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Maybe all this makes sense within the mythology, but even if it does it still felt pretty much cobbled together for plot convenience. And fundamentally, I think the question facing this show is the same one facing the sequel to any beloved original series — is there any compelling reason for it to exist?

Apart, that is, from making money? Or would it have been better served as FLCL certainly would have by leaving a masterpiece standing basically untarnished as the lasting memory of the franchise? What was good? Well, Maho certainly.

I enjoyed her character a lot — she brought quite a different sensibility than any other cast members in the franchise. I liked what she brought with her, too — Professor Leskinen I knew he was going evil sooner or later, but he was still a lot of fun and Amadeus. The latter added a sort of pathos that was quite different than the raw, acute agony of what Okabe was going through in the first series.

Indeed, that was easily the best stretch of Steins;Gate 0 for me — seeing Okarin trying to transition into a more normal life, only to be forced to confront the most painful elements of his old one because of Amadeus. But the problems for Steins;Gate 0 ran deeper than that.

The downside to that was that it the pacing was pretty rushed in order to make that happen, which really makes me wish some of the rather extraneous fluff in the middle third of the show had been cut and the events of this ep had taken place over two weeks instead of one. There was a certain irony to the arrival of two time machines simultaneously — it really felt like a metaphor for how much had to be crammed into this episode s as to get to a logical stopping point.

And its emotional high points were earned through patient buildup, rather than pushed a little too hard by push-button theatrics and overwrought BGM. Whether that will constitute more OVAs above and beyond the Steins;Gate 0 one we know is coming in December or something else — maybe another movie — who knows. El Psy Congroo. Like you I think this series worked best in the beginning and end and dragged in the middle stages and seemed kinda lost. It ended without a resolution to the series so I am wondering if there will be a 3rd season?

I guess it depends on whether or not there are enough unadapted routes left to squeeze another season out. I think OVAs or a theatrical film are more likely. So … should I watch it? Always up to you, depends on how muh time you have. But the first eps are very good.

Expect those answers in the OVA? Brown too? You are right. There are two versions of time travel mechanic in fictions. One with alternate universes and one with only one universe. In first mechanic, an alternate universe was created whenever someone or something traveled to the past.

From my understanding, Steins Gate has been using the second mechanic all these time. If they used first mechanic, there would be no reason for on-screen-Okabe to experience any distorted feeling and teleportation, because they would simply create another alternate universe with their act, their current condition would be unchanged. Okabe reappeared in a middle of his town if I am not mistaken , and future Suzuha were presumeably teleported back to future without the memory of ever traveling to the past or trained as soldier.

This episode ruined it all. Why would there be an alternate version of Suzuha and Mayuri stranded in Suzuha should simply be teleported back to the future, and Mayuri should be teleported back to without the memory of time travel.

Instead she remembered she slapped Okabe after getting a call from herself one year ago. Also Okabe who were left behind waiting in would simply experience world reconstruction. He would be in a bed next to Kurisu. I only watched the first three episodes, and nothing I read in your reviews since had made me go back to watch the fourth.

I might rewatch the original, though…. Guardian Enzo. Related posts. Anime , First Impressions , Reviews. Anime , Reviews , Summertime Render. GC September 28, at am Reply. Guardian Enzo September 28, at am Reply. Stefan September 28, at am Reply. Ryan Yeung September 28, at am Reply. Rasu September 28, at pm Reply. Nadavu September 30, at am Reply. Guardian Enzo September 30, at am Reply. I think it was really good for the first eight episodes, so your comment surprises me a bit.

The wild guesser October 1, at am Reply. Guardian Enzo October 1, at am Reply. That would be a massive understatement, so yes!

GATE Series Review

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This is as straight forward as it comes. A gate opens in Tokyo that leads to a paralell world and an army comes through it attacking the.

Steins;Gate 0 Episodes 1 & 2 Discussion

Perhaps I should have expected this, but the trilogy is better than each of the individual books. Taken as a whole, the story arc is powerful, engaging, and I think groundbreaking. Each character has something with which the reader can identify, some trait that emphasizes his or her humanity to varying degrees. The world-building is top-notch and epic in scope. My only complaints are 1 present tense throughout I realize this is a personal, subjective thing , 2 the first and third book are. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The Broken Earth Trilogy: The Fifth Season / The Obelisk Gate / The Stone Sky

gate anime review 100 subscriber special

In the anime series Outbreak Company presented a story about Japan discovering a gate to a fantasy world, establishing peaceful contact with an empire on the other side, using the JSDF to establish a base in that world, and employing an otaku as an ambassador to spread Japan's culture into their world. Those differences create a dramatically different show in story, characters, and execution, one aimed more firmly at military otaku while still pandering hard to anime-based tropes. As a result, it has a broader potential appeal than its more otaku -centric predecessor, though at the expense of being less pointed in its goals, though that's not to say it lacks in subtextual or unintentional messages. Itami is ostensibly the main character, since he's involved to some degree in most of what transpires in the series, but it might be more accurate to call him just the most prominent character in a broad ensemble cast. Though his background suggests him to be a stage-stealing badass, he's actually a reluctant soldier who keeps getting himself in situations where others rely on him, the kind of person who makes things happen even if he's not the one getting dirty in the trenches.

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The show contains the following tropes:

Are there even enough good titles in this sci-fi subgenre? And fair warning: spoilers ahead in some cases. As you may have already guessed, it involves Oda Nobunaga. Arguably one of the most popular Japanese historical figures. He was a brutal leader, but he was also brilliant and a key figure in the reunification of Japan.

Gate Season 3: Is it Renewed?

Steins;Gate is a anime television series created by the animation studio White Fox based on 5pb. It is set in and follows Rintaro Okabe, who together with his friends accidentally discovers a method of time travel through which they can send text messages to the past, thereby changing the present. Steins;Gate was well-received by critics, who praised the characters, story and writing, however some criticism went towards pacing of the first half; it is considered one of the best anime series of the s. The series has spawned four original net animation episodes and a spinoff film. An anime adaptation of Steins;Gate 0 , the sequel to the original Steins;Gate game, premiered in Steins;Gate is an adaptation of the visual novel of the same name. It is set in in Akihabara , Tokyo , and follows Rintaro Okabe, a self-proclaimed "mad scientist", who runs the "Future Gadget Laboratory" in an apartment together with his friends Mayuri Shiina and Itaru "Daru" Hashida.

Read Common Sense Media's One Piece review, age rating, Just because it contains bad words doesn't make it a devil worshipping hell gate anime.

The 100 best sci-fi movies of all time

Sign In. Hide Spoilers. After watching the fantastic series, I immediately wanted to see this movie.

The 100 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows of All Time

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This is as straight forward as it comes.

This Man Married a Fictional Character. He’d Like You to Hear Him Out.

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Steins;Gate Elite

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