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This article used the information provided by the SK8 the Infinity Fandom Wiki , and the MrInitialMan website for scaling the undisclosed heights of the other characters. Out of the 16 characters, Kojiro Nanjo is the tallest since he is the only one who stands at centimeters. He is followed by Ainosuke Shindo, who is 4 centimeters shorter than Kojiro. For the third rank, we have Kaoru Sakurayashiki since he is centimeters tall. Then, the fourth-place sealed the centimeter-above height.

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Its animation is among the most ambitious plans of The fans have been entertained by season 1, which comprises 12 episodes. The new student transferred Langa is a participant to take his place, and he wins the fight against Shadow and is gaining a lot of attention. She provides her family members with real love but also showcases her motivation and character in their presence.

Kiriko is a strong woman, a characteristic typical of someone working in her field of work, and she has been proven to possess a keen conviction for justice and trust in the effort she puts into the criminal justice system. Her goal is to ensure the law that every illegal and criminal activity she comes across is dealt with and the information revealed regardless of who the perpetrator might be. For instance, she might assume that the injuries stemmed from being bullied and not from skateboarding.

When she learned that he had made a new friend, she was extremely pleased as well as proud of his son. She is devoted to her four children, and she is aware of the signs of trouble with her oldest, Reki. Shadow also known as Hiromi Higa is a violent skater who will be willing to do anything to be successful. Shadow employs violence and rowdiness in his races against his opponents. Ainosuke Shindo, also known as Adam Shindo, is the most skilled and experienced skateboarder who founded S.

His eccentric personality could be explained by his parents, who reprimanded him in his younger years. Adam is a dangerous participant who has been the cause of numerous incidents and was the reason Reki and Cherry both suffered injuries during a beef. Adam has shown an interest in Languor Snow and is looking to follow his career in the sport of skateboarding. The meaning of the phrase can be understood in many ways. He is in a love-hate relationship with the secretary, Tadashi Kikuchi.

Joe, also known as Kojiro Nanjo, is a top skater just like Cherry and is one of the founders of S. He had been friends with Adam and was acquainted with Adam from high school. He is deeply concerned about Kaoru and accompanied his body when he was injured in a game against Adam. He is kind and is considered an example of a father figure to younger skaters. Kaoru Sakurayashiki, also known as Cherry Blossoms, is a talented skateboarder who was acquainted with Adam from the beginning.

Cherry is a member of an AI named Carla, which is an advanced technology that assists Cherry to make informed choices. Cherry and Joe frequently fight and are not able to like each other. In his first battle with Shadow, he taped his legs and then performed skateboarding with snowboarding skills.

He uses skateboards made by Reki and is unable to use anything other than them since he believes they are precious and fortunate. He was a bit unsure, and he decided not to participate in the competitions that were held underground.

But Reki was shocked when he realized that Langa was not skating with spirit, and he clapped for him, cheered, and Langa took the win in the final. Reiki and Langa have a strong emotional, spiritual, and physical friendship in which they trust each other. Search for: Search. Posted by by Shweta Rawat 6 minute read. Sk8: The Infinity is an upcoming winter anime that has become extremely popular with fans! Koyomi Kyan. Shweta Rawat youcanneverfiguremeout.

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Funimation's Sk8 The Infinity is a lot like other sports anime. A gaggle of main characters centered around skateboarding but rather than a sanctioned event, "S" is more of an underground event. Reki, the underdog protagonist, brings together the group of skaters that will take down Adam, the rich and eccentric co-founder of "S. There has to be a villain and Ainosuke, known in the "S" world as Adam, is arguably the worst character but the best villain. And fans get a glimpse of his potential redemption by the end of season 1. By day, Ainosuke Shinbo is a politician that grew up at the manipulative words of his abusive aunties and with a butler's son as his only friend against his father's judgment. When Tadashi, the aforementioned butler's son, introduced young Ainosuke to skateboarding he fell in love, but in his adulthood, he used the sport to transform "S" into something more selfish.

February. langa sk8. Langa Hasegawa ; March. kaoru sk8. Kaoru (Cherry Blossom) ; May. adam sk8. Ainosuke Shindo (Adam) ; July. joe sk8. Kojiro Nanjo (Joe) ; August.

sk8 the banana — Sk8 the infinity personality types (MBTI)

A skilled skater and founding member of "S", he uses his unique build and stature to skate in an aggressive, movement-orientated fashion. Kojiro is a tall, muscular man with slightly tanned skin and wavy hair of a dark forest green, short aside from a small section at the back of his head that reaches down past the base of his neck. He has red eyes that slope gently outwards as well as a black, sun-shaped abstract tattoo on his left shoulder, and is most always seen wearing an easygoing expression. Outside of "S", his usual attire consists of plain jeans and an orange and white striped shirt, though he's also been seen wearing a different array of dark colored T-shirts and other colored shirts. When working at Sia la luce , he wears a white double-breasted chef's top and black pants, a long, dark red apron tied at his waist. As Joe, he wears only a pair of plain baggy white pants and a white and blue jacket with an orange lining, left unzipped to reveal his torso. He also sports black fingerless gloves and a number of dark bands around his neck and waist, and wears the longer section of his hair in a low ponytail. His clothing no matter how beat up are brand named, always trying to dress for his best. In "S", he seems to be a playboy who likes to charm and have fun with many women.

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sk8 the infinity characters joe

Sk8 The Infinity was one of the most popular anime that came out in As viewers watch the anime, they become mesmerized by just how fun skateboarding can be. Though the cast isn't as extensive as other sports anime, the characters of Sk8 The Infinity each have a distinctive personality that separates them from the rest of the characters. Sketchy is a fennec fox who lives at Dope Sketch, the skateboard shop where Reki and Langa work. Though most wouldn't expect a fennec fox to show as much personality as the other characters in this anime, Sketchy won the hearts of many fans not only because of his cute appearance, but also because of his attitude.

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Of course, Reki still takes the time to complain that it's Miya's fault they failed in the first place. Too bad Shadow doesn't care. Kojiro is still looking at him, his golden eyes, pink pursed lips, and long eyelashes.

Kojiro Nanjo

Funimation announced on Friday that it will begin streaming the English dub for Sk8 the Infinity , the original anime project from director Hiroko Utsumi Banana Fish , Free! Kyle Phillips and Christopher Wehkamp are directing the English dub. Leah Clark and Jeramey Kraatz are writing the English script. Funimation is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan. The anime centers on Reki, a second-year high school student who loves skateboarding, and gets caught up in "S," an underground and dangerous skateboard race with no rules at an abandoned mine. Langa, who has returned to Japan from Canada and has never skateboarded before, also gets wrapped up in S. Dirty racers, AI racers, and other unique individuals compete in the "youth skateboard race battle. Stone ending theme performs the show's opening theme song "Paradise.

JOE. Aka: Kojiro NANJO I this character. Anime Roles. SK8 the Infinity, Secondary. jp. Yasunori MATSUMOTO. en. Jonah SCOTT. es. Erick SELIM. Manga Roles.

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Sk8 The Infinity anime is one of the most ambitious projects of Fans have been entertained by Sk8 The Infinity season 1 which had 12 episodes. His friend, the new transfer student Langa joins the competition in his place and wins the beef against Shadow gaining immense popularity. Tadashi Kikuchi is Ainosuke Shindo's secretary and takes care of his chores. He was the one who taught Adam to skate and later comes to regret teaching him.

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