Sword art online in 5 minutes reaction

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Sword Art Online (Post-Aincrad) Kirito Power Downgrade

She has been given this Unique skill as well as her unique weapon to go with, because of her personality. Kayaba Akihiko thought of her as the kindest and most caring of all the players that logged in SAO. Just as Kirito was the fastest in reaction time, She and her Fiancee Shayne Hurdle, both were given unique skills, for being the ones who feels most in the game, the ones that brings most love.

Kayaba rewarded them both, and Jolina has since trained her Rune Inscription on her weapon, till it was mastered. She doesn't need any armor, as the weapon will provide her with one, fitting the rune she uses, and so will be the stats of her weapon and the attributes and abilities. Runes can only be active for 5 minutes each, then they get a cooldown of 15 minutes each before re-use. Only the Normal Rune can be active forever.

The normal Rune provides her with a full light metal Armor and her weapon gain stats of a One-handed Short Sword. The Speed Rune Grants her a bonus in Agility of , and gives her sword the ability to be able to stun enemies for a duration of 3 seconds. Its a 6 hit strike that do adds the difirence in agility to the damage.

The flame Rune grants Jolina the special ability to put fire on her weapon. The Light Rune gives her the ability to call forth a wind of light surrounding her blade, extending her reach by one meter and making it easier to deflect projectiles..

She can also throw Wind slashes, dealing the same amount of damage she would if she strikes an enemy. This Rune is use for supporting from afar. She is granted a 50 in all stats. The heart rune, is the tank rune. It grants her a bonus of hp, defence and the special ability Annihilation Field. This skill drains life of everything in a 2 meter radius of Jolina, and is always active. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Rune Inscription. History Talk 0. Do you like this video?

Play Sound. Categories : Unique Skill Hajimehiroki. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Sword Art Online Episode 01

Sword art online volum.. Chapter 2 - Project Alicization Part 1 The silvery white full moon, segmented into four by the cross-shaped window frame, could be seen looming above. In the southwest corner of ALFheim, in the land of the Sylphs, the streets of the capital city Sylvain were wrapped in a thick veil of darkness. Most of the shops had their sturdy metal shutters pulled down, and few players were moving around on the main streets.

Kirito carried Asuna to the World's End Altar in "over 5 minutes", which is a short distance on its own in the grand scheme of things.

Funny Sword art online memes

In the fan-favorite series Sword Art Online , Kazuto Kirigaya better known by his screen name Kirito has amassed quite a collection of avatars , each with their own unique abilities. Though Kirito discovered the skill relatively early in the game, he chose not to use it until dire circumstances arose, wanting to avoid unnecessary attention from other players. These same dizzying reaction speeds would later allow him to play on an equal field in the Gun Gale Online arc, allowing him to cut bullets before they could reach him despite his abilities focusing on that of swords rather than guns. Upon entering Alfheim Online, Kirito was quick to choose the fairy race Spriggan, as it corresponded well with his well-established black-clothed aesthetic. Not only did this create a way for Kirito to retain his stats from the Aincrad arc, but they also allowed for him to excel in environments typically detrimental to winged players, such as caves or tunnels, helping him out of tight pinches when trapped underground. Entering a fantasy world usually inspire players to alter their appearance to that of their ideal avatars -- though it may come with a few unwanted side effects. This seems to have been a decision maintained from game to game, with all his avatars retaining similar builds and heights so as to speed up the time it takes to adapt to a new body and its abilities. Not just anyone could distill an entire Artificial Intelligence into an in-game object in just a few minutes. This love of computer science helps to ground him as a relatable character for the audience , and is thought to have been fostered in him by his aunt, an editor for a computer systems magazine. These skills are likely also the instigator for the series as a whole, as without his dedicated love for the technical, Kazuto Kirigaya might never have been able to play as a beta tester for the first VRMMORPG, and SAO would have been a very different story.

Sword Art Online Abridged 2013 Movie Actress

sword art online in 5 minutes reaction

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It aired on July 7, On Sunday, November 6, , Sword Art Online SAO , the highly anticipated and renowned online fantasy game of the year, had already sold 10, copies in its first batch with players forming huge lines at every game store four days before the sale of the game even began.

What would happen if Sword art online, happened in real life?

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Rune Inscription

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. There are many people in real life who practice fencing for fun. Most of them at least most of those around me also play computer games about fighting. Sword Art Online clearly fits into the fighting genre of computer games. I didn't make a survey, but in any game about fencing it is certainly possible to find someone who likes do the same things in real life. As I recall, in the world of SAO combos are quick, but very predictable, especially the strong ones, and their speed is not above human limits.

Here is my reaction sword art online in 5 minutes or sao in 5 minutes support me on patreon.

Sword Art Online In 5 Minutes Reaction

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Sword Art Online hit massive popularity two years ago when the first season of the anime adaptation released. Starting out in an online world where the characters are trapped and will die in the real world when they die in the game, Sword Art Online looked like it could effectively examine our relationships with others in games and what would happen in dire consequences. The second season introduces one new game and revisits the game Kirito plays in the second half of the first season. Unfortunately, the show gives few reasons to actually care. Rumors are circulating about a person named Death Gun who can fire a bullet in the game that will also kill people in real life. Kirito, the protagonist of the last season, starts working with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to investigate whether such a thing is possible.

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