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Today I've decided to do a reaction to the Kizumonogatari novel, which is now available in English by Vertical. Now I'll be honest, this is more like a "review", but I feel like it's too casual to call it that so a "reaction" it is. In order to NOT confuse anyone who knows nothing about the Monogatari series, let's just ignore the other books. In this Kizumonogatari book, it follows Koyomi Araragi, a loner high school student, who, one night, randomly stumbles upon a vampire robbed of all her limbs on a bleeding sidewalk. Her name is Kisshot Aceloraorion Heartunderblade. Araragi ends up helping this vampire by allowing her to drink his blood, with the belief that he is giving up his life for death.

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This show is brings the pretentious artsy shit of a french movie, and combines it with the maximum horniness of japanese anime. That text was information you were right. Also that show is huge on wordplay and 4th wall breaks.

If you don't get something I'm sure the fandom will explain it. Love the reactions as always; hope you'll consider watching Magi! It's an anime, I really believe the whole crew would love!

Plus this bouta be thicc wit plot. Love the show to death, but a lot of people have not seen it lol. We Stan Alibaba. The yaboyroshi crew out here looking like animators in Mappa. Take care of yourselves! I dropped this show a while back, but I'm glad I get the chance to pick it up again thanks to y'all. I've watched both release and chronological and the ladder is a lot easier to understand.

The release date order is not in chronological order. Does anyone know the actual chronological order to the series? Good luck yall gone be mind fucked watching this series with all the dialogue. Glad you guys are watching this series! This shows contains a lot of japanese puns, literary language, and also culture like Shinto.

Also jokes, like the sama and chan one. I hope you guys will enjoy it. I don't think anyone's explained it yet, but the text popping up saying things like "Black Screen" and "Font: Sans Sepia" are direction notes that anime and western cartoons put in the storyboards when they're trying to do a rough draft of how a scene will play out.

They're normally just notes for the animators and not something that's supposed to be in the show. The director thinks it's hilarious to leave them in the final animation. Idk if they see suggestions on their patreon but Space Dandy is an unknown gem of an anime. Bro their Japanese dialogue is like cursive. I've been suggesting this for awhile. It seems like a lost cause so far.

Hey so i asked this question in the comments earlier. I havent watched this series, but i was wondering is Shinobu the remains of Araragi's vampire self? Like he said he WAS a vampire but isn't anymore because the guy Oshino? I forget the name helped him. So what i was wondering was if Shinobu was created whenever the vampirism was separated from Araragi.

If it's a spoiler or anything dont tell me, but its bugging me and i'd like to at least know if my theory is wrong lol. And Koyomi is just a bunch of side-stories that take place whenever the author feels like setting them. Giving poses of how you would picture it when reading etc. It was hard enough trying to keep up with the subs when I first watched this, but now i have to try to watch their reactions at the same time.

I've been wanting to get into this series but wouldn't cause it was too long. It's a whole ass trailer for a movie that was not going to exist. This is the Death Stranding of anime. Yall are going to have to write a thesis about whats going on after every episode. IMO this show is too convoluted to be reacted to. Maybe what he meant about the little girl who is "nothing" is that when he helped Araragi become human again, she is what she pulled out of him?

Cause in some myths about vampires, when a vampire bites you a Demon consumes your soul and takes over your body. So like, she could be the Demon that was pulled out of Araragi? I happy someone is finally reacting to this. Hope you can read super fast. The intro was the recap of the movies that take place before this series. Just a heads up. Their are 15 episodes of Bakemonogatari.

Idk what your source is but Crunchyroll only has episodes Funimation has the full Literally just go to Wikipedia's "List of Monogatari novels" page. That's the order you're supposed to watch the series in. Bakemonogatari is indeed the starting point. Just make sure you ask people whenever you get to Monogatari Second Series book There's some fuckery going on with it due to the studio running out of time and having to delay one of the story arcs.

This show literally won't make any sense until you watch kizu and nekomonogatari. Once you watch those 2 itll make way more sense.

Also as a general warning this series time skips all over the place so you really need to pay attention at the start to understand the subtle hints they give to explain which place in the timeline things are happening. Also yes the intro did literally spoil the entire series to you lmfao but you have 0 context so none of it matters but you basically saw what each other rest of the series will be based around. Happy this was picked up prepare ya self to get use to the weirdness because it wont stop, the series is as good as it is confusing on the first run.

The opening sequence covers the events of Kizumonogatari, which has since been adapted into three films. If ya'll decide to drop the Monogatari series, I'd still recommend checking out Kizumonogatari. The films are gorgeous, well-directed, and easier for reactions not to mention: you can probably enjoy the films without prior knowledge.

Dude this series is a mindcluck so don't feel bad if you guys don't fully understand whats going on. Yall Goats are going way too hard. I was hoping you'd watch Kizumonogatari first but oh well here we gooo. When you mentioned watching this in the LIS2 stream I was like 'yeh imma join patreon'. So nekomonogatari black and Kizumonogatari are prequels and they come before bakemonogatari so thats why there are a few things unsaid, like the cat girl and the blond kid.

You gonna figure out later. That first shot threw me off completely. I knew there were some ecchi shots in this, but lingered so long. And why was it so cinematic lmao. Pretty sure Kizumonogatari and Nekomonogatari: Kuro comes first, kind of like how eps of Star Wars was before the 1st actually released Star Wars.

I can easily say this will be the weirdest series you guys will ever watch in anime lmaoo. Be prepared to be confused and mind fucked most of the time But in a good confusing way! Hard series to react too but it is a good anime.

Was hoping this wouldn't win the polls though. I imagine you'll be relying on a lot of comments to explain certain things you've missed. What decided the watch order? I'm in it for a first time ride with ya'll but I'm curious. I mean a lot of the ecchi aspects have a purpose in this, that's not to say that some are there is just for show.

The ecchi in Monogatari is one of its strengths. It didnt win. Kaguya won but it seems like they want to check the anime top. Stupidly happy to see this but it's still like reacting to french indie cinema. Please keep at it. The starting scene was actually the prequel to Bakemonogatari which Kizumonogatari. This show's cinematography is pretty much top 1 in all of anime. Either going with chronological order or release date is fine, let them choose and decide.

This is why it's a good idea not to include Lupasan in this. His jokes are too funny you'd completely miss out important details.

How Monogatari operates is waay too anti-reaction anyway. I am so curious how this reaction series would go haha. Senjougahara is the absolute top waifu. Quad S tier. Literally 1. Yes I agree thankfully this isn't like the Fate Series where you get massive spoilers by watching the prequel which was made years after the main story, each piece of the story is both self-contained and overarching and everything comes together at the climax.

Neither way really matters anyways, just as the best way to experience Fate is through the Visual Novel I've heard from people who can read Japanese that despite this being an outstanding Anime adaptation, the best way to experience Monogatari is though the Light novel because of how essential the Japanese Word Play inherent to the Japanese Kanji system is to the story itself made very apparent by the title of the series: Bakemonogatari is a combination of the two Japanese words Bakemono meaning Monster and Monogatari Meaning Story essentially translating to the very clever "Monstory", and the other titles are no different.

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Using the normal reaction guys format Using the monogatari format In more valuable than the real thing from Reddit tagged as Anime Meme.

Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari anime announced with an official teaser trailer

I just finished the Kizumonogatari films and I really had to rewrite this post over and over again. Cause I really could not find the proper words to describe the utter greatness of these movies. As I keep being told that I could watch movies at anytime in the series because they were the prequels. As it made me even more shocked than I already was of how this series is really amazing. But back on the story of Kizumonogatari, as I finally have a little bit of a break before the fall semester starts. So I can finally put in the time to watch a lot of anime in my backlog as the remainder of the Monogatari franchise was one of my top priorities. As I just finished watching the Kizumonogatari films on amazon.

Monogatari is a Disaster

anime reaction monogatari

With the witty, meta prose Nisio Isin is known for, the Monogatari Series is full of references and tributes to other anime, films, manga, video games, and internet memes alike. This page is meant to highlight as many as possible found in the light novel and TV series in detail in one place. Since certain references are featured in both the light novel series and anime, light novel references will be exclusive to ones that were left out of the adaptation. Note that there's a lot of references, so this page is nowhere near complete. References can also be found in the Cultural References section of most episode pages.

The Monogatari Japanese anime television series is based on the light novel series of the same name, written by Nisio Isin with illustrations by Vofan.

LIVE ANIME OP/ED REACTIONS! | Fate Series, SAO, Monogatari & MORE!

SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and screencaps, cartoon framegrabs and movie scripts. Latifa: Yes! I'm aware now. Onii-chan is done for. I don't think this is a typical way to call your older brother due to the feminine connotation. When I go to sleep, I dream of her and I living a happy life together.

Second Impressions – Heike Monogatari

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LIVE ANIME OP/ED REACTIONS! | Fate Series, SAO, Monogatari & MORE! Re:Zero LIVE EPISODE REACTION! | Anime EP Reaction. 30s.

Look, Monogatari is a mess. I feel I have the right to say that. I've written thousands of words of glowing praise for the show, including several highly positive reviews here at Anime News Network. I've covered it from a thematic front, a visual storytelling front, a character-analysis front, and basically every other angle you could choose for approach.

Love watching YouTube reactions for your favorite anime shows? This team brings a unique combination of enthusiasm, comedy, and good-natured thirst that continues to draw new viewers into their community. While she may be a solo act, Awakeproductions stands out in the reaction community due to a love of detail. This reactor frequently pauses videos in order to take notes and go over certain scenes, breaking down, speculating, and discussing each of them along the way. As the channel name would dictate, YaBoyRoshi originally got his start discussing Dragon Ball-related content.

For all its beautiful imagery and symbolism, this episode exposed a weakness that Heike Monogatari may struggle to overcome. And the centerpiece of this episode, the Battle of Uji Bridge, results in a Taira victory over the rebellious Minamoto clan, further strengthening their position in the capital.

Production Aspects It's no secret that I'm also in luv with Akio Watanabe's character designs, every time his work is just so god damned gorgeous, and how shaft utilizes the choreography of character animations is great, from really comical to stupid moments, to more timely and sensitive moments, to the transiently violent scenarios, so much to gush at for me personally. Whether it's the Grisaia series, The World only god knows or the latest Kubikiri Cycle, just every time, I just find my self drooling over them, sooo good. But I can't help but notice a pattern here. Bad story or not, the character designs though are just awesome. Whether it's Oishi or Itamura directing, there's always compelling and playful visuals happening both on the foreground and background. More than any other anime series out there, it's clear the monogatari series is for the large part derived and influenced by La Nouvelle Vague - or rather The French New Wave.

Tom gets owned alot harder than selvester does. Tomatometer 1 Reviews. Pecos Pest.

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