The best cartoons of 2020 watch

Best Cartoons to Binge-watch Today. By: Rsbisne. As requested by one of the fans and readers on our website. Today we will list the best Cartoons to binge-watch at home or with friends. This whole list contains a lot of different genre Cartoon series and Cartoon movies.

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The best cartoons of 2020 watch

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The 15 Worst Animated Movies Ever

Depending on how old you are, it may surprise you to learn that Adventure Time was a lot of people's entryway into the world of Cartoon Network. Introduced in , the fantasy series about a year old boy named Finn and his magical talking dog, Jake, fighting evil and having adventures in the Land of Ooo, is beloved for its animation style, original music some songs are even having a second life as TikTok songs! If you've still never made the time to watch it, the Adventure time is now! Sugar, spice, and everything nice — if The Powerpuff Girls isn't the first thing that comes to mind when hearing that phrase, what kind of cartoons were you raised on?!

This Cartoon Network classic, introduced in , followed three sisters with superpowers who were made in a lab by their scientist father and spent their spare time fighting crime in Townsville. Their biggest nemesis was Mojo Jojo, an evil talking monkey with a tragic backstory. Chances are, you've debated with friends over if you're a Blossom a born leader , a Buttercup tough and mean , or a Bubbles soft and sweet.

The series was so loved, Cartoon Network rebooted it in There was even a live-action remake for the CW, which focused on the girls as older teens, but it's been put on pause to be re-worked, which is probably for the best — you'll agree if you saw the leaked scripts.

It followed an anxious anthropomorphic pink dog, Courage, who was adopted by an elderly couple who live in the middle of Nowhere. Courage had to put aside his fears in every episode, battling supernatural forces, demons, zombies, and more genuinely scary things to protect his owners, who were often clueless to the peril lurking around the corner.

Muriel, the elderly woman, showers Courage with love, but her mean old husband, Eustace, teases him often with a scary mask, making him shake and shriek in fear. Groundbreaking in more ways than one, Cartoon Network's first show created solely by a woman was also its first show to depict gay marriage, feature a main character struggling with PTSD, and have all female superheroes.

Introduced in , Steven Universe was created by Rebecca Sugar, an Adventure Time writer alum and boasts one of the biggest fandoms for any Cartoon Network show, thanks to its efforts to break out of heteronormative ideals and create a show that helped kids find their identity. The science fantasy show centers on Steven Universe, an adolescent half-human who is coming of age while being raised by the Crystal Gems, a group of magical beings. The more time he spends with them, the more Steven grows into a more powerful, magical version of himself.

Aside from the poignant life lessons, Steven Universe is also known for its stunning animation and original music. Another early classic, Johnny Bravo left an impression on its viewers when it first aired in The series followed its namesake Johnny Bravo, an Elvis-inspired teen boy with big blonde hair and a daily uniform of black sunglasses, a tight-fitting black T-shirt to show off his muscles, and blue jeans.

Each episode found Johnny trying his best to earn the affections of women he encountered, typically failing and often sidetracked by interruptions from his neighbor, a little girl named Suzy who adores Johnny.

Ripe with adult humor, Johnny Bravo was one of those shows your parents could laugh at just as much as you, if you watched it as a kid. Early '00s kids were raised on the antics of these three jawbreaker-obsessed preteen boys with basically the same name, though each had their own personality: Double D was the brains and the leader, Eddy was the conniving mastermind behind their schemes, and Ed was Aside from the Eds, the show wasn't short on hilarious characters, like Johnny and his aptly named wooden board friend, Plank, cool kids Kevin and Nazz, and immigrant son of a shepherd Rolf, who grew up to be a meme.

Plots involving the Kanker sisters, who were in love with the Eds, bordered on inappropriate but were equally hilarious. Early commenters were justifiably bummed when this was missing from this list, so we're making it right! The original Teen Titans animated show, which premiered in , was critically acclaimed for its humor, wit, ability to tackle serious themes and strong character development.

Where Teen Titans Go! The show's set-up which followed a character-based story arc for each season was also impressive for a show of its stature. Teen Titans helped shape what an animated kids show could do and where it could go, and that influence is still relevant today.

Another example of Cartoon Network's refusal to shy away from weirdness and dark comedy, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy followed dimwitted Billy and his cynical friend Mandy, and Grim, a Jamaican-accented reaper who becomes their best friend for life by force after losing a bet to them. Running from to , The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy often featured the kids dragging Grim into their hijinks and plots for their own gain, facing off with Dracula, the boogeyman, and the wolfman to name a few.

Back in the early s, everyone wanted to be part of the Kids Next Door sector and have access to their hi-tech treehouses and everything that came with it, including the hamsters who generated power for them.

The series centered on a crew made up of a diverse mix of kids, each with their own codename numbers: Numbuh 1, Nigel, the no-nonsense Brit, Numbuh 2, an aviation-obsessed German American known as Hoagie, Numbuh 3, the awfully optimistic Japanese American Suki, Numbuh 4, the always ready-to-go Australian American Wallabee, and the brainy but cool Numbuh 5, an African American girl named Abigail.

Together, they fought crimes against kids, like thwarting dentist appointments and avoiding homework — an all too relatable plot for kids viewers. Another key plot point was the resistance to growing up, which was viewed as an inevitable downfall — also relatable.

Debuting in , Cow and Chicken was one of the earliest absurd cartoons of Cartoon Network's offerings, a precursor to all of the absurdity that was to come.

Cow and Chicken are a brother and sister, whose parents are somehow human. Little sister Cow drives Chicken crazy as the two navigate daily shenanigans at home, school, and dealing with the Red Guy, a devilish character with buttcheeks that are entirely too pronounced. It's easier to escape from their issues when Cow morphs into her alter ego, Supercow, wearing a purple supersuit with holes for her udders and granting her superpowers, including the ability to suddenly speak Spanish.

The Teen Titans have had their fair share of shows and movies depicting them in all different kinds of scenarios and with different personalities, but Teen Titans Go! If you've ever thought, If I was a kid with superpowers, I would just be wildly irresponsible, then you probably love this show.

One of the best episodes finds Beast Boy roping the crew into joining a pyramid scheme and making an obnoxiously catchy rap song about it. A more recent addition to Cartoon Network's lineup of iconic cartoons, The Amazing World of Gumball is known for its absurdity, dark humor, and jarring use of mixed media and animation styles, including featuring its animated characters in photorealistic settings, grounding the bizarre series in reality.

The show follows the series' namesake, Gumball, a blue cat, and his adoptive brother, a goldfish named Darwin, along with the rest of their family in a bunch of misadventures that result in lessons about real issues, like political intolerance, mental illness, and cyberbullying, to name a few. It's also revered for its commitment to including jokes about trending pop culture. Honestly, it might be Cartoon Network's funniest show. Another Cartoon Network show that is definitely not just for kids, Clarence is equal parts goofy and heartwarming.

The show follows year-old Clarence, who lives with his mom and stepdad, Chad, as he goes on regular-kid mess-making adventures with his friends, the square-headed and very particular Jeff and the rabid, street-smart, mess-loving Juno.

The depictions of family dynamics, especially between Clarence and his mom and stepdad, are realistic and sweet, and possibly even healing or nostalgic for adult viewers. A bonus? The ending theme song is so good. Like, could have been on the Juno soundtrack good. This hilarious show about three different bears trying to find their place in civilized society in the San Francisco Bay Area has a voice cast of recognizable comedians, including Jason Lee, Charlyne Yi, Demetri Martin, Patton Oswalt, and Bobby Moynihan, proving it's yet another show that's not just for kids.

We Bare Bears has been lauded by critics for its depictions of "modern millennial anxieties" and allusions to ethnic diversity, including its representation of the Asian American experience. One of the bears, Panda, is a canon K-pop fan, K-drama watcher, cooker of Korean dishes, and lover of boba.

This show about a young, naive boy raised by a whale and mentored by an old pirate with questionable morals is just as insane as it sounds. Flapjack, the namesake character , is dead set on earning the coveted title of "adventurer," and will do whatever Captain K'nuckles asks of him in pursuit for that title and the promise of a lot of candy, including allowing himself to be covered in powder by a rich old lady so he can be a "clean boy" and earn the rights to the candy in her house, which is also entirely made of candy.

But Flapjack isn't greedy, so when he gets his hands on candy, he shares, inspired by Captain K'nuckles advice to "steal from the rich and give to the hmmm" — advice that may be questionable if not true. Despite the absurdity of Flapjack's adventures, the show remained relatable in its content, becoming a much-loved fan favorite. If you've somehow never seen one of Cartoon Network's most iconic cartoons, Dexter's Laboratory often abbreviated to Dexter's Lab , you've at least seen the meme made of him whispering "omelette du fromage" into a girl's ear.

The '90s cartoon centered on Dexter, a child scientist and inventor with an unexplained accent whose missions were constantly thwarted by his annoying yet lovable sister Dee Dee and his arch nemesis Mandark, a nerd infatuated with Dee Dee. Apart from its fresh and original humor, this show's voice acting really made it stand out.

Despite the fact that it's been over 20 years since the show first aired, I can still hear Dexter yelling at Dee Dee, and their mom yelling at him. Cartoon Network became home to many Scooby-Doo! One of the more recent iterations of the Scooby-Doo franchise, Mystery Inc. While some episodes played up the parody, others treated the dark and dangerous situations the gang found themselves in with total seriousness, making this one of the more adult versions of Scooby-Doo.

Sometimes this show feels like a fever dream because it was too short-lived. My Gym Partner's a Monkey followed a regular year-old kid, Adam Lyon, who is transferred to a school for animals aptly titled Charles Darwin Middle School when his last name is changed to "Lion" in error.

Adam befriends Jake Spidermonkey after being paired up with him in gym — hence the name of the show — and together, they navigate the highs and lows of adolescence, which as any person who has been a middle schooler can tell you, is tough even when you aren't the only human at your school.

Despite Adam's classmates being animals, many of the dilemmas they face are human in nature, making the show a metaphor for the ever-changing zoo that middle school feels like sometimes.

A show for healing your inner child, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends created a world where imaginary friends went to live in an orphanage, to be adopted by new kids when their human friends outgrew them. The main character, Mac, isn't ready to give up his imaginary friend Bloo, but his mom pressures him to. To avoid having Bloo go to someone else, Mac takes advantage of the loophole that lets Bloo stay at the orphanage as long as he visits him daily.

These visits allow Mac to befriend the other abandoned imaginary friends and get into even more adventures, with many episodes doling out lessons on why people create and cling to their imaginary friends. A unique example, Samurai Jack was a rare Cartoon Network show that got cut before it could really end, and was revived over a decade later to air a final season on Cartoon Network's aptly titled adult programming block, Adult Swim. The show centered on a brave and lonely samurai with a magical katana on a mission to save his kingdom from doom.

It was a truly original show, blending different styles of animation and art and showcasing impressively choreographed action-packed fight scenes while exploring themes of grief and regret. Despite its darker subject matter, the screwball comedy style kept Samurai Jack light enough for younger audiences. The rare circumstances of its revival gave viewers the opportunity to grow with the beloved show, further solidifying its impression on fans.

When Craig of the Creek premiered in , cartoon lovers were excited for a new kids' cartoon with a truly diverse cast, featuring a Black main character, Craig Williams, and his family. The show also features a lesbian couple who are known as the "witches of the creek" and a non-binary character directly inspired by the non-binary actor that portrays them, both named Angel.

No one is a stereotype or token character—everyone is unique and their own person. Beyond all of its strides for representation, Craig of the Creek is also just plainly a fun show, perfectly capturing the essence of childhood adventure and imagination as the kids spend their afternoons exploring the creek and coming across a slew of zany, truly original characters. Set in an alien-ruled world in the year , the futuristic cartoon centered on a human resistance force whose last hope was a giant, prototype mecha robot that they stole from the alien race.

Together, Kiva, Coop, and Jamie hatch a plan to use Megas to travel back in time to the last battle humanity faced against the Glorft alien force and lost, hoping to reverse the outcome and change the future. Unlikely heroes that they are, the human force especially Coop often get themselves into unique messes, like accidentally ruining TV for everyone and inviting a giant radio-wave-eating monster to Earth, that are hilarious to watch and made this show the success that it was.

This Emmy Award-winning cult classic has become a yearly rewatch every fall for its fans, thanks to its attention to detail that perfectly captures the feeling of cozy and slightly creepy fall nights.

Following half-brothers Wirt and Greg through a mysterious forest, the miniseries is dreamlike in both its storytelling and imagery, and not at all by accident. The writer and showrunner, Patrick Hale, referenced a collection of vintage postcards for inspiration, and the payoff was palpable. The end result is a show that allows its viewers to get lost alongside the brothers in the woods, searching for meaning and answers in the unknown. While it was perhaps the only Cartoon Network show that centered on food and cooking, Chowder was much more than a food show, even if every character was named after a food.

The series followed the young and hyperactive Chowder, who served as an apprentice to elderly, eccentric chef Mung Daal. Eager to learn, Chowder is still an impulsive kid who makes a lot of mistakes and has to fix them. His antics are not appreciated by Shnitzel, the gruff chef he works with, whose only communication is saying "Radda," a word without a real meaning that fans adopted anyway. The show was beloved for its snarky, original writing that wasn't afraid to break the fourth wall at times.

A serious classic, I Am Weasel was a spinoff of Cow and Chicken that followed a much loved, well-spoken weasel and his dimwitted baboon friend as they fought to be the star of the show. Weasel was too good to be true: a gentleman with a PhD and a total ladies man, while I. Baboon was jealous of his successes.

Red Guy from Cow and Chicken also appeared frequently to mess with I.

The Best Animated Movies on Netflix

Millennials know that this is a crucial distinction. Dickens would be proud. Austin Collins. This wonderfully strange animated miniseries debuted just a few years ago on Cartoon Network, but owing to its surprising allure, it has already established itself as an all-time great.

Best Cartoons to Watch High · 1. Spongebob Squarepants · 2. Looney Tunes · 3. Adventure Time · 4. Rick and Morty · 5. South Park · 6. Bob's Burgers · 7. Sailor Moon · 8.

For many years, one of the audiovisual content that has gained the most fans in the world has been the cartoon. Which are part of a category of animated works that refer to visual sequences made in two dimensions and are produced by drawing, sequentially, each image that composes them. Now, before, being able to watch cartoons or caricatures was as easy as turning on the conventional television and waiting for it to start transmitting. But, over time this has changed and also due to the fact that the main followers of these contents have increased and they do not have much time to enjoy it on TV. Therefore, they prefer to access platforms that host such programming, in their free time. That is why, today, there are many platforms that you allow you to watch any cartoon online, including movies and TV series. So, to make it easy for you to find and watch cartoon videos, we want to bring you the best websites available for it, at the both free and paid. For starters, we'll focus on the top and best online platforms that make it easy to view cartoons and cartoons from any device. Thus, we limit that the most important advantage of these sites is that they are completely free, then we proceed to detail each of them :.

Craving Cartoons? Here Are 13 Must-Watch Animated TV Shows the Whole Family Can Enjoy

the best cartoons of 2020 watch

And this wasn't any different for the cinema industry which, as we know, has been majorly affected by the pandemic. Yet, that didn't stop several amazing animated movies to came out even if some only did so digitally which were able to meet fans' expectations. According to the critics, you could choose dozens of good ones but there are at least 10 that will remain memorable for having caught the eyes of audiences. If you haven't seen the next list of movies, make sure you take note and wrap this year enjoying these beautiful masterpieces.

The best shows on Disney Plus aren't hard to come by. There's plenty of choice on the platform, but this can mean it's often a difficult task to choose your next binge-watch.

Here Are The 20 Best Cartoons on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Are you wondering where to watch old cartoons on the web? Thankfully, there are plenty of sites that can come to your rescue. If you want to watch classic cartoons, keep reading. We're going to explain how to watch old cartoons online. Boomerang is a US television network that's owned by Warner Bros. It offers a paid streaming plan that provides access to dozens of old cartoons.

Best Cartoons 2021 to Binge-watch Today

With the COVID crisis still ongoing and the effects of rampant wealth inequality becoming more evident than ever, generations of adults — and a number of impending adults — are realizing that they deserve better than the bureaucratic systems they're saddled with. Animation crafted for an adult audience can offer an emotional experience by giving viewers an escape, providing them with coping mechanisms, validating their psychological struggles, and letting them release stress through comedy. At the same time, animation workers are fighting to change the industry , unleashing the NewDeal4Animation campaign for fairer wages. After all, it's the talented writers, directors, storyboard artists, and animators who give us the entertainment that allow us to weather a succession of struggles, both worldly and personal, as the pandemic continues to storm. From the humorous to the gravely serious, we've gathered a list of the best adult animation of The following projects are not to be viewed by kids' eyes, but if you're old enough, you'll find quite a bit to enjoy here.

This chart contains the top animation movies based on the cumulative worldwide box office.

40 Greatest Animated Movies Ever

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The Best Scooby Doo Movies And How To Watch Them


Here are 60 of the best animation Youtube channels, all rounded up in one handy guide. From satirical movies to educational animated videos — and even nostalgic cartoons, YouTube provides a wide range of animated content. Read on to discover what might be your new favourite YouTube channels. With a unique storytelling style, TheOdd1sOut delights viewers with its sense of humour. ExplosmEntertainment produces short animated comic videos, each up to 3 minutes long. Utilising stick-figure animation, primarily made with Adobe Animate, this series uses visual comedy combined with dark and sometimes random jokes to entertain the cynical side of life.

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The 16 best kids cartoons to stream right now

Disney and Cartoon Network slip experimental twists into family-friendly adventure tales, while the streaming boom encourages all manner of M-for-Mature weirdness and visual hysteria. This list honors our favorite animated series of the year by offering new viewers a signature episode. Bojack was arguably doing MeToo episodes before any other series, exploring the moral borderlands of Hollywood inequity way back in its early years. Caught in revelations about his relationship with his late costar, Bojack Will Arnett comes clean-ish about his troubled past in a TV interview. In an unexpected twist, the interview earns Bojack an outpouring of support, as people praise him for his confessional honesty. Castlevania has always been about Dracula. Dracula died at the end of season 2.

10 Non-Animated Family Movies for Your Next Movie Night

Perhaps your world is inhabited with creatures that would be impossible in the real world, or capable of creating without using millions upon millions of dollars. Films based in animation are excellent ways to experience full-on fantasy worlds, science-fiction battles, and often-impossible events. Plenty of animation is based in humor, designed to make you laugh until you cry.

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