Pink panther cartoon karate scene

After watching late-night TV, the Pink Panther has a late-night battle with a mosquito who constantly interrupts his sleep. The cartoon begins as the Pink Panther was watching so many late night shows all he did was flip through channels , the Pink Panther was ready to get to sleep. After struggling to get to sleep, he dreamt he was counting sheep and when they baa, the Pink Panther snapped out of his dream and got rid of the dream cloud with the exception of one sheep hiding behind his pillow whom he sent home. The Pink Panther went back to sleep but then a mosquito woke him up and flew around. The Pink Panther killed it then kicked it out the front door.

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The Karate Kid

Bill and Toony want to hear from you, our fantastic fans! Click the button below to send us your submissions. Our family decorates ornaments at our Christmas party every year! This drawing is Toony getting dounts from a donut shop, he loves donuts! My favorite show, Toon In with Me.

Help Sventoonie find Blob E. Blob and Kerwyn Fish! A thing to color as well. My three favorite shows! And he bonks others with a frying pan. Me and my sister really enjoy watching your show in the morning! Toon on Toony And Bill! An older drawing of Toony singing opera! Inspired by the classical music in many classic cartoons as well as the great tenor, Lucianno Pavarotti! Kevin Fleming, are you up to singing opera for Toony?! I love you all at MeTV!

A scary Sventoonie! A friend sent a picture of a hilariously hideous fish which inspired me to draw Sventoonie similar to that fish! This is the result. Kevin Fleming as Mr. The very talented voice of Toony and Sventoonie! Fleming is very skilled! A little tribute to him. Keep up the good work Toon In With Me! This is a different version of the drawing. I changed the background. The delightfully lugubrious Blob E.

Blob to color! Sventoonie fans asked me to do a coloring page and so I did! I love all three shows! My second Blob E. Blob portrait. Who can resist him?! Those eyes, those alluring lips, and that impressive nose! It would be fun to combine all three shows in a ultra fun special!

I love you guys! Toony the Tuna with his favorite snack, donuts! My father and I love watching cartoons on MeTV and talking about the cartoons we saw. Hi, we love the show, you guys are great! We like to practice Roman numeral reading, which normally you only have the superbowl to practice on.

Why did they use Roman numbers on cartoons? This is a picture of Toony when he visited my 26 year old fish, Goldy. He's a little blurry because he was swimming so fast to work off all the donuts they just ate. He said come back anytime! My most favorite TV shows!

Here's a very lovable trio! Toon in with me is fun, funny, I love the hosts and the cartoons! I'm a cartoon director that loves the show. I heard on a podcast with Bill that Toon In With Me has gotten the rights to run the classic Fleischer Superman shorts from the forties. I drew a version of Super Toony to celebrate that deal Saw this episode and had to draw it. Added Blob E. Blob because he appears to be reacting to the situation. Love everything about the show.

You're all great! Been with you from the start and will be with you for years to come! Hi Bill and Toony, I was watching your show this morning and it inspired me to draw you guys. Me and my family love your show and are longtime ME-TV fans. It's a great way to start off the morning. Keep it up! I'm 13 years old and watch the show every morning with my brothers.

Thank you for the back stories to the cartoons, it's my favorite part of the show. Nicholas Lambert, 13yo Submitted by Nicholas's Dad. This is inspired by Bill being flatulent in a recent episode!

However here we see Toony in that situation. Presenting The Amazing Tootin' Toony! Sventoonie during a full moon! What could happen?! Anything could happen! A weretuna?! Too frightening perhaps! For a gal who adores vintage things, Toon in With Me sure delivers! Thank you for making my morning coffee even better folks!

Bill does such a fine job hosting, so I thought it would be fun to draw The Cartoon Curator and sometimes Billwyn. I'm enjoying Sventoonie so much! A hilarious addition to Toon In With Me! Blob E. Blob is the most unlikely character to reach stardom, but here we are! A blob fish a star on the rise! I love the history and story behind all those old cartoons. I also love getting up in the morning and watching them with my siblings. This drawing is based on my enjoyment of the humorous rivalry between Kerwyn and Toony!

I also am a fan of Mexican wrestling and wrestling in general. No hoods barred! I love Toon In With Me for the very best in classic 'toons! Fellow Super-Tooner Drew had this great idea for Sventoonie to host a Halloween special, so I turned it into a painting.

I really like watching Toon In With Me every morning. My favorite episode is where two chefs fight over Bugs Bunny to make rabbit stew. This are took two different sketches until it felt like Toony probably Bill would enjoy this. The title on his shirt is inspired by His part after Svengoolie! My Dad came up with the idea of Kerwyn going fishing and ended up catching Toony.

It was a funny idea and gave it a go. We love cartoons and we love Bill, Toony and the gang. Not only has Toon In With Me helped start my day with joy and laughter, but the cartoons you play each day has given me the inspiration to draw and create!

My son Braedon loves to watch Toon In with Me every weekday morning. He loves the show so much that he decided to draw Toony to show his appreciation for the show. We hope you like the drawing. Keep up the great work! Love the show.

Panther cartoons and comics

Originally, it was meant to be a sophisticated romantic comedy about a suave jewel thief, Sir Charles Lytton, aka The Phantom David Niven. Gardner left the project when the producers, The Mirisch Company , was unable to meet her demands for a personal staff. Ustinov also followed her off the project. After Janet Leigh turned down the Simone role due to it requiring her to be away from the United States for too long, Capucine was cast instead. Now playing her husband was Peter Sellers.

Burt Kwouk, a British character actor indelibly remembered for his work in the “Pink Panther” films as Cato, the manservant who sprang comic.

Nunchaku movies and TV shows

Whatever its role, be it as a musical instrument, a prop, or a framing device, its presence lends an extra dimension to a movie. Below is a list of films that feature scenes with pipe and electronic organs. This is a large and growing list, as I periodically make additions and corrections, thanks in no small part to visitors to this site. Because of the proliferation of videos on YouTube, I am also working to include links to those. The links to entire films are found in the titles, and links to clips are found in the descriptions. If you see any omissions or errors on the list, or if you encounter dead links, please let me know! The Abominable Dr.

Hanna-Barbera TV Series

pink panther cartoon karate scene

The early 60s brought us a fantastic series of films all centered around a rather clumsy detective who, honestly, had no business trying to solve any crime! His heart was in the right place Still, luck comes to everyone eventually and some folks even more often. So, Inspector Jacques Clouseau somehow manages to solve all his crimes, even becoming Chief Inspector because of it! The weirdest part of the series of films wasn't the comical quality of Clouseau.

Inspector Clouseau joins forces with a crack team of detectives to hunt down an international thief…. Stretching across 11 films, 46 years, five lead actors and several styles of comedy, The Pink Panther series flopped ungraciously to a finale with this turgid movie that leaves you wondering what the creative team were hoping would happen.

Review for The Pink Panther Film Collection

The Pink Panther is an American media franchise primarily focusing on a series of comedy-mystery films featuring an inept French police detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau. The franchise began with the release of the classic Pink Panther film in The role of Clouseau was originated by and is most closely associated with Peter Sellers. Most of the films were written and directed by Blake Edwards , with theme music composed by Henry Mancini. Elements and characters inspired by the films were adapted into other media, including books, comic books, video games and animated series. The first film in the series derives its name from a pink diamond that has enormous size and value.

101 Classic (and Not-So-Classic) Kids Shows and Saturday Morning Cartoons from the ’50s to the ‘70s

And so it came to pass that in the final few weeks of a phenomenon — or, if you will, a pink-nomenon — was born. Not that anyone knew it at the time, of course. Or, better, just read on…. However, the movie was actually intended to be a vehicle for smooth, urbane British Hollywood heavyweight David Niven. However, when Gardner backed out, Ustinov too dropped out, ensuring second choice Sellers was cast as Clouseau.

Burt Kwouk, a British character actor indelibly remembered for his work in the “Pink Panther” films as Cato, the manservant who sprang comic.


Harriet accidentally eats a laced brownie, so Alabama travels to North Carolina to get her some delicious pancakes, inspiring the Greensboro sit-ins. Alabama and Harriet break into a South African prison to restore the spirit of a brainwashed Nelson Mandela. Alabama tries to heroically save historic Black witch, Tituba, from burning at the stake, but Alabama ends up being the one who needs saving.

The Pink Tail Fly

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Showcasing the comic genius of Peter Sellers, this "delightful caper" Leonard Maltin brims with "winning charm" The Film Daily and clever slapstick. David Niven, Robert Wagner and Capucine co-star in the sidesplitting film that launched one of the greatest comedy series of all time! Can Clouseau Sellers , the clumsiest inspector ever to trip over a case, stop Sir Charles' plot The French have a word for a man like Clouseau: idot! Across Paris, baffled citizens want to know if the inspector is in hot pursuit of a criminal Mistakenly assigned to a high-prestige case in which a millionaire's chauffer has been murdered, Clouseau finds himself falling for the prime suspect - a beautiful parlormaid whose talent for being in the wrong place at the wrong time is almost as great as his.

Here are the best slapstick movies ever made. With so many hilarious slapstick comedies out there it is hard to pick just one but your votes will help decide the best slapstick film of all time.

The Top 65 Movie Songs of All Time

It's the most popular and personable animal of the pink persuasion in the whole, wide world. He's debonair, colorful, comical, and delightful. He's an Academy Award winner and his unforgettable theme song is by another Oscar winner — Henry Mancini. Now 32 episodes from the first season are available for you to download and watch on your iPod! Pink Blueprint - The Panther answers a Help Wanted sign and becomes a short-order cook in a cafe next to a building site. After repeated mishaps pizza backed with plaster exploding oven etc.

16 Of Cinema’s Greatest Slapstick Moments

Originally a cute little character created by Korean company Vooz, plenty of merchandise goodies, a Web Animation series, and later a television series, it's about Pucca, who is a young girl living with her uncles, a trio of Chinese chefs. Pucca is in Mad Love with her "boyfriend" Garu, a Ninja who is none too keen on her outlandish displays of affection. The series takes place in the town of Sooga, an Adventure Town with plenty of Eccentric Townsfolk , including off-season Santa , who spends the other days of the year in town relaxing. Pucca became popular worldwide because it relies on visual and gag humor rather than language, much like The Pink Panther , the Road Runner and other pantomime cartoons.

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