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The staff then verbally said they plan to release the volume in spring The first volume of Star Wars: Visions is an anthology of nine animated shorts from Japanese creators and anime studios. G , Studio Colorido , and Geno Studio produced the shorts. No account yet?

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Star wars visions anime op

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This Star Wars: Visions article contains spoilers. Seven animation studios have come together to create Star Wars: Visions , a collection of nine anime short films that reimagines the galaxy far, far away through the lens of Japanese culture and aesthetics. The stories in Visions take place across several eras of the Star Wars saga, including after The Rise of Skywalker , but are these tales part of the official Disney canon?

First of all, who cares? You should be able to enjoy a Star Wars book or TV show or video game simply because it is a good story with characters you love and not because it fits into whatever the official continuity is that day. Go read Michael A. Want more Clone Wars in your life? Ad — content continues below. Stream your Star Wars favorites right here! Some could very much fit within our timeline. But Visions , as a whole, is more of a celebration of Star Wars , through this unique perspective, this unique form, this medium and culture.

And that was really the intention. We needed this to be something different, and we needed it to be really from the hearts of all these creators, to not try and answer questions in Star Wars.

Instead, you have Star Wars as an amazing palette to tell stories through. Here is a guide to each of the stories and roughly when they take place on the timeline, according to their creators, who previewed the episodes for IGN ahead of the premiere.

Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! When a village in the Outer Rim comes under attack by Sith, Ronin must choose whether to defend this place or continue on his journey. A runaway Jedi padawan forms a rock band with a former member of the Hutt clan in this short by Studio Colorido. Twins Karre and Am were raised as children of the dark side so that they could one day rule the galaxy as one.

A fallen Jedi must decide whether to get involved or do nothing. The daughter of a legendary sword smith might be the only hope for restoring the Jedi Order at a time when the Sith rule the galaxy once again. Director Kenji Kamiyama of Production I. We all love stories of the Jedi and lightsabers, but what became of the Jedi Knights after the movie series?

My story is about that. A little droid is on a mission to terraform a barren planet, all while learning the ways of the Jedi and defending his home from the Empire. A Jedi Knight and his padawan encounter great evil in the fringes of space: an aging sword master who wanders the galaxy looking for a worthy opponent.

Two sisters must decide the fate of their planet. Should they join the Empire or fight to preserve the natural beauty of their home world? This short also introduces fans to Lop , a new hero inspired by a classic Marvel character. But Wookieepedia has done some detective work: since the installment features a B-wing starfighter, that means it must takes place at some point after the first B-wing prototype was created in Rebels 4 years before A New Hope.

Unless this is an alternate history and none of those clues matter…. John Saavedra johnsjr9. He lives in New York City with his two cats. Skip to main content area. Photo: Lucasfilm. Is Star Wars: Visions Canon? Join our mailing list Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox!

The Ninth Jedi The daughter of a legendary sword smith might be the only hope for restoring the Jedi Order at a time when the Sith rule the galaxy once again. The Elder A Jedi Knight and his padawan encounter great evil in the fringes of space: an aging sword master who wanders the galaxy looking for a worthy opponent.

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Star Wars Visions Review: “The Twins”

Some of it looked interesting, some of it was way too anime for me. Luke Pokemon is my first impression for some of it. Some of the anime-meets-Star Wars was way too on the nose. A little more subtlety perhaps? I like some anime, and I love Star Wars.

Lucasfilm first announced that an anime anthology series titled Star Wars: Visions was being made in December

When does Star Wars: Visions come out on Disney+?

Each short delivers an original story with new characters and settings that fit right into Star Wars lore — whether they be canon or not. Many of the episodes feature multiple shots that are beautiful to look at, and I have a sense that fans will post many of them online, so I do suggest you binge the entire series when you can so you avoid spoilers. As for the ones that do land — they are amazing. And the main character, Ronin, is possibly the best character introduced in the entire anthology. The Ninth Jedi is the closest to a classic entry in the Star Wars franchise, so much so that Lucasfilm could easily add it to the canon. Production IG takes a very cinematic approach with their contribution by using editing and cinematography found in previous Star Wars media. Still, some of the included elements make it seem like they are not.

star wars visions anime op

Fans of Disney Plus's Star Wars: Visions should make sure to check out these other anime made by the studios behind the shorts. That is true for Star Wars: Visions as well except there are a couple of repeated studios. This collection has garnered a positive reception so far, and Visions might be the best lore-building thing Star Wars has done in quite some time. For those curious as to what other anime these seven studios have worked on, here are some easy recommendations.

Posted by B. Star Wars: Visions is hopefully the start of a new era for the franchise.

'Star Wars: Visions': Everything We Know About the Anime Anthology Series

While the mere concept might immediately turn off those who couldn't care less about anime, as both a longtime "Star Wars" fan and someone who doesn't have a great appreciation for this particular animation style, I can tell you that "Star Wars: Visions" is still worth watching for the masterful visuals, the wild twists on "Star Wars" paraphernalia, and the compelling assembly of tales of heroes who stand up to the face of evil — no matter what the cost. A lot of people who are inexperienced with anime still have a general impression of it. But there's something about combining anime and "Star Wars" that makes "Visions" feel like it's in a category of its own, despite leaning into certain anime tropes and traditions. In "Star Wars: Visions" you'll find a variety of anime styles that change with the type of story that's being told. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, you have something like "Tatooine Rhapsody," which leans towards the cuter Chibi side of anime mixed with Bryan Lee O'Malley's "Scott Pilgrim" graphic novels and the story very much feels like a "Scott Pilgrim vs.

Given the vibrant, rich universe Star Wars has at its disposal, anime seems like an inevitable and welcome experiment that this streaming platform can bolster. The studios involved are Production I. Between them, they've worked on some great, more niche productions as well as some big-name hits. While a small part of the anime overall, the studio injected plenty of colorful style and personality into the openings, with Battle Tendency arguably being the best of the bunch. It matches the tone of the series, as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has become beloved by fans for over-the-top characters and action. With manga creator Hirihiko Araki taking influence from pop culture through the decades, the series follows the Joestar bloodline throughout centuries--and even different timelines--with JoJo's parts one and three starting and ending on DIO , the unforgettable and fan-favorite egomaniacal villain. It's perhaps Production I.

One of the most praiseworthy aspects of "Star Wars: Visions" are the incredible visuals. Even if your experience with anime is limited, you'll.

Star Wars anime opening

James Caan R. Michael J. Love Eddie on 'Stranger Things'?

In addition, Osawa will also be drawing a manga adaptation of The Ninth Jedi which centers around Lah Kara, a Force-Sensitive daughter of a sabersmith, who is tasked by Margrave Jiro with delivering lightsabers to a group of masterless Jedi. When the Sith are defeated, Kara is recruited as the titular ninth Jedi by the Margrave. Lop and Ocho is a story about the bond between two sisters that is affected the Galactic Empire occupying their home planet. Lop, a Lepi who was adopted into Yasaburo Clan, is forced to fight Ocho, her adopted sister after the latter joins the Empire and betrays their father. Although Ocho is defeated and escapes the planet, Lop vows that she, Boss Yasaburo, and Ocho will be a family.

One of the most unique projects to come out of Star Wars in recent years was Star Wars: Visions , which saw some of the world's most celebrated anime studios create all-new stories in the franchise.

In order to prep for the show, check out what the Japanese filmmakers behind Visions had to say about each episode from a press conference held in July in Tokyo. These Star Wars: Visions directors spoke in depth about the Disney Plus anime series , revealing interesting details about the nine different stories the anthology will tell. The series includes entries from revered Japanese anime studios such as Production I. Each episode will offer a different take on the Star Wars series, with some set within the existing timeline and others that are more loosely connected. The two animations from Trigger will each take very different tacks. Imaishi said working with many of the same team as his last animated feature, Promare — including character designer Shigeto Koyama and lead animator Sushio — has allowed him to continue the look and feel of their previous work, but with an added Star Wars vibe. In terms of music, he said he is working with an orchestra for the first time.

The ambitious series is an unprecedented project involving seven animation studios based in Japan, who were given the freedom to create a standalone story each with original characters in the Star Wars universe. The cinematography is visually stunning, with the episode appearing almost entirely in black and white, except for the vivid colours emanating from the lightsabers. The story kicks off with a disturbance in the Force on a faraway planet, sending the apprentice-mentor duo to go investigate the source of the trouble.

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