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A Whisker Away is a heartwarming fantasy Japanese animation. Miyo Sasaki is a junior high school student who has a crush on her classmate, Kento.

When a classmate exposes her love letter to Kento, he rejects Miyo in embarrassment. Miyo gets depressed and is offered a mask that allows her to turn into a cat, which she uses to get close to Kento. She finds being with him as a cat is better than not being with him at all, and her humanity begins to fade.

This story takes place in Tokoname, a city not far from Nagoya. Tokoname, located on the west coast of the Chita Peninsula, has been a famous producer of pottery in Japan since ancient times.

The Tokonari-yaki pottery produced here is one of the oldest and most famous types of pottery in Japan. The area is littered with pottery kilns and known as the home of Manekineko a lucky cat , tying together the inspiration for the cat mask and Kento's love of pottery. There is a special section for movies at the tourist plaza in Tokoname Station.

In addition to selling cat masks and other products, you can also get free tour maps. For more details, check out Tokoname's official tourism website. We've made a version of the map that we think is convenient. In addition to the official map, A Whisker Away movie location map, we have Google Map coordinates to find the location faster. The number after the attraction corresponds to the official location map number. The movie location route takes about 3 hours, most of the attractions are within walking distance of stations; however, there are many steep sections, so remember to wear good walking shoes.

Also, some of the sights are inconspicuous and easy to miss if you're not paying attention, so we recommend you use Google Maps to find them. Traces of the movie can are all over the station.

You can walk straight out of the station to the tourist plaza. This is the West Road entrance to the Pottery Barn. If you want to film the scene from the movie, you need to film it in the crosswalk. So please be careful. This small shrine is located on the east side of the Ichiki Bridge, and takes about 3 minutes to walk to.

At this cafe, you can experience making pottery. You can find such cafes everywhere along the ceramics promenade. If you are tired of walking, why not go to a foot bath cafe not far from this cafe?

The Kaisen outside of the Takita family's house refers to the transportation of goods and passengers between ports. The Takita family was engaged in this business from the Edo to the Meiji era. When Miyo becomes a cat she returns home and encounters the big cat that asks her if she wants to live as a cat forever. When Miyo was trying to get rid of the big cat, she also walked along the Dobunzaka path.

The Dobunzaka rest house is near here. There is a ceramic chimney at the end of this road that is decorated. I wonder if a big cat will inadvertently scurry out of here and ask if you need a cat mask. This is a type of kiln that was built on sloping terrain.

The kiln was built in and was still in use until , making it the largest remaining kiln in Japan. It is now recognized as a national tangible folk cultural property. Visitors can also visit the kiln. This is both the beginning and end of the story. This is where Miyo first met the big cat who gave her the cat mask. Shinmeisha is located at the highest point of the ceramics walkway, where you can see the entirety of Tokoname City. As it is inaccessible, you can only get a rough outline from the outside.

This is Seifu's studio. It is named after Seifu Shibayama. Seifu Shibayama's wish was to make a thousand statues of Kannon Buddha, but unfortunately, he stopped at the rd statue when he passed away. If you liked the anime movie A Whisker Away, then you might want to check it out in Tokoname. Follow in the footsteps of Miyo and Kento and explore this city full of history and fun. Take a hike up to the top, take a break at a cafe, or just relax and create some unique pottery.

Click here to get the latest information on Central Japan. Centrip Japan - Nagoya and Chubu Information. Share Share Share Share. Before we go, grab a map of the film locations! Let's find the movie locations! Related Articles.

Analysis on A Whisker Away: Deconstructing the Title, the Duality of things, the use of Cat Masks

Directed by Junichi Satoh and Tomotake Shibayama, written by Mari Okada, and produced by Twin Engine, the film is a beautifully crafted story about a young girl looking to find acceptance through escapism. Although it is worth noting that unlike other Netflix Original Anime, there is no English dub available, possibly due to the difficulties of dubbing during the pandemic. She is also secretly in love with her classmate Kento Hinode. When she is offered the chance to become a cat, she realizes that the only way to get close to him is to transform. But as the story progresses, the boundary between herself and the cat becomes ambiguous, and she is forced to give up her life as a human. In an hour and minutes, A Whisker Away packs in a multitude of emotions that showcases the beauty and depth of anime , and animation in general, as a storytelling medium. Through a beautiful narrative and immersive animation from Studio Colorido, the film aims to take root in your heart for longer than its run time.

Back in "A Whisker Away" (Nakitai watashi wa neko o kaburu) was meant to premier at the cinema in Japan and the USA but because of the.

A Whisker Away

Sleeping all day, prowling all night — the life of a cat seems a pretty sweet gig, right? No responsibilities, no commitments and all the glasses you can knock off the table. Or at least, loved by someone specific. A schoolgirl, Miyo is smitten with classmate Hinode, and her over-zealous attempts to woo have failed. One night, a mysterious Mask Seller offers Miyo a Noh mask, with whiskers and pointed ears. Yet, it has a droll charm, with a fascinating wit behind the storytelling and fantastical characterisations set against whimsical animation. Much of the backdrop fades into a watercolour, with a focus on characters, and occasionally allowing the scenery moment to shine.

Real-life location of animated film A Whisker Away

A Whisker Away

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Miyo "Muge" Sasaki is a peculiar second-year junior high student who has fallen in love with her classmate Kento Hinode. Muge resolutely pursues Kento every day, but he takes no notice of her.

Mari Okada & Studio Colorido’s “A Whisker Away” Anime Film Hits Netflix this June

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Film Review: A Whisker Away

Miyo voiced by Mirai Shida in Japanese, with English subtitles is impulsive and given to acting out. Miyo crushes on classmate Hinode Natsuki Hanae. As in hip-check in hockey or hoops hard. Maybe the nickname everybody else in school has given her should be her clue. I wish it would end soon. But this Buddha-sized cat she runs into sells cat masks.

A Whisker Away, known as Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu in Japan, was released on Netflix on June The literal translation of the Japanese title is "I.

WATCH: The official trailer for upcoming anime film, ‘A Whisker Away’

The film is being co-directed by Junichi Sato Sailor Moon ; Princess Tutu and Tomotaka Shibayama, the latter making his debut as the director of a feature length film. In A Whisker Away , Muge receives a mask which when worn turns her into a cat. She uses this to get close to Hinode, the boy she likes, and also finds herself swept into the feline world.

A Whisker Away (movie)


A Whisker Away trailer is an anime film about a young Japanese teenager who gains the ability to turn into a cat. The main protagonist is a girl in her early teens, nicknamed Muge. She's madly in love with Hinode, a boy in her class who doesn't appreciate her advances. One night, she encounters a mysterious anthropomorphic feline who offers to sell her a magical mask. With it, Muge can turn into a cat and spend time with Hinode, getting to know him better. As she switches back and forth, she begins to wonder if she'd prefer to be a cat, rather than a human - but doesn't know what it might cost her.

Miyo Sasaki is an energetic high school girl who comes from a broken family consisting of her unconfident father and an overly invested stepmother, whose attempts at connecting with Miyo come across as bothersome.

Amidst her parents separating, Miyo Sasaki encounters a mysterious Merchant who gives her a noh mask that transforms her into a white cat with striking blue eyes. Later, Miyo develops a crush on her classmate, Kento Hinode, after encountering him while she is transformed. Despite her best efforts to draw his attention at school, her efforts always fail. When Miyo overhears some classmates badmouthing Kento, she leaps to intervene and injures her ankle. She decides to make her feelings to him known, but this fails, and in embarrassment, Kento rebuffs her. Her heart broken, Miyo decides it would be better to spend her life as a cat, and the Merchant appears, retrieving her human face and promising her a paradise ahead.

Her way of acting out is by pursuing this guy at school. Hinode repeatedly rejects her, which only makes Miyo more relentless in her pursuit. So when she enters his life as Taro, the cat, he has no suspicions. A Whisker Away cleverly showcases her longing to be with Hinode as herself.

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