Sugoi dekai anime name

So huge! Very big! Really big! Extremely big! Sugoi is an expression that can be used on its own or as an adjective in a sentence whenever you see something great or amazing. However, if you compare both words, dekai is kinda the next level.

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A typical slice of life school-based anime like Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Each episode is a story told with different details held together by the common thread of small, hilarious sit-coms and stories. The fun in each episode is distinct. And the gags that kept us captive in one episode is replaced with an equally compelling but awkward dynamic of engagement in another. Synopsis: Sakurai Shinichi is a third-year college introvert who enjoys peace and likes to be alone.

Unfortunately for him, cheerful, energetic, and big-bosomed Hana Uzaki from his high school is attending the same college as him as an underclassman. After watching his unsocial monotonous life and not being too pleased about it. Uzaki became determined to help Sakurai enjoy his life by continually annoying and teasing him.

However, despite his grumble, he ends up hanging out with Uzaki regularly. The appeal of Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai lies in its reliable method of successfully delivering a comedy and slice of life setting centered around Uzaki with her high jinks trying to get Sakurai to become a more outgoing and fun person.

Although generic, the series is nonetheless as enjoyable as most other anime with a similar setting. If you are looking for a slice of life comedy anime in a school setting, then look no further.

Here are some anime similar to Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! The human population is on a decline, and there are fewer humans than any other creature. Seton Academy is a school full of humanoid animals attended by all kind of species.

Jin Mazama is one of the few only human students at Seton Academy. Due to an incident in the past, Jin hates all animals. One day, while getting annoyed at the animals, Jin eventually meets a short-tempered lone wolf Ranka Ookami, who desperately tries to make him join her pack, but he refuses.

The same day, Jin meets a female human named Hitomi Hino and falls in love with her at sight. While the main character tries to avoid interacting with the female lead, he somehow gets involved with her more then he wants to.

Yoshiko Hanabatake is a high school girl and an idiot who routinely gets zeroes in all her test. She loves bananas ever since she first tasted one as a child. Because of her idiocy, her mother has given up on her. The only friend she has is the earnest and serious neighbor Akuru Akutsu. She always hangs out with Akuru Akutsu, who has to put up with all her ridiculous antics.

He scolds Yoshiko and even uses physical force for her idiotic behavior. Similarities: The main character knows the main female lead from way back. The female lead annoys the hell out of the main character making his peaceful school life chaotic. Nishikata and Takagi are classmates who sit next to each other. Unfortunately for Nishikata, Takagi enjoys teasing him, but she does this for a reason as she has feelings for him.

She has an almost supernatural talent for pranking Nishikata every day and finds it adorable to tease him. Hence he has set a goal to get revenge upon Takagi for his every day suffering. But his attempted pranks always end up backfiring on him. Will he succeed in his plan to get his revenge? Similarities: The anime has a female character teasing the male lead whenever she gets a chance.

The show follows a slice-of-life format between two students in a school setting. Ueno-san is a brilliant inventor and the head of the science club at her junior high school.

But the only thing she struggles to figure out is the phenomenon called love. She also has a huge crush on her Science Club junior, Tanaka. Instead of making inventions for the advancement of humankind, Ueno-san makes them to get the attention of Tanaka, but she does not dare to admit it in front of him.

Tanaka is also too oblivious to notice her affection. She tries various methods involving her inventions to make Tanaka for her. Similarities: The main female character irritates the male lead with her weird inventions. The male lead often tries to avoid her but ends hanging out with her to try out her inventions.

He discovers that Tejina-senpai has stage fright and is unable to perform magic tricks properly. He ends up joining the Magic Club. From here, their comedic gag begins, as Tejina-senpai fails in every magic trick she tries.

Similarities: The main character ends up joining the magic club due to school rules. The female lead is busty and clumsy who always get in an awkward situation with the main character.

Junichi Hashiba has started his second year at his school and has been mourning about not having a girlfriend as his classmates have seemed to be pairing up everywhere. Although Yame quickly learns that Junichi is asking her out to lose his virginity, she still agrees to be his girlfriend. Similarities: The female characters in the anime are way too busty.

The main character is pretty generic looking but luckily gets a chance to hang out with good looking female lead. There are plenty of fanservice moments in the anime. Find more interesting animes to add to your watchlist by checking these guides below:. Join our weekly newsletter, where we recommend new anime series every Thursday! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Shen Anigan. Shen is an average internet user who likes to write his bio in the third person to make him feel like an anime protagonist.

He spends most of his time debating over 2D characters on Reddit and occasionally posts on Gojinshi. For any questions and complaints, please email him at shenanigan gojinshi. Latest posts by Shen Anigan see all. Table of Contents. Want Anime Recommendations?

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Have you ever wondered what Sugoi Dekai means in Uzaki-chan's shirt? What does this expression so present in anime mean? In this article, we will try to unravel its real meaning of Sugoi Dekai and its possible origin, Mega Milk. She is present on the Usaki-chan Character's shirt, referring to her huge breasts. I personally don't like to translate the expression Sugoi Dekai that way, there are more interesting facts in the expression. That is, Sugoi Dekai can express the idea of something extremely giant, intensely large, surprisingly huge and things like that.

Sugoi Dekai is a Japanese expression that is often translated into English as “I'm big!" or "so big!" in English. She is present on the Usaki-chan Character's.

Untitled — Sugoi Dekai

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Basically, the series follows a college student by the name of Shinichi Sakurai who gets constantly pestered by Hana Uzaki, his underclassman. But, I would also say that Takagi-san is a much better series in every possible way. Or, at least, it gets hate from a very vocal minority. But for now, allow me to explain what I think is wrong with Uzaki-chan. Rather than focusing on small gags that could be varied, the series focuses more on situations that the characters find themselves in. Hana Uzaki has three defining character traits.

Do you find Uzaki-Chan attractive?

sugoi dekai anime name

Shinichi Sakurai seems to appreciate the loner lifestyle, or so he says. Unfortunately for him, he's caught the attention of Uzaki Hana, and she seems dead set on hanging out with him every opportunity he gets. Is Sakurai going to end up regaining his soliteray life, or will he end up enjoying the interaction with this little social gremlin? Hoo boy, did I go into this show with mixed feelings. A manga review at ANN gave it a rather positive impression as long as you could stomach a few obnoxious starter chapters, but their season rundown had almost all of the reviewers hating the anime.

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The Great SUGOI DEKAI War Of 2020! Uzaki-chan, The Anime Girl The Internet Despises!

Are you in the chat, referencing something big or outlandish? This post unpacks everything you need to know about the meaning and origin of this expression. One of the characters wears a t-shirt with the words printed white in a red block in the show. For instance, you could use the phrase to describe the look of a huge bodybuilder or a girl with a large chest. Have you seen how young that character looks, and they are clearly trying to sexualize her to the audience. The manga went into serialization in mid and quickly found a huge following online.

What is Sugoi dekai? What does Sugoi Dekai mean?

At the start of her freshman year in college, Hana Uzaki reunites with Shinichi Sakurai, an upperclassman who was in the same club as her during her high school days. However, much to her surprise, the once active senior has ended up becoming a "lonesome" student, preferring to spend his free time in quiet peace. Uzaki does whatever she can to keep Sakurai from being "alone," from convincing him to go to the movies to going to his part-time workplace. While Sakurai finds her irritating and tiresome, he still goes along with Uzaki's hijinks and shenanigans, even if he knows that her perky personality will only lead the two of them into various comical situations. Even so, as the days pass by, their relationship only gets better, to the point where people around them misinterpret them to be a couple.

Fun T-Shirt: Uzaki's iconic "Sugoi Dekai" shirt, which fits her given that it translates to "wow The anime episodes have the verb "want" in their title.

Sugoi Dekai

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! A second season will premiere in October Hana Uzaki is thrilled to discover that she is attending the same college as her fellow high school upperclassman, Shinichi Sakurai.

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

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Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Shinichi Sakurai is a fit and grumpy-faced 3rd year college student who just wants to spend his free time alone. Unfortunately for him, an underclassman from his high school days, the short, energetic, and very buxom 2nd year student Hana Uzaki , has taken notice of this. None too pleased that someone she once admired has a nonexistent social life, she resolves to remedy that: by constantly pestering and teasing him until Sakurai is forced to hang out with her on a regular basis. Slowly, but surely, he gradually starts enjoying his time with her to the point that, even with all their bickering, they've become best friends who are almost always seen together.

Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out!

✧Waifu Uzaki Hana Sugoi Dekai Oppai (Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai)✧ Classic T-Shirt

Sugoi Dekai. Sugoi Dekai has become asking in English, as may be compiled by the notable article recognize Your acculturation. Sugoi dekai. Even in Central European nation associate act known as grate was used, and its that means was nice, however it became archeological once the seventeenth century. The heroine of the title, the anime character Uzaki Hanna, a brief girl with an enormous, wore a shirt with the name Sugoi Dekai, that noted her as a joke. Shinichi Sakurai. Her silver hair is brief, and he or she sometimes wears brown boots together with her notable blue shirt, black tights, and her notable.

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