Super lovers react to eren past

Obey me x dying reader. AU All Characters Swapped! Will include a link here to my first masterlist as well! Feel free to message me anytime i enjoy talking to you guys!

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Super lovers react to eren past

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Prodigy shogi player Yaichi won the professional shogi tournament title Ryuou when he was only After the win, things seem to be only going downhill, that is until 9-year-old Yaichi Kuzuryu showed up at his doorstep and demanded him to let her be his shogi disciple.

Seeing Yai Will any Cardcaptor Sakura is among the most-beloved magical girl titles, and the manga by the powerhouse mangaka circle CLAMP first began its serialization in Nakayoshi in May It was then adapted into an anime in which ran for 70 episodes before ending in March , quickly f Crime is at an all-time high for the residents of Fukuoka. Sometimes, they turn to the aid of the police department - other times, they turn to individually-owned businesses and professional assassins, detectives, informants, and the like.

Unfortunately for those who run such bus One-hundred years into the future. A world in which society is mostly operated by humanoid robots called hIE. With the introduction of an ultra-advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence, beings that mankind is yet to fully comprehend made from materials far too advanced for h Kokonotsu Shikada is an aspiring manga artist living in the countryside with his father Yo who runs a small candy store named Shikada Dagashi.

The shop has been in the Shikada family for eight generations, and Yo wants Kokonotsu to inherit the family business, which Kokonotsu ada Britannia, once home to an active group of knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins who since disbanded after they allegedly plotted to overthrow the Liones Kingdom. Rumor has it they were defeated by the Holy Knights, the most powerful knights in Britannia who protect the kingdom Junji Ito Collection is an anthology TV anime series adapting several short stories by the prolific horror mangaka.

All the stories featured in the first season of the anime are taken from either the volume Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection or single volume Fragments of Horror Hazuki Kagimura escapes from her lonely life with her new family by reading stories. Set in an adorable and peaceful fantasy world full of lush greenery, Hakumei to Mikochi follows the peaceful forest-dweller lives of two teeny tiny girls named Hakumei and Mikochi. Standing only nine centimeters 3.

She lives in an all-woman house called the Stella House Haruno with a few other women Nao, Makoto, and Kae and despite their differences in caree Currently unemployed Juri Yukawa has a special talent that not even her family knows about - she has the power to stop time!

Academy with a wide variety of psychic abilities including telepathy, psychokinesis, and teleportation, as he faces all sorts of hardships and desperately tries to live a normal life and avoi Rin Shima is a girl who enjoys camping by herself during the off-season. While camping at the foot of Mt. Fuji one day during winter she comes to the aid of a new transfer student to her school named Nadeshiko Kagamihara who finds herself lost. The two enjoy curry noodles togethe Sakamichi is a high school student and huge fan of anime and figures which has lead to him often biking over to Akihabara.

He hopes to join the anime club and make friends with similar interests, but the club has been disbanded. His biking talent is then noticed by Shunsuke Imaiz Light and Yomi are young boys who enjoy, more than anything, playing video games!

One late night, when everyone else is asleep, Light receives a mysterious invitation from a strange boy named Alpha, who was sent on behalf of someone named King. Suddenly, they find themselves bein Babi Electric Town is a gathering place for outsiders from all over the world where everything is operated by electricity.

Young Hemingway works in one of the shops there called Inazma Delivery, a transportation service for all kinds of goods. One day, a lost alien named Bytheway Mameneko is a slice-of-life series that follows the everyday happenings of cats Azuki and Daizi whose cat-loving owner is an office worker in her 30s.

She lives with her father, mother, grandfather, and glasses-wearing older brother whom the cats have nicknamed Japanese word for It has been several years now since the war between humans and masters has ended, and the world has entered an age of peace.

Some girls, however, contain the souls of past monsters and are able to summon their monster forms, and these girls are called Monster Girls or kaiju girl These three elementary school girls may just be kids, but they have a duty to protect their beloved Ueno! Yui, Sacchan, and Kotoha work day and night or at least until it gets dark… to protect their town as Colors, an organization dedicated to ensuring peace and safety within U For some reason, a young high schooler is refusing to attend school.

To dress up as a high schooler and attend posing as he One such brute is Hitomi, a fearless honey badger hybrid, who is kidnaped by acquaintances of college student Nomoto Yuuya. That is, until Rei gets trapped in the popular game Grave Buster. More than 3, years ago in China during the In dynasty, the emperor Chuu Ou is being controlled by a beautiful fox spirit named Dakki. She uses this power to harm the nation. An immortal-in-training by the name Taikobo is chosen for the Houshin Project with the goal of sealing That is a place further than the universe Mari Tamaki, also called Kimari by her friends, is a second-year high school student who wants to make the most out of her school years but never really gets around to starting anything.

When her schoolmate Shirase Kobuchizawa tells h Eccentric samurai Gintoki Sakata helps his friend Shimpachi Shimura sa Ten years have passed since the bloody battle to decide the next shogun. However, the pe The time has come to cleanse the world of the demonic influence of the Seven Mortal Sins! Heaven sent seven of its angels to find the true Messiah and save the world from damnation, but are they really cut out for a job like this?

Follow the Seven Heavenly Virtues on their quest Two brothers are taken in by the head of a school on the condition that they help out with daycare facilities. Thirteen-year-old Hana Nono is heading to school when she runs into a baby named Hug-tan and her hamster fairy Harryham Harry after they fall from the sky!

Ani is the princess of the minor nation of Inaco and on her way to attend a signing ceremony, meant to guaranteed peace between the nations Selenfalen and Milidonia.

Her first encounter is with the prince of Selenfalen, Ruze, who is so lovely and kind that she first mistakes him Chatorazawa Tapio is a cheerful calico and Roshihara Kuehiko is a pessimistic Russian blue. The two study in the same college, and also work together on various odd jobs.

Hirotaka Nifuji and Narumi Momose are childhood friends, work at the same company, and, more importantly, they are both otaku: Hirotaka is an avid gamer, while Narumi is a fujoshi! A disgraced former soldier who survived the Russo-Japanese war of the Meiji era, Saichi Sugimoto now lives on the far northern island of Japan, Hokkaido. Boku no Hero Academia is an action and comedy series following heroes-in-training who attend U. High School. Ace investigator Haise Sasaki is placed in charge of a special Quinx squad made up of members who are all part Ghoul After the restaurant is closed, however, his aspirations shift - there is apparently an elite school called the Totsuk A sequel to Full Metal Panic!

The Second Raid. While not without personal sacrifice, the soldier Sousuke Sagara has received permission from the military group Mithril to stay undercover and by the side of Kaname Chidori, a Whispered. Unfortunately, it seems that the leisurely li Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai is an original romantic comedy anime centered around Tada Mitsuyoshi, a boy with no experience in love.

Spring is the season of changes. For Hikari Kohinata, a girl born and raised in Izu, and Futaba Oki, a girl who just moved from Tokyo, it held an encounter that would forever change their lives. Aoi is v Kai Ichinose, the abandoned son of a prostitute, escapes his difficult life in the red light district by taking refuge in a forest which mysteriously contains an abandoned piano.

katsuki’s gf — hc: how the AOT characters would react to catching...

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is super lovers a bl anime.

eren jaeger masterlist

We expected a big reaction to the final chapter but none of us on the poll team were prepared for the 16, responses we received. Our write in doc, which is normally a few hundred pages, exploded this month to more than 1, pages, which by the way, is more pages than Lord of the Rings or War and Peace. On a final note, in the poll we asked people to guess the name of the final chapter. Very well done, Jaxenoxi!! While we have the mini ending poll and a series-retrospective poll planned, this is our final chapter poll. We on the poll team also wanted to share a few words and thank yous to our readers, which you can find at the end of the results. As always, thank you for supporting the community poll.

Aaron Hernandez

super lovers react to eren past

Series Masterlist. Series Summary: Eren Jaeger has two personas, a charismatic lead vocal who has lost himself in fame, and a boy who struggles with depression, seeking for someone to bring him back to where he was twelve years ago. Where he only knew love in the form of your name. Poster art by the most talented rainbuniart follow her on Twitter.

Some of the greatest moments in anime come when characters are pushed to their limits. Whatever is happening to them is so upsetting that their usual coping mechanisms or battle tactics just aren't cutting it.

Eren would rush in to defend them. Mikasa would also rush to defend them, but would be much more level headed than Eren. Armin would step in and try to use words to get the bullies to stand down. He refuses to back down and can usually defuse any situation. Jean will rush in and try to be a peacemaker at first, not wanting to resort to violence and seem reckless in front of his crush.

Eren vs. Warhammer Titan

After reading the latest Chapter, Y'know how Mirabel places the pieces of Bruno's vision tablet on her table after she uncovered it in Bruno's sand death room and her father walks in, imagine poor Jean, after having to calm down Mikasa all day, walks in on Caspian with his father's vision and is just like "no no no, nope, nuhuh, NO. Not today. Bro yes This is the type of humor aran sends caspain at 2am. Hey rory! I was browsing the internet and suddenly remembered this meme I saw like a year ago of this girl on her birthday and her younger sister comes up behind her to smash her face into the cake and totally misses and.. After helping out Aran distribute the magical food to the injured and sick townspeople, the brunet finds himself being interrogated by six pairs of pattering feet. Keep reading.

is super lovers a bl anime.

Gallery of Final Projects

Caution: spoilers ahead for The Boys season 2. The Boys season 3 made the right choice by cutting out a key Soldier Boy moment from the original comic series. Preempting the success that would follow, Amazon Prime renewed The Boys for a third season before the season 2 premiere had even aired. An earlier product of Vought's attempt to craft the perfect superhero, Soldier Boy is a riff on Marvel's Captain America, blessed with the same powers and carrying a similarly patriotic shield.

Erwin Smith may have made his departure from Attack on Titan during the most recent season of the anime, but he has had a significant impact on the events that took place until this point in the series — and as one of the most influential commanders of the Survey Corps, that impact will likely continue even in his absence. The 13th commander of the Scout Regiment, Erwin is best known for his dedication to securing life outside the walls for the people of Paradis Island. It's his singular goal throughout the series, and it's one that he'll seemingly sacrifice anything to achieve, whether it's his soldiers' lives or his own. But while every Attack on Titan fan can attest to Erwin's resolution to his cause, there are plenty of things we don't know about the commander just from watching the series. The Survey Corps has a long history of losing members, and commanders are no exception to that rule. Most of the commanders of the Survey Corps took up the mantle after their predecessor died in battle, but Erwin was the first to do so while the former commander still lived.

When Bakugou the Yandere of the school sees Deku for the first time he started getting jealous and kills everyone who he sees around Deku.

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Eren and Armin are obviously incredibly close to each other. Even after the 3th time reading the manga, I was one of those people. Here are my reasons why I ship them, and why I believe that Isayama has been building them up since the very beginning. I was troubled with how to sort it, and eventually decided to put it in chronological order, with few twists here and there.

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