Mahouka material burst

Even thought, he dont possess any superpowers he surely one of the most overpowered anime characters i have seen so far. Our Wizard king can use his magic power to control, accelerate, stop, and even reverse the flow of time. Furthermore, Julius also can create a form of magic, which captivate his opponents in time, restraining them in a time loop. Acnologia is one of the most overpowered anime characters in the fairy tail anime series, this antagonist has various powers, technique and magic abilities.

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Mahouka material burst

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Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 10 of 12 First September 27th, , PM Wow what a completely unracist and ethical treatment of the chinese. Sasuga Onii-sama. Just wait until they get a second season and show how incompetent the not-quite-Americans are. Localizationing stuff.

If it lives, I can kill it. Magical Girl Originally Posted by Mattias. September 28th, , AM Lmao one thing I find hilarious is the purpose of Third Eye. Go check out some awesome fan fiction! Sounds familiar right? If you click edit post, you can delete your posts there. Originally Posted by Dullahan.

Dat material burst! I not eben mads. This show was so amazingly bad, yet at the same time I just couldn't stop watching it. I so pity the author Do any other sooper-dooper powered characters show up, or does Miyuki's God just continue to rule the world whenever he's not being a 'normal' sibling? September 28th, , PM All of the "Strategic Class Magicians" are supposed to be at his level, and we only meet him and American Saber.

She gets traded to America for Saber, then contacts Tatsuya to give him information. While drunk. Yes, she drunk dials Tatsuya with espionage. Originally Posted by I3uster. I also fully expect an OVA that has the beach episode where they all go on a cruise and then to a remote island because Shizuku is loaded. Originally Posted by Bridgeburner I watch Mahouka for about the same reason I watch Infinite Stratos. Mahouka is worth watching for all the shallow reasons.

It's not entirely shallow. I watch it for a Kana Hanazawa-voiced busty girl that happens to be very nice but has moments where she's a bit of a tease, just like IS. I mean yeah, any one of those things is shallow but add a bunch of shallow things up and you've gotta get deeper, right? This is why I watched Mahouka. Tags for this Thread ps vita.

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Mahouka Magian Company Vol.03 (-Manual TL-)

Finally, Tatsuya showcases his infamous Material Burst spell. What is even the mechanism of this spell? He radiates energy from a single point annihilating anything within a certain radius? When you have someone who can revive allies and also instantly obliterate enemies, how do you not just want to take over the world? It just got way too ridiculous as time moved on. It looked, for the most part, like the episode was a complete and utter destruction of the enemy.

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Did tatsuya cause scorched halloween?

It has been likened to a magical equivalent of a nuclear warhead, and operates similarly on fundamental principles of physics; by converting matter into energy, it performs comparable destruction without the radioactive material fallout. This shows that when Material Burst is used upon " Material Burst is incredibly powerful and has the potential to outstrip any other Strategic-Class Magic in sheer destructive ability as Material Burst is not limited to area and has no theoretical limits to its power like some of the other Strategic-Class Magic. The USNA was unaware, however, whether Material Burst which they call the "Great Bomb" was performed using magic or using some form of tactical warhead. In order to gain access to Third Eye a complicated locking mechanism must be deactivated involving a two person card key, blood pattern verification, password, and voice-print verification; none of which are Tatsuya's. Nonetheless, Tatsuya is still able to cast Material Burst without the assistance of Third Eye, albeit with a shorter range limitation. The first confirmed use was during the Okinawa Defense Naval Battle when Tatsuya used a newly developed sniper rifle from the National Defense Force in combination with Elemental Sight to shoot a bullet near to the ships of the Great Asian Union before using Material Burst upon the bullet.

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei - Yokohama Souran Hen: Chapter 24: Material Burst [End]

mahouka material burst

This year had a lot of shounen shows which made me realize some things about how I watch these shows, and what I think of them. This realization actually started more towards the tail-end of , with shows such as Unbreakable Machine Doll and Strike the Blood, but back then I ascribed it to the bad art and over-reliance on fan-service, in part. But no, some of the aforementioned shows are definitely not up to snuff. This show was terrible on all fronts.

A new story unfolds for the siblings as they meet unique classmates and rivals. But sorry Tatsuya, this time Miyuki is stealing the spotlight!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Tsuioku-hen Episode 1 English Subbed at gogoanime

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Mahouka is terrible on every level – a final review

Thought we were done with the Miyuki-isms did ya? Ok, maybe somewhat if new up and coming Honoka stock is anything to go by remember: buy now and sell fast before that bubble bursts! Hard seeing what ties that red string together, particularly after parasite goes bashful. Leave it to American intelligence to provide the out though, as by forcing Lina to do the impossible they pry open the door to critical thinking and let her dwell on just what she wants. Not to mention that aforementioned mental dissonance. Yeah, it looks like Miyuki has decided upon the red pill there. Maybe stuffed her cheeks with a vial of them.

The potential destruction of “Material Burst” is endless. True but you can't compare those with Tatsuya. You are giving fantasy characters but Tatsuya is a.

Author » Sato Tsutomu. Mahouka koukou no rettou.. Try our free service - convert any of your text to speech!

Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei (The Honor Student at Magic High School)

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I understand that she dont want, because its japan and they would probably say its her fault, what i dont understand its why he stills want to go on if everything its gonna be said to his mother I see And never know the poor child might end up commit suicide. I'm Not The Hero! Yeah mess this bitch life more and more Chapter 4.

It can be fired as a convergent beam by using the magic weapon, 'Brionac'.

Material Burst

After 2 episodes of setting up the Nine Schools Competition arc, we finally get to the games. Yet the more interesting part was Tatsuya he is the MC after all and his friends in high places in the military. The games did allow for plenty of fan service though. The games are separated into Rookie events for first timers and Official matches, comprising 5 days each hence a total of 10 days of games among the participating nine high schools. First high has already won 2 years in a row and are looking to continue their streak — they even have an analysis team, though 3rd high just might give them a run this year.

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