Old cartoon shows at doordarshan

Support Scroll. But none of these can recreate the magic of a precocious little boy and his feet-high robot. Giant Robot , a Japanese series dubbed in American English, exploded onto our television screens with sprays of bullets, flaming crucifixes and bombs that dropped all over the clay model sets like bird poop. Life for the average Indian kid was never the same since the day the earnest Johnny flipped open his wrist-watch to yell instructions to his robot. Heck, the Robot friend was also handy to deal with neighbourhood bullies.

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Doordarshan Shares Nostalgic Video On 62nd Anniversary; Netizens Recall 'golden Times'

Aap Beeti is a very special show for the national channel. The first ever horror show that aired on DD national in early 20s, aap beeti had managed to gather quite huge popularity from the diverse audience. The time when the show started was not a golden era for the national channel as by that time many more private entertainment channels have already emerged.

Aap Beeti was a horror show which had running time of approx 52 minutes. The show came on TV in couple of seasons with the same running time. Ravi Chopra, a leading Hindi film director was keen to make something unique at that time. So he had chosen a horror show. However the move was correctly taken as the show was a super hit.

There are different stories in different episodes. The show, as said was based on horror stories. Common human beings who are encountering with the spirits and ghosts were the main essence of the show. It was a weekly show; only one episode used to air in a week. During the 1 st season it was aired on weekends Saturday at 9.

When the second season hit the screen the timings were changed to Tuesday night at 10pm. There were various stories that were shown in the serial. Each story used to take two respective episodes to solve. It was a supernatural show that contained ghosts, spirits, black magic and other supernatural activities. Comedy shows and horror shows always go with every generation.

Though horror shows are not for the kids but it still has same effect like it had 15 years back. The show, aap beeti was based on families that encounter ghosts and spirits. It was as scary as the other shows that air on other channels these days. Horror shows have one important aspect that must be carried out nicely by the makers. That important thing is techniques of the show. Because we are watching a supernatural thing that is rare to witness in real life the techniques must be carefully used so that it looks real.

The techniques though in aap beeti was not like what we watch today on TV, but the feel was same as other horror shows in India. Aap Beeti had gained huge popularity when it came on board. Housewives, men, children who love to watch horror stories — all used to watch the show as it used to air night and on weekends. The second season came because audience started missing the one of the most horrifying shows on TV.

The title track of the show was hugely famous as well. One can easily find it on YouTube or Google. It was quite a good show to hook you up to your TV screen. The makers played a good game by making it a weekly show. People used to wait eagerly for the next part. Each story took two episodes so if you watch the first one you have to watch the last one as well.

It was one of the most important shows on DD nationals until today. Your email address will not be published. Plot The show, as said was based on horror stories. Relevance Today Comedy shows and horror shows always go with every generation.

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Lockdown impact: Doordarshan to air animation series ‘Chhota Bheem’ for kids

Sashank Kini, Research assistant at MICA, Ahmedabad, is a researcher, writer and educator specializing in children's studies and media culture. With a compact team of 5 producers, Bombay Doordarshan 1 was inaugurated in Worli on October 2, — coincidentally on Gandhi Jayanti. They were aired during evenings between pm and pm on weekdays, and on Sunday mornings. This Sunday morning fare initially had a simple format wherein Nandita, an anchor cum ventriloquist would appear with her glove puppet Tikku. Then entered a fresh batch of producers, including Shukla Das 5 , who had previously done a stint in public broadcasting abroad at WGTV, Georgia.

Detective shows like Tehkikaat, Raja Aur Rancho & Byomkesh Bhakshi were unforgatable as well. Tehkikaat was the top-ranked TV serial of.

Golden Era of Doordarshan! Evergreen DD Shows That We Miss Even Today!

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‘Chhota Bheem’ to air on Doordarshan during lockdown

old cartoon shows at doordarshan

Fraggle rock was my favourite, you know they used to show this before Nukkad those days. Good one. That way it'll make blog viewers see the video here itself rather than visiting the actual site. This may have not been aired on DD national channel in the 70s or 80s but I must tell ya, its pretty entertaining.

India's Govt.

Nostalgia: Giant Robot on Doordarshan Fun Time

Watching foreign TV in India in the Nineties meant being exposed to decades of Western pop culture, and not just the latest shows. Long-time movie buffs can get spooked when the stars they grew up with behave like Dorian Grays, unwilling to age normally. If you were a timid year-old watching Maine Pyar Kiya in and thinking of Salman Khan as a full-formed adult, it feels odd, three decades later, to see the same man playing buff young heroes while your middle-aged bones creak as you reach for the remote. With television actors, the ageing process is more relatable because of the grounded, real-time nature of the medium. But it can be unsettling in other ways. Last month, I began binge-watching the new show Riverdale—a dark, witty, sometimes Gothic take on the sweet world of Archie comics—with almost no prior information about the cast.

Doordarshan stops telecast of popular animated series criticised for ‘mocking’ saints

The s are considered to be the golden era of Doordarshan in India. For those who are ignorant, Doordarshan is the mother of all television channels in India, which still clings onto its legacy role as a public broadcaster. Particularly, DD National was the only channel available to the masses before the advent of cable TV in India in When I look back, I have to agree that nothing we see on TV today seems matches up to it! What gave the TV shows of that era their universal appeal? How did those shows manage to mesmerize an entire generation that they are still nostalgic about it? Was it merely the newness of having a TV set in your house or was it something beyond that? This serial was quite popular when it was telecast in and many characters from this serial had a fan following which rivalled even film stars at the time.

List of best old and popular Doordarshan (DD) serials. Article dedicated to pres Indian TV shows that you enjoyed in your childhood.

Magic Lamp – Doordarshan’s Star Programme for Children in the 70s

All the 90s kids who grew up watching Doordarshan in their initial years, raise your hands! Not everyone had the privilege of a cable TV connection back in those days and Doordarshan--DD1 and DDwas our only gateway to entertainment. There were limited options to choose from, especially when it came to animated or cartoon shows, but we were happy with what we had.

Why DishTV?

RELATED VIDEO: आम का बँटवारा - मीना और राजू - हिंदी कार्टून - Unicef Cartoon - Meena Aur Raju Cartoon Hindi

Doordarshan - the name of the channel itself reminds us of our childhood days, doesn't it? In fact, we used to stick to DD screens to watch our favourite shows cartoon, serials or even news - A golden era, we must say. Recently, Doordarshan celebrated its 57th anniversary. The first telecast of the channel was on September 15, in the year From serials, historical and mythological shows to cartoon and documentaries, DD had it all.

The show revolves around the protagonists Girish and Aashima who, under unreliable circumstances, marry each other but eventually fall in love.

List of Best Classic Indian TV Serials of 80’s and 90’s (Doordarshan)

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List of programs broadcast by DD National

The 90s were filled with wonderful Cartoons. It was the time when televisions were being fit in every household and along with Doordarshan, it also brought some evergreen animated shows. So, dive back to the nostalgic ride of animation and relive the cartoon you loved when you were a child. The treasure hunting adventures of super-rich McDuck and his nephew were very entertaining.

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