kids at my internship for recommendations on good shows to watch, particularly in the realm of cartoons or anime. Ivan had me set on watching this show called Steins;Gate, and although he warned me that it would take a few episodes for it to pick up, it would really pick up if I gave it a chance. He also thought I would like it because of my claim that I liked shows with interesting characters and good balance between comedy and drama, so he was adamant about getting me to watch it.

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It follows a self-proclaimed mad scientist named Rintaro Okabe who, along with his friends, invents a microwave that can send text messages into the past, leading to him discovering that he retains his memory between alternate timelines. The series is produced by White Fox and aired in Japan from April 6, , to September 13, , also being simulcast on Crunchyroll. The ending theme for episode 22 is Fake Verthandi, which can be heard at the same moment in the visual novel. On December 2, , an alternate version of the 23rd episode was aired as a part of the rebroadcast of the series, to promote Steins;Gate 0 and its anime adaptation.

Episode 13 exemplifies why Steins;Gate as a whole is such a successful series; combining solid character interaction and a semi-realistic science fiction plot.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

The Code Geass original anime series produced by Sunrise Studios is often pointed out by many as one of their first or favorite anime series of all time. Despite having no source material in the manga industry to work with, director Goro Taniguchi and writer Ichiro Okouchi were able to make a series that has prospered in popularity amongst new and old anime fans. While not having any specific demographic target due to its lack of source material in the manga industry, the series is typically said to be similar to a seinen.

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