Did looney tunes cancel pepe le pew

We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. View policy. We respect your privacy; unsubscribe at any time. The cartoon skunk will not be shown in Space Jam: A New Legacy, amidst criticism that his character perpetuates rape culture. The character, who was first introduced in , is best known for falling madly in love with every female he lays eyes on and pursuing her relentlessly despite her clear lack of interest.

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Did looney tunes cancel pepe le pew

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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: Goodbye Pepé: Here's why a longtime Looney Tunes character was 'canceled'


During my religious viewing of Looney Tunes episodes during my early years, I enjoyed all of the characters except one: the obsessive skunk named Pepe Le Pew who kept chasing around Penelope Pussycat and other feline females. I was too young to get the sexual connotations of what was going on — I thought girls were icky until the third grade anyway. But something stunk about this prancing dude, and it wasn't just his noxious spray. The Maurice Chevalier wannabe kept smothering these poor ladies, who clearly had no desire to be anywhere near him.

He reminded me of annoyingly clingy kids who tried too hard to fit in at school and were starved for attention. But worse. More recently — though long before cancel culture routinely sparked national headlines over this kind of thing — it became clear to me that Pepe was basically a stalker who would never accept "no" from a woman. Comedian Dave Chappelle seemed to have had a similar realization.

Two decades ago, he did a routine about how he was excited to show his nephew some Pepe Le Pew cartoons because he remembered how funny they were. Upon watching them again, he thought, "Good God, what kind of fing rapist is this guy? Now, the cartoon creep won't be stinking up the room much longer. Blow asserting that Pepe helped normalize rape culture focused attention on the distressing critter, it turns out the "Space Jam" sequel's director, Malcolm D.

Lee, apparently decided not to go forward with a planned sequence back in the summer of Before you freak out that Pepe might disappear into oblivion, remember that scores of people own copies of his cartoons. They are still available on HBO Max , plus many are on YouTube, and you'll probably always be able to watch them somewhere. Cancellation is never permanent, since, for better or worse, nothing stays off the internet forever. I agree with critics that wokeness, political correctness and cancel culture have often gone too far.

You can't simply eliminate everything that you find offensive or troubling, since that would mean scrapping almost any art made before the 21st century. I certainly rolled my eyes when Cookie Monster practically had to start apologizing for his sugar addiction.

And I don't have problems with other Looney Tunes characters. I wasn't inspired to make fun of kids who lisped or stuttered because of Daffy Duck or Porky Pig. Bugs Bunny's dressing in drag to fool his hunter nemesis Elmer Fudd, while certainly not a feminist statement, lampooned the idea that men are suckers for pretty women.

I also loved the devastation wrought by the Tasmanian Devil and wished Wile E. Coyote would finally catch that cocky Road Runner. But occasionally there are characters and situations that really aren't funny and do send disturbing messages to children, and we should acknowledge that rather than roll our eyes and lob insults on social media. Et tu, Le Pew? That being said, I think Warner Bros. The scene as it was supposedly written : Bartender Pepe gets handsy with Greice Santo from "Jane the Virgin" , who then slaps him and pours a drink over his head.

After that, Pepe admits that Penelope Pussycat holds a restraining order against him, and star LeBron James tells Pepe that he can't touch other toons without their consent.

While the last part of that sounds overly blunt to me, it was still a good idea to incorporate the character into the sequel with a clear display of what he was doing wrong rather than simply leave him on the cutting room floor.

Perhaps they could have taken a cue from the Oscar-winning short " For Scent-imental Reasons. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Share this —. NBC News Logo.

Follow think. Search Search. By Bryan Reesman, journalist and cultural critic. Related Opinion. Opinion Why cancel culture will boomerang against those who indulge in it.

Please submit a letter to the editor. Opinion If Milli Vanilli's fall from grace 30 years ago was a cautionary tale, no one listened. Bryan Reesman.

Warner Bros. Cancels Pepé Le Pew, Won’t Return In Any Future TV Projects

The animated character was seen in the original film Space Jam , starring Michael Jordan. However, it has been revealed by Deadline that a hybrid live-action animated scene between Jane the Virgin actress Greice Santo and Pepe Le Pew, which was shot in June for the sequel, will no longer make it into the film. The character of Pepe Le Pew was introduced in The suave skunk is on a never-ending quest for love, however, he is often depicted as aggressively going after woman, including characters Penelope Pussycat and Lola Bunny. Deadline reports that the decision to cut the character from the new film has nothing to do with Blow's recent remarks and that Santo, who is an outspoken critic and victim of sexual harassment, was upset by the omission.

Now they are canceling Looney Tunes characters! The problem with Pepe Le Pew is that, since he was created in the post-World War 2 era.

Fox News defends Pepe Le Pew after ‘rape culture’ skunk cancelled from Space Jam sequel

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons, introduced in However, his offensive skunk odor and his aggressive pursuit of romance typically cause other characters to run away from him. The cat, who was retroactively named Penelope Pussycat , often has a white stripe painted down her back, usually by accident such as by squeezing under a fence with wet white paint. For example, he describes a hammer blow to his head as a form of flirtation rather than rejection. Accordingly, he shows no sign of narcissistic injury or loss of confidence, no matter how many times he is rebuffed. Undeterred, he proceeds to cover his white stripe with black paint, taking the appearance of a cat before resuming the chase. Sometimes this formula is varied. In the end, she removes her pelt, revealing that she is a dog. However, he then reveals to the audience that he is a real skunk. Cartoons by animation director Chuck Jones.

Fox News hosts defend Pepé Le Pew amid claims skunk has been canceled for "adding to rape culture"

did looney tunes cancel pepe le pew

It appears that Pepe Le Pew has officially been canceled , as the controversial cartoon skunk won't be featured in any upcoming projects in the works at Warner Bros. This week, it was reported that Pepe had been totally scrubbed from his planned scene in Space Jam: A New Legacy and wouldn't even be making a cameo appearance in the sequel. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that there are no plans for Pepe to return in any other animated movies or TV shows either. In recent days, Pepe had come under fire in a New York Times opinion piece criticizing the skunk as a character who " normalized rape culture. Seuss Enterprises pulling six books from publishing due to insensitive imagery.

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Why is Looney Tunes’ Pepé Le Pew cancelled? Space Jam cuts skunk!

Love it or hate it, cancel culture seems here to stay. The latest pop culture victims of this trend are classic Looney Tunes characters Pepe Le Pew and Speedy Gonzalez, who many are saying should be removed from the annals of cartoon history for good. He locks a door to prevent her from escaping. Blow CharlesMBlow March 6, Pepe Le Pew has already been removed from the new Space Jam movie.

Some Twitter Users Believe Pepé Le Pew Should Be Canceled — Here's Why

Lee who took over the project from the previous director Terence Nance. First introduced to the Looney Tunes in , Pepe Le Pew is a French striped skunk who is incessantly on the pursuit of romance, although his intolerable odor and aggressive behavior constantly repel other characters. The scene in question was reportedly a spoof of the classic Casablanca that features Pepe in the role of a bartender. Later on, Pepe admits that Penelope Pussycat has filed a restraining order against him, to which LeBron James reprimands him about touching others without their consent. Santo publicly expressed her disappointment with the scene being cut since she believed it had the power to teach young viewers that Pepe's behavior is unacceptable. While the decision to cut Pepe Le Pew from Space Jam: A New Legacy and scrub the cartoon skunk from all future projects was reportedly made over a year ago, the news has come to light days after an opinion piece by Charles M. Due to this sequence of events, many speculated that the decision was made in response to the NYT column.

Pepe Le Pew 'Canceled': 'Looney Tunes' Character Accused of Perpetuating Rape Culture In the wake of Dr. Seuss Enterprises' announcement that.

New York Times Columnist Says Pepé Le Pew “Added to Rape Culture”

France 24 is not responsible for the content of external websites. French skunk Pepe Le Pew will not appear in an upcoming "Space Jam" sequel and is not planned to feature in any new "Looney Tunes" cartoons, sources familiar with the productions told AFP Wednesday, as a debate swirls over sexism and "cancel culture" in Hollywood. The lovelorn cartoon animal -- who spends most of his time in luckless pursuit of a female cat who is repelled by his advances and noxious smell -- hit the headlines last week after a New York Times columnist said Pepe "normalized rape culture. Days later, it emerged that a live-action scene for this summer's cartoon-hybrid "Space Jam: A New Legacy" featuring Pepe had been filmed in , but will not appear in the final cut -- prompting claims that the decades-old character was the latest victim of heavy-handed political correctness.

I mean, I think we can go overboard. But watch that video! The decision to not include him in the upcoming Space Jam film also does not appear to be a new development. According to Deadline , the call was made over a year ago and there are no plans to include the skunk in new episodes of Looney Tunes and other related projects.

You can already hear the howls of indignation from the right, who, whilst Americans continue to struggle to keep their heads above water amidst a global pandemic, have spent the majority of their time and TV appearances concerned about racist, obscure Dr.

Wrner Bros. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the decision to scrub him from the LeBron James movie, set to hit theatres on 16 July, was made more than a year ago. No reason for his removal, however, was given. But after Nance left the production, handing it over to Malcolm D Lee, the scene was reportedly cut altogether. He reportedly would have kissed along her arm despite her rejections.

Lee who took over the project from the previous director Terence Nance. First introduced to the Looney Tunes in , Pepe Le Pew is a French striped skunk who is incessantly on the pursuit of romance, although his intolerable odor and aggressive behavior constantly repel other characters. The scene in question was reportedly a spoof of the classic Casablanca that features Pepe in the role of a bartender.

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