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'Simpsons' - Season 3 Trivia Quizzes

The house to the left of the Simpsons house, Evergreen Terrace is the Flanders 's house. Marge once said Evergreen Terrace is "the street that smells like pee".

Oddly, former presidents George Bush and Gerald Ford moved across the street. Ned Flanders is currently the owner and rents it to The Simpsons. The house is a tan-orange two-story detached house with a garage, basement, attic and lots of mice.

The garage door is pink or tan-orange. On the ground floor, the front door leads straight into the cyan-floored foyer, with one arch in the wall to the left, leading to the sitting room, one to the right which leads into the dining room, a small cupboard and the pink-and-purple stairs to the second floor.

The sitting room and the dining room both have bay windows. At the back of the house is the living room and the kitchen, with stairs which lead to the basement Marge discovered a secret sauna room hidden behind a heater. Although rarely seen, there is also a hallway leading to a "Rumpus Room". Homer was seen relaxing in the Rumpus Room several times. The second story of the house has Homer and Marge 's bedroom with an en-suite bathroom , Bart's bedroom, Lisa's bedroom, Maggie's bedroom, a bathroom and some 'empty' rooms, often shown in inconsistent places in several occasions.

On the landing, there is a hatch which leads to the attic. The back garden of the house is surrounded by a wooden picket fence and a low box hedge, and features a patio and the treehouse. Occasionally there is a hammock shown tied to two trees near the fence which borders Ned Flanders backyard. Once, they had a burping contest, and another time they had a "making faces" contest. The basement always includes a washing machine, clothes dryer and a large Olmec head , a present from Mr.

Burns after Bart donated blood to him. The basement is often used as a "secret lair", where Homer brewed alcohol to beat prohibition and hid his superhero operation as Pie Man , and where Marge hid during a spell of agoraphobia.

Marge discovered a sauna in the basement, hidden behind a water heater. In one episode, Homer made his jerky business with Bart in the basement. The house includes a kitchen with the floor having a blue and yellow patterned tile floor. The house has two identical red-brown sofas: one in the sitting room not seen very often, and a well-known one in front of the TV in the living room - the current sofa is a replacement of the destroyed old one and had a fold-out bed the new one does not have.

The floor has a green carpet and a pink-orange-blue mat made of concentric circles. It also includes a blue bookcase filled with pink, blue and orange books. On top of the bookcase is a teal colored telephone and lamp with a brown-lime-green base and a white lamp shade. A tank full of fish is sometimes seen in the dining room, but it only appears several times. A simple painting of a boat on a sunny day without the sun hangs on the wall above the living room couch - Marge once says she "painted it for Homer", [10] but later it's suggested she bought it, and it is titled "Scene from Moby Dick".

The house itself is often shown as dilapidated: the walls are painted with enough lead paint to double as a bomb shelter, the roof leaks and the kitchen was so badly damaged it needed to be rebuilt. Even the family cat, Snowball II, is seen between the walls from time to time. However, the lived-in spaces are usually kept neat by homemaker Marge. It was described as a palace by Frank Grimes , and Moe Szyslak observed it contained no silverfish. The phone number is inconsistent, though it always starts with The area code was before the town became too large and had to use two different area codes, changing the area code to When Springfield was trapped inside a dome during the Trappuccino crisis, an angry mob converged onto the house as part of their effort to kill Homer Simpson, responsible for the town's ordeal.

The house is completely devoured and destroyed with all possessions lost after a sink hole in Maggie's sandpit expands when the olice shott bullets into it the Simpsons family escaped through the sinkhole. After the dome was destroyed, the townsfolk and the family rebuilt the house exactly the same manner as it was before, restoring the "status quo". It functions as a guest bedroom, but Homer warns Lisa and Hugh Parkfield , her fiance.

It's a window box". In " Treehouse of Horror VI ", there is a portal behind the bookcase in the sitting room which leads to the Third Dimension.

A similar house to the Simpson one also appears in the ending of " Treehouse of Horror VIII " , which Homer egged and broke the windows to get candy only for Lisa to point out it was their house, making the rest of the trick-or-treaters laugh at the family. The house was painted and furnished with items to match the television show, although the scale of the house was smaller than the house on the series. The house was given away in a contest; the winner, Barbara Howard, was a retired factory worker from Richmond, Kentucky.

The house was since repainted. The house's address was inconsistent particularly in the older seasons of the show , being 94 Evergreen Terrace, [19] Evergreen Terrace, Evergreen Terrace, and Spalding Way. In the episode, " Homer's Triple Bypass ", Evergreen Terrace is shown to be a completely different house where Snake hides from the police and Reverend Lovejoy lives next door.

The most common address currently used is Evergreen Terrace. Since Homer refuses to pay, they don't paint the last number. By common sense it should be Evergreen Terrace. Please improve the article, or discuss the issue on the talk page.

Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Essential pages. Page Discussion Edit this page History. Wikisimpsons has a Discord server! Click here for your invite! Join to talk about the wiki, Simpsons and Tapped Out news, or just to talk to other users. Make an account! It's easy, free, and your work on the wiki can be attributed to you. Special — Jimmy Kimmel Live! Business gifts! Marge : Homer! I painted that for you! The Simpsons House. Las Vegas Sun. Retrieved on Modified on April 17, , at Location Information District: Pressboard Estates.

The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed. Dimensions - D x W. Income Tax. Christmas Simpson House. Christmas Christmas Pt. Christmas Spin Prize. Winter Elf Cave Tunnel 6. A Rigellian Christmas Promo. Scream-son House. Tacky Festive Simpson House. Winter The Decoration Inflation Pt. Holiday Whodunnit Premium. Damaged Simpson House. SciFi Act 2 Prize. Rise of the Robots Robotic Mystery Box.

Storing Junk in the Living Room. This article or section is incomplete. Ah, Fudge! Capitol Building. And Additional Books!

Matt Groening

Get ready, my fellow lovers of toys , because we are heading right back into that toy box for another week of newly announced toys and collectibles that are heading your way soon. Join me, your resident if not favorite toy journalist, while we collect all the righteously cool things we love, now in toy form. And what do we love more than the '90s? And with its Wave One kickoff, a question comes to my mind: In regard to The Simpsons , where do you even start when making new action figures?

If you're visiting Springfield with children, this ride is a great When Sideshow Bob arrives, bent on revenge against Bart Simpson and.

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Despite being an animation show, The Simpsons is still one of the best current sitcoms out there and its popularity has resulted in many fan theories. Others think that the show is a show within The Simpsons universe. There are also a lot of The Simpsons theories about where Springfield actually is; is it in another dimension or the Southern Hemisphere or Northern Kentucky? The Simpsons conspiracy theories run the gamut, explaining the trap doors of character behavior and the running inconsistencies in the plot. Like why Hans Moleman dies, but shows up for more episodes. There are other popular fan theories about The Simpsons such as that Moe has known all along that Bart is the prank caller. Vote it up to the top of the list. What Fans Think About Homer. Trivia You Never Knew.

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pinky and the brain question bart gets an f the simpsons

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Springfield is an orchestra and no one instrument can play the symphony alone. That said, the answer is Mr Burns.

Homer Simpson

The third season of the American animated television series The Simpsons originally aired on the Fox network between September 19, and August 27, The showrunners for the third production season were Al Jean and Mike Reiss who executive produced 22 episodes for the season, while two other episodes were produced by James L. Al Jean and Mike Reiss , who had written for The Simpsons since the start of the show, took over as showrunners this season. Their first episode as showrunners was " Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington " and they felt a lot of pressure about running the show. There were two episodes, " Kamp Krusty " and " A Streetcar Named Marge ", that were produced at the same time, but aired during season four as holdover episodes.


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THE BIG PINK Simpsons Donut at Universal Studios– It’s bigger than your face!

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Many things keep me awake at night.

100 of Homer Simpson’s most hilariously hair-brained quotes

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