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On this week's Saturday Night at the Movies, Howard Goodall plays the best animated film scores, requested by you. Here's a selection of 20 of the best soundtracks from the past 75 years of cartoon classics. Scotsman Patrick Doyle went back to his roots to compose an authentic soundtrack for Disney Pixar's tale of a princess who must rely on her bravery and her archery skills to undo a curse. The full-length animated version of Tolkien's epic has largely been overshadowed now by Peter Jackson's spectacular live action trilogy but one great thing did come out of this attempt - Leonard Rosenman's truly epic and inspiring score. Hans Zimmer was honoured with the Best Music Oscar for his stirring music to a modern-day Disney classic.

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Disney Pixar Vs. Dreamworks: The Best Animation Soundtracks

Long before Disney purchased the rights to Marvel, Star Wars , and your childhood coming soon , they were simply known as an animation studio. Actually, they were the premiere animation studio. To young and old alike, the Disney name was synonymous with magic. No other animation studio, not even the mighty Pixar, has ever come close to matching the impossible brilliance of a Disney song. Not to discredit the tremendous effort it takes to craft that one Disney song that seems to echo through time, but it pales in comparison to the effort it takes to craft a collection of songs that not only sticks to your soul but so perfectly completes the narrative of the film itself.

There are very few Disney soundtracks that completely miss the mark, but there is a select group of soundtracks which stand tall above the rest. The thing to keep in mind, though, is that Sleeping Beauty was part of a different era of Disney music design. This was the age of classic Hollywood musicals that usually utilized songs as a storytelling device rather than as hit singles. The songs featured throughout the film all do a wonderful job of dictating the direction of the narrative and work incredibly well when listened to in the context of that story.

Aside from that obvious masterpiece, there are a few heavy hitters on this list that really round out the soundtrack nicely. Good stuff all around. Some hold it in a pretty high regard, but many felt that it lacked the scope of other Disney classics, as well as some of the timeless qualities which separate the House of Ideas' films from the pack.

It was built on a very trendy script that seemed to be appealing to a very specific demographic. All that said, the soundtrack is simply amazing. Carter Burwell and Don Davis stepped outside of the Disney comfort zone when putting this one together, as it's comprised mostly of pop-style hits, but the gamble pays off. Well, for the most part. All of these qualities are on full display during the hauntingly memorable "Pink Elephants on Parade" which is considered to be one of the most strangely terrifying musical moments in Disney history.

Other tracks like "Look Out For Mister Stork" retain this wonderfully retro quality that has stood the test of time because they feature no irony and a lot of love.

The Aristocats has long suffered from the misfortune of debuting between two Disney golden ages. Instead, much of the music featured in this film features a little nostalgia and a lot of progressive sounds.

Despite the fact that One Hundred and One Dalmations features a songwriter as one of the lead characters, there are only three real songs in the entirety of the film.

Yes, just three. But you know what? This is certainly one of those cases of quality over quantity as the music that is used throughout this movie is implemented in ways that greatly contribute to what's occurring onscreen. That bold declaration becomes all the more impressive when you remind yourself that it was also the first real Disney animated feature film and the one that created the blueprint for the movies of that design that would follow.

Basically, producer Jeffrey Katzenberg got the idea to accompany composer J. The reason this particular example of that style works as well as it does is because the theme in question is New York City. This all-star approach lends the Oliver and Company soundtrack a unique personality in terms of Disney films. Most of the tracks featured in Hunchback carry an epic, gothic, sweeping orchestral quality which would not be out of place in the best of broadway productions.

Tracks like "Hellfire" have the incredible ability to be both thematically complex and somehow impossible catchy. Meanwhile, songs such as "Topsy Turvy" manage to admirably fulfill the grand joyous song requirement that all animated Disney features much check off.

First off, let it be known that in a rundown of the very best individual Disney songs ever committed to film, "When You Wish Upon a Star" would be a top-two candidate. Fun fact: the initial draft of this list had Hercules somewhere outside of the top 15 when selections were made based on memory alone. Why is that? The movie itself is far from Disney phoning it in, but you can definitely see their formula take hold as the film progresses. The soundtrack, however, is everything you could ever want from a Disney movie.

Pocahontas was a bold Disney movie. The shining jewel of its approach, in terms of music, is undoubtedly the track "Colors of the Wind. Its status as such is, admittedly, a matter of great debate. This is a timeless soundtrack that manages to outlive even the strength of the film itself and forges the identity of a story that is still being retold. For a new generation of Disney fans, Aladdin was the film that really ignited the spark of what Disney is capable of achieving when they are at their very best.

It was a brilliant reimagining of the Disney formula that set a new standard for years to come. It just never stops delivering all-time great songs. Much like Pocahontas and Aladdin , it took a look at a corner of the world or of history that you probably would have never expected Disney to look at.

Yet, shortly into the film, it becomes apparent that the reason this particular setting was chosen is because it is rich in potential. If it feels like some people speak bitterly about the upcoming live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast despite the fact that everything revealed about the film thus far seems to be encouraging, it likely has something to do with the fact that Disney pretty much perfected the story back in with their feature-length animated adaptation of the classic fairy tale.

Beauty and the Beast showed everyone who had a doubt in their mind that Disney was no longer capable of producing the same kind of animated movies that they once did that they were simply wrong. Beauty and the Beast received three Academy Award nominations for Best Original Song "Be our Guest," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Belle" , but the real highlight of the soundtrack is the way that it comes together in the context of the film to help paint a picture that will indeed be difficult to recreate.

The Little Mermaid soundtrack has gone platinum a stunning seven times , and even that figure seems to not justify just how great it is. No, that would be its impact. The Little Mermaid was a wake-up call to the way that a carefully curated selection of songs could make audiences feel.

When The Nightmare Before Christmas was first revealed, much of the hype surrounding it involved its animation style and the fact that Disney was partnering up with the eccentric, but undeniably creative, Tim Burton. Everyone was certainly intrigued by the prospect, but there were some doubts regarding whether or not these two creative entities could co-exist and produce something worthy of the legacies of both.

Those doubts were erased the moment that the film began and the citizens of Halloween Town burst into their annual rendition of "This is Halloween. They are so strong, in fact, that Nightmare Before Christmas becomes one of those Disney films that inspires even multi-time viewers to sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the next big musical number.

Part of the argument for why The Lion King deserves to be the top-rated Disney soundtrack of all-time is based on the way that it represents the best qualities of nearly every other great Disney soundtrack. It has the stirring orchestral songs that make Mulan special The Lion King 's are composed by Hans Zimmer, no less , it features the celebrity contributions of Sir Elton John, and it even harkens back to the music of the golden age films by ensuring that every track featured in the movie contributes to the advancement of the plot in some meaningful way.

Did your favorite Disney collection make the cut? Will any soundtrack ever be able to top The Lion King? Sound off in the comments section.

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More of than not, music is a valuable element in anime series and films. A catchy opening theme can set the right mood and entice more people to catch the show — and the same goes for any other song in it. It can elevate a show, but it can also contribute to its ruin or lackluster reception, at least. A good anime soundtrack must contribute to the story, feel attached to the world, and truly stand out. The following OSTs have done that with flying colors.

Lin-Manuel Miranda's soundtrack tune has become the biggest musical hit on the Billboard Hot chart from a Disney animation movie since.

The Top 5 Disney Soundtracks According to Movie Mike Deestro

When it comes to music, kids can be pretty picky. Keep in mind: This does not have the exact songs from the animated version, only the ones sung in the live-action movie. View on Amazon. Not only do the songs fit in perfectly with the movie, but they also inspire and can stand up on their own outside of it. Keep in mind: In this 2-disc edition, all the songs with lyrics are first and then all the musical scores. Good for: Kids who love Frozen and want to hear every song from the movie, whether it has lyrics or not. Each song is infused with the passion and soul of the Mexican culture. Keep in mind: The Spanish versions of the songs are not included in this soundtrack.

Fustany's Playlist: 19 of the Best Songs From Movie Soundtracks

best animated movie soundtrack songs

Done right, there are few moments in film more adrenaline spiking or emotionally impactful than those soundtracked by an inspired choice from the catalogues of our favourite bands. The best songs can set the mood, change the tone, anchor the intended time period or switch the momentum in all the time it takes to hit play. All of them bring that intangible something — depth of feeling, real world connection, unwritten subtext — that simply cannot be sourced anywhere else. The inclusion of original Fall Out Boy composition Immortals over a pivotal powering-up montage is really just the pop-punk cherry on top.

Interestingly, not even Disney predicted the popularity of the song, which climbed to the top of the Billboard Chart, making it the second Disney song to ever do so.

Game of Thrones. The Fountain. The Martian. Our staff recommends these original music scores to pass the time. Need to press pause momentarily on binge-watching all those shows and movies you finally decided to catch up on? Running out of books to read or just need to take a break from social media for a spell?

Walt Disney’s Movie Soundtracks as Media in Developing Character Education for Children

Is it the gorgeous animation? The relatable characters? The tear-jerking moments? That dress? Call us crazy, but we think it might be the soundtrack. Coming in tenth place we have Pocahontas. This flick has some absolutely amazing songs. You might recognize her voice as a certain princess in Aladdin too!

To celebrate the release of Disney/Pixar's Soul (now streaming on Disney+), we're bringing you the definitive ranking of the best animated.

Soundtracks are the soul behind an anime. Take One Piece and its Thriller Bark arc, for example. Once the anime gets comfortably knee-deep into the plot, "Bings Sake" cheers the audience on with intense passion. An anime wouldn't work without its soundtrack , which can unlock elements behind the action and visuals that were previously never even considered.

Every animated movie that's won an Oscar

Please try again later. Firstly, it has the all-important component of any catchy animated soundtrack: fresh takes on old hits that keep both parents and children entertained. And when the musicians featured on the album are as diverse as Diana Ross, Phoebe Bridgers and Brockhampton, the indie crowd is forced to pay attention. Since its release last month, the song has reached 3.

For nearly years, the animated movie as we know it has existed — an artform that, like live-action cinema, sprung from shorts and grew into a major medium in its own right.

‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ Becomes Disney’s Highest-Charting Soundtrack Song in 26 Years

Everything you need to know about the music of Vivo, the new animated film starring and featuring the music of the ever-popular Lin-Manuel Miranda. Vivo is set to dazzle audiences with its musical pizzazz and adventurous spirit — not least because of the now cult status of its creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man behind Hamilton and In the Heights. Vivo is an animated musical comedy film for kids and families, heading straight to Netflix. You'll hear Miranda-esque Latino rap, as well as vibrant Latin rhythms and orchestrations. Vivo is the brainchild of Lin-Manuel Miranda and tells the story of a Cuban kinkajou a rainforest honey bear Vivo, who sets out on an adventure to deliver a song to his owner's long-lost love. Vivo is joined by Gabi, his energetic sidekick.

It's been five years since the Minions last made an appearance on the big screen — but now they're making a return in the brand new film Minions: the Rise of Gru, the fifth entry in the Despicable Me franchise. This time around, viewers can expect a '70s-set adventure that sees year-old Gru and his coterie of dungaree-wearing yellow accomplices team up for a mission that pits them against a supervillain group known as the Vicious 6. And judging from the soundtrack list, the film is making full use of that '70s setting — with several modern-day artists such as St. Vincent, Thundercat, and Phoebe Bridgers putting their unique spin on a number of funk, disco, and soul classics.

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