Digimon adventure tri saikai

Digimon Adventure tri. Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Digimon franchise, the six-part series serves as a direct sequel to the first two television series, Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure The film series is set six years after Digimon Adventure 02 and takes place in A mysterious anomaly is causing distortions in the Real World and Digimon are being plagued by a virus that turns them hostile. These circumstances lead to the eight original DigiDestined being reunited with their partner Digimon.

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Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 1: Reunion

Move over Pokemon masters, the DigiDestined are back! When I heard that there would be another Digimon adaptation based on the original Digimon Adventure, I was jumping up and down with excitement. Growing up as a kid we had: Sailor Moon, Digimon, Pokemon, Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh and a slew of other great shows that were part of my morning television watches before heading to school.

So hearing that the original Digimon was getting another adaptation, I was more than psyched to see it. Keep in mind that this is only a review for the first movie and there will be a total of six of them throughout a specific timeline.

Since the first movie was divided into four episodes, it's a bit uncertain where the direction the story is going to go because there are five movies that are yet to come. From the looks of it, it seems like something is driving certain digimon to go back in action terrorizing the people of Japan and the DigiDestined are reunited with their digimon to combat whatever's terrorizing Japan.

There are also these men in black who appear and seem to assist the DigiDestind throughout the first four episodes, what their role during the remainder of the anime is also up in the air.

Needless to say that there is a lot of ambiguity within the first movie, which I assume will be cleared up in the coming movies. Before I get into what I liked about these four episodes, I'll discuss what I disliked. One thing I hated was the introduction to these men in black but we don't get a backstory on what their deal is.

The other aspect I disliked was when they introduced a new DigiDestined at the end of the last episode. Like really Which also brings up the fact that why does Toei Animation have to spread these movies over a few months? I'm not getting any younger!

And the other thing I disliked was during the last episode when everyone was fighting Alphamon, for some reason the animation for the ultimate levels were skipped Gah, but other than that I loved everything else.

If anything this first movie was an entree to a nostalgia rollercoaster. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I saw Agumon digivolving to Greymon and Brave Heart was playing in the background. When everyone reunited at Haneda airport with their digimon and the rookie digimon digivolved into their champion forms, I was smiling ear to ear and filled with happiness. I was just gleaming with joy watching these four episodes, Digimon is one of my all time favourites so watching Saikai really was a treat.

The first thing that sort of obvious is the visuals are slightly different from the original. To be honest I wasn't that big of the fan of the character designs at first, I would have liked to see a modernized or brushed up version of the original character designs. The digimon looked fine, but I have no clue why the animators chose a different route with the character designs. Not that big of a deal for me, compared to others who disliked it, but I'm really liking the character designs as of now.

The colouring is beautiful, which was an upgrade from the original Digimon Adventure. I'll briefly go over the main characters, not the digimon, and give my thoughts about everyone. Hikari and Takeru I don't really have much to say about these two since they didn't leave much of an impression on me. I guess the same modesty is seen in these four episodes as well.

I was also happy that Takeru's Digimon 02 digivice was used for Palmon's champion evolution to Angemon. Looking forward to what these two have to offer by the end of this saga. I hope they make some sort of appearance in Digimon Tri. And I hope we get to see Tailmon and Patamon's armour evolutions!

Jou seems a bit disenfranchised by the whole "the digimon are coming back" notion. I felt like he wasn't that big of a fan entering the digital world the first time, and now that digimon are resurfacing, it seems like he's trying to distance himself from that and focus on school. I'm intrigued to see his role in the next movie. Nothing has really changed with him, nor am I really excited to see what he has to offer in the next couple of episodes. If anything I'm more excited for Tentomon's mega evolution if that does get animated.

Yamato and Taichi never seem to see things eye to eye on certain subjects surrounding the digital world. It felt like old times seeing these two get heated over different points of views. I'm sure the fight they had in the first movie won't be the last one they have against one another.

I loved Mimi and her endless array of hairstyles, she's the one that really brings life to this group most of the time with her bountiful personality. Sora on the other hand didn't leave much of an impression on me, she's more neutral like Takeru and Hikari. I was always fascinated by her relationship with her mother, though I know they're on good terms now. I'm also curious if they'll develop that Sora and Yamato relationship, it's pretty obvious that it's a one sided romance; they probably won't get into that relationship as much.

As with Tentomon, I'm most excited to see Piyomon and Palmon's mega forms if they actually bring that into the anime. Anyways, that's it for this review. I know this review longer than my usual reviews, but that's because I just absolutely love Digimon. The wait for the second movie is slowly killing me. For those who saw the promo photos for the second movie, you would have seen that Palmon and Gomamon's mega forms are on the cover! Besides Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon and Tailmon, I'm so stoked to see if we actually get to see the mega forms of Tentomon, Palmon, Gomamon and Piyomon actually being animated.

For those of you who don't remember Tailmon and Palmon's mega forms were animated in the Digimon 02 movie. And yes I know this review is late, I'll try my best to write another review right after the second movie comes out! If you're a Digimon fan, please share your thoughts in the comments section of what you thought of the Digimon Adventure tri. Saikai movie. I'd love to hear what you think! Pages About Archive Contact. Digimon Adventure tri.

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Digimon Adventure tri. 1: Saikai

The lads preserve her secret even after learning that she is a girl so that she can continue to serve as a Host with them because it turns out that Haruhi is good at making girls like her. After it was released, the romantic comedy anime gained a lot of popularity. For a while now, rumours have been spreading on the Internet. Consider the characters who will almost probably return in the sequel. Despite the passage of more than 15 years, older show devotees have yet to learn anything about a potential second season. There have long been rumours floating around.

Digimon Adventure tri. 1: Saikai (Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 1: Reunion, デジモンアドベンチャーtri.(トライ)第1章「再会」) anime.

[REVIEW] Digimon Adventure Tri: Saikai - A Slow Nostalgic Trip

The first film, Saikai, focused on Taichi and Yamato. Judging by the trailer, Ketsui will focus on Mimi, Joe, and their respective Digimon partners. Familiar Digimon like Leomon and Ogremon also made an appearance in the trailer. Not only did it show fans what to expect from the second film, it also tugged at my heartstrings with a teaser for the third film, Kokuhaku Confession , near the end. Patemon said good-bye to Takeru, and the release date for Kokuhaku was revealed to be sometime this summer. Fingers crossed that Patemon achieves his Mega form and we get to see him turn into Seraphimon. Did you watch Digimon Adventure tri: Saikai? Are you excited for Ketsui? Let us know! Phil in Molecular Genetics.

First Five Minutes of Saikai

digimon adventure tri saikai

North American anime licensor and publisher Shout! Factory have released the first trailer for their upcoming home media release of Digimon Adventure tri…. Chapter 1: Reunion Saikai …. The first commercial has been aired on Tokyo MX for the upcoming first episode of the 6 part Digimon Adventure tri….

Plot Summary: The gate to the Digital World has been closed for three years. Taichi Yagami and his friends have since moved on, and now that he is in his second year of high school, it is time for him to grow up.

Digimon Adventure Tri Saikai Review (Anime)

A quick look at The C64 Collection 1 cart for Evercade. Chinkamo Twins! Whoever thought we would get a sequel to the original Digimon story, huh? With the gang now in high school with their lives as DigiDestined behind them, they find it difficult to meet up due to obligations such as work and studying. The public are aware of Digimon and turn against them in general due to the Kuwagamon attacks, and an organisation enlists the help of the DigiDestined to fight back.

Digimon Adventure Tri: Saikai

The year is , three years since the defeat of Belial Vamdemon. The Real World has become isolated from the Digital World , so it has been a year since any of the Chosen Children have been able to visit or see their partner Digimon. On a day where there are reports of mass blackouts in the Kawasaki region, Yagami Taichi oversleeps. His sister, Yagami Hikari , cajoles him out of bed so that he doesn't miss his early morning soccer training. He rides to training, but forgets his lunch, which Hikari brings to him. However, he is approached by their class's deputy homeroom teacher, Nishijima Daigo , who requests that Taichi see him after school due to his continued failure to submit a career planning form. In their meeting, Taichi admits that he has no idea what he would like to pursue as a long-term path in life, and when asked by Nishijima for any interests that might be usable, struggles to come up with anything, although he does reflect on how he misses his friends in the Digital World. Meanwhile, at the docks, an Kuwagamon that is behaving erratically realizes while Meicoomon is on the run in the area.

Inside the case is a poster featuring Tai and Matt (I only know the English character names!) on Omnimon battling Alphamon; as well as a wonderful plastic.

Digimon Adventure tri. 1: Saikai Review

Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. By KirbyStarWickett.

Opinioni Digimon Adventure tri. - Saikai

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A direct sequel to Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 in celebration for the franchise's 15th anniversary. Unlike the previous series, where it mostly focused on the new Chosen Children, tri.

Home Tag "Digimon Adventure Tri". We are getting close to the end with the first full promotional video released for the fifth Digimon Adventure tri. The official website for Digimon Adventure tri. There will be no spoliers here but the videos hints at an epic battle. Read more. Digimon fans brace yourselves!

The real surprise, however, was that this new series is to be a direct sequel to Digimon Adventure More and more teasers started to come out, the character designs were revealed, and fans became staved for more. Set three years after 02, Tri picks up at the cast currently going through their highschool years. Speaking of which, Tri kinda goes out of its way to be too nostalgic at times.

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