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Suddenly finding herself in the never-before-seen "Land of Luck", she must unite with the magical creatures there to turn her luck around. Think you know about luck? Thankfully, Bob the Cat is about to drop some truth. From Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation comes the story of Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest person in the world, who when she stumbles into the never-before-seen Land of Luck, sets out on a quest to bring some good luck home for her best friend.

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Lightyear , the 26th feature film from Pixar is now in theaters. It's kind of crazy to think that, 27 years ago, Pixar released its first film, a little movie called Toy Story , and changed animation history forever. In honor of Lightyear 's premiere, we've ranked all 26 of Pixar's feature-length films. This isn't a normal list, where the entries at the bottom are considered "bad.

When the competition includes so many masterpieces, being in the bottom half ain't half bad. It's hard to remember now what with all the monster universities and Dory-finding, but there was a long time when Pixar didn't do sequels other than the Toy Story ones, which made a certain amount of sense given that Woody, Buzz, and the gang made up the studio's first and most beloved franchise.

Cars 2 was the first non- Toy Story sequel, which was a little worrisome. Cars was fine but it wasn't exactly the most acclaimed movie Pixar had made, and now it was getting a sequel? What gives? The movie itself, a James Bond pastiche that relied way too much on Larry the Cable Guy, is the closest thing Pixar's come to making a creatively bankrupt movie — even if you can almost give them a pass since it's pretty clear money, not artistry, was in the driver's seat.

Weirdly intense first trailer aside did Lightning McQueen just die? The movie, which wisely shifts Mater back to being a supporting character rather than the lead, deals with Lightning's fears about becoming obsolete, and although it's still far from Pixar's best, that parable about growing older is miles better than an inexplicable spy story. On paper, The Good Dinosaur sounds like it should be an Apatosaurus -sized hit. An alternate history where the dinosaurs never died?

Almost photo-realistic landscapes mixed with intentionally cartoony characters? Pixar's take on a Western? But, while the movie has beautiful moments, it's ultimately a little too confused and, unfortunately, disposable-feeling to really take a dinosaur-sized bite out of any of the concepts it introduces.

And, not for nothing, but the Ice Age franchise's existence probably doesn't help. Please don't ask any questions about how the Cars universe actually works. That's not the point.

Lightning's eye-opening windshield-wiping? A solid story and an engaging cast, including Owen Wilson, an honestly well-deployed Larry the Cable Guy, and Paul Newman in his final performance, give these automobiles enough life that Cars is a smooth ride. There's so much ocean to explore, but Finding Dory doesn't really ever make a case for why Pixar is diving back into this particular world rather than finding something new.

Finding Dory has its moments, sure — the aquarium setting is neat and the movie ultimately manages to add depth to Dory, which is no small feat given how tricky it can be to saddle a comic relief side character with the burden carrying the main plot and emotional arc of a sequel. Still, Finding Dory largely feels like a repeat of Finding Nemo , and while it's refreshing to take another dip in the pool, it's less exciting if all you're doing is swimming laps.

Only time will tell if Lightyear is doomed to live forever in the shadow of Chris Evan's infamous tweet where he clarified that the spin-off was not about Buzz Lightyear, the toy, and was instead about "the origin story of the human Buzz Lightyear that the toy is based on. It's kind of a shame, because underneath all the joyful confusion about what, exactly, Lightyear was supposed to be, there's a really solid little sci-fi movie.

Unfortunatley, there's not much more to Lightyear than that description, and some admittedly cool visuals and sci-fi homages aren't enough to place Lightyear higher on this list. Monsters University is another Pixar sequel that didn't really need to be made, but at least the college setting is a nice change of pace. Have some harmless antics and collegiate shenanigans! Helen Mirren voices some sort of insectoid dragon! It's fun! Monsters University isn't trying to be the best Pixar's ever done, magna cum laude -style, but we're all having a nice time watching some boys have fun in college and learn a little something.

C'mon, don't be a nerd! It's Monsters University! It's fine! Pixar's sophomore outing suffers because it's not the groundbreaking triumph that Toy Story was, nor does it shoot for the stars as much as future movies would.

Yet, despite being a "small" story, A Bug's Life manages to hint at a greater and grander destiny — both for Flik and the world outside his ant colony and for Pixar, which would only grow to be something more not unlike a certain beautiful butterfly.

Brave was Pixar's first movie with a female lead, and the studio's first film to resemble a classic Disney story, as the princess-led adventure had more in common with the fairytales of the House of Mouse's heyday than any of Pixar's more genre-bending fare. By that metric, Brave is a success, and Merida is a welcome, fiery addition to the Disney Princess canon. And yet, Brave never quite elevates things to the next level viewers have come to expect from Pixar.

Merida is a worthy heroine, but the only things that makes Brave feel special compared to its peers are that there isn't a love interest and this heroine's mom is still alive — and even then the impact of Merida and Queen Elinor's mother-daughter drama is somewhat lessened by the ursine detour.

Toy Story 4 could have so easily cheapened Toy Story 3 's touching ending. Luckily, it doesn't — or at least, not that much. The trick is that, while Toy Story 3 and to a certain extent, the first two movies, too , are about how to move on when the world around you is changing in sometimes scary ways, Toy Story 4 is about Woody responding to a change in himself. No longer the top toy in the box, Woody finds a new purpose when he reencounters Bo Peep in an unexpected place, ultimately saying goodbye to his friends because it's time for him to move on of his own volition, rather than because things have simply changed around him.

In some ways, making that conscious leap is scarier than Toy Story 3 's more reactive themes, and the fourth and final Toy Story movie rises to the challenge of bringing it to life. As the years went by, Pixar's movies kept getting bigger. Finding Nemo covers an entire ocean in a father's quest to find the titular Nemo, but even as Pixar was increasing the scope of its films — and testing the limits of its technology, as water has always been notoriously tricky to animate, especially so back in — the studio made sure to never lose sight of the emotional core.

Finding Nemo may literally be about Marlin's journey to recover his son, but the heart comes from their emotional reconnection as much if not more so as it does from their physical reunion. Add in Dory, some Aussie sharks, and a tubular turtle, and you've got a classic film. Okay, yes, it does feature a family of women who turn into giant red pandas whenever they experience intense emotions, and it does end in a kaiju-sized action set piece.

She loves her friends, she loves boys, and she especially loves boy bands — understandably so, because 4-Town has some bops. Luca charmingly captures a very universal feeling — two universal feelings, really. The first is that exciting, sometimes challenging early adolescence phase when most kids first start realizing they can take agency over their own lives. Luca ventures onto dry land against his parents' wishes and makes new friends, ultimately finding acceptance and an idea of who he wants to be as a person err, sea monster.

The other universal feeling Luca captures is the feeling that it would be really, really nice to visit the Italian coast, swim in crystal clear water, eat lots and lots of pasta, and cruise around on Vespa. Luca is a charming movie in its broad accessibility, though one can't help but wonder if it would have been a little better had it been a little more specific.

But oh how pleasant it is. Unlike the original 14 years earlier, Incredibles 2 premiered in a time when superhero movies were the blockbuster norm, rather than the exception. As such, it needed to both be a worthy sequel to an incredible pun intended original and justify itself amidst all the Marvel and DC films that were dominating the box office and cultural conversation.

And, Incredibles 2 largely succeeds. It doesn't quite delve as deeply into the more mundane, human aspects of the characters that made the first movie such an incredible story about a family, but even so, Mr.

Incredible and Elastigirl's domestic role reversal strikes a chord. Incredibles 2 pivots away from any potential marital strife just a bit too early for the film to be truly great on that level, but in terms of superhero action, Incredibles 2 just blows pretty much every competing movie out of the water. If most of our MCU or DC blockbusters are going to end in extravaganzas that are almost entirely CGI, give or take a ball-covered stunt double in front of a green screen, can't they at least embrace the fluidity of animation?

Incredibles 2 , perhaps more than any other Pixar movie, makes the most dynamic use of its medium — Elastigirl's motorcycle rescue especially stretches the limits of what you think a chase scene can be.

Please don't yell at me, but Toy Story 3 is overrated. It's still an incredible film and a testament to Pixar's filmography that a near-masterpiece could fall outside of the top 10, but Toy Story 3 tries a little too hard to weaponize the inherently powerful theme at its core. Andy has grown up, and it's time for him to move on and leave the toys audiences have come to know and love behind.

The inexorable march of time — and how that can make things that once felt comfortable and safe suddenly feel scary — is a powerful thing to grapple with, and Toy Story 3 does a good job of showing how Woody, Buzz, and the gang react to this new reality they can't change, try as they might. At the same time, moments like the undeniably effective incinerator scene threaten to overshadow the quieter, more intimate parts of the film. In other words, people remember Toy Story 3 for the part where beloved toys join hands as they face oblivion, but the movie really clicks in the less heated parts, like when Andy and Woody part for the last time, both having accepted not a fiery death, but change.

If pretty much anybody but Pixar had made Soul , or if Pixar had made Soul earlier, perhaps it would feel a little more groundbreaking. As it were, Soul can't help but feel a little derivative, exploring themes that past Pixar movies like Inside Out and even Toy Story already covered. It didn't help that a body-swapping trope meant that Pixar's first Black protagonist didn't have control of his body for a decent chunk of the movie, a somewhat loaded narrative choice.

And yet, even if Soul 's premise seems a little samey, against all odds, it's still a great premise. Soul might also have some of the best, most interesting visuals of any Pixar movie, and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' score is an astounding sonic experience, as are Jon Batiste's jazz contributions. Ironically, Soul doesn't have as much soul as some of the best Pixar movies, but the aesthetics are so incredible that they alone merit a high ranking.

It used to be that Pixar was the anti-DreamWorks. Pixar made imaginative movies with unexpected heart, while DreamWorks made, uh, Shrek. However, that comparison stopped working as Pixar's canon grew to include an increasing number of sequels and as DreamWorks Animation produced some worthy rivals, like How to Train Your Dragon and Kung-Fu Panda. The first half of Onward , though, feels like a DreamWorks movie in a bad way. The premise "what if Fantasy, but mundane and in the modern-day?

Luckily, almost magically, Onward does cast an incredible spell with its second half and unexpectedly heart-wrenching reveal that audiences — and the protagonists Chris Pratt and Tom Holland — have been focusing on the wrong relationship all along.

Though it seems quaint by modern Pixar standards, Monsters, Inc. If the secret life of toys or bug adventures were innovative spins on familiar tales, Monsters, Inc. The movie that started it all, Toy Story still holds up — just don't look too hard at the human characters, as that's where the nascent CGI shows its age the most.

Toy Story is more than just a technical achievement, though. In its very first feature-length effort, Pixar showcased a sense of curiosity and empathy that would guide the studio into the future. The film isn't just interested in answering the fun question of "what if toys were alive?

What if toys struggled, sometimes, to find their true purposes? Watching Toy Story now, decades later, and it's clear that, with a start like this, Pixar was destined for infinity, and beyond. The first 10 minutes of Up are an absolute masterclass in storytelling economics. To call the story of Ellie and Carl's meeting, love, and tragic parting "emotionally manipulative" misses the point: If it were easy to make audiences care this much about characters this quickly and using very few words, to boot , every movie would do it.

But, don't discount it, either. The bulk of Up is a fun, pulpy adventure — one that's always grounded, despite the name, by the touching pathos of the first few minutes. The best Pixar sequel and arguably one of the best sequels ever made , Toy Story 2 builds on the original by expanding Woody and Buzz's world and dialing up the pathos. Before there was Carl and Ellie's story in Up , there was Jessie's heart-wrenching abandonment montage.

Space Rangers, red pandas, emotions, cars, and toys: Every Pixar movie, ranked

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They have an incredible team that produces quality animated films and In , industry veterans from places such as Disney, Pixar, FOX/Blue Sky, Sony.

Animated Short from Pixar Creators Deals with Loss and Grief (Things We Love)

Taylor Swift is officially adding another acting role to her repertoire. The first official trailer for David O. Russell's "original romantic crime epic" period piece, Amsterdam , finally offers the first look at Swift's character in the film. Her appearance comes at the mark, amid a slew of shimmering Hollywood stars. She's can be seen wearing s hair and makeup while gazing mournfully off-screen. The film is set in "a quirky and mysterious world in the s," according to Variety. The trailer shows three friends played by Margot Robbie, Christian Bale and John David Washington vowing to always protect each other before being accused of murder in s Amsterdam, where they uncover further mysteries while trying to escape the charges against them. The trailer comes after the announcement of Swift's involvement in a yet-to-be-released Russell film. Another trailer that premiered at CinemaCon back in April showed Swift's character weeping over the character's father's dead body.


short movie animation pixar

Lightyear , the 26th feature film from Pixar is now in theaters. It's kind of crazy to think that, 27 years ago, Pixar released its first film, a little movie called Toy Story , and changed animation history forever. In honor of Lightyear 's premiere, we've ranked all 26 of Pixar's feature-length films. This isn't a normal list, where the entries at the bottom are considered "bad.

Nevertheless, the film managed to achieve a historic Oscar win, although the road to getting there was fraught with problems.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Pixar’s New Short Film "Piper"

Winnie the Pooh is one of the most recognizable pop culture figures in the world, alongside Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Superman. Created by author A. Milne, the character has appeared in a number of stories, and to audiences outside the United Kingdom is most commonly associated with Disney. Disney acquired the licensing rights to Winnie the Pooh in and released a series of short films about the character. Since then, Pooh Bear and his friends have become some of the most recognizable characters in the Disney library, and Disney has capitalized on their popularity. Merchandise for Winnie the Pooh is everywhere and still sells after all these years.

The Best Movies on Apple TV Plus

What we do have are the latest feature-length films from Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic and even 20th Century Studios had you forgotten Disney scooped them up, as well? And there are riveting documentaries. Rise is an inspirational sports biopic that tells the remarkable story of the Antetokounmpo family, and the three brothers—Giannis, Thanasis and Kostas—who have all become NBA superstars in recent years. The film is expected to arrive before the end of The story of the Antetokounmpo family mixes Nigerian heritage and Greek nationality with extremely unlikely athletic prowess, considering that all three brothers not only made it to the NBA but became NBA champions.

All genres. Comedy. Crime & Mystery. Documentary. Drama. Horror. Music & Dance. Romance. Sport. Thriller ; All languages. IsiZulu. English. Sesotho. Tswana.

How Pixar’s Brave Caused Tension Behind The Scenes But Managed To Win A Historic Oscar

By Adam B. Senior Entertainment Writer. While the fact of that relationship was never in question at the studio, a kiss between the characters had been cut from the film.

Pixar animators' new short film may be the darkest, most adult yet

That said, the movie was able to land a historic Oscar win, though the road to get there was marred with problems. In , Disney and Pixar team together for the first time on a little movie called Toy Story. That film was the first ever full-length computer animated feature, and in the blink of an eye, the world of animation was never the same again. That first Toy Story film was groundbreaking, and it set a benchmark for Pixar that has helped it become one of the most celebrated studios on the planet. Simply put, if the Pixar name is on it, then fans know that they will be getting a quality product. Through the years, the studio has turned out one hit film after the next.

If you're a fan of great animated films, then you've likely seen your fair share of Pixar movies. The studio has been making excellent films for years, and while some aren't as popular as others, the studios quality hardly wanes.

It took three years for Barillaro to craft the six-minute short, using cutting-edge technology that could very well signal the future of the studio. The dialogue-free film follows a baby bird as it learns to brave the shore and feed itself, making a friend or two along the way. It all started with an animation test based on the cute sandpipers Barillaro would see on his morning Bay Area runs. But getting the environment just right was key for Barillaro. As the filmmaker proudly points out, the hermit crab who befriends the baby sandpiper was inspired by real crabs he and his kids found on the beach.

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