Cartoon like beyblade

Log in. Name of that anime show I remember there was this anime on TV when I was a kid, it was kinda like beyblade except they used these motor car things. The main characters was blue and it was called phoenix or eagle or something. I can't remember what the main character looked like but he wanted to be like his bro or something.

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Cartoon like beyblade

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Siobhan Williams has been working nonstop since her debut in the CBC series "Heartland" in , racking up more than 30 credits in film, television, and video games.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Williams' career, however, is that her experiences have added up to her biggest role to date in the new video game " The Quarry.

Developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K Games, "The Quarry" is set in a remote wooded area near the small, upstate New York town of North Kill, where a group of nine camp counselors are gathering at Hackett's Quarry campground.

It soon becomes apparent to Laura and Max that Hackett's Quarry contains some dark, disturbing secrets, and eventually the couple — along with their fellow camp counselors — find themselves in deadly fight for survival as other members of the demented Hackett family emerge.

In an exclusive interview with Looper, Williams discusses all facets of "The Quarry," from the motion capture work that resulted in her startling photoreal appearance in the game to the horrific elements director Will Byles and his creatives to bring the game to life.

Williams also delves into the differences in sensibilities between acting in a video game versus film and television, gushes about her work with the likes of Raimi and his fellow horror legends Lin Shaye and Lance Henriksen, and reveals her love for the video game predecessor of "The Quarry" — the worldwide smash "Until Dawn. I know you've done video game work before this, but with "The Quarry," you're doing motion capture acting.

How much different the audition process might be when you're doing motion capture, as opposed to a movie or TV role? Knowing it's a motion capture project has to change the mindset a little bit, I would think. Yeah, for sure. I treat the auditions pretty much the same way, just because of how far games have come now.

Even five years ago, games were a lot more emphatic with body language. Things were exaggerated. It's like, "What do you want? It depends on the game and the quality of the game that you're auditioning for. With "The Quarry," I didn't actually audition for it, but if I had, it probably would've been very much like a film and television audition. I'm sure you have to prep your psyche for a role like this, being that "The Quarry" is a horror story.

To prep, did you watch any specific horror movies, like "Evil Dead"? There's a lot going on in "The Quarry," and I would imagine a lot for you to absorb in prepping for a role like this. I did. I watched some of the movies that were referenced. I also watched some unrelated movies, and I also really focused on playing some horror games because I thought that would be a good education in what we were doing. I played "Until Dawn" a couple more times, too, to get more acquainted.

I'd already played it a few times before, but [this time was] to jog the memory. I played ["Resident Evil 7"], which had some great "killbillies" in it that are horrifying. I actually played it in VR once and couldn't last more than two minutes. I was [like], "Get it [the headset] off! It's too immersive. Oh, my God! I'm glad that you mentioned "Until Dawn," because, coming from Supermassive, people call this the spiritual sequel to that game.

You must have been pumped then, knowing, "Okay, I played 'Until Dawn' before. Isn't it? Actually, I'm really excited [the game is referred to as] the "spiritual successor," because when we were making it, I knew that it was the follow-up, but everyone at Supermassive and everyone we were working with were stressing, "It's not a sequel. It's not the sequel to 'Until Dawn. I hope that it's still associated. That's a perfect way of saying it, because it is. It's the same breath as 'Until Dawn,' but unrelated in lots of ways.

As a fan of "Until Dawn," how much does that affect your performer's sensibilities going into the role? Are you thinking as a video game player now or are you still thinking as an actor, going into the role? When I'm in the scene, I'm not thinking about it from a video game perspective.

When I'm prepping, and when Will [Byles] and I and the other actors are going over blocking and whatnot, I'm able to picture how things are going to be shot. With this game, it was really interesting too, because Amrit [Bajwa], our DP, knew how it was edited together. It was a lot more like a movie in terms of the shots that they were using. Sometimes, I would think it would be more like an older video game, but really, it would end up being a lot more cinematic. I was pleasantly surprised by all of that.

I was going in order [as an actor and gamer] to visualize because of what I'd done before and played before. Normally, with a film or television show, you might film an alternate ending, but with video games like "The Quarry," now you're talking about multiple avenues, multiple paths that your character might travel down — I would think you might feel like you're filming more than one movie. It's interesting how all the characters can take different paths and really end up with a much different narrative.

And that was definitely one of the challenges that was presented that was really cool. There are certain paths that will lead to completely different endings and relationships, and then, certain paths that will actually lead back to the same place. You never know if something's going to affect you long term or not, and as an actor, it was interesting to have to start in one place, make two totally different reactionary decisions, but make sure that they fluidly led back to the right emotional place.

That was something neat to work through with Will, and he was so good about providing us with insight about where we were coming back to and [saying], "Don't forget.

The Quarry is really popular on Twitch. Have you had a chance to see any anyone's reactions to the scariest scenes — and the ones involving you specifically? I have watched lots of people play it on Twitch, which is so neat. It's really cool to be able to watch other people enjoy and react to it.

Secondly, I personally have a really hard time being scared by this game. I don't know why and I do know why. It's because I was there and I know how it was made, so, I don't know. Objectively, can you tell me what some of the scarier parts were? Because then I can tell you if I've seen reactions or not.

Maybe it's when Laura loses an eye, and you get splattered with blood? That must be jarring, to see yourself losing an eye all of a sudden or at the very least, weird, because you're doing this via motion capture and what we see on the screen is much more explicit.

Maybe it's not scary, but it must seem weird to you. It is, for sure. It's very weird. Will explained once, "You're going to be covered in blood," and I [replied], "Oh, cool. I found all the things that they did really impactful, and I was definitely pretty grossed out. I remember, before I'd even played the game, it was probably within a few hours of the game coming out.

You know how, when you pause the game, depending on the state that the character's in, it'll go to their face and how they look? At the beginning of the game, everyone looks great and hunky dory, and then, as they get more and more messed up, when you pause, it'll be a much more unpleasant face. Someone posted a screenshot from the game immediately after my eye had been ripped out but before I bandaged it up. It was me with a gaping hole in my eye and I remember feeling, "Ugh.

That's very gross and disturbing. Seeing Laura being splattered with blood for the first time or losing her eye, does that sort of thing creep into your dreams or cause nightmares? Not really, to be honest. I think because of my role and being so in awe of all of the work that went into it behind it — I am in awe of it — It doesn't creep me out so much.

The one thing that really stuck with me, and I actually can't watch — I have to look away — is when Constance [Lin Shaye] gets her face blown off. That is so graphic, and I can picture it right now, talking about it, and it makes me sick. It's disgusting and it's my fault.

There's definitely certain images in the game that stuck with me and that I would like to unsee, but I can't I'm [like], "Wow, that's amazingly graphic. As Siobhan the actor, you're given a script that you have to follow it as Laura, but as Siobhan the video game player, do you find yourself saying, "Personally, I'd make different decisions than the ones that Laura is presented" in "The Quarry"?

Do you get what I'm saying? Well, if it were real, I'm sure you'd say, "No way. I'm getting the hell out of Dodge the minute I meet Sheriff Travis" — but would your decisions differ than the ones Laura makes in the paths she's presented in the game? In some parts, yes, and in some parts, no.

When I play the game, I'm a lot more willing to take risks and be overly reactive and [say], "F-you, cop. I'm not doing this. You're creepy," but in real life, I would definitely play it a lot more safe. I would do whatever I thought was my best move to stay alive, but Laura has those options, too. Sometimes, she's playing it safe, and sometimes, she's getting mad and making decisions that are maybe a little bit too reactive.

In the grand scheme of things, I've been in some situations in life that were I don't know how to say it, but very high stakes. I've seen that some people, and I mentioned this in a previous interview, when really bad things happen, when catastrophes happen, most people go into shock and don't react and have no idea what to do. Some people spring to alertness and figure out what the hell to do.

I would be able to get through anything and power through, but I do it in a very calculated way and never take those risks where I have emotional outbursts. It's a bit of both. When I played the game with my son, I told him, "I want Laura to be defiant.

List of anime distributed in India

Valt Aoi is a hot-blooded kid who loves to attack and wields a Beyblade named Valkyrie. His close friend Shuu Kurenai is an elite Blader who is a genius but still puts in a lot of effort, and wields the Beyblade named Spriggan. Beyblade Burst is finished and has 51 Episodes. Dawn and Athas find a mysterious sleeping boy, Pandora, who suffers from amnesia after he comes around. When Pandora just arrives at Freewheel Town, he becomes the chasing target of an organization called Ancient Hunter Group, which demands of him to carry out the "Great Mission". Under the attack of Jin and his friends, Ancient Hunter Group is temporarily repelled. With the assistance of Jin and his friends, Pandora gradually gets used to life in this world and his skill on top is much improved.

It offers some popular shows like Grand blue, Pokémon, and Made in Abyss are found in HD quality. Amazon Anime. Features: Allows you to buy.

Top 10: Best Turbo Beys

Did you know that the Madhouse-produced anime Beyblade was based on a manga conceived to promote spinning tops known as "Beyblades"? For those who might be newly discovering Beyblade , there are many similar anime that can satisfy you in the same way. This list ranks the best anime similar to Beyblade , with the order determined by anime fans like you. Another competition-style anime similar to Beyblade is Yu-Gi-Oh! There's also Crush Gear Turbo and Cardfight!! By voting up or down these anime titles like Beyblade , you'll be helping your fellow anime fans known which titles to check out first for their Beyblade fix. Also, there might be a title or two missing and if so, feel free to add the Beyblade rec yourself and keep the list growing! Good Anime Like Accel World.

Beyblade Cartoon

cartoon like beyblade

There are tons of exceptional stories that are being told on television through animation, but anime series bring so much more to the table and are able to focus on certain niches that get neglected elsewhere. There are many different anime series that pull inspiration from card games , with Yu-Gi-Oh! Girls all engage in the popular WIXOSS trading card game which also exists in real life , which brings to life fantastical battles with the female spirits contained to the cards. The idea that these girls play WIXOSS with the greater goal to have their wishes granted is also considerably more innocent than many of the other series looked at here.

When the Pokemon anime first aired in , it took what was already a best-selling formula in the video game world and increased the popularity tenfold and made Pokemon a global phenomenon.

‘Beyblade Burst’ Now Airing on RTV Indonesia

DVD 4 Beyblade Dub. DVD 5 Beyblade Dub. VHS 6 Dickenson Spain dub; 1st voice Federico Menescal as Mr. Chinese Taiwan cast none.

Beyblade Metal Saga

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Well, the topic of this article, Beyblade, is much like the previously mentioned shows. Do you remember the beyblades, those spinning bad.

Beyblade Burst

Line of spinning-top toys originally developed by Takara, first released in Japan in July , along with its debut series. If you like Beyblade you might like Adventure anime and manga, Fantasy anime and manga, Toonami and Animated television series about teenagers. Join our community of taste explorers to save your discoveries, create inspiring lists, get personalized recommendations, and follow interesting people. Sign-up is free!

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