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Get More With Premium! Learn more. Click to learn more. Stride—the sport where running and parkour reach new heights. At Honan Academy, Stride is a source of pride.

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Get More With Premium! Learn more. Click to learn more. Stride—the sport where running and parkour reach new heights. At Honan Academy, Stride is a source of pride. Sign in:. Back Crunchyroll Store Media Blu-ray. Notify Me.

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prince of stride crunchyroll

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Nana and Takeru are desperate to resurrect the Stride Club—but will they be able to persuade Riku, who insists he hates Stride, to sign up?

Will they find the treasure on Adak Island’s Pirate Gold?

There are really two elements to the show. One is the story that follows the stride club of Honan Academy. The other is the sport itself. Just friendship. Stride is a made-up sport consisting of a five man relay team plus a relationer, for a total of six. There can be narrow bridges to prevent passing, boxes that must be vaulted over, etc.

Prince of Stride: Alternative - Complete Series - Essentials - Blu-ray

Prince of Stride is an animated series about an extreme sport called "Stride". Stride is a relay race that takes place on the urban streets in cities all over Japan. Takeru and Nana want to win the "End of Summer" race held in Toyko, but to do that they will need help. Takeru and Nana enlist the aid of Riku Yagami, a hotshot strider. With Riku's help, Takeru and Nana beleive they can complete and win the End of Summer race and beat the other competing schools. The Prince of Stride is only 24 minutes long per episode and falls into the sports genres. It has scored very high with avid anime watchers and critics alike.

Prince of Stride: Alternative · More Information · About the Show · User Ratings.

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